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Transhumanism and spirituality.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Transhumanism and Spirituality is a picture of little worms forming spirals.

From the beginning of its existence, man dreamed of longevity, supernatural health conditions, prosperity, happiness, and superintelligence. This is indicated by prehistoric rituals, preserved fragments of ancient texts, as well as mythologies. Man has always been looking for the elixir of immortality or the fountain of youth. A man dreamed of becoming God. They wanted to be the ruler of life and be able to independently create an improved version of themself – man, world, and other beings. In their pride, they yearned for divinity, eternal transgression, and cosmic colonization.

However, as we know from historical accounts and sources, their actions in this field usually ended in the defeat of civilization. Why? Because they resulted from the needs of their individual ego. They completely ignored the holistic approach to the world and nature. They have always placed man in a privileged position over the rest of nature. The actions were based on limited, fragmentary, and subjective thinking that rejected the wisdom of the laws of nature. They isolated humanity from the entire creative system. They did not capture human existence holistically.

In this article you will learn:

  • What transhumanism is.
  • And what scientific spirituality is.

And although we are witnessing better and faster scientific and technological progress, which actually gives the impression of man’s omnipotence, we still see that they is unable to control their own nature. Although they can control matter in an incredible way and transform external nature, they cannot cope with themself. We can see it in the horrors of war, Nazism, and communism. But also in the individual behavior and everyday choices of each of us.

Man has always looked for power and solutions to their problems outside themself instead of inside.

They always looked for the outer attributes of power and was afraid to face the demons within. Consequently, they has never had the opportunity to convince the self through their own individual experience that they is already that God. Only a few brave ones, such as Jesus or Buddha, managed to do this. Running away from self-exploration, they did not allow themself to understand that the Universe begins with matter which turns into life, which turns into thoughts and emotions, which eventually turn into collective thoughts and emotions, i.e. God.

However, any escape from your nature sooner or later ends in destruction and annihilation. In our self-evolution, that is, changing the world at our discretion, we have never been closer to the end of man and the end of the world than we are now. This is because our decisions are not guided by the common good, the sense of community, but by the ego, its desires, and the fear of annihilation. The individual interest of individuals or groups of people, and not the good of the entire universe.

It is for this reason that some people dream of ruling over human evolution. They want a creation that is a natural consequence of controlling the process of evolution. Not a natural creation that results from the internal evolution of man as a system. In their blindness with the vision of imminent success, they do not even notice that in this way they can contribute to self-destruction.

The last two centuries have accustomed mankind to the ideologies propagated during the Enlightenment.

It manifests itself in the constantly progressing rationalization, secularization, that is, the elimination of the role of religion in society, the cult of scientific and technical progress, and the scientific translation of the world. A vision in which a person controls everything around is successful. Nature, and themself – their own life and health. This concept is based on the belief that man’s duty is to control evolutionary processes and which has already grown into a new religion. In this new faith, however, there is no place for human freedom and dignity. And the concept of free will slowly disappear from the consciousness of modern man.

Why? Well, because if it is man themself to control evolution instead of nature, there will always be someone who controls and someone who is controlled. Someone who makes decisions and someone who must submit to it. This approach is a very dangerous phenomenon. It leads to the technicization, optimization, and instrumentalization of human existence. And this changes human self-awareness and the structure of moral experiences and leads to totalitarianism on a global scale.

Based on this approach, an intellectual, cultural, and political movement emerged, which demands the possibility and need to use science and technology to improve the limitations of human evolution, called transhumanism. This improvement is expected to come using neurotechnology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, information technology, neuroinformatics, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.

So, let’s take a closer look at what these terms mean.

Biotechnology deals with the production and modification of biological systems of organisms. It is used very widely in many different areas of human life. From the production of beer to the production of DNA chips, biological weapons, or genetically modified animals and plants.

Nanotechnology, on the other hand, is a technique of producing structures of very small sizes at the level of individual atoms and molecules. This allows nanobots to build a new world, molecule by molecule and atom by atom. They can constantly repair DNA, ensure human immortality. By changing the places of atoms, it allows you to create new molecules. Such a nanorobot can also attach subsequent particles to the emerging protein molecule.

Cognitive science, on the other hand, is a branch of science that deals with the observation and analysis of the operation of human senses, brain and mind and modeling them to obtain the desired results. These results can be specific behaviors, thoughts, or emotions. This modeling concerns abstract thought functions, i.e. self-awareness, decision-making, and intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is an IT model that simulates intelligent behavior. In other words, the ability of a computer program to correctly interpret data from external sources. These behaviors include decision making, language analysis and synthesis, logical-rational reasoning, and automatic theorem proving.

Neuroinformatics, in turn, deals with the creation of computer models of the nervous system and neurological processes. In other words, it makes a copy of the human brain.

Transhumanism and spirituality.

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Transhumanism and spirituality.

The transhumanist project is 70 years old; developed right after the end of World War II.

The precursor of transhumanism was Nikolai Fedorov, a representative of Russian cosmism, i.e. the philosophical, religious, and scientific movement. The goal of transhumanism is to extend human life and immortality, to resurrect dead people, and to create a complete utopia in the Universe in a spiritual and scientific, and technological sense. Transhumanism is not about respect for reason and science. But about allowing radical changes in human nature through various sciences and technologies. It is also about eliminating aging, expanding mental, physical, and physiological abilities, and eugenics, i.e. selective reproduction of people in order to improve the human species from generation to generation. Improving the hereditary characteristics of a person.

Transhumanism is treating aging as a disease, antiaging, i.e. tissue regeneration with stem cells, molecular repair, replacement of organs with artificial ones, transplantation, interference with the genome, the use of nanobots and cyborgism, and postgenderism.

For postgenderists, gender is an unnecessary limitation of human potential. In their opinion, human (and in the future – cyborg) reproduction should be asexual and extra-biological, for example using genetic engineering. Transhumanism is also about controversial projects to prevent adverse climate change and environmental erosion. Such as human genetic engineering, resulting in, for example, a reluctance to eat meat (which would release huge farmland and a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions) or the ability to see in the dark (which would involve using less electricity) or climate geoengineering and weather control.

However, it is not only about improving the body but also about strengthening the cognitive abilities of a person. It is a project of a new, better human. A great desire to cross not only your body but also to go beyond the planet and extraterrestrial exploration. It is a vision of an eternal kingdom here on Earth, created by man thanks to science. However, do not be fooled by the Dalai Lama’s words that transhumanism is close to the process of nirvana – the evolution of consciousness and the human spirit leading to liberation from the body.

This is not real, natural, spiritual Enlightenment through self-knowledge and the evolution of one’s consciousness from matter to spirit. It’s just a digital copy of your brain at any given point in your life. Without all peak experiences and connection with the spirit of nature. As you know, apart from your brain in your head, you also have the heart and viscera brains, which are also responsible for your thoughts and emotions. And it is the combination of all three elements together that is your uniqueness. It is responsible for the possibility of experiencing life in all dimensions of existence.

The chief project of transhumanism is the transfer of the human mind.

It is the process of transferring human consciousness to the computer by precisely mapping all neural connections in the brain and faithfully recreating their operation in a computer simulation. The Blue Brain Project virtual brain project in 2013 was recognized as a European flagship project and received EUR 1 billion in funding.

The transfer of the mind will ensure that human existence will not be limited by the maximum length of human life. It will be possible to back up your mind, protecting yourself against the risk of death because of random events. It will also be possible to transfer this copy of the mind into a new body. Such technology will therefore enable practical immortality. But will the mind, transferred in this way, still be a given human being or only its immortal copy?

Transhumanism and spirituality.

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Transhumanism and spirituality.

Such a digital mind will be much more efficient.

Computer simulation of the human brain will run many times faster than the human brain. Neurons in the human brain transmit information at a maximum speed of about 150 meters per second. And optical fibers will be able to transmit it at the speed of light, about 2 million times faster. Likewise, neurons can be excited up to 200 to 1,000 times per second, while modern processors run several billion cycles per second.

Mind Transfer will allow you to create several copies of your mind working simultaneously. Each of these copies can exist as a separate mind. It can exist independently of the others and have memories in common with the others. Repeated copying of specialists with the greatest skills will make the availability of specialists and scientists no longer a limitation for the development of the economy and science, which may lead to enormous technological progress in a short time. At the same time, it will drastically change the role of people in society.

The digital copy of the mind will be easier to modify than the biological brain.

This will open the possibility of any mind experimenting and undoing potentially dangerous changes by going back to back up. This can lead to a significant increase in knowledge of the mind and the development of techniques to increase its capacity. At the same time, it will raise problems related to the ethical treatment of copies or data deletion. In addition, restoring from a backup will require appropriate treatment of the obligations and relationships that such a copy of the mind will establish and whose memory is not preserved after restoring from a backup.

In 2020, the global human development support market reached $ 84 billion. According to Expert Market Research – one of the leading market research and business analysis companies – it will grow by 23% annually to reach $ 298 billion by 2026. These amounts include expenses, e.g. for the development of virtual reality, internet assistants or technologies that we can carry with us that include advanced electronics.


However, although that technologies are political and have a fundamental impact on the life of society, are not subject to public discussion at all.

Nobody asks you about issues related to them in elections or referenda. Decisions are made behind your back. So, who decides which genes are desirable and which are not? Do you know which list you are on?

And although it all sounds like a science fiction movie script, the implementation of this plan has just come into effect. Such nanotechnology is, for example, graphene oxide, which is 98% of the substances recently propagated on a large scale. Spanish scientists checked it by stealing one of the vials. In view of such information, the rapid development of the super-fast satellite Internet or the Neuralink brain-computer interface project financed by Elton Musk or Metaverse is also not surprising. But why nobody inform us about this plan and let us choose consciously how we want to live? Why did someone decide for us by putting themself in the role of God?

The prospect of immortality probably sounds tempting to many of us.

The fear of death is very common. But isn’t the price for this immortality too high? Not having control over your own consciousness, as well as condemning you to a copy of your mind made at a specific time in your life and using it for all eternity without natural interaction with the environment, does not sound appealing, after all, we are in a constant process of change. After all, you are not the same person you were before you started reading this article. The digital version of the mind means the same thoughts and emotions repeatedly, possibly modified with top-down updates by the managers of these systems.

Meanwhile, natural evolution is consciousness written in nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere after death and reconnects with carbon after some time. This kind of immortality gives you a different, new experience in infinity every time. Graphene oxide is impervious to gases, even helium atoms, so it blocks your connection to a truly divine particle. In this way, it disrupts the natural process of creation that will sooner or later lead to the collapse of the Universe.

Here is a link to the film about it.

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David Merrill
David Merrill 18 October 2021 - 04:40

I feel it is important to depopulate first. Maybe after the mopping up, then we can master the transhumanism.

This Russian explorer feels he has discovered an aluminum life form and is looking for eggs to prove that.

Rather the “creatures” are an antenna array. They find pyramidal junctions in the nervous system and extend the tentacles along the junctions. Antennae. With the antenna length the true resonant frequency as a carrier can up or down regulate key genome sequences for The Culling of humanity.

The researcher believes he is seeing more than a simple Delivery System.

Here we see that Dr Carrie MADEJ discovered the same transhumanism device:

Therefore the transhumanism is already upon humanity – The Culling is mRNA by NAV – nucleic acid v…….


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