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My services

by Tomasz Czado

Hi, it’s Agata!

Welcome to my services calendar page.

How can I help you?

Browse through my offer and see if you can find something for yourself.

If you have another problem that you cannot find, choose the “Tailored session” and we will work together on your situation.

I am an intuitive therapist, which means that I work with the subconscious with energy using my psychic senses, mostly clairvoyance, and intuition. They help me find the cause of your problems and then energetically remove it from your subconscious from all 4 levels basic, genetic, historical, and soul.

With a short meditation, I bring your brain into a theta state to change your negative belief and replace it with a positive one that supports you.
The effects of the session can be seen immediately. There is no need to repeat the session. It is enough to meet once and change your life for the better!

Try it, you will see how your life will change for the better.

Due to the temporary suspension of business activities and the total suspension of activities as of January 1, 2024, entrepreneurs AJTY Agata Dzierżawa I provide all services for charity as part of the act of mercy of the New Earth 5D Church.

If you want to repay the help received in any way, you can do it by paying my bills:

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You can also buy me a coffee or send me a gift by selecting the Inpost parcel locker: KRA17N or the Żabka Dietla 68 Kraków store, or send me the Orange Poland phone top-up code to the following address:

Need additional information? Send me an email:

However, if you prefer a traditional form of donation, you can do it online by selecting one of the donations below.

Thank you!

Advertisement of Relationship Agata's services.


Do you feel that everything in your life is alright except for your love life? Are you feeling lonely? Can’t you find anyone who would be the perfect partner for you? You often wonder what is wrong with you or the world, or is there something missing. Want to find your soul mate and don’t know how?

It’s natural to want to be with someone who understands you and believes in you. To fulfill this desire and to feel good about the other person, you first need to love yourself enough. I can help you by clearing your beliefs about love relationships.

I also help twin flames in their shadow work.

Benefits of this session

You will:

  • open up to a new wonderful relationship.
  • attract your soul mate.
  • experience more love in your life, not only romantic.
  • get rid of your negative beliefs about love.
  • get rid of problems with proximity.

Check my calendar and book a date!

300 zł


For singles – cleansing of beliefs about love relationships.


Do you feel that you have lost your femininity? Are you going through menopause? Or maybe you just ended a toxic relationship and you don’t know what to do with yourself? Or maybe your children have just left the family home and you feel abandoned and lonely?

Each of us goes through such moments in which we have the impression that the whole world has collapsed. We feel lonely and useless and see no point in anything. However, happiness is our responsibility.

I can help you go through your transformation period, and find your femininity and passion for life. I will show you how to connect with your intuition and find happiness.

Benefits of this session

You will:

  • open yourself to the flow of life energy.
  • release your need for control.
  • understand the relationship between your mind, feelings, and body.
  • know yourself on a deeper level than ever before.
  • learn to take care of yourself and truly love yourself.
  • free yourself from toxic relationships with others and yourself.

Check my calendar and book a date!

300 zł


Restoring the energy of femininity.

"Femininity" session advertising banner

Advertising banner


  • Are you having sexual problems?
  • Physical complaints related to stress?
  • Somatic diseases that the doctor cannot cope with anxiety disorders, neuroses, depressive states?
  • Problems with your own emotions?
  • Problems in relationships with other people?
  • Would you like to change some of your beliefs and you don’t know how?
  • Would you like to get rid of bothersome habits?
  • Are you suffering from burnout and you don’t know what you want to do in your life?
  • Are you standing at a crossroads and you don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to find your life mission?
  • Would you like to change your key negative program during one session, heal deep wounds of the soul, purify energy, regulate the work of the chakras, and balance male and female energy in yourself? Do you need to work through personal and family traumas and face your shadow? Choose this option!

Transform your life with me!

Book a 1.5-hour-long meeting to help diagnose your problem and determine the direction of your transformation.

300 zł


A therapy tailored to your needs.


Have you ever met someone new and immediately felt a natural peace around that person? Or maybe, conversely, you met someone and felt stressed right away for no reason?

Our thoughts and feelings are influenced by the subtle energy of the people we interact with every day. We are also affected by the stress resulting from difficult life experiences in the past.

I can help you with this by cleansing your energy and releasing stress from the past.

Removal of energy entities, and hooks.

Personal Energy Purification Benefits:

  • Increasing joy and vitality and reducing stress.
  • Life balance restoration.
  • Improving the sense of calmness.
  • It opens up new possibilities and causes a breakthrough in solving life problems.
  • It allows you to go beyond your limitations.
  • It releases tensions associated with past experiences.
  • It causes a breakthrough in career and relationships.

Check my calendar and book a date!

75 zł


Purification of personal energy. Original Price 150 zl —-> Spring Sale 75 zl

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Ad banner.


Are you still thinking about your ex-partner? Are you still dreaming and still feeling energetically connected with your ex? Do you feel that you cannot move and are still stuck in the previous relationship despite the passage of time?

Our thoughts and feelings are influenced by the subtle energy of the people we interact with every day, especially those who are very close to us. We are also stressed by the pain caused by our ex-partner’s departure.

I can help you by cleansing your energy from the energy of previous relationships.

Energy purification benefits of previous partnerships:

  • Improving the sense of calmness.
  • Opening up to new possibilities.
  • A surge of vital energy.
  • Liberation from grief.
  • Relief from the feeling of being rejected.

Check my calendar and book a date!

150 zł


Cleansing the energy of previous partnerships (for people after a breakup, divorce or death of a partner).


Are you experiencing the dark night of the soul? Do you feel that you are stuck in your spiritual development and do not know what your next step should be? Don’t you see the point of life? Does everything bore you? Do you feel misunderstood and lonely? Can’t you cope with your emotions?

I can help you diagnose your problem and set a further development path.

Benefits of this session:

  • I will conduct the therapy of your chakras – diagnosis, and opening of the chakras.
  • I will release the blockages that limit your intuitive abilities.
  • I will cleanse you of the beliefs blocking your spiritual development.
  • I will inspire further research.
  • I will show you how to love yourself at all levels.

Check my calendar and book a date!

150 zł


Individual consultation on spiritual development.

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Have you ever entered a room and felt bad for some reason? You just wanted to turn on your heel and leave, but you couldn’t explain why.

Or maybe you’ve been at home in quarantine for so long that when you return to your apartment you feel tired as soon as you enter your own home.

Or maybe you bought an apartment and despite the renovation, you do not feel well in it?

We are all influenced by the subtle energy of the environment in which we live. Our thoughts and emotions influence the places we are. When stressful energy lingers in your home or office, it can drain your energy and make you feel like you’re always stuck.

Each place may have an energetic remnant of the experiences of previous residents or a build-up of your stress. Both of these things affect how you feel when you are in such a place.

I can help you release this stressful, negative, and frozen energy from your home or office and create a healthy flow of nutritional life force that will support your happiness and success in life. This will give you more energy and open up new opportunities for you.

Benefits of space energy purification:

  • Supports health and vitality.
  • It removes the lack of energy, fatigue, and insomnia.
  • It stimulates business development and removes financial stagnation.
  • It causes a breakthrough in current life problems.
  • Makes it easier to sell and rent a home.
  • It releases tensions related to unhappy and traumatic experiences related to a given space.

Check my calendar and book a date!

150 zł


Purifying the energy of space.

The therapy takes place online via Zoom, to meet me you need Internet access and a computer with a camera or a phone with a camera.

To reserve a session, click “Continue”. Then select a date and time. If you have any problem with booking an appointment send me an email:

After paying for the booking, you will receive a return email with a link to Zoom.

If for any reason you want to cancel the meeting, you can do so 72 hours before your session starts. You will then receive a full refund or you can reschedule.

To check the regulations of my services, payment methods, or the possibility of canceling the meeting, click here.

If she would like to get to know me better, before booking the date, go here.

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