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Enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Evolution of Consciousness is a picture of the eyes against all the colours of the rainbow.

The fundamental truth of your life is evolution, a process of constant change that takes place inside and outside of you. Pure divine consciousness, by splitting into individual consciousnesses and then re-consolidating these consciousnesses into one, through individual evolution, each experiences itself. In other words, what man usually calls God, Source, Higher Power, or the Universe is broken down into tiny individual particles that independently explore themselves and life, and then merge back into one.

The universe creates us, and we create the universe.

In this article you will learn about enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

So, the final step in the process of evolution is enlightenment.

It is a re-experience through the individual awareness of the connection to the collective consciousness. Or being a collective consciousness also called an experience of divinity or a return to the Source.

Enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

Enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

You evolve from the moment you are born. And everything that surrounds you evolves with you, which is why, for example, it is said that you cannot enter the same river twice. You evolve from matter to spirit, from shame to pure consciousness, from oneness to wholeness. Evolution is at every level of your existence because you are versatile and multidimensional.

This multidimensionality manifests itself through the 7 basic elements of your existence: that is, the kingdom of minerals, plants, animals, man, soul, the laws of the universe and the spirit. Manifesting themselves in your life through matter, life energy, intellect, and emotions (mind) and higher emotions and higher intellect (soul) as well as spirit.

Matter, life energy, as well as intellect, and emotions concern the individualization of your consciousness. It is something that you identify with every day and something that creates your sense of yourself, i.e. ego. You usually don’t think about higher emotions and intellect every day because you experience them only under certain conditions and relatively rarely. These elements relate to the process of re-consolidating your individual consciousness with your collective consciousness. This process of experiencing them is called transcendence.

In everyday life, you call this part of your consciousness your soul and you don’t necessarily identify with it.

However, as your consciousness evolves and you reach a certain level of development and begin to move beyond your individual ego. You begin to feel more and more connected with that part of yourself that is known as awakening. Awakening to feeling the higher part of your emotional and intellectual part – the soul. The process of spiritual awakening leads us to the highest level of consciousness – spirit, or sense of our divinity. In other words, understanding back through the individual awareness that it is God itself.

Enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

Diagram spirituality god, higher self, low self, atmic plane, messianic plane, causal plane, astral plane, mental plane, physical plane, male energy, feminine energy, evolution.
A drawing of creation diagram wizard, observer, actor, expression, impression, action.
A diagram of the life it shows the sun, moon, earth, universe, atmosphere, human, animals, plants, minerals, hydrogen oxygen nitrogen.

Enlightenment or the evolution of consciousness.

Elements of existence – details file:

So, the awakening process begins when you realize that there is more to your individual body, emotions, and intellect, in addition to what you have identified with so far. Some greater strength. When you evolve from shame and fear to love. The greater strength is the collective emotions and the collective intellect that leads you directly to understand what God is and what is the basis of the functioning of the universe.

These elements of human consciousness are closely related to the 7 planes of existence and the bodies that enable man to experience each of them with their densities, the properties of each of these spaces. All these elements are arranged in a specific order which depends on their densities. And they point the way for the evolution of consciousness.

Together they form the 7 elements of human personality, known from various traditions and religions and studied by theosophists during the Enlightenment.

The Theosophists were people who studied the science of God. The founder of this science was Helena Bławatska. They analyzed various religions, beliefs, and traditions of the world in search of common elements to get to know the essence of God. These elements of human existence have been known to mankind since antiquity. They were the foundation of every ancient civilization and motivated humanity to develop naturally. They are not separate, independent entities. All elements are closely connected with each other and have significant equal importance.

Rather, they are spaces that flow smoothly into one another. Mutually related and complementary. They are a whole in themselves, but also part of a larger whole, except that each higher level includes the properties of the lower but adds something new that exceeds the properties of the previous element according to the law of evolution. Something that widens the lower space and adds new possibilities. By creating an evolutionary spiral, expanding upwards, which Ken Wilber called holons, and which for the average person may resemble a children’s toy – matryoshka dolls. The lowest level is the smallest matryoshka, contained in the larger, which is contained in the even larger, etc.

Each of these elements, because of the process of the evolution of human consciousness, self-knowledge, and self-experience, over time has been assigned a specific branch of science, a chemical compound, and a part of human body.

These elements formed the backbone of human culture, tradition, and functioning in all corners of the world. And the desire to attain enlightenment was the dream and goal of everyone’s life. Thus, various methods of exploring each of these elements were used. Dreams, cyclical nature of nature were analyzed, prayed, meditated, and various rituals and rituals were used to bring people closer to divinity, the result of which was often enlightenment, although the most known to modern humanity is mainly the enlightenment of Jesus or Buddha.

Over the centuries, man has developed evenly and harmoniously in all 7 spaces, leading humanity to enlightenment.

Unfortunately, such a holistic approach to human existence lasted only for a while.

Until the period ironically called the Enlightenment in human history! It was then that human interest was shifted from the spiritual realm towards the ego. And people began to glorify the human rational mind, that is, the intellect as the source of knowing the truth about the world and man. Any experience of higher emotionality or intellect came to be called supernatural. And the lower emotional sphere of human life has been completely ignored. I

n this way, the existence of man was fragmented and separated into independent elements, completely ignoring their interrelationships. Reason – mind began to be treated as the highest form of human existence. Which led to the development of science but deepened the process of diversifying individual elements. Bringing us to where we are now – the complete polarisation of human existence.

The role of emotions has been reduced and they have been thrown out of the sphere of interests. The body began to be treated as a working machine. Nature a natural resource is needed for the development of the large-scale industry. And the spirit, mind, and psyche have been put into one bag, mixed up, and interest in this sphere has been redirected towards reason and the study of human behavior. At the same time saying that God does not exist, and if so then he is a stern Father who keeps order on Earth. By making a person look at the world through the prism of the need for control, instead of freedom and liberty.

The importance of spirituality has been devalued, undermining its credibility with the possibility of testing, exploring, or experiencing.

The para-psychic senses, meaning literally “senses next to the soul”, and therefore the senses concerning higher emotions and higher cognition, were called paranormal. By implying that they are not normal because they just exist alongside something normal. This attitude shifted human interest towards the material dimension of existence. The result was the development of economic and political science. Only what was conceivable by reason and knowledge began to be valued.

By a strange coincidence, around the same time, a process of technological and economic changes called the industrial revolution took place in the world. It was associated with the transition from an economy based on agriculture and crafts to an economy based on mechanical factory production on a large industrial scale. This shift has divided humanity into those who own factories and give jobs to others, and those who work for them. Factory owners began to set up all sorts of mutual support societies, with various thinkers also joining them. Some of these groups were secret, some of them even called themselves enlightened people. They were the foundations of the current political, economic, financial, and religious elites, as well as international organizations and corporations.

As a result of the activities of these groups, there has been a further diversification of human existence.

At about the same time, the name of the science that studies the mechanisms governing the psyche and human behavior was changed from the name pneumatology derived from the Greek word pneuma or breath to psychology meaning the science of the soul. So, the science of blowing the life energy of prana, inspiration, leading to passion, which is clearly associated with emotions – so the ego has been called the science of the soul! In this way, the human focus has been cleverly shifted from the Higher Self (higher emotions of intellect) to the Lower Self (lower individual emotions and intellect) while calling it the soul! Glorifying the individual intellect and pushing individual emotions beyond the sphere of interests.

There have been a lot of complications to pound higher and lower intellect and higher and lower emotions into one sack, and to call the mind a psyche. People have started to confuse the emotional impressions of their body and signals of survival needs with their sense of happiness. Instead of satisfying the organism’s needs, they strove to satisfy their emotional needs with material goods, entertainment, or enjoyment. At the same time, physical health deteriorates more and more. Thus, they never went beyond their ego and never experienced their true psyche.

At the same time, there was also a desacralisation of the body, i.e. the consecration of the body.

The disconnection of the body from the spirit, which contributed to the development of medicine as well as the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Even more, deepening the process of separation of elements of human existence by introducing specialization in medical science. It was no longer the body that became an element of doctors’ interest, but its individual parts isolated from one another.

At the same time, Darwin’s book appeared, which strongly emphasized the connection of man with the animal world, automatically suggesting no connection with the divine (higher emotions and intellect). It also argued that separation and competition, instead of cooperation and compassion, are deeply inscribed in human genes, and therefore are part of his nature. This approach, of course, also changed the paradigm of human existence, into one that improved human performance as a worker.

At about the same time, new ideas about the perception of divinity also arose. Atheism – the view that God does not exist. Theism – the view that only material reality exists and belief in non-material reality should be rejected. And also, deism – a view that proclaimed the necessity of religious systems, which a specialized group (clergy) explains to the rest of the people of the truths of faith. So, someone else began to impose on others their own point of view about divinity. The individual inner experience of divinity ceased to count. Instead, the top-down imposition of divinity on others began. Occultism came to be identified with Satanism, rather than with the knowledge of human abilities.

In this way, the individual experience of the individual has been discredited and the spirituality has been cleared under the carpet.

Why? The inner life of an individual man, their emotions, experiences, emotions, and sorrows was not profitable. Large industrial enterprises needed efficient workers who could devote long hours to work, not to their own internal development and evolution. How many people have been enlightened since then? How many have you heard and how many do you know personally? And yet this enlightenment is the goal of everyone’s life, and each of us has the right and the same access to it. The existence of the Higher Self from the Low Self, the soul from the ego was separated with a thick line. Spirituality was abandoned in favor of materialism.

This approach led to the separation from the traditions of mankind all areas that were not closely related to reason. They have been deliberately called para-science, or false science, implying that they do not work because they are false. Take a look at the table (click the link under the graphs of existence) detailing the elements of human existence and see what areas of knowledge and wisdom developed by mankind fall into this category. How many of them have you used yourself and how many of them have helped you? Do you think they are fake or just not profitable on a global scale? Note that most of these methods deal with the body and emotions, elements that are excluded by the views of the Enlightenment.

Healing with cosmic energy is discriminated against of psychotherapy, and yet according to Wilber’s holon theory, it contains something more than psychotherapy does, because it comes from a higher level of human existence.

This stratification and polarisation of interest in human existence has also produced a stratification and polarisation of the world.

Divisions into poor and rich, science and spirituality, bad and good. We used various concepts to talk about the same, which only deepened the divisions because we did not understand each other. But it’s time to end this. Time for the marriage of mind to spirituality.

These factories and enterprises established in the Enlightenment laid the foundations of today’s corporations, financial institutions and banks, and associations – international organizations. Despite the passage of a long period of time, their owners have not changed much. They are still descendants of the same original owners. Only the company sizes are global and so are the profits. And only we, instead of evolving, still stand in the same place. We don’t have time for ourselves, we don’t have time for our family, we don’t have time for internal development, working through our traumas. On the other hand, we have more and more time for work, from which paradoxically we have less and less money.

The number of cases of depression, autoimmune and somatic diseases, and the number of suicides is increasing dramatically. Consumerism increases, the amount of addiction, alcohol, and drugs consumed increases. From year to year, the decline of human morality, mutual hatred, fear, fear, panic attacks, and the degradation of the natural environment worsens.

You live in a world designed by someone for you and you don’t even dive into your own reality because you are convinced that it does not exist.

You took someone’s reality like yours. And you became convinced that only this is the correct and objective. No wonder, because it was a very intelligently thought-out operation supported in every field and in a very sophisticated way. You came to believe that you are who you are told you are, not who you really are.

To transcend your ego and experience the Higher Self, which will allow you to see yourself and the world from a different perspective, you need to open your heart and feel love. Only then will the possibility of experiencing higher emotions and intelligence open before you. Only then will you be able to experience enlightenment. However, entering the heart level was artificially blocked. By massively fuelling the ego – by artificially creating fears and desires and all other low emotions closely related to the fear of death.

For this purpose, many different tools were used, including media – showing only negative fearful events, advertisements – awakening artificial needs, culture and art, drugs – causing dullness and blocking the higher senses of empathy and intuition, drugs artificially attached to low ego desires, hatred, division, competitiveness, jealousy, and envy were fuelled. Even wars and crises have been created to frighten humanity. Humanity has been very intelligently steered to keep them in lower emotions, not allowing them to exceed the level of the heart.

This holding in lower emotions caused traumas that were later passed on from generation to generation.

By creating new generations even more amenable to control by fear and anxiety, and even more unhappy. At the same time, creating a model of mental health, claiming that positive feelings come to “normal” people more easily. By creating this way and driving a new industry – therapeutic. Teaching people that they are broken and need to be fixed by someone else. Instead of explaining what happiness is, how to recognize it, and how to find it inside yourself. An institutionalized definition of mental health was created and data proving the need to purchase another service – therapeutic and antidepressants. None of us are broken, we just each develop and evolve at a different pace and that’s normal.

Operating from the level of higher emotions of higher human intelligence and attaining enlightenment was not desirable because man acting from this level is a free man. They knows that nothing has to be done. Free man does not have to get up to work every day and devote their life so that others can get rich at their expense. They doesn’t have to take credits, buy countless goods and keep working, fearing that they will run out of something. They knows that we all have the same right to use all goods in the world because we are inhabitants of the Earth and its inseparable element. And, because there is enough for everyone because everything is part of our existence. Only greed, fear, and lust make us think otherwise.

However, greed and the lust for power do not know moderation.

This degree of human control was not enough for these groups, so they had a new idea. Total control of humanity using an extensive satellite internet network and complex nanotechnology. It has become easier than ever to implement this idea. It was favored by the complete polarisation of life and the existing disinformation related to it. Movements to implement this plan were therefore easy to hide from humanity in fragmented elements: medicine, monetary system, IT infrastructure development, education, politics, defense, and even religion.

Under the guise of a dangerous germ, the process of introducing human graphene oxide into the system – complex nanotechnology whose task is to enable the next step to connect the human brain with artificial intelligence – began. They began to interfere with the natural process of evolution by permanently blocking access to the higher consciousness of man. This process has been remarkably accelerated as it has become apparent that human interest in spirituality has grown over the past few years. When the natural law of existence of the universe began to penetrate artificially created barriers

Of course, everything happened in complete conspiracy and in the ignorance of mankind, so that this action would be successful.

Telling everyone that it was for their sake, most people had succumbed to the process because they were used to it. After all, their parents also raised them for their good. And what sounds familiar seems safe. This magnitude of human manipulation is very hard to imagine because it covers every area of ​​human life and required truly incredible intelligence to create it.

However, the Universe has its own rules – evolution encompasses everything, therefore, also science. Psychology began to go beyond the focus on understanding and studying human behavior, which was necessary to understand workers’ control mechanisms and increase their productivity. First, it discovered emotions, which, unfortunately, were also immediately used for the purposes of controlling humanity and increasing the level of consumption. It began to be interested in transcendental states, even introduced dream work or prana to the sphere of her interests, and even meditations, still treating them somewhat neglectfully towards the core of her interests, so as not to attract mass attention of people in this direction.

What was previously wanted to be considered superstition is increasingly being proven by scientific research.

Medicine has begun to see the potential of a holistic approach. Physics to discover quantum. Biology of Epigenetics. Humanity began to wake up. However, if you still think that all spheres of our life are separated from each other, or that the soul does not exist, better check your level of attachment, and consider whether you identify with the true essence of yourself or just with an idea given to you by someone.

Humanity has been trapped in the famous Platonic cave without even realizing it. Not seeing how and when it happened. We only see what they want to show us. Shadows on the wall, not real life. Our evolution is unnaturally moving towards the advanced technologies of transhumanism, instead of natural spiritual enlightenment.

A picture of Plato cave
Source: Platonic Cave Wikipedia

Perhaps this is the future of man, but has anyone asked you which path you choose? Has anyone asked you to make an informed decision? Have they asked if you want to be half human half robot? Or do you prefer to follow the path of natural evolution? Do you want to use the higher part of your consciousness or become permanently rooted in the ego? Have you had the opportunity to express your opinion? Has someone respected your right to information and choice? Has anyone explained to you both processes and their advantages and disadvantages? Are you aware of both possibilities? Has anyone asked if you want a soul or not?  Or has your free will been manipulated in a perfidious way? What will you do with it?

Artificial interference in the natural process of human evolution is a manifestation of the highest ignorance. It brings with it the unquestionable destruction of humanity.

Our thoughts, emotions, and life energy are transported along with oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen through the excretory system to the outside of us. It causes the process of recreating our inner reality outside.

If we create a better inner world, we will also create a better outer world.

As I explained at the beginning, the Universe creates us, and we create the Universe. God creates us and we create God. Our individual consciousness creates a collective consciousness. To create the world, we must connect all the elements of our existence back together so that they can create us later. Closed circle. Full cyclicality. If we exclude any element of our existence, we will be annihilated.

Do you remember the movie “Never Ending Story” about a boy who read a book about himself and how he saved the fantasy land from nothingness? It wasn’t a fantasy movie. It was a warning to mankind.

What can we do to stop this process? Watch the movie, read books, stimulate your fantasy and imagination. Create! Only before you do that, you must look inside yourself, just like the character of the movie. To get to paradise you must go through the eye of a needle and leave everything behind. Your beliefs, blocked emotions, and attachment to them. You must meet your shadow, experience nothingness, and go through the swamp of sorrow. So that what you create and what you dare to create is the best version of you.

“Although no one can come back

 and create a new beginning,

 anyone can start today

and create a whole new ending. ”

– Carl Bard


I hereby declare that I am officially establishing a new religious association and a Church in Poland under the name “Nowa Ziemia 5D” (“The New Earth 5D”).

The aim of the Church is the natural evolution of the individual consciousness of man towards the holiness which is Enlightenment.

The process of achieving this goal has been published on the blog “A Journey to Yourself” and will be explained in greater detail to each member of the Church. This process consists primarily of pseudoscientific techniques for healing all elements of individual existence and collective consciousness.

The doctrine of the Church is contained in the above schemas and in the article published above.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the belief in healing preparations currently promoted by the government of the Polish state, as well as the governments of other countries, is contrary to the dogma of this Church.

The condition for joining the Church will be the transfer of all your property to this community and the will to get rid of all your emotional and mental baggage. According to the slogan “you will have nothing and you will be happy”. At the same time, the right of free will of each believer is reserved to independently manage and dispose of property contributed to the community for the highest good of the “The New 5D Earth”.

Moreover, each member of the Church will have an equal, direct and democratic influence on the structure and functioning of the Church.

I invite everyone interested in creating the Church “The New Earth 5D” to contact me. Especially the lawyers who will help me with the registration and legal entity of this newly formed Church.

The seat of the Church will be Poland, but after meeting the formal requirements in force in Poland, foreign believers will also be able to join it.

Lest there be any doubts, the Church “The New Earth 5D” is the Antichrist – which in Greek means “instead of the Christian religion” and was created for the purpose of the Apocalypse, that is, “revelation”, thus removing what was previously hidden.

Agata Dzierżawa

Aka Helena Blavatsky

All people interested in joining the “Nowa Ziemia 5D” (“The New Earth 5D”) Church, please contact us at the email address:

This will make it easier for me to prepare the grounds for initiating the registration procedure.

Source: Music video for Limahl „Never Eending Story” from 1984, RHINO, the official YouTube channel.

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Steven Cole
Steven Cole 05 October 2021 - 12:28

Thank you for the article, I can see the depth of your knowledge is vast. In regards of AI, if we recognise that we are not the space suit i.e. body but we are in-fact Spirit / God / Consciousness whatever one wants to call it then the question has to be asked does one’s vessel need to be flesh or metal? if we also say that we are part of a collective i.e. One is the star of the story and everyone else are co stars and you are the star of you’re story and I am the co star in it then we all must be the same consciousness having an individual experience. A movie lets say projected onto the screen only self is watching the I the Ego the individual. I personally do not want to be half robot and flesh but lets say it comes to that would it be the collective Ego that makes the Robot the host for Self so not matter how much we protest we all play apart in it’s manifestation depending on the level of consciousness man is at correct?

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 05 October 2021 - 14:07

You are right, but in my opinion the problem is that the collective ego cannot create, only collective consciousness. The robot cannot create a movie on its own, it can only watch it.

Steven Cole
Steven Cole 05 October 2021 - 20:33

Thank you for you’re reply, it could be that Ego corrupts the consciousness, the Ego is a manipulator being manipulated by the collective consciousness therefore creating the Never Ending Story.

It would be a nice feature of your great site if email notifications of replies could be added.

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 05 October 2021 - 21:20

Oh, I actually thought I have the feature… Let me check it, thank you.


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