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The evolution of life.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The evolution of life shows a wondering face and a forest of different beings.

Involution is the entrance of the spirit, or consciousness, into the matter. It is a gradual process lasting billions of years in our understanding of time. The process is also a geometric process, meaning it has a specific structure of its own. It is the same with evolution. In the early stages of evolution, progress is unimaginably slow, but in the later stages, it becomes incredibly fast.

In this article, you will:

  • Learn the stages of life evolution.
  • Become familiar with the 7 main races and human traits.
  • Learn who are spiritual teachers and what is their role in the evolution of mankind.

Each light wave consists of different wavelengths, which results from the pulsating nature of light emission – a series of successive waves.

These pulsations are responsible for the existence of stages of evolution – cycles. Each wavelength has a different color, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Color depends on the length of existence, that is, the history of a given ray of light. The wavelength, therefore, denotes the degree of involution advancement of consciousness as well as the degree of its evolution. Consciousness, because, as we established before, light is awareness.

Therefore, we have 7 colors symbolizing the degree of development of consciousness, or rather 8, because green is a double color – a mixture of two colors: blue and yellow. Since we are now in the fourth cycle of the Earth, we see visible light, which is green, a mixture of thoughts and emotions.

In each of them, there are living creatures with appropriate forms adapted to different stages and their subtypes. Each of these creatures also represents one of the 7 archetypes (soul type). However, since the rays of light combine into groups to form beams, there are also 7 main groups/races of beings. These bundles are always convergent, divergent, or parallel because everything starts and goes to the point of equilibrium.

Lifestreams evolve through different chains as they pass through the entire seven spheres in each cycle.

Each cycle produces a different kingdom and develops one kingdom to perfection:

  • The First Kingdom of the Elements
  • The Second Kingdom of the Elements
  • The Third Kingdom of the Elements
  • The Fourth Kingdom of Minerals
  • The Fifth Plant Kingdom
  • The Sixth Animal Kingdom
  • The Seventh Kingdom of People

Evolution of life.

The solar system is one of the schemes of evolution. On the first planet, Mercury, archetypes of life forms arise – volatile (ethereal) elements, which then evolve on the next Venus, where they are multiplied. Then, on another planet – Earth, they are compacted, and on another planet – Mars, they are formed into even denser matter. On the next – Jupiter they become more complex, on the next Saturn they are made of better materials and on the last – Uranus perfected. Life evolves through various forms of matter, not only material but also self-knowledge, self-awareness, perception, and apperception. Man developed from the inside out.

Each kingdom has 7 archetypal forms and goes through 7 stages of development.

The first stage is homogeneity and the beginning of individualization.

Goal: Survival. It developed the sense of hearing, i.e. sensitivity to sound waves, which allowed beings to orientate themselves in space and adapt to it. The sound source causes pressure fluctuation. Differently conditioned pressure causes movement. Then the sound is transformed into an electrical impulse.

The beings of this stage reproduced by either budding or splitting up. The planet of this stage was the Sun, or rather Uranus, which represents it. These were mainly single vibrations of space – the process of space individualization. At this stage, man existed as a mindless and ethereal being, but was highly developed spiritually. People were asexual, like plants and animals, and created bodies appropriate to the conditions around them.

The second stage is experiencing life through reproduction.

It is a gaseous state. This stage created a harder, outer shell around the waves, which led to the sense of touch. It allowed beings to respond to the action of water, air, and fire. This is mainly the invertebrate stage. It also allowed a small sense of pleasure and pain to evolve – emotions. The man was still ethereal, of enormous size, but their body was becoming denser and denser.

The third stage was the stage of gaining consciousness as physical bodies arose to express the seven etheric types and subtypes.

This stage developed the bone structure, the oviparous type of life, and the brain. In its subsequent sub-stages, double sex organs and a modern pterodactyl, a gigantic egg-head human. The sense of sight was also developed – first one eye in the middle of the forehead (later transformed into a pineal gland), then two eyes. And, the sense of taste and smell. At the end of this period, the beings began to emerge from the womb becoming more and more helpless after birth.

A primitive man appeared for the first time with a physical body. They resembled giant rational apes but were not descended from a monkey, because they had evolved from another archetypal form, from another kingdom. By a lack of morality at this stage and by mating with animals, however, they developed the distant ancestor of today’s great apes. At this stage, reason replaced human spirituality. And at the end of this stage, their body shrank.

In the following stages, emotions and abstract thinking developed, i.e. the common man developed.

In the fourth stage, there was a tremendous development of reason – intellect. Speech developed, reason developed, and spirituality weakened. There was also a division into two development paths related to the development of the right or left cerebral hemisphere. As you know, the fourth level of awareness is twofold – this is how it allows you to experience duality. The right hemisphere is spirituality – exploring the interior, and the left – is the reason (science) exploring the external environment.

The next stages concern, above all, the improvement of the human kingdom.

In the fifth stage, both hemispheres are harmoniously connected again. The right path refused to reproduce and create a species in its image and likeness, which transhumanism related to the advancement of technology and science wanted. People began to find the other half of their soul in the other person. Twin souls began to connect on the physical plane. Science and technology are used for the further natural evolution of humans into a superhuman.

In the sixth step, there is no longer bipolarity, but harmony.

The seventh stage is the stage of man’s achievement of divinity.

The human fetus in its transformations currently goes through all the forms that the physical structure of a human took during all stages of development. The embryo is, in turn, a plant, an amphibian, or an animal, before it becomes a human, developing itself according to its own ethereal double.

The evolution of life.

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The evolution of life. The evolution of life.

Humanity has similarly evolved at all stages of the development of life.

The human kingdom was also divided into 7 major races at each stage of the development of the earth. Although they were not always distinct or separate from each other. Each of these 7 races is divided into 7 tracks and 7 stages. The evolution of the inner form, or body around the astral, is mediated by earthly forces, as in the lower realms; but the evolution of the inner or real man is purely spiritual. Accordingly, it either rises to the region of mental spirituality or falls into the depths of materiality.

The First Etheric – had no other sub-race or body and had long since disappeared from the face of the Earth.

The second Hyperborean – are the inhabitants of the former north. A race that has a physical body and inhabits a continent that has long disappeared from the face of the Earth – Plaksha.

Third Lemurian – occupied a continent called Lemuria (Shalmali) located in the Pacific. This race is people with brown skin, black curly hair, a flat nose, and thick, curled lips. Some of its descendants still exist today, although already strongly mixed with later races.

Lemurian sub-race:

  • Egg-heads-sweat-born
  • Egg-born
  • Gigantic
  • Red and Black
  • Blue
  • Grey

The Fourth Atlantean – this is a race that inhabits Atlantis (Kusha), a continent that disappeared under the Atlantic Ocean. Most of today’s inhabitants of the Earth belong to this race. The Atlanteans developed psychic abilities and taught chemistry and mathematics. They studied the hidden forces of nature of plants, crystals, metals, and alchemical transmutation. They were able to lift giant stones by the power of their will. The Atlanteans had aircraft and watercraft. They conducted experiments in crossing plants and animals.

They had initiated the priesthood for the few and began the spiritual development of mankind. The race worshiped the Sun. However, their ethical idea collapsed, and they saw spirituality, causing each person to fight for himself and use knowledge for his selfish ends, entering deeply into materialism and egoism. This race is in the middle of the cycle of the descent of spirit into matter, i.e. a turn towards external evolution – community, therefore this race began to form clans.

Atlantean sub-race:

  • Rmoahal – a subrace covering Western Nigeria and the Cape of Good Hope, and part of West Africa.
  • Tlavatli – a subrace originated on the west coast of Atlantis and spread across the continent as far as the coast of Greenland.

The remains of these two races have been found in the Quaternary strata of the Earth of Central Europe. Both of these races worshiped the Sun by building stone and monolithic circles.

  • Toltec – this sub-race arose off the west coast of Atlantis and spread towards Mexico and Peru. These races dealt with black magic and the black arts, leading to the outbreak of two catastrophes. They also created the Inca Empire. Their descendants are Indians from North and South America, and some emigrated to Egypt.
  • Turanian – a sub-race covering the areas of Morocco and Algeria the western coasts of Central Asia, and later the areas of today’s China. One of their arms was the Aztecs. This sub-race had highly developed animal passions. The Chaldeans also came from this race and created a highly developed culture with significant achievements in the field of astronomy. They later formed the Sumiro-Akkad nation from which the later Babylonian Empire developed.
  • Original Semites – a sub-race occupying the territories of Scotland and Ireland, restless and dissatisfied, constantly waging wars with their neighbors. They spread to the territory of the USA and the southern shores of Central Asia. This is the second of the later yellow breeds.
  • Akkadian – they occupied the vicinity of Sardinia, however, spread to the eastern territories of Arabia and Persia. There were: Etruscans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Sumiro-Akkids, and Basques. It was this race that created Stonehenge.
  • Mongol – a sub-rase occupying the Tatar plains and eastern Siberia. They are a nomadic people from which the Malays, Japanese, Hungarians, and some Indian tribes come.

The Fifth Aryan is a race that embraces the fastest and most promising inhabitants of the Earth.

Its subraces are:

  • Hindu – haunting areas of India, Sumatra, Java, and surrounding islands, China, Japan, the peninsula of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Papua. Some of the representatives of this race have gained a foothold in the occult sciences, gained control of the forces of nature, and learned to make thoughts and abandon their physical bodies.
  • Arabian – belong here to the Jews and Bedouins.
  • Iranian – are the sub-race that created the Great Persian Empire and Mesopotamia.
  • Celts – undergrowth originating from the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, and Mingrelia. I am leaving Armenia, Kurdistan, Phrygia, and the ancient Greeks, Albanians, and Italians. Later, they spread to France, Belgium, the British Isles, Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland. We also left the Millennials sailing from Spain, as well as Tuatha de Danaan from Asia Minor through Scandinavia. This sub-race is the center of philosophy and high intellectual and spiritual civilization.
  • Teutonic – from this race are derived Slavs, Russians, Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, Goths, and Scandinavians.

Sixth will be the new continent in the Pacific.

It is made in Australia and America. Many members of the Theosophical Society will be reborn there. The race’s visible physical features are delicate, well-shaped hands and feet, thin fingers, and oval nails. The texture of the skin is clean, never rough. There are three types of face: oval with a high forehead, slightly less oval with a broad forehead, and practically brachycephalic, i.e. one that is four-fifths of the length wide. Overall physiology was harmonious, proportional, and healthy. The child of the new race is the indigo child. It is characterized by a quick response to compassion, pity in suffering, the power to easily understand the rules, quick intuition, accuracy, sensitivity, a sense of justice, lack of parrot-like intelligence, and willingness to help others.

The essence of the operation of the sixth sub-race is to unite many to achieve one goal, not to dominate someone who forces others to his will. Those who lead it will do it through love, sympathy, and understanding. This race will acquire the ability to recognize astral emotions in ordinary wakefulness.

The seventh race is yet to emerge.

Evolution and progress are subject to the law of cyclical snakes, which are equally subject to individuals, both races and empires.

All forms perish, so that life in them could grow and expand. When it incarnates its most exalted in its best betrayal among the days of the race, it survives her Golden Age. By the time you get younger than you are, keeping a high standard is impossible. Thus, the times of gradualness overlap with the times of decline. Each era, in general, in the case of humanity, is based on the cultivation of some principles: the first – the breakup, the second – reproduction, the third – power, the fourth – grace, the drink – expression, the soul – the soul – intuition.

The beginning of each new stage in the evolution of mankind is marked by the birth of a highly developed mind called a master or spiritual teacher, who becomes the founder of a new religion of a given race.

They are called enlightened people Buddha. Bodha means the innate divine intellect – understanding, and Buddha – acquisition through personal effort. This intellect is clairvoyant wisdom, absolute wisdom. An enlightened man is a man who loses insight into persons, dogmatic beliefs, and religions because they see that the core of it all is the same, that the absolute principle in nature is one. Such a person reflects a jumping electric impulse – an electron in the orbits of an atom. Each Buddha is a patron of their special cycle (stage of consciousness development). They are the embodiment of the idea of ​​Divine Thought. This person, jumping to a higher level of consciousness, drags the rest with them, saying, “Follow me.”

Such a master appeared at the beginning of the first sub-Aryan suburb of Veda (Veda Vyasa) and founded Hinduism – the Religion of the Sun. The master also came to Egypt as Hermes Trismegistos (Thotem) and founded the Religion of the World – Hermeticism. He also came to Persia as Zarathustra (Zoroaster) and established a religion called Zoroastrianism – the Divine Light. The master also appeared in Greece as Orpheus setting up the Orphic religion. He also appeared as Jesus in Palestine setting up Christianity. Next appeared among the Slavs – people of the soul, leading to the development of brotherhood and friendship with the help of the spirit that divided the intellect. They exalt the scientific and spiritual connection between science and spirituality. And the Slavic empire will beat its praising empire of Arabs, Persians, and Romans. Be the rest of the Master of this Earth cycle.

There is no religion higher than the truth.

There is one life – eternal, unseen, but all-encompassing. Without a beginning and an end, but a delusion in its regular applications, among which reigns the dark secret of nothingness. This is the only, but absolute consciousness; indomitable and unique, independent consciousness. Chaos for meaning and space for a reason. Its absolute guild is the eternal and unceasing movement. And the word of God is a symbolic concept of that which is the life, the whole hand of the world.


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The evolution of life.

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The evolution of life. The evolution of life.

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