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Higher intelligence.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Higher intelligence is a picture of the heart as a colored neon sign.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Did you know that, like emotions, your mind has two levels? Lower, rational, and higher intuitive. So, there is a higher intelligence and lower intelligence. And in addition to the visceral brain, you also have a third brain that, like this one, communicates with your brain in your head. It is your heart. This is the source of your higher intelligence. This is where the voice of your intuition comes from.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is higher intelligence or intuition.
  • What is heart coherence.
  • How to connect with your own heart.

We have been taught to believe that rationality is something that should dominate our decision making. Meanwhile, real wisdom is that inner whisper, a feeling that timidly tries to peek out from under the layers of logic. Where is this voice coming from? From your heart.

The heart has a complex nervous system that can be called a small brain.

This system is made up of 40,000 nerve cells, identical to those in your brain, inside your head.

Many cultures and religions around the world consider the heart to be the seat of the soul, wisdom, and love. In some traditions, the word heart is synonymous with the soul. It is a universal symbol read in the same way by people in every corner of our world.

Every emotion and feeling affects how your heart works. It can remember, store memories, experiences, experiences, and make decisions independent of the brain. Each heartbeat sends electromagnetic information to your brain. Like the visceral brain, the heart sends more information to the brain in the skull than the other way around.

The heart also creates an electric field 60 times stronger and a magnetic field 5,000 times stronger.

The heart’s electromagnetic field changes depending on the emotions you feel. Its strength affects your body, but also everything around you, including the functioning of the Universe.

When you combine your body, thoughts, and emotions in harmony, you will achieve a state of psychophysical coherence. It is a state of optimal physiological, emotional, and mental functioning. State of integration of thought, intention, and action. This state increases creativity, has a positive effect on the immune system, and improves access to intuitive wisdom. Coherence is not a relaxation state. This is a particular pattern of heart rate variability in which your heart rate changes synchronously with your breathing. Speeding up when you inhale and slowing down when you exhale. It is a natural and reflexive phenomenon.

When you are in a state of coherence, you are honest with yourself. You accept facts and your feelings with all your heart and take concerted action from the bottom of your heart. Destructive emotions such as anxiety, anger, and frustration block the rhythm of heart coherence. They signal the brain to incoherence, which inhibits higher brain functions and triggers stress responses.

Higher intelligence.

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What is intuition?

This is a high level of human self-awareness. The ability to know something directly without analytical reasoning. Knowledge and wisdom flowing from space. Understanding without the need for conscious reasoning. Inner Insight. It is the collective human consciousness – the individual super consciousness. To use its resources, you must go beyond your ego. Open your heart to another person, to love. Stop thinking in the ‘I’ category and start with ‘we’. You must go beyond your rational mind and activate your heart chakra. Sometimes opening the heart chakra is even associated with physical pain. When you do this, you will stop experiencing life as an individual, because you will feel close to others. You will stop being guided by your personal ambitions and desires. You will begin to act for the greater good and you will feel divinity in and around you.

Intuition can take the form of knowledge derived from an unidentified source, energetic sensitivity, and cognition without conscious reasoning. It speaks to you through words, images, dreams, flashes, premonitions, emotions, coincidences, symbols, signs, mood changes, or physical sensations, e.g. chills, sweating, goosebumps, headache, stress, or feeling exhausted.

Intuition is not instinct.

The instinct is a survival tool derived from the reptilian brain. It is ruled by fear and intense emotions. It is a sudden, sharp reaction to a sense of being threatened or attacked. Intuition is a subtle, flowing message aimed at leading you to the highest level of self-realization and transcendence.

An open heart means selflessness, humility, service, work, patience, tolerance, spiritual identification, compassion, compassion, wisdom, sacrifice, and gratitude. It is also the virtues of generosity, righteousness, simplicity, strength, truthfulness, determination, kindness, and peace. It is also about communicating carefully with other people without judgment, criticism, or a sense of superiority. Listening without interrupting or trying to change your interlocutor’s beliefs. No rush, manipulation, or counseling is a pure presence here and now.

Body and soul are connected by three energetic threads. The first one is anchored in the center of the heart. The second is in the pineal gland in the center of the brain. And the third one is near the navel.

Lower intelligence is your rational mind connected to your physical senses. Higher intelligence, on the other hand, is about abstract ideas and universal concepts.

It is access to the “cloud” that stores all the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. To be able to use it without restrictions, you need to know the appropriate programming language as a programmer. You need to know what commands to issue to be able to draw from its unlimited resources on request. And what commands to use to write new information into it.

When your mind is focused on the outside world, it deals with processing external information through your physical senses. However, if you silence your physical senses through meditation, your mind will turn inward. It will then begin to acquire information for the brain from other dimensions of consciousness. You will then connect with your higher intelligence. The rational mind cannot connect directly to other dimensions. Only through regular meditation will you teach your mind to wander smoothly between all dimensions. Then you will be able to use all your divine potential. As you master it, you will also learn to program your reality through direct access to your divinity.

Higher intelligence also enables the direct transfer of thoughts from mind to mind.

The most famous thinkers and creators, visionaries, and geniuses have been able to connect with a higher intellect. From there, they drew their knowledge, wisdom, and ideas to help humanity through humanitarianism, art, education, entrepreneurship, and healing. However, access to this universal wisdom is available to anyone, including you. The key is to take care of the basic needs of your body so that your fear of survival or fatigue does not drown out subtle messages. The next step is to calm your emotions and mind. Only then will information flow freely from the divine “cloud” to your brain.

The ability to obtain information from a higher intelligence results in the immediate finding of your life mission. It allows you to understand how you are to serve humanity.

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Higher intelligence.

How to connect with your own heart?

Mentally bring your attention to the area of ​​your heart. Direct your breath there. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart. Imagine the inside of your heart and consciously imagine that you are there. While you are there, ask for a clue about your life. Stay there as long as you need. Finally, ground yourself – mentally imagine that you are reconnecting with the energy of the Earth.

When we learn how to build a bridge between the higher intellect and the lower, and between emotions and higher emotions, that is empathy, humanity will enter the next stage of evolution. From homo sapiens, it becomes homo spirituale. They will then be able to function outside in the physical world and inside in the subtle world of spirit, changing the level of their consciousness. And also, to experience the unity of all life. They will find their place in a larger whole. They will go from the personal “I” to the universal “we”. Humans will begin to serve all mankind, instead of thinking only of their private interests.

By standing firmly on the ground, we will be able to access subtle spheres with our minds.

How can you develop your intuition?

  • Through meditation or other spiritual practice.
  • Creativity.
  • Write and analyse dreams.
  • Writing a journal.
  • Recognising its subtle messages.
  • Observing your body sensations and your energy levels.
  • Tune in to the energy of those around you or your environment.
  • Trying to sense people’s character before you know them.
  • Predicting the development of future events.
  • Noticing “aha” moments in your life and first impressions.
  • Calm down, take breaks, relax.
  • Interrupting your daily routine from time to time.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Being here and now.
  • Breathing practices.
  • Releasing stress and emotions.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins.
  • Playing sports.


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