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One organism.

by Agata Dzierżawa
One organism is a picture of a girl with a heart.

The 7 lifestreams that have formed life on Earth are the 7 forms of DNA. It is a multi-molecular, chemical that all beings are made of. DNA is found in the cytoplasm or capsids in the case of viruses. It consists of two strands (strands) that run anti-parallel.

In this article you will learn:

  • About the functions of DNA.
  • How emotions affect DNA.
  • That we are all one organism.

This means that the end of one thread lies opposite the other thread. They are mirror images of each other. These threads twist around a common axis and form a right-handed or left-handed helix, which can be compared to a spiral. The distances between adjacent bends of the DNA double-strand helix are not the same. What creates on their surface two alternating depressions of different widths; small groove and large groove. These chains can be as long as 2-3 meters, so they are very tightly compressed in the cell. Outside this helix lie sugar and phosphate residues, while inside these complementary base pairs:

A (adenine) = T (thymine)

G (guanine) = C (cytosine)

Specialized, positively charged proteins – histones – help to compress DNA. They form spools around which the negatively charged DNA can wrap. However, for most of a cell’s life, the DNA is decompressed, making it readily available for information and multiplication.

The alkali is connected by bonding that can be compared to a rope ladder.

Each rung of this ladder is made up of nucleotides that connect through phosphoric acid residues. The nucleotides that build adjacent strands of DNA are bound together by nitrogen alkali. They are joined by hydrogen bonds, i.e. the electrostatic interaction between a hydrogen atom and an electronegative atom, in a strictly defined manner.

Hydrogen bonds are quite weak bonds. They can arise very quickly and disappear just as quickly. They are formed and broken off when water molecules move between them. Their breaking depends on the energy associated with movement (kinetic energy). When they are broken, the molecules separate as gas. The sugar and phosphate groups are on the outside of the helix, while the nitrogen bases are directed inward.

DNA is the carrier of information.

Information is transmitted through genes – sections of DNA containing information about the structure of a single protein. Scientists have calculated that one gram of DNA can hold 215 pet bytes of information. It means it can hold all the information ever produced by mankind. This information makes it possible to create a new cell as a result of splitting an existing one. This process allows the body’s tissues to grow, develop and regenerate.

The genetic material inside the cell is organized into forms. These are linear segments called chromosomes. The name comes from two Greek words; chroma color and soma, or body. We can understand it as the race of the body or the type of soul. They are the carriers of genetic information.

A chromosome is a structure made up of two sister parts, arms, which are connected in one place called a centromere. Each person has 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). Children inherit 23 of them from their mother and 23 from their father. The chromosomes are numbered 1 through 22. Pair number 23 is the X and Y sex chromosomes that are different in males and females. Females have two X chromosomes and males have one.

When you add the chromosome numbers 46 for women and 46 for men, you get the number 92. This is the number of naturally occurring chemical elements.

Exactly as much as it is needed to bring into the world the most evolutionarily advanced being – a human. Because only the overflow of the system with information generates another consciousness. The X chromosome is common to both men and women. It is surrounded by a magnetic field that shapes the micro torus. Thus, it is the place of energy balance in the human body at the cellular level. When this equilibrium field is disturbed, the process of cell division is also disturbed, leading to various health complications. 46 is also the number of palladium protons – a noble mineral that can strongly absorb atomic hydrogen gas. The mineral is right in the middle of the table of chemical elements arranged in an evolutionary spiral. It is on this element that the beginning of the second twin but an inverted structure is formed, in this case, the male Y chromosome.

However, for the information contained in DNA to be used, it has to be “rewritten” into another molecule with the aid of RNA.

This process is called transcription. Thanks to it, proteins are formed. RNA exists as a single strand, but it can also take on complex structures such as knots and loops. DNA is a passive molecule, and RNA, due to the oxygen present in it, is active. So, we have 3 main elements in the construction of genes, 2 strands of DNA and 1 RNA.

In addition to the rungs of the DNA ladder and helices, entanglement of DNA is also important, as cell replication depends on it. This entanglement is simply the superimposition of one layer of electromagnetic waves on top of another. We know it as density, which adds information to the entire genetic system. It is also embedding one wave inside another. Analog storage of genetic information. The evolutionary process of encoded data.

Similarly, to the construction of a rope, where the threads entangled together form a string first, and the strings tangled in the next stage – a rope. Each new layer adds new and more complex properties to the body. This connection is piezoelectricity (the appearance of electric charges on the surface) and voltage. In this way, the DNA creates a spring by combining short and long waves. Embedding smaller waves into larger ones is possible thanks to the harmony of their phases.

The waves inside the DNA do not have mechanical access to RNA, so DNA can divide and join with RNA. For this reason, the long wave outside entangling the DNA acts as a programmer, thus the genetic material can decide which genetic codes will repeat.

DNA helices are entangled according to the golden ratio rules.

The Phi number of the golden ratio is the distance between the “steps of the ladder” of DNA. Whereas Phi squared is the horizontal turn increment, and the DNA turn radius is the number Phi to the cube. The length, volume, and area of ​​DNA are therefore subject to the golden ratio.

When you look at DNA from above, its shape resembles a dodecahedron. Thus, the 46 chromosomes form a similar shape to the 46 protons of the palladium nucleus. When you look at the central segment of DNA – the codon, you will find that it forms a pentagram. And there is a hexagram right next to it, as seen in the A-C, and G-T bonds. The O – H hydrogen bonds, on the other hand, form a tetrahedron. On the other hand, when you look at the DNA from the side, you can see that the double helix is ​​the wavelength of the ultraviolet spectrum – a short wave. It is, therefore, blue light. The double helix, however, is only part of a larger context – DNA super entanglement, which is very long wavelengths composed of a wave by wave.

One organism. One organism.

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One organism. One organism.

The super entanglement of DNA resembles the waves that create the beating of the human heart.

This is because DNA is mechanically linked to the sound of the human heart through the emotions that regulate the strands of DNA. Phonons (long sound waves in a liquid) mechanically weave DNA according to the rhythm of the heart. They are also responsible for the movement that creates and breaks hydrogen bonds. The tightness of this plexus depends on the enzyme that harmonizes with the sound of the heart. In this way, negative and positive emotions encode your genetic code, influencing what you will pass on to future generations. Hydrogen is our thought and oxygen is our emotion.

Where does the heartbeat come from? Its source is a spinning spiral that generates a form of suction in the heart. This suction, on the other hand, creates an implosion. The collapse of the walls in the center of the heart under the influence of its negative pressure and creates this force. The heartbeat is based on 7 layers of 7 muscles similar to those of the Mobius coil arranged in line with the walls of the tetrahedron, which allows compression along each axis of symmetry. Hydrogen bonding plays this role in DNA.

This coil is a self-propelled field effect. The layers of muscle cause the heart to compress the blood, causing vortices – spirals. The heart can decide for itself which of the layers of muscle it wants to compress and in what order. The thymus forms the geometry of this pressure. It is, as you know, the controller of vital energy. Responsible for the immune system and reproductive capacity. Intense emotions cause the heart to generate high frequencies that affect the shape of DNA. Thus programming them. The heart, therefore, acts as a fractal attractor.

Inside the heart, all the waves meet at one point. It causes the wavefronts to begin to add and multiply recursively due to the perfect nesting of the wave on the wave.

The same happens in the X chromosome and in every centromere. It is an implosion that sends waves through the speed of light at the center of the DNA. This is the moment of overloading the system with information. It creates a pattern of perfect bifurcation (branching) based on the Phi number. And it creates compression that makes the inside look like the outside.

When waves are standing on their backs, they create an effect whereby the fronts of the waves can be pushed out, or rather their velocities. Where the envelopes of short, long, and even longer waves are proportional. At this point, the multiplication and addition of genetic material inside can take place. From the top of the vortex a wave leaks, pushed by the speed of light through time. This little tornado inside a tornado, moving so fast, causes coherence. The ejaculation of male semen works in the same way.

Coherence allows you to make choices and causes the perfect entanglement of DNA, which results in divinity, but also homeostasis responsible for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the health of your body and your descendants. When you lose this perfect symmetry, you will lose the possibility of experiencing enlightenment – perfect self-awareness.

This means that magnetic fields emerge from the chaos and self-organize by becoming perfect fractals.

Becoming self-similar causes field effects to become self-aware as they are able to respond to many harmonics simultaneously. Charge implosion is also a gravity-creating capacitor. Gravity is created when waves become self-similar. It is created by a fractal implosive charge.

The resulting spiral (tornado) forms a goblet-like shape in a chalice that has no inner or outer sides. This is the legendary Holy Grail – the San Grail, or “a song in the blood”, or the sound regulating the entanglement of DNA. We feel this moment as bliss and the ability of our heart to feel compassion – to turn over within itself. When the genetic material curls up in this way, it creates something that travels faster than light up through the center of the DNA – a superlumination tunnel. The genetic material, therefore, has the ability to send faster-than-light signals. So in DNA, we have an ideal model of wave compression and implosion.

You will achieve this effect by focusing attention on your interior.

Attention creates a stationary point around which charge waves begin to rise like a torus in a torus. This causes the wave nodes to start to organize and arrange themselves. This allows the center of the electric implosion to be shifted. In this way, you can get out of the gravity field of the Earth and travel in time or space, all over the cosmos, all the way to the sun. Enlightened people of many human races in our history have been able to do this. They were therefore called gods, Solarians, or Viracocha“Pure” or Annunaki“Those who can travel through the sun.”

However, history also knows those who “fell from Heaven” – the so-called fallen. Fallen are people who, through negative, traumatic experiences and emotions, mainly related to rejection, as well as feeding on the emotions of others – parasitism and predation genetically transmitted from generation to generation, have lost the ability to self-control. They lost the ability to implode in the heart and control their own genetic material, as well as the ability to produce serotonin and melatonin. This resulted in the DNA’s inharmonious entanglement and attack by parasites and viruses. What genetically weakened their immunity, therefore they look for the source of eternal youth and immortality at all costs. This resulted in the deformation of the DNA into the shape of a velociraptor (reptile) and the formation of a predator sometimes known as Draco.

In the history of mankind they have fallen, people who have focused on achieving a blissful state through reason and outside substances, and have turned to materialism and technology rather than the evolution of their inner self.

These people, often very intelligent, have lost the ability to obtain adequate doses of hormones in their bodies and try to achieve enlightenment through various substances. These substances are biblical manna or Ormus (orthomolecular transformed gold powder), which by chemical action stimulate the magnetic self-organizing of waves. They are enriched with other psychoactive substances controlled by the drug cartels they manage. Or with the menstrual blood of virgins – Vestals, the Messiah’s oil containing a high content of serotonin and melatonin secreted by the pituitary or pineal gland, as well as adrenochrome prepared from the pineal gland of killed children, they try to incarnate among themselves the Messiah – “the one with the best reptile blood”.

These people are descendants of the Khazars – named Ashkenazi who became one of the branches of the Jewish tradition. It is Kabbalah – royal and banking elites, Illuminati (enlightened), and Masons who have lost their ability to transmit the immune system, carry memory through death, experience lucid dreams, and travel in time by constantly passing genes within their own group. Not experiencing higher-order emotions is a lack of compassion, leading to the decline of morality, incest, murder, genetic engineering experimentation, transhumanism, hatred of races earlier in the evolutionary chain, controlling their fertility, killing children of the higher races for the best mix of hormones to enlighten or conquer outer space with the help of spacecraft. Combined with high knowledge about the functioning of the Cosmos and an obsession with becoming God, because Kabbalah is knowledge about the harmony of the cosmos, it is a step towards the destruction of humanity.

The inability to experience bliss also results in the inability to manifest one’s reality – creation.

For this reason, this group of people takes advantage of other people with the help of technology and knowledge. He does this by managing their emotions and thoughts and is now attempting to manage their consciousness. For this purpose, it introduces the so-called New World Order that would enable them to control human group consciousness with a quantum computer. Under the pretext of a dangerous virus pandemic, they implanted people with graphene oxide, which is to be “cabling” enabling connecting human brains to a common network and thus remotely creating their vision of the world.

However, graphene oxide, although the carbon – component of human DNA is a two-dimensional structure which means no access to the virtual dimensions of reality.

It leaves in humans only physicality and instincts and eliminates emotions, thoughts, intuition, empathy, and divinity – mind. The natural form of carbon has six dimensions, which allows us to function in a six-dimensional reality. Carbon has an atomic number of 6. Which means there are 6 neurons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons in its atom. Its two electrons fill the first electron shell, and the remaining four – the second. This is the valence shell for carbon. To achieve a permanent state, the carbon must find an additional four electrons to fill the last shell for a total of eight electrons (to satisfy the octet rule).

If a carbon atom is attached to four other atoms, the molecule (or part of it) will take the shape of a tetrahedron. Carbon is the part of the DNA code that is responsible for the geometric shape of the tetrahedron for implementation in DNA. Its absence may prevent reproduction. The natural stage of evolution is the replacement of carbon with silicon – a 12-dimensional type of carbon that allows humans to function in a multidimensional spiritual world, and not with graphene.

As you know, graphene is also impermeable to gases and prevents humans from producing nitric oxide.

Evolution, on the other hand, confirms that all organisms and their inorganic environment are closely integrated with each other. They are creating a single and self-regulating complex system that simultaneously maintains the conditions on our planet. All these elements are responsible for planetary homeostasis. They contribute, for example, to the stability of the global temperature or the salinity of the ocean. This confirms the theory of chemist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis called Gaia Theory.

This theory assumes that the Earth is a complex self-regulating evolving system that includes an interconnected biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere. This entire system is called Gaia. And its evolution is based on a cybernetic complex coupling system supported by all elements of broadly understood life, which leads to a state of equilibrium. All processes taking place on Earth depend on the interaction of living creatures with chemical elements.

Gaia’s theory states that the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere is kept in a dynamically stable state only by the presence of life, and that man is its key element.

The composition of the atmosphere remains fairly constant, providing ideal conditions for modern life. The dry air in the Earth’s atmosphere contains approximately (by volume) 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases, including methane. All atmospheric gases other than noble gases present in the atmosphere are either produced or processed by the organisms. The stability of the atmosphere on Earth is not a consequence of the chemical balance of planets without life, but a consequence of biological life.

Ukrainian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky was one of the first scientists to recognize that oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere are produced by biological processes. In the 1920s, he published papers in which he argued that living organisms can change the shape of planets with the same certainty as any physical force. In contrast, the theologian Teilhard de Chardin argued that the Earth evolves through the stages of cosmogenesis, influencing the geosphere, biosphere biogenesis, and noospheric noogenesis, culminating in the Omega Point. Evolutionary history, ecology, and climate show that the exact characteristics of this balance have, intermittently, undergone rapid changes that are believed to have caused the extinction and overthrow of previous civilizations.

And in 2001, a thousand scientists at a European Geophysical Union meeting signed the Amsterdam Declaration, starting with the statement: “The Earth’s system behaves like a single, self-regulating system with physical, chemical, biological and human elements.”

You are on the verge of annihilating our civilization and the entire Earth due to the decline of humanity’s morality and blinding vanity, as it happened in the civilizations before you. What will you do with it?

The entire universe is one organism.


Dan Winter „The Purpose of DNA”

„Gaia Hypothesis”,

One organism.One organism.

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One organism.One organism.

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