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Strength of mind.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Strength of mind is a picture of a colorful abstraction.

As you know, the mental nature of the universe allows for mental transmutation, that is, to influence its nature with your mind. How is this possible and how can you influence the world you ask?

In this article you will learn what:

  • The true strength of your mind is.
  • Psychokinesis is and what are its forms.

Well, just like the whole universe, your mind has two types of male and female energy. The male energy of the mind is the mind that is objective, aware, voluntary, and active. The female mind is subjective, subconscious, involuntary, and passive. The key to mental manipulation of reality is the ability to divide your sense of self into these two separate parts, aspects, in your awareness.

Most often you think of yourself in terms of feelings, tastes, preferences, habits, bonds, or personality. You recognize your emerging, changing, and disappearing emotions and feelings. You also believe that part of your being is made up of knowledge in your mind.

For most people, however, the self consists mainly of their body awareness and is related to their bodily nature.

However, when you rise on the scale of your consciousness development, at some point you can separate yourself from the idea of ​​your body and you are able to see your body as belonging to your mental part. However, you still tend to identify yourself and identify only with mental states or feelings that you feel exist within you. You don’t see them as things created by a part of your mentality that exists inside of you, of you and of you, but not you.

You can see that you can change these inner feeling states by the force of your will and that you can create the opposite polar state yourself, while still being yourself. When you do this, you will be able to shift various mental states, habits, emotions, feelings, and beliefs aside, to that part of your consciousness that will not be you. Of course, this will require a lot of mental concentration and analysis from you, but it will be doable.

When you do this, you will be able to consider your sense of self in its two aspects – “I” and “me”. It is “me” that you will feel as something mental in which you can create thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings. But something that needs some form of energy from its accompanying “me” to be able to use its creative abilities. You will also notice that you have a “me” in your consciousness that is able to give its will to “me” and witness the mental creation by “me”. You will find a sense and awareness of the ability to project energy from “I” to “me”. Then you will discover the dual aspect of your mind.

Strength of mind.

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Strength of mind.

This “I” is the male principle of the mental gender, the female “me”.

“I” is existence, and “me” is becoming. This female element is geared towards receiving impressions. It carries out the work of creating new thoughts, concepts, ideas including the work of imagination. The male principle, on the other hand, is oriented towards giving or expressing. It is content with the action of the will in all its phases. Without the active help of the male element, the female element rests creating mental images only because of impressions received from outside, rather than creating them mentally itself.

Most people rarely use the male element. Which causes them to live according to the thoughts and ideas instilled in their “me” with the “I” of other minds. This action can be seen very well in the phenomena of telepathy, suggestion, or hypnosis. The masculine energy of one person – the willpower is directed towards the feminine of another person, who takes this thought, recognizes it as their own, and develops it in themself. The average person has very little willpower, so they lives only in the consciousness of “me” without even realizing that there is such a thing as “me”. Consequently, they are governed by the minds and will of others, who they allow them to think and will do for themselves. They are like sheep that never make up their idea, nor use their own power of mental activity.

That is why it is so important to balance the mental masculine and feminine in your consciousness.

Only then will you be able to dominate your mind with your own will and create the kind of mental images you want, and even be able to dominate the minds of others in a similar way. Once you can master the change of your own polarity, you will be able to influence the environment with your mind.

Only then, by means of your thoughts and concentration, or eye contact, will you be able to influence matter, e.g. to move a solid, liquid, or gaseous body at a distance. Whether to change shapes of objects, move them to different places, or even materialize without real interaction.

You will be able to introduce these changes both on the macro scale, then the effects will be visible with the naked eye because they will have great potential. And on a micro-scale, when the effects will be noticeable only with the help of special measurements and strict analysis of statistics.

Sometimes these abilities can happen spontaneously, most often during adolescence or in high emotional stresses.

Strength of mind.

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Strength of mind.

This ability to model the world with your mind is known as psychokinesis.

There are many types of it, for example:

Telekinesis – the ability to move objects with the power of the mind (horizontal movement).

Teleportation – moving items from various distant places without losing time.

Bilocation – the ability to be seen in two places simultaneously.

Pyrokinesis – increasing the temperature of an object leading to its spontaneous combustion.

Cryokinesis – reducing the temperature of the object.

Hydrokinesis – The ability to create or manipulate the amount of liquid water and to manipulate it.

Biokinesis – modifying the DNA code.

Aerokinesis – the control of air molecules through the manipulation of energy.

Geokinesis – control of the earth, predicting or causing earthquakes.

Magnetokinesis – control over the halls of magnetism and metals.

Atmokinesis – The ability to control the weather.

Gyrokinesis – The ability to control gravity in an area.

Vitakinesis – the ability to self-heal and control your health and the speed of aging.

Chronokinesis – control over the flow of time. The ability to stop time.

Audiokinesis – the ability to manipulate sound waves.

Inokinesis – the ability to control space, bend it and create objects.

Levitation – is the ability to lift objects or people (vertical movement).

Electrokinesis – The ability to cause molecules to rub against each other, creating lightning.

Telemetry – transferring motion without touching.

Surely you have heard of many of these skills before.

The contemporary master of this art is, for example, Wim Hof, who astonished many scientists when using the skill of meditation, he remained immersed in the icy water for almost two hours, while his body temperature did not flicker even by one degree. Using his superpowers, Wim also climbed Mount Everest in shorts, avoiding altitude sickness, completed the marathon in the Namibian desert without water, and proved in laboratory conditions that he was able to freely influence his nervous system and immune system.

Surely, you’ve also heard of levitating monks or advanced in Sikkim meditation monks in India who were able to slow down their metabolism by 64%!

You may have even tested your mind’s power with biofeedback.

However, you can do all of this by yourself with your mind’s willpower if you develop your awareness and practice the will – it is male element.


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