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Your role in life – 7 types of soul.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Role in life, soul type - A picture of a mask.

What is your role in life?

Have you ever wondered why your life looks this way, not another? Why do you do something, but something else not? Why are you interested in such but no other topics? What do you meet such and no other things for? Why do you have to face such and no other challenges? And why do they happen to you? Do you sometimes have the impression that whatever you do, there will be always something wrong? Does everything you do have a deeper meaning? And what is your role in life?

In this article: 

  • You will learn 7 types of souls: priest, artisan, sage, server, scholar, king, warrior.
  • You will learn the characteristics of each of them.

Your reality is a bit more planned than you may think.

You are part of a larger, organized whole, so you have a function to fulfill in it. Maybe you do not realize it, or maybe you feel intuitively that it is true, but everything has a perfect meaning in here. You are not born as an empty white page and you do not choose everything you would like to write on it yourself. Of course, you have free will and can try everything, but you are born with certain software installed. You have specific predispositions, according to the function that you have to perform in the whole system.

Think of a cell in your body that was created to fulfill a specific function. Although there are trillions of cells in the human body, only a few different types are distinguished. Although each of them is an individual part, they all form a whole and serve one main purpose.

7 types of souls.

 It is similar to you. Although there are plenty of souls in the world, there are only 7 types of them, sometimes also called rays. Just as each of us has a personality type, so does each of us have a different, unique type of soul.

When you let the light through the prism, it splits it in the form of a spectrum, which we perceive as the 7 colors of the rainbow. In a similar way, when the source of all existence (God, Tao, Absolut, whatever you want to call it) casts its consciousness on the relative world, it appears in the form of 7 individual types of souls.

A picture of a spectrum of essence.
The spectrum of Essence.
Source: Barry „Soul Types: The Seven Roles in Essence”,,

Before you started your incarnation cycle on this planet, you had to choose one of these 7 roles, spiritual archetypes:

  • Priest,
  • Artisan,
  • Sage,
  • Server,
  • Scholar,
  • King,
  • Warrior,

This role has defined the plan of your embodiment, who you are, some opportunities, and how you interact with other souls. It has designated your specific function in the whole system.

Your soul, therefore, has a specific role to fulfill which determines your dominant way of being.

It determines how you do everything and what you want. You can perform any activity, regardless of role, but each role inclines you to certain actions. It shapes all of your journey, your weaknesses, and strengths, as well as attitudes and behaviors towards others.

Your soul type is permanent, regardless of incarnation. All other things can change from one life to another like race, gender, social position, or occupation, but the essence and consciousness will always be consistent.

There is no hierarchy in the types of souls. They are all equal.

To recognize your role, check out the following descriptions for each one.


They has a greater sense of mission than the other types, a calling, the need to make the world a better place. A priest tries to raise awareness and improve the world. They raises people, enjoys the motivator role, and loves to direct their strength to help others succeed. A priest inspires their followers to make positive changes in their lives. They is a source of energy for others. Naturally, they is attracted to the roles of religious or spiritual leaders.

They often choose professions: trainer, psychologist, consultant, adviser, preacher.

Famous people of this type of soul: Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bono, Sting, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey.

It accounts for 7% of the population.


Represents the essence of creativity and invention. They has a great imagination that prompts them to discover new perspectives and combinations. An artisan likes to realize their ideas in interesting tangible forms. They has a need to create anything, from a poem, through handicrafts, to scientific theories. Original and productive. 

They often choose professions: inventor, designer, graphic designer, athlete, dancer, model, artist, actor, creator of online games, engineer, architect.

Famous people of this type of soul: Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, Vincent van Gogh, Kim Bassinger, Yoko Ono, Bjork, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron.

It accounts for 22% of the population.


Someone who knows everything. Great for communication. They can express higher mental abilities such as wisdom, beauty, love, harmony, and philosophy. They likes to share their wisdom with others. Usually a charming person. They provides entertainment to others thanks to their charisma. Asage loves public appearances. They is constantly looking for the attention of others. In childhood, they could be a class clown.

They often choose professions: musician, teacher, salesperson, orator.

Famous people of this type of soul: Jim Carrey, Miley Cyrus, Bill Murray, Oscar Wilde, Elton John, Bill Clinton, Osho, George Clooney.

It accounts for 10% of the population.


They tries to serve the common good. They wants to solve the problems of the whole world in the material, psychical sense. A server is sweet by nature, obliging, caring hospitable, modest, and tries to serve everybody with their help. However, despite their good-naturedness, they may seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. This is because they tends to identify with the misery and suffering of others. They always places the needs of others in front of his own and feels the need¸ to be needed.

They often choose professions: doctor, social worker, waiter, diplomat, housewife.

Famous people of this type of soul: Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa.

It accounts for 25% of the population.


Looking for knowledge. They often sees life as an experiment. They is distinguished by great curiosity. A scholar loves to gain knowledge. Rather calm by nature. They absorbs and integrates information from the world around them, not necessarily scientific, can also get general information about life. Their role is to develop and maintain our common knowledge.

They often choose professions: professor, scientist, writer, researcher, reporter, analyst.

Famous people of this type of soul: Ben Affleck, Ken Wilber, Colin Firth, Maria Curie, Margaret Thatcher, Prince William.

It accounts for 13% of the population.


Born leader and commander. They has a strong personality. Assertive, concentrated, often self-righteous. A perfectionist demanding high standards from others. Predicts what to do and forces to achieve this. They perfectly separates tasks between people. A king solves problems very well. 

They often choose professions: politician, manager, president.

Famous people of this type of soul: Simon Cowell, John F Kennedy, Madeleine Albright, Donald Trump, Tommy Lee Jones.

It accounts for 4% of the population.


Strong, loyal, determined, steadfast, loyal. An embodiment of courage and determination. They loves to overcome challenges to achieve his goals and dreams. Often athletic from nature. They likes to work hard and be rewarded for it. A warrior must fight for everything in life.

They often choose professions: athlete, soldier, salesman, businessman, policeman, truck driver, miner.

Famous people of this type of soul: Clint Eastwood, Frida Kahlo, Prince Harry, Harrison Ford, Mike Tyson, Salma Hayek.

It accounts for 18% of the population.

Although you can identify many of the roles above, each of us has only one role that is our dominant energy. Souls also merge into groups whose common feature is the dominant role.

Have you found out what is your role in life? Share with us in the comments! Let’s see what is the most popular role.


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Ariana 19 September 2020 - 23:23

Wow. This page gave me some good in site. Im having a tough time with the credibility of the information because of the grammer. I will read more on these different souls in hopes to have credible information.

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 20 September 2020 - 15:39

Thank you!


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