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Mind and evolution.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Mind and Evolution is a picture of a woman viewing a mesh through a magnifying glass.

The real-world updates itself through the act of observation and the acquisition of information. This is confirmed by the American physicist John Wheeler.

He believes that the subject who gets to know the world by acquiring information about it, at the same time brings it to life. However, even though our real world gives birth to the observer only his knowledge and cognition actualize the fact of his existence. Cognition and knowledge are functions of the mind, so all of us and our entire world are one mind.

In this article you will learn:

  • What mind is.
  • What its functions are.
  • And also what the process of evolution in the universe looks like.

While we all usually identify the mind with the brain or its function – reason. However, the mind is a complex system for receiving and processing information. It is a network of units (monads) related to each other at different levels of information processing. This means that the knowledge and experience of all beings who are these individuals are available to anyone who can resonate with them. That means creating some kind of bond or connection. This is possible thanks to the DNA code, thanks to which, for example, you extract your general biological characteristics from the global database of mankind. This DNA is a type of antenna that makes this connection possible. Everything that has been written and spoken creates cosmic thought-forms.

However, remember that mind and mind are not the same things.

The reason is the Low Self – the function of the ego, the individual personality, and human character. The mind is the Higher Self – the global experience of being. You can only tell the difference and experience the difference when you can calm your thoughts. You then come into resonance with the zero point of the universe.

The mind thinks with electrical pulsations, and the reason it thinks is to manifest knowledge or accumulated information. This thinking is concentration and distraction, fragmentation and defragmentation expressed in light waves. Concentration thinking forms mass from invisible information by squeezing large volumes into small ones. De-concentration thinking, on the other hand, breaks down dense structures and expands them in space. Concentration is the collection of rarefied matter, in the form of gases and light rays, which cannot be seen into a small, compressed volume – matter. De-concentration thinking, on the other hand, is the production of information. Concentrated thinking is inward, and distracted thinking is inward-out.

The mind knows all ideas and ideas because they are its creation.

Thinking breaks ideas apart by breaking them down into two opposite pieces of information. There are two electrical impulses with opposite directions inside and out. It starts at the zero point, at the resting point, and returns to it as feedback. So, there is a knowing mind and a thinking mind, and the matter is only a record (medium) of mental thinking.

Our reality is a mental universe of thought-visualized forms written in material forms. Creation manifests ideas through action. Every action begins at a resting point, looks for a resting point, and returns to a resting point. What we consider to be reality is just an electric thought-mind effect expressed in electric thought waves. The information is stored in inert gases. Their mechanics are based on an electric system of light waves.

Concentration thinking is evolution, that is, growing, developing, and passing into more and more complicated forms. De-concentration thinking is involution, the reverse of evolution. It consists of the fact that consciousness penetrates the matter, e.g. into a man, penetrates his body, and then evolves, i.e. it gets to know itself and returns to its source, to return, continuing the whole process with greater awareness. This means that eventually, man becomes aware of the mind within themself as God-consciousness – or the identity of God, that is, of one mind. From a chemical point of view, this simply means that the gases pass through the human body, where they are recycled and re-released, along with all the information related to the process.

The mind is also known as the Logos.

Logos comes from the Greek word “lego” or “I speak” hence the saying “in the beginning was the word”. But logos is also an organizing principle, the rule by which everything is organized by thinking, knowing, and speaking.

The rule of the mind governs all spheres, levels, or dimensions of our reality. This means that everything in our reality evolves. It happens in a strictly defined way in the seventh or rather octave system. Since one of the steps is double, it is usually not counted. This is how the levels of consciousness arise. Involution takes place outside, and evolution takes place inside

Mind and evolution.

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Mind and evolution.

On the cosmic scale, this development of consciousness is as follows.

The earth and other planets are also referred to as the globe. It comes from the Latin word for a sphere or sphere. Each of these spheres is separate. It is a separate planet with a specific location in space, revolving around the Sun and being dependent on it in some way. Each physical planet also has a virtual reality counterpart with which it forms an evolutionary chain. Since our reality has 6 dimensions, each planet has an equivalent in one of them.

The spheres of the earth chain are 2 mental, 2 emotional, and 3 physical (soul, spirit, and body). The mental and emotional (astral) spheres are virtual reality. These are spheres containing the lowest-density matter, mainly gases and plasma. The physical sphere contains real matter. However, none of the spheres is a separate world and does not occupy a separate place in space, they overlap in some way. These spheres penetrate at the same rate and extend beyond the periphery of the lower spheres of matter like a gyroscope. The same is true in the structure of the atom, where the spaces between the molecules are always larger than the size of the molecules themselves, so each sphere can move. Science names these spheres: mental – Stratosphere and Thermosphere, astral – Mesosphere and Exosphere, and physical: the Earth, Troposphere, and the Sun.

Earth is one of the series (chains) of the 7 most dense spheres in its chain.

In addition to the evolutionary line that follows the Earth and life on it, there are also other lines running parallel to ours. The chain is in the form of an ellipse. One pole of it is in the sun, and the other ends with a planet. All physical planets connect in that part of the system that is common to all ellipses – the sun. However, even though we call the planets globes and give them names, they are only light centers through which light flows in a sea of ​​light modified by a beam of light. They are whirlpools of light.

Before the solar system manifested itself, its entire pattern had been formed in the mind, which led to its existence in its mental plane at the same time. The Earth, the densest type of matter, is at the center and the other spheres surround it like the wheels of a gyro. As a result, the physical globe is not one world, but the interpenetrating world in which the finer types of matter extend further from the center than the denser ones.

Although all 7 planets of our solar system exist simultaneously, not all of them currently have life.

The transition of the life wave from one celestial sphere to another is a gradual process and largely overlaps. Only one sphere is active and fully functional at a time, and the other 6 are dormant. A planet is only active when inhabited by different classes of beings. This is due to the principle of gradual involution and evolution, that is, spread over time and space. First, the first sphere becomes active, and after a long life, it begins to die out, until it disappears completely, passing to the second sphere. Then the first sphere goes to sleep, and the second one begins to wake up, and the same happens with the following spheres. As in the evolution of chemical elements. Planets are protons, black holes are neutrons, and moons are electrons.

The period during which a given sphere is active is called the globe period or the world period.

After the end of the whole period, the whole process begins again – awakening life in the first sphere, lulling it to sleep and waking life in the next, etc., until the end of the 7 cycles. When this happens, life on Earth does not stop completely, a small amount of life always remains. These periods of the world are caused by solar flares, that is, the delivery of information in the form of light to the entire system.

The troposphere, Stratosphere, and Mesosphere are the internal spheres, while the Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere are the external spheres. The mesosphere is a double sphere.

Since there are 7 spheres each with 7 periods of activity, 49 spheres make up 1 period of the chain.

When the chain period is over, the spheres that compose it disintegrate, and the matter that compose it is transformed into 7 new spheres, which then pass through the 7 periods of activity as before. Each cycle begins with the fruits of its predecessor who passes on to the successor what it has created. However, although each period is derived from the same matter, each period has a different degree of dispersion. The process takes place 7 times and includes 7 chains, each of which consists of 7 spheres.

A whole series of chains make up what we call the evolution diagram.

7 spheres = one period.

49 spheres = 7 periods = one cycle

343 spheres = 49 periods = 7 cycles = 1 evolution pattern (incarnation)

8 Evolution Scheme = Solar System

But, the fourth sphere – the astral, is two realms overlapping each other, so there are 8 spheres and 8 cycles according to the octave rule, and the 9th sphere begins the next octave. This role is played in the solar system by the mesosphere, which separates the Earth from the rest of the cosmos and the rest of the cosmos from the earth and causes the light to be mirrored. This is where what is happening inside the system is projected outside.

Earth has now been in the fourth cycle of our evolutionary schema and is entering the fifth cycle. The moon is a remnant of the previous “version” of the Earth – its astral form. In the 7th period, it will disappear completely, and the Earth will be left without a satellite. There are 7 separate and distinct evolution patterns throughout the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus). Neptune is already the planet of another system like the “do” sound in the scale.

In the first 3 cycles, spirit or life descends into matter, or noble gas, in the fourth, they intertwine to form countless relationships, and the last 3 are the ascent of the gas up to the source – the Sun, to merge with the fruits of evolution.

The ancient Greeks portrayed the universe as Bacchus who played with specific toys. One of them was 5 Platonic solids. This is because the Solar System, like the atoms of the elements, is built geometrically, as discovered by Johannes Kepler. The sun is at its origin, as is helium in the Moon’s evolution of the elements. Each planet, like a proton, is a matter placed on the vertices of each solid. The electrons of this system are the satellites of the planets. Neutrons, on the other hand, are separated by a vacuum. These 7 geometric shapes correspond to the 7 planes (the sphere) of our solar system. The center of this system, i.e. the place of connection or reflection, is the Earth.

Before our solar system existed, there was a void – a void. Yet the void is awareness. All space is therefore filled with awareness. However, it seems to each of our physical senses that each space is empty, even though it is not so. This substance is perceptible only to highly developed people – capable of feeling subtle matter.

The formation of chemical elements is spread over a long period of centuries in a certain order. The temperature rise gave rise to gaseous matter which formed the incandescent ball, and as it cooled, it gradually condensed into a physical, viable planet. Each planet, like an atom, has 3 movements: rotation around its axis, movement in orbit, and movements, pulsations, i.e. expansion and contraction.

The 7th level period produces matter, while the 7th cycle causes it to evolve.

We can also call this cycle the density of the universe. As a result of this evolution, life on Earth arose. Humanity is the most advanced form of life on Earth because of the 4th cycle of evolution. This means that the present humanity in the 3rd cycle was the animal kingdom, in the second it was the plant kingdom, and in the first, it was a mineral.

First, we existed as waves, then as clouds of matter that were sensitive to vibrations, and thus we obtained forms. Then molecules, then chemicals, then minerals that were already aware of their existence through pressure – resistance to pressure on them. Then metals with greater awareness – a sense of pressure and resistance to it that caused the expansion. When consciousness caused a subconscious reaction in several directions, a mental model of the crystal arose. Having reached this stage, we entered one of the two paths where further evolution led at its most mid-point to humanity through the development of emotions and intellect.

Each stage also consists of 7 levels and only creatures that have completed the entire cycle advance to the next stage.

What we call the mineral kingdom are thoughts themselves, plants are thoughts with the beginning of emotions. Plants pass into the third stage – the animal kingdom. At the midpoint of this stage, they become individuals as mammals, and in the third cycle, they cause the appearance of humans.

The general principle of the whole process of evolution is that each previous level of existence animates the next one throughout the entire chain period. This means, for example, that minerals will be a component of our life until the end of the entire cycle. Just as an electron is a component of every element, each subsequent element, because of evolution, already contains more of it. Humanity occupies only a small part of the Earth’s surface, while beings on other levels and lines of evolution (such as bacteria and fungi) inhabit vast areas of it.

The process of evolution always starts with an equilibrium point or vacuum. Then the emergence of an imbalance leads to the formation of matter. From the vacuum, the Sun was born, then the satellite of Mercury, then Mercury, the satellite Venus, Venus, the satellite of the Earth – the Moon, Earth, etc. On each of these celestial bodies, there was life that evolved according to the entire pattern of evolution.

However, this does not mean living as we commonly understand it. Life in this case is every form of consciousness. That is molecules, atoms, elements, chemical compounds, simple life forms like bacteria, viruses, etc., down to man. The development of emotions and thoughts led to the creation of a subtle substance that could be used in the future to build new forms of life. This means that each subsequent cycle of evolution produced various types of gases needed for evolution, i.e. oxygen and nitrogen.


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