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Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Signs, Angelic Numbers and Synchronicity is a picture of a woman looking like a tree with roots and a crown of branches colored in blue.

Once you learn to contact your subconscious mind with a pendulum or tarot, you will discover that the universe is constantly communicating with you in many ways. Though you are probably not aware of it most of the time. Sometimes these messages take the form of directions from your Higher Self (soul) and show you which way to go and what to do.

In this article you will learn:

  • What synchronicity is.
  • About most popular forms of synchronicity.
  • How to recognize it.

The problem is that you don’t always notice these messages because you are too busy, tired, or distracted, and even if you manage to notice them, you don’t trust them.

However, when you experience a spiritual awakening, that is, when you discover that you are more than just a physical body and start to notice your soul, your perspective also changes. You start to become more involved in and integrate other dimensions of your existence.

This is because you stop seeing your life from your “self” perspective.

Opening your heart and mind makes you begin to see the broader context of reality. You start to see life more holistically. You combine its various aspects into a larger whole. Your consciousness changes. That’s when you start to see signs, messages, and clues around you that you will no longer be able to ignore.

You will notice that the world is one in which everything permeates and is organized into larger forms. Where time does not exist, and the future, present, and past are one. Where people are related to each other on a spiritual level through deep connections and agreements that bind us together in ways that we cannot understand.

Depending on the culture and collective archetypes, we attribute their origin to various sources, e.g. our spiritual support group, the so-called spirit guides. To which our deceased loved ones may belong, our spiritual guides also known as guardian angels and pure divine energy.

Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

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Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

These characters are referred to as synchronicity.

Synchronicity is also called coincidence. Coincidences show us our connection to the rest of the world around us.

The events in our lives are not accidental but show that we are really all part of a greater order. Each of us is an important cog of a great machine, a puzzle necessary to create the whole picture. All our consciousnesses merge into one great awareness of the Universe, including the consciousness of people who lived in the entire history before us. Together, they all create one great universal energy – the life force, which you can also call God or the Universe.

Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Gustav Jung to define and emphasize this all-relationship of events that operate in our world alongside the law of cause and effect. It is the appearance in parallel lines of two phenomena, events, or mental states, having a common observer and common meaning, not causally related to each other.

Usually, synchronous events are events that happen to you that you often treat as strange coincidences, inexplicable phenomena, or even miracles.

Events that seem to contradict all logic, and which have no rational explanation. Such events show you what you need to run and get out of your subconscious. Synchronicities mainly occur in difficult moments in your life, especially when your faith is threatened, and they serve to refresh your heart. They give you hope and support you.

Synchronicities differ for each of us and depend on our individual needs at a given moment in life. Each of us decides for ourselves whether they are random or signs, it all depends on our beliefs. The universe simply reacts to the energy we send it.

These synchronicities usually come in one of three types:

  • default characters,
  • the signs we have asked for ourselves,
  • or signs that are the Universe’s responses to our requests.

The job of synchronicity is to push you toward the development of your soul and to help you heal and evolve your consciousness.

Usually, however, your rational mind neglects this information or questions it logically. Often, all these signs get lost in the chaos and confusion of your everyday life. And you just can’t see them. Sometimes you see them, but you don’t pay attention to them, or you ignore them. Only vigilance, mindfulness, openness, and, above all, love will allow you to notice them.

Synchronicities take countless forms.

The most important of them are:

  • Animals and insects appear in unexpected places, seasons, or very often in your life (e.g. deer, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, mice).
  • Weird electrical phenomena in your life usually involve cell phones, e-mails, text messages, deaf telephones, blown light bulbs, broken, or repaired electrical appliances, etc.
  • Coins or feathers that appear on your way very often.
  • Repeating symbols that show up in your life.
  • Rainbows and other weather phenomena accompany various significant events in your life.
  • Images showing e.g. the answer to your question.
  • Slogans, advertisements, billboards, magazines, books, videos on YouTube, and posts on Instagram or Facebook containing referral content as if especially for you.
  • License plates containing numbers, dates of birth, and symbols that mean to you.
  • Road signs that seem to be telling you a message.
  • Songs and music that provide you with information directly relevant to your inquiry or relevant to your current situation.
  • Numerical sequences, the so-called angelic numbers (11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, etc.), dates of birth, series of numbers on receipts, hours, address details, telephone numbers, appearing all around you.
  • Soft whispers in your heart.
  • Dreams tell you meaningful information.
  • Being in the right place and time.
  • Thinking about something that suddenly comes true.
  • A sentence or idea that suddenly popped into your head.
  • A hunch you can’t get rid of.
  • An impression, a thought, or even a voice in your mind.
  • Feeling someone’s pain from a distance.

These forms of synchronicity have different meanings for each of us. However, mankind over the centuries has given certain meanings to certain symbols. If you are not sure what the Universe is trying to tell you with a symbol, just look for its universal meaning and try to relate it to your life.

Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

A cover of the the book I, mammal.

Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

How to recognize synchronicity in practice?

These are signs that go beyond statistical probability. Extreme cases of unexplained relationships between events.

Events that are a sign. Any phenomenon that does not match the environment, occurs at an unusual moment, or looks unusual. Events that trigger your involuntary reaction, such as crying or laughing.

Your unconscious and your body can register this information before your rational mind sees it. Usually, when you experience some kind of physical reaction, e.g. goosebumps, shivering, a sense of wonder or admiration, violent outbursts of emotions, e.g. joy. Then it is worth stopping and looking for hidden connections between your current life situation and the observed event or phenomenon.

These signs or events do not have to be spectacular. Sometimes they can be ordinary, petty, and ordinary things that appear at the right time and place. Sometimes it can be a situation that starts to show up regularly in your life. It serves to reinforce information or to attract your attention or understand the lesson, e.g. changing your behavior.

Sometimes the Universe tries to push you toward the right decision.

It does this through various types of obstacles or complications. Sometimes it even removes people from your life. Usually suddenly and unexpectedly for no logical reason. It is simply that, for example, someone stops contacting you overnight. Submission to the Universe is then the best choice. Opposing, however, will cause even more obstacles and complications.

The signs cause changes in our lives and transfer them for our best good. Thanks to them, we can move from despair to rising to the heights of our potential. They inspire us to grow and improve the quality of our lives.

To become sensitized to seeing them, it is important to clear your mind through meditation to disconnect (as much as possible) from everyday life. This kind of daily practice will teach you to turn off your logical mind and enter a different state of consciousness with your intention.

It is also worth experimenting with the Universe by asking it for a specific sign.

It is best to do this out loud. And it is important that it is not something completely impossible to do or negative in any way. It can be and even should be something demanding and one-of-a-kind, and something very personal. Take time to receive this sign. In the same way, you can ask the Universe for support. It is also very important to thank you for the signs and express your gratitude.

Remember, however, that the signs received from the Universe are not orders and directives. Their role is to inspire you and support you in your decisions. They are signposts on your path, but you decide what you want to do with it, not a secret force. They only help you trust yourself and get rid of the paralyzing fear. All signs are messages of love and always have your best interests in mind.

So, let’s learn to trust these signals.

Be open to them, listen to them, and honor them when they reach you. Which is not always easy, especially when you are in a difficult moment in your life. Opening yourself to the possibility of receiving signs or co-creating your language with the Universe is appreciating the power of signs and their impact on your life. It is a willingness to surrender to the Universe. Trust them.

Synchronicity is signals created by the individual (5th level of existence) and collective super consciousness (6th level of existence) – Higher Self and received by the individual subconscious (4th level of existence) from the collective subconscious (2nd level of existence).

They show that none of us is lonely and separated from others. Synchronicity affirms that no existence is unimportant or meaningless. They prove that we are all connected to each other. And only together are we truly powerful and influential.

People who have mastered the art of interpreting the signs sent by the Universe to perfection and are able to tune in to their energy, as well as convey this information to others, are called a medium from the Latin word medius, meaning “indirect”. And the ability to obtain this information is known as channeling from the English word channel. This means that a person like a radio receiver can tune to the frequency of information and pass it on to others.

The institution of the medium exists in many beliefs around the world, including shamanism, Greek mythology, voodoo, and even the Bible.

However, in fact, each of us can obtain this information and our own, intuitive interpretation of it is always the most appropriate for us.


Lynne Jackson Laura “Signs. The Secret Language of the Universe.”, Białystok 2020, Wydawnictwo Kobiece.

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Signs, angelic numbers, and synchronicity.

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