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Chaos and organization.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Chaos and Organization is a picture of ghosts lined up in rows and a walking butterfly-snail.

Plasma is the density of the Universe in which possibilities materialize through various chemical reactions involving free electrons. It is formed during an electric discharge in a gas. It also sends radiation with a discrete spectrum, in which individual spectral lines correspond to electron jumps between different energy levels of ions, but also radiation with a continuous spectrum. This radiation is a source of information, among others on the elemental composition, but also on the structure of matter.

In this article you will learn:

  • What quantum entanglement is.
  • Why small actions are responsible for huge effects.
  • Why the world is going into chaos.
  • What the fractal structure of the universe is.

Collective interactions can occur in a plasma with a sufficiently high concentration.

Local disturbances can then spread very easily over the entire plasma area, leading to the development of various instabilities. This is due to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement noticed by one of the founders of quantum mechanics, Erwin Schrödinger. It is a kind of distance action that occurs when two molecules, being close at one point in time, interact strongly enough with each other to form a kind of “twin relationship”.

This relationship is preserved even when the molecules move away from each other in space over long distances. Such particles behave as a single system of two opposite polarities – one soul with male and female energy. If one of the molecules is acted upon, the other will immediately be affected. This phenomenon explains the “twin flames” phenomenon.

Polish scientists have proved, however, that this entanglement is possible not only in the case when at some point of evolution there was direct contact between them, which could transmit this interaction. Confusion can occur without the need for even indirect contact. So it also explains the phenomenon of telepathy, reading at a distance, astral travels, or clairvoyance.

This phenomenon also explains another phenomenon called the “butterfly effect”, which says that a slight change in a system, such as the structure of the entire universe, can have catastrophic consequences. This means that, for example, a butterfly flapping its wings in one place in the world, e.g. in China, can cause a tornado in the USA.

Simple structures behave in a simple way.

Their behavior is stable and predictable, e.g. a small electric circuit or a pendulum. Comprehensible and deterministic laws can also be adapted to them, both in the short and long term. However, complex structures and complex behaviors arise from complex causes. Such a system is unstable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable, governed by a multitude of components and subjected to random external influences. Different structures behave differently. And small variations in system parameters, usually ignored in scientific research, cause enormous changes, causing the appearance of unexpected fluctuations or oscillations in the observed phenomena. A complex system can give rise to both turbulence and coherence.

This relationship was observed by Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician, and meteorologist who created a differential system describing weather relationships. He assumed that by entering the input parameters into a computer program, he would receive the weather forecast at a specific moment with high accuracy. However, when he tested the specification of parameters that differed from each other by slight rounding after the decimal point, he obtained radically different results. Slight variations resulted in huge discrepancies in the results.

This discovery started science’s interest in chaos theory.

It also led to the discovery that even the simplest mathematical formulas lead to chaos. Chaos is irregular and unpredictable behavior in deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems. Behavior that produces information but is completely unpredictable. However, chaos also has a hidden order to it. All trajectories of a set of spaces, i.e. curves drawn by a moving object starting in different areas of the phase space, tend to one point called the attractor over time. It attracts nearby trajectories, like a vortex formed when draining water in a bathtub. However, the center of this vortex is always in a state of peace and balance.

This attractor is the limit cycle point.

Each attractor in the system has its own pool, and each pool has boundaries. This boundary is a fractal set with an infinite number of details. It is also a phenomenon referred to in physics as a phase transition. It is nothing but the intersection of the lines in the Flower of Life in sacred geometry. Examine the shape of the Vesica Piscis and notice that all the lines come from one point – the repeller, then widen – which graphically shows the chaos – and converge again at one point – the attractor. Movement flows from stillness, seeks stillness, and returns to stillness. This action can be observed in every space of our reality, from biology through economics to social psychology.

Everything in our reality that can be a million parts and a million complexities, if taken apart, will constitute one simple principle of three elements: positive and negative polarity, and a state of equilibrium.

Research on the dynamics of chaotic systems has revealed that the disordered operation of simple systems acts as a creative process. Generates complexity. Chaos is therefore a natural part of creation.

Scientists separated things from each other and studied them separately. However, this finding proves that the standard line of science associated with a specialization is limited because learning parts in isolation from the whole is ineffective. The tradition of looking at local systems by isolating mechanisms and then adding them together is not a valid type of knowledge, and cultivating it is the beginning of the end of humanity. Global behavior can differ significantly from local behavior. Local means that only one set of possibilities at a given time is considered, not the entire domain of possibilities of multi-dimensional complexity. Only the differential equations allow a different view.

A single point only represents the frozen state at the moment.

As the system moves through time, the point moves along the orbit along that surface. Each orbit must eventually reach the same point of zero energy instead of going around endlessly in a circle, so it spirals towards the center. And all information about the position of this point or its speed is contained in its coordinates. How can all information about a complex system be stored at one point? A system whose variables continuously change up to or down becomes itself a moving point. The orbits are elliptical because they are all in planes that are conical sections cut at an angle to the conical bases. The orbits are periodic and form a torus shape. And the key to understanding this process is stretching, compressing, and bending the phase space.

Chaos and organization.

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Chaos and organisation.

The chaos discovered by Lorenz is locally unpredictable but globally stable. It is ubiquitous, but it has its structure. When the disturbance stops, the transients disappear, and the system returns to the same irregular pattern it had before.

The level of equilibrium at some point splits into two, creating a bifurcation. Bifurcations occur in the order 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and suddenly they stop. This process was also noticed by a biologist, Robert May, who analyzes the behavior of a single population over time. The phenomenon studied begins to jump between these two levels. Then the system goes into chaos and an infinite number of different values ​​appear.

At the heart of this complexity, however, suddenly a stable cycle appears – a window appears with regular odd periods like 3 and 7. These cycles prove the existence of internal monads in your life, levels of existence, or levels of consciousness. The division begins again, and the world turns into chaos. Then bifurcations begin, doubling the period at a higher speed, rapidly going through cycles 3, 6, 12, or 6, 12, 24. When Lorenz depicted this process, a shape was created graphically – a kind of double helix in three dimensions resembling two butterfly wings, an infinity symbol, or a Marko Rodin chart.

This is what happens with convection.

The temperature difference controls the flow of gas or liquid. When it is small, it remains still. The heat input causes a circular motion in two defined directions. Oscillations cause molecules to repel each other and expand, the more heat, the greater the expansion. More heat, on the other hand, causes instability and can change the direction of rotation. Heat diffusion tends to induce instability, surface tension creates stability.

A bucket of water can become a large cloud when it evaporates. Water vapor is an enormously increased volume of water – chaos caused by the increasing repulsion of water molecules in space. The steam becomes a large cloud – and the large cloud shrinks back into the bucket of water as condensation squeezes the water molecules closer together and pushes the space outward. The water is stretched in one direction, compressed in the other, and then bent like a Smale’s horseshoe. You can observe all this by analyzing the Flower of Life.

Science believes the universe was created eons ago as one great fireball that is now broken down into star systems, all of which are expanding into disappearance which they call entropy.

However, the universe is actually expanding/contracting. This is evidenced by the ubiquitous polarization, which requires the existence of negentropy, that is, information. Chaos requires organization. Systems with large increases in entropy contain less information, and those with decreasing entropy have more information. This is an expanding / contracting universe, but science doesn’t see a contraction effect that compensates for expansion because it doesn’t know where to look for it.

Our sense of beauty is inspired by the harmonious harmony between order and disorder that occurs in natural objects. All these shapes are dynamic processes that have been given a physical form.

A dynamical system contains mechanical phenomena such as waves and oscillations that cause energy to dissipate over time due to friction or turbulence. Friction is the force with which two contact surfaces or layers – attractor pools, interact with each other. It is a movement against the direction of the point’s movement. It is the result of dissipation (energy dissipation) and looks like a pull towards the center from higher regions to lower energy regions. The lost energy is converted into heat, increasing the temperature of the entire system. Convection, on the other hand, causes pressure differences due to the temperature difference. The difference in density between areas of different temperatures, however, is the cause of the current.

A movement begins with a continuous flow and enters turbulence.

Turbulence is movement turned into chance. Its complexity is spatial complexity, because disturbances and eddies are spatial chaos, while time is the place of action and the measure. Big vortices have small vortices and these little vortices have even smaller vortices. Turbulence is a disorder on all scales that drains energy and creates resistance. The movement accelerates until it exceeds a critical speed and splits into two eddies. And each vortex dissipates energy and creates its own characteristic rhythm.

This is also shown in the experiment called the Couette-Taylor flow. When the rotation starts and speeds up, the first instability occurs, caused by any point rotating east to west, but also up and in, and down and out.

These splitting vortices are illustrated by the Koch Curve.

When you take an equilateral triangle and on one-third of each side of it you add a new triangle that is identical in shape but three times smaller, the Star of David, a two-dimensional version of the MerKaBah symbol, will be created. If you repeat this operation, you will get a fractal curve called the Koch Curve. It is a continuous, never-intersecting loop because the new triangles on each side are small enough to avoid collisions with each other. Each transformation adds a new surface to its interior, but the overall finite surface is not much larger than the original triangle. If you draw a circle around the starting triangle, the Koch curve never goes beyond it. The curve, however, can be infinitely long.

Fractality means symmetry about the scale. The repetition of a structure within a structure. Fractal images are made up of small copies of the main image. A consequence of fractal geometry is that surfaces in contact do not touch at any point. The bulges present on all scales prevent this. This phenomenon is called the Culphon Effect. For this reason, the two elements of the broken glass will not connect, because on a smaller scale the bulges do not match. There is a free space between the layers filled with noble gases. Each change of scale brings new phenomena and new types of behavior – a different kind of consciousness.

Chaos is an operational way of defining free will in a way that allows it to be reconciled with determinism.

When chaos comes into an orderly state, we have a choice – two ways to act. The layout is deterministic, but you don’t know what’s going to happen next. There is the freedom to choose and make your own decision.

The conditions for life are created and maintained by life itself in a self-sustaining process of dynamic feedback.

The laws of universality governing the behavior of the feedback function were discovered by Mitchell Feigenbaum. They are the bifurcation forks, the stable lines dividing into two parts, then four, then eight. The emergence of chaos and internal geometric regularity within the chaos. Feedback can get out of control or produces stability.


James Gleick “Chaos. Making a New Science” („Chaos. Narodziny nowej nauki”), Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo, Poznań 2018.

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