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Author: Agata Dzierżawa

Design: Krakow graphic studio Parastudio


Printed on high-quality Munken smooth pure paper by the local Krakow printing house Kolory, which uses classic methods on old printing presses.

Conifer frame with bronze oiled neodymium magnets with hemp twine. Manufactured in the local Krakow carpentry workshop Zabłocie.

The map can be ordered in three options:

  • no frame

  • with a thick single frame – one handle from the top, 6 cm wide,

  • with two narrow frames, one at the top, the other weighting at the bottom, both 3 cm wide

English version available.



Would you like to find the love of your life? Learn Polish? Go on a trip around the world or maybe start your own business?

Nothing easier! Create your own “Map of Dreams” and let all your dreams manifest in your life at the speed of light. This is the way of doing this!

A map of dreams, also known as a vision board, is a practical tool that will allow you to learn the Law of Attraction. One of the fundamental laws of the Universe. Thanks to it, you can create a specific vision of your future. Such a map should have its structure, it should be organized exactly the way you want your life to be organized.

The tool that I designed and created especially for you is based on the baguna net from the Chinese tradition of feng shui. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to structure your dream map and place all the elements you care about in it.

You can put on it places you want to visit, goals that you want to achieve in your private or professional life, and dreams that you want to come true. Write down specific dates, and specific amounts if you want specific monthly income. Write how you want your dreams to come true, the more detailed the better. However, if you manifest love, let the Universe choose the best partner for you. Respect the free will of the other party and do not refer to a specific person.

On the back of the Map of Dreams, which I have prepared for you, you will find detailed instructions. Thanks to it, you will know what to put on a specific area of ​​the map. 

You can draw your dreams, write, paste photos or pictures cut from colorful magazines, and use quotes or poems. Whatever your creativity tells you. 

You can put the finished map into a frame and protect it with glass or use one of the frames designed by me, then its appearance will resemble a real school map. It is important that it hangs in the center of your home. And then reassure yourself that everything you dream about will happen and wait patiently.

When your map is ready, you can buy a similar set as a gift for your friend or other people you care about.

Have fun!

Format and delivery:

Map without a frame sent in a cardboard briefcase or with a frame in a tube for self-assembly at home.

The order fulfillment time is up to 7 business days.


Additional information

A Journey to Yourself

A Journey to Yourself

Wybierz wersję mapy | Choose a version

bez ramki (no frame), z grubą pojedynczą ramką (with a thick single frame), z dwoma wąskimi ramkami (with two narrow frames)

Język | Language

Polish, English


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