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Wave and photon.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The wave and the photon is a picture of a phosphorescent pair surrounded by abstract creatures.

All matter, so you, a chair or a table, are composed of electrostatic charges that constantly appear and disappear. There are only potentialities coming from the zero point. The zero-point energy remains when all other energies are removed from the system. It can be observed in the properties of helium. This is because when the temperature drops to absolute zero, helium remains in a liquid form, instead of freezing.

The charged polarity is the cause of all movement, light, and information, therefore, you are not the body, but a set of information. Everything is just energy and energy will become, whatever name we give it. A molecule of this energy we usually call a photon.

In this article you will learn what is:

  • A photon and what its properties are.
  • A plasma.
  • The emission and absorption of light.

Light usually acts like a wave. It collapses and reflects, giving the effect of interference, i.e. wave overlap or diffraction, i.e. wave bending, which consists of changing the direction of wave propagation as a result of encountering an obstacle. Each point of the medium that this wave reaches becomes the source of a new spherical wave (sphere). Thus, interference is possible for various objects, be it electrons, neutrons, protons, atoms, large chemical elementary particles, or material objects. Sometimes, however, the light acts as if it were a stream of particles. We call these particles photons.

Each photon also has its opposite element – the antiphoton. This is due to the polarization of our universe, which means that for each electron, a negatively charged particle, there is an opposing force – proton, but also for wave – anti-wave, gravity – antigravity, and entropy and negentropy. However, there is also a third force – equilibrium, which is precisely the zero point. It is also known as a flow that causes you to miss the photon/antiphoton pair.

What moves faster than light cannot be observed because the tool of observation is light itself.

The light cannot travel faster than the light itself. Einstein has already talked about it. So we are all made of photons and their interference waves. Interference is the superimposition of patterns (algorithms) where two or more waves propagate through each other. As waves collide with each other, they carry information about each other, encoded in an energetic form. Interference patterns lead to a constant accumulation of information, and waves have a virtually infinite capacity to store data. The interaction of a complex series of interference patterns leads to a hybrid of highly structured information. It ultimately becomes a building block of what we perceive as our reality. It is what we call God the Creator.

How do you determine the quality and quantity of the light particles you emit? When you are strong and free from internal tensions, you emit more photons.

A photon is a moving particle that has no rest mass. This means that it only exists in motion. Photons can move backward – delayed wave or travel in time – advanced wave. And the places of intersection of these phase-coupled waves create the present moment. And the distance we travel through the dissipating energy-light we call the passage of time or entropy. Time itself is an illusion because the past and future are linked to the present in the form of opportunities. The present moment is the intersection of phase-coupled photon waves. If the photons we are composed of can travel in time, we can do so as well.

As you know, an electron does not exist, except at the moment when it is observed.

Only then does it appear that it has a stable and constant orbital. It is just a cloud of all the probable orbitals it could be on. Since we are all made of atoms, we are actually all composed of a series of states that result from an infinite set of oscillating possibilities.

In other words, how you see yourself and the world is just one of many equal possibilities. And it is only up to you which one you choose. The act of observing an object forces it to be consistent with what the observer expects to see. The expected result causes all other possibilities to decoherence at the same time concerning a given dimension of space-time. This decoherence causes the formation of radicals, i.e. atoms or molecules containing unpaired electrons.

There are therefore infinite possibilities beyond the dimension of time and space.

When we do not look at the electron or expect to see it, it behaves as if it were a wave and can interfere with itself. Changing the perception, on the other hand, changes the object of observation, which in turn may change the obtained result. This is proven by Thomas Young’s experiment showing that waves can behave like particles and particles display wave properties, but not at the same time.

The act of observation refracts the electron wave to one point.

Disturbances originating from several sources meet at a given point. At this point, this disturbance of the center is the sum of all disturbances caused by the individual waves. However, this is only the second point – the observer creates the experience, that is, the awareness of this observation. So, we are all made up of streams of light particles held together by consciousness. And our life is based on what we can observe and define.

Wave and photon.

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Wave and photon.

Plasma forms as a result of the separation of positive and negative energy.

It is an electric field that increases the speed of charged particles while creating a dense magnetic field. It is the dominant state in the universe – 99% of our visible universe. Plasma universe, with plasma bodies in the ubiquitous cloud of scattered plasma.

Greek plasma is a formed, fabricated, invented thing. Therefore, it can be said that it is a virtual ionized matter that strives to concentrate resembling a gas, containing free molecules – radicals. Radicals are usually very reactive because they tend to get rid of an excess electron or attach another one to another molecule. The largest group of them are oxygen compounds. They can be electrically neutral or have a positive or negative electric charge. They are responsible for the occurrence of many equivalent possibilities of which, through the act of observation, we choose one that materializes.

In plasma, individual particles collide with each other all the time.

Every time they interact, they create a new hypothetical possibility of a molecule being created. Inherent in this situation is the formation of huge amounts of photons that can leave the area where the plasma is located. Energy materializes into the regular shape of molecules only when all the binding electron pairs are used to bind the same atoms.

When an electron in an atom jumps from a higher energy level to a lower one, i.e. changes the energy level, the atom gets rid of excess energy, emitting a photon. It can also find itself at a higher energy level, absorbing a photon with appropriate energy, precisely equal to the difference between the final and initial levels. He makes the transition to a higher energy level by leaps and bounds.

Photon absorption is light absorption.

Atoms are absorbed only by those photons whose energies are equal to the differences between the energy states of atoms, while the remaining photons pass through the gas without disturbance. As a result of the absorption of the radiation quantum of appropriate energy, the molecule at the fundamental electronic level and the fundamental oscillatory level passes into the excited electronic state. This transition takes place without changing the particle geometry. Usually, it leaves this state by emitting a photon. The excitation of a molecule consists in making the atoms in the molecule vibrate. The minimum excitation energy of a molecule is significantly lower than the excitation energy of an atom. If the dragons reach a sufficient amplitude, the molecule will decay – dissociate.

We call this phenomenon fluorescence.

Fluorescence, like absorption, is a vertical transition, and the system, after emission, may stop at one of several oscillatory states of the basic electronic state. Therefore, the fluorescence spectrum also has an oscillating structure. Fluorescence is axis 3-9-6 in the Marko Rodin plot. The return of the molecule to the electronic ground state, in which the photon is emitted with energy shorter (longer wavelength) than the photon emitted in the fluorescence process, takes place in the process of phosphorescence, which gives a longer glow.

When the light that has passed through the gas is split into a prism, we get a spectrum in which dark lines are visible on a continuous, colored background – these are the lines of the absorption spectrum. These lines are barcodes containing information about the elements – analog resonance recording – feedback. The emission of light is simply the reading of previously written information. So sending or absorbing energy is reading or writing information.

Our reality is an illusion of infinite complexity known from the kaleidoscope.

If you look through it, you will see the endless repetition of the effect reaching into infinite space. But if you could get to it, you would see three mirrors and several pieces of broken glass of different colors. Mirrors, reflecting in themselves, extend their reflections into an imaginary infinity that is not there. This imaginary infinity is only reflected light and a form projected onto the imaginary screen of space to create the illusion of patterned forms that are also absent.


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