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Movement is the substance of the universe.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Movement with the substance of the universe is a picture of a human body with branches sticking out of the head.

Just as the shapes of different molecules organize themselves geometrically to form chemicals, so the homogeneous substance of the universe organizes itself according to geometric patterns, giving us a great diversity of the world in which we live. However, neither this homogeneous substance nor the chemical elements are different substances. They are differently conditioned motion pressures and the structure of the atoms of chemical elements is based on the gyroscopic effect principle, which is the ability to be held in space by a rotating solid.

In this article, you will learn what:

  • The substance of the universe is.
  • Polarization is.
  • Gravity is.

The universe is unsubstantial, it consists only of motion – kinetic energy. This movement is bidirectional because it is caused by polarization. That is the division of the equilibrium state and its expansion in two opposite directions. In this way, two oppositely conditioned pressures are built up which are necessary for this movement to take place.

The pressure always acts evenly and perpendicular to all surfaces. It is zero point – the vacuum, i.e. the state of filling the space with algorithmic information. It is a state of stress whose geometrical form is Metatron’s Cube. If the sense of the stress vector is directed outside the vicinity of the point. The stress becomes a positive value and is called tensile stress. Otherwise, it is compressive tension.

This separation of the stress vectors into two groups is called polarization.

It is a property of a shear wave and concerns the ordering of the relationship between the direction of the disturbance’s oscillation and the direction of wave propagation. This polarization is circular, i.e. one in which the disturbance determined along the direction of the wave’s motion always has the same value, but its direction changes. The direction of changes is such that at a fixed point in space, the end of the disturbance vector makes a circle during one wave period. Such a motion can be decomposed into two harmonic vibrations of equal amplitude but with phases shifted by 90 degrees or 270 degrees. We talk then about a right or left-hand circular polarization because the vector describing this disturbance rotates either to the right or to the left. The movement of this wave is shown in Marko Rodin’s chart.

The pressure at the source of all movement is sound pressure. It is inversely proportional to the distance from the sound source. Each pair of waves consists of a wave and an anti-wave (real, time-inverted replica wave). Sound waves in gases are not polarized as they are longitudinal waves that transfer mechanical energy through vibrating particles. Each noble gas that starts the next octave of the chemical elements is therefore a new creation point, the source of energy, and gives direction to evolution.

Matter and motion are two pairs of opposing vortices.

And all molecules that science considers to be variously charged substances are the same spiral units of motion. One of the vortices is caused by a centrifugal movement toward the center. The other, on the other side of the equator that separates it, pushes from the center outwards, creating a centrifugal vortex. One of the pairs meets at the vertices of the wave amplitude to form matter. The second is at the base of the cones on the wave axes to stop matter and motion. These vortices create the so-called torsion fields. What our senses interpret as matter are merely different states of motion.

Movement is the substance of the universe.

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Movement is the substance of the universe.

The pressures change tonally in a wave.

The conjugated center heats up and the heat expands it, while the volatile thin space cools down and the cold compresses it. The pressure change only occurs between what is inside and what is outside. There are four pairs of tones in each wave octave. Each of them has relatively the same position in the optical spectrum of the octave as that which occupies the chemical element in octaves. The waves are therefore pressure-conditioned octaves of tones.

Electricity is two equal and opposing forces of motion that, pushing each other apart, form a polar universe. When the geometry of space leads to depolarization, i.e. a sequence in which all space is filled with pairs of opposite energies. A vacuum is created – a null state from which another fractal layer emerges. For this reason, the universe is made up of cycles of birth and death, growth and decay, generation and radiation, chaos, and order.

The magnet bar does not raise the iron filings because it has two fixed, focused poles. However, because an electric current flows through it, it divides the steel into its activated, polarized conditions.

Light is not waves that travel at 300,000 km / s, as science claims. It is merely the result of two equal, opposing electrical pressures: compressed gravitational pressure and an expanded state of radiation pressure.

Positive electricity compresses huge batches of light waves into smaller ones – protons locking them centrally in spiral vortices – pushed centrally from the outside. This is what gravity is all about.

A negative electrical state, on the other hand, increases small volumes of light waves, pushing them centrifugally outwards. They take the form of scattering equators where matter disappears. This is what radiation is all about. The matter is pushed outwards by the radiation, where it depolarizes. Thus, the movement ceases and the vector equilibrium effect appears – the zero phase of all dynamics.

This is how stillness becomes the center of motion. This is where the movement changes from one pressure condition to the opposite. We call these fixed points the magnetic or focal poles of the lens. Their job is to balance and control all electrically distributed motion in the universe. The stillness of what we call noble gases.

The electron is held in orbit by the centrifugal force created by the rotation of the electron around the nucleus of the atom. When it jumps from one orbit to another, it emits or absorbs energy. For an electron to jump from the inner shell to the outer shell, it must absorb one photon instead of emitting it. The total motion of the electron creates a helical trajectory. The electron is an inherent feature of proton dynamics and the first limitation condition, i.e. the first resonance state – a standing wave created by the dynamics of spin and interference of vacuum fluctuation waves.

Light and dark are opposite states of energy, and they change places constantly, invariably, and alternately. In sequential order, one becomes the other.

Waves of motion form only one geometric figure of a sphere-hexahedron. When the matter begins to form, it starts like a disk, which is the base of the cone. This shape gradually lengthens until a perfect sphere forms on the wave amplitude. During this process, the poles of equilibrium gradually shift towards the poles of rotation. When a perfectly spherical shape is formed, the two poles coincide with the pole of rotation. Then the equator of the sphere forms a right angle with the wave axis. Similarly, the wave field becomes a cube.

This process can be observed when analyzing the evolution of chemical elements. The ideal spherical shape is formed in the case of carbon (6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons), which then crystallizes into the perfect cube – oxygen (8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 8 electrons). Also, each separated pair of elements, e.g. sodium and chlorine, when combined on the amplitude of the wave, transforms into the form of a perfect cube of its wave field. Each chemical element is a transmutation of the previous element in the cycle.

When the opposite process occurs, i.e. when the equilibrium poles move away from the rotation pole towards the wave axis. The spheres flatten, the magnetic poles disappear in the plane of the wave axis and depolarization takes place. Zero-curvature planes are limited by wave fields, which, on the other hand, behave like mirrors, reversing the direction of radiation reaching their boundaries. Gravity creates matter and radiation causes it to be absorbed into space.

The radiation is caused by the fission of helium and leads to the formation of a tetrahedron-beryllium.

This shape acts as a prism. It changes the direction of the wave flow based on the principle of total internal reflection, which occurs at the boundary of media with different refractive indexes. A fully formed sphere, on the other hand, acts as a converging lens where all rays – vectors of motion – are focused.

In summary, the universe is a spirally curved, polarized, and radiating motion. The matter is the result of opposing tensions that repel each other in opposite radial directions. Thus, setting it in motion. The movement phase continues cyclically until the vector equilibrium is achieved – the zero phase, which causes reverse polarity. What we define as life is therefore an accelerated, centripetal wave between two poles that have been stretched from their source.

In cosmic terms, this process involves the polarization of the Sun by centripetal curl to achieve a perfect spherical shape. Upon reaching it, the Sun depolarizes itself, throwing rings out of its equator – the optical axis, which becomes planets. These, in turn, by throwing out their rings, create moons. The tropics of the planets, such as the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn in the case of the Earth, are the basis of the tetrahedrons that make up the planet’s Merkaba, in this case, the Earth.


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Movement is the substance of the universe.

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Movement is the substance of the universe. Movement is the substance of the universe.

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