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What is a merkabah?

by Agata Dzierżawa
What is a merkabah - it is a picture of an Egyptian-style chariot.

You have 7 subtle bodies to experience each of the existing 7 planes of existence, but how to freely move between them? Merkabah is such a tool that allows you to experience a multidimensional journey.

In this article you will learn:

  • What merkabah is.
  • How you can develop it.

As you already know, awakening the kundalini energy leads to enlightenment. You also know that you don’t have to experience a kundalini awaking to be enlightened.

But did you know that enlightenment also causes changes in your electromagnetic field – your aura?

What is merkabah? Do you know?

Merkabah is the energy field surrounding your aura. It activates on its own as a result of a change in consciousness. This means that an enlightened person’s magnetic field reflects the fact that they have developed a pattern of consciousness that allows for unlimited perspective due to the limitations of the physical dimension.


Let’s try it easier. When you are fully aware – enlightened, your electromagnetic field can take on a geometric pattern known as a merkabah. With its help, you will be able to go with your body through all levels of consciousness. You will then be able to transform your physical body into light into the so-called “light body”. The physical body has too much density, and too low vibrations in order to be able to shift between the various levels of existence. So, it needs some kind of protection, a suit, so it won’t get damaged. Merkabah is the type of suit. And the interdimensional journey is nothing more than the so-called ascension known from the Bible, among others.

What is a Merkabah it is a picture of merkabah.

Merkabah is shaped like a three-dimensional, six-pointed star, also known as a stellar tetrahedron. The top half of this star, which resembles a pyramid, symbolizes mankind’s ascent to God, and the bottom half represents God as it reaches down to mankind.

Merkabah is the greater energy field surrounding our body outside of the aura field. It contains all the information about our being from the moment of its creation. It allows you to feel unconditional love, healing yourself and others. The energy also initiates a process of inner healing and rejuvenation of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. It represents pure, divine energy, constantly vibrating, flowing, harmonizing, and balancing in all four directions all the time. Harmonizes male and female energy.

The word merkabah comes from the Hebrew word that means chariot.

It was mentioned by Ezekiel in the Bible – the chariot of light, while in the language of ancient Egypt Mer – Ke – Bah means Light, Spirit, Body.

Merkabah is the geometric structure that surrounds the etheric body as it grows on the causal plane. When your physical body begins to vibrate at high frequencies, this geometric pattern begins to merge the higher levels of consciousness and surrounds your light body serving you as a vehicle to travel through time, dimensions and space. Of course, the term vehicle is only a metaphorical term.

When your vibrations reach a high level, exceeding the vibrations of your physical bodies, and your merkabah is triggered, people who are in low vibrations will cease to see you. This is due to the limitations of the physical senses. Instead, they will be able to see you using the senses of the subtle bodies.

Merkabah requires a rigor of internal development that lasts for some lifetime or many lifetimes. You will not achieve it as a result of a simple meditation or, for example, dream experiences.

Some clairvoyants can tell if the merkabah is beginning to form around your body.

Merkabah, unlike the aura, cannot expand, it has a constant size of about 17 meters in diameter.

How can you develop merkabah?

Letting the enlightenment process run naturally and not disturbing it in any way. You need to get rid of negative thinking and impatience. It requires you to stay clean and purified. It doesn’t mean you have to rest and do nothing. You have to raise your vibrations all the time. However, this is not a process that you can control with your mind.

If you want to learn more about the Merkaba watch the film by Dr. JJ Hurtak “Voyage of the Merkabah. Journey of Starseed “.

You will find the link here:


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