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Sexual energy.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Sexual energy is a drawing of a couple in a love embrace on a pastel background.

Most people try to look for happiness, satisfaction, and love somewhere outside of themselves, instead of within themselves. Meanwhile, they have everything they need in them. The great divine troika: brain, heart, and viscera. Unfortunately, they do not know how to use their full potential. They don’t understand their strength and power, the greatest of which is sexual energy.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is sexual energy is.
  • What the strength of sexual energy is.

As you know, there are always 3 powerful forces in the Universe. Whether you will think of them in terms of emotions and thoughts that cause action – self-knowledge. Whether in terms of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, frequency, vibration, and energy, or Universe, space, and space-time, it doesn’t matter. Their strength is the same. So, choose the terms that suit you best. The key thing is to understand that they are always two forces with opposite poles which, when properly connected, create a new quality.

To understand this more vividly let’s call them male and female energy. These energies combined create the life energy that allows the evolution of consciousness – the so-called kundalini energy. This energy is the energy of creation. Expression combined with inspiration causes passion, i.e. growth toward self-discovery.

You will find a reflection of these forces in your daily life in the sexual act.

The sexual act is a combination of two opposite poles. Two bodies, two energies – male and female to create a new life. It is a combination of two brains, two hearts, and two visceral brains, creating a new quality. Such a combination as you remember from the article about the soul and social groups creates a septet that is: eccentric, integrator, love, knowledge, power, compassion, and spirituality. All of existence. The septet is a seven, hence this number is considered a mystical number. Symbol of the wholeness and relationship of time (male energy) with space (female energy). It is fullness and perfection. It is also the number of levels of existence, that is, the Universe. Seven is also the atomic number of nitrogen – the energy carrier, the number of soul types, the number of colors of light transmitted through a prism, and the number of sounds. It contains the whole mystery of the Universe’s existence. It is the essence of creation.

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Sexual energy.

The primary function of sex is procreation.

So sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe. It is thanks to this energy that we come into the world, and it is the basis of our health, creativity, joy, but also awareness. No wonder then that it is also possible to achieve spiritual union through it. Yes, sexual energy is a source of nourishment for the body and soul. Meanwhile, most of us see sex primarily as pleasure or reproduction. And also, healthy and comprehensive physical activity. Rarely, however, people think of it as a path to enlightenment, eternal youth, or immortality. Humanity is looking for the legendary elixir of eternal youth everywhere, while its source is hidden in each of our bedrooms.

However, as you can imagine, we have unfortunately lost the sexual wisdom of our ancestors because of the changes that took place during the Enlightenment. As you know, spiritual enlightenment has ceased to be a priority for mankind, so the spiritual function of sex has been scrupulously hidden. As a result, we now live in a world that has separated the sex organs from the rest of the body, and the body from the soul. In times of immense sexual freedom. Where sexuality is used as a tool of excitement, which, however, is often lined with an enormous load of shame. For we often feel that our sexual needs and desires are deeply shameful and disturbing. Feel free to tell your partner about your needs or give him or her tips about intimate touch. At the same time, we are often unable to buy or sell something that wasn’t promoted without sexual implications.

This approach to sexuality, of course, aims to keep you in low ego desires.

The norm is a frequent change of sexual partners, casual sex, often under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. We are bombarded with sexual media messages, often porn, because sex is a powerful marketing tool. You are encouraged to seek quick orgasms so that none of us dare to dive deeper into our sexuality. We are familiar with clitoral or vaginal sex but don’t know the difference between genital or spiritual sex. Nobody tells you that through sex you can get enlightenment because as you know, it’s not about your enlightenment nowadays, but total control over you and your potential. You are to be afraid and ashamed, not to love and create the life of your dreams.

Meanwhile, the real power that comes from sexual energy takes time, knowing yourself, exploring your body, and loving yourself.

And looking at yourself without being critical and loving your own body. Touching, stroking, and massaging. Learning your own anatomy, also by looking at your own genitals with a mirror. Finding your erogenous spheres not only in the crotch area. Sensual exploration of the area of ​​your entire body. Discovering what turns you on. And even strengthening the pubic-coccyx muscle. But how do you do this in a culture where masturbation is still a matter of shame? Even though it is part of human sexuality. Masturbation is an element of self-discovery as well as self-satisfaction and genital exercise. Part of learning how men can control ejaculation and start the circulation of life-giving sexual energy. However, for masturbation to work, it is important that you really make love to yourself when you masturbate. And above all, take your time. When you learn patience with yourself, you will be patient with yourself and in every other area of ​​your life.

Sexual energy.

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Sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the carrier of human emotions and thoughts, regardless of their type.

If you feel love during a sexual act, the energy you generate will serve that love. If, on the other hand, you feel depressed, angry, hated, or lonely, this energy will strengthen these feelings.

Therefore, establishing and maintaining good sexual relations is possible only when partners have energies of the same order – both must be healthy, both physically and emotionally. They should also be on the same spiritual level. Only when they are together will their energies – physical, emotional, and spiritual – fuse together. Sex is meant to harmonize male and female energy.

Passion is the impulse that keeps us alive. It is closely related to our appetite for life. In all its categories. Sexual energy is an essential part of our life energy, and the rush of desire goes hand in hand with the rush of vitality.

Our sexual attitudes and behavior depend on our childhood experiences.

To fully harness the power of sexual energies, it is therefore important to look at patterns or approaches to sensuality and sexuality in your family home. It is helpful to notice, for example, the role of touch in your family home. Your sexuality comes from your personal history, from the situations and experiences you had in childhood and youth. And also, from your sensitivity to the eroticism of the world around you, e.g. the beauty of human bodies. Looking at others with admiration and without judgment and accepting your body in its own unique beauty.

Sexual energy is a way of gaining life energy and healing your body.

The genitals are a map of our body. Therefore, genital acupressure plays an invaluable role in healing yourself. There are points on our genitals that correspond to individual organs of the entire body. Manual stimulation, oral sex, and intercourse all lead to the massage of these points. In this way, our entire body is stimulated and revitalized.

However, most of all, the sexual act is the highest level of intimacy that we gain in relationships with another human being.

This intimacy can sometimes fill us with fear and great insecurity. Therefore, it is very important in the sexual act to transform sexual energy into love and empathy. However, we cannot really love another person if we cannot love ourselves. Without self-love, you cannot be a loving partner. Self-love is a warm, friendly feeling towards oneself combined with self-acceptance. Without kindness and compassion for yourself, you cannot have these feelings for your partner or for other people in your life.

Sexual act means connecting with the universal divine energy of the universe.


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