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Information as the language of light.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Information is the language of light it is a picture showing a halved human body against the starry sky and two faces on each side, one of which looks like the sun.

“Even if I speak in the tongues of people and angels …”

As you know, the opposite of entropy is negentropy, which is information. But what is information?

It is the essence of our existence, the most important component of any system, thanks to which it is possible to determine the degree and state of organizing its energy. It is a message, symbolic or objective signal based on which the recipient bases their action. Each system has its own structure and method of communication – message code, signal, or symbol.

In this article you will:

  • Learn what information and its basis is.
  • Learn the language of light and its types.
  • Understand what awareness is.

Everything in our world is based on information. We function constantly by receiving, analyzing, and processing information coming from the external and internal environment with our senses, as well as transmitting the information. Even our bodies are built on the basis of instructions contained in books called DNA. It can therefore be said that we are information ourselves.

Information is measured in terms of units of measurement called bits.

Information is transmitted by electrical impulses, just like in our brains. This process is known as transmission. The exchange of information between the sender and the recipient of the information transmitted, i.e. the exchange of electrical impulses, is communication. Information is usually stored with a specific code, and its transmission uses specific transmission media – wired or wireless. There may be more than one recipient of the transmitted information, and it may or may not be real-time.

Communication helps one mind influence another. People usually do this by expressing their thoughts with emotions, sounds, and actions, using various symbols such as an alphabet.

The basis of communication is code, or language, and the basis of choice. Each language allows you to divide a thought or image that can be externalized by using it. So, communication is a breakdown. The division that is responsible for bifurcation.

The code of transmitting information in our reality is binary, i.e. based on the binary number system.

It is used, for example, in computer science, the alphabet, and Braille code. Binary, because there are two types of electric charges, positive and negative. This means that if you ask a question, you may get true and false answers. With its help, the so-called decision tree, i.e. an algorithm showing the possible consequences of states of nature. Since our reality has 6 dimensions, there are 64 reality combinations and 64 response combinations:


As evidenced by all research on chaos by scientists.

However, each of the dimensions can also be positive or negative (negative and positive numbers) because our reality is also binary. The entirety of our universe, therefore, has 128 cosmoses, because 64 * 2 = 128. 128 is a nullification sphere (zero point), or Vector Equilibrium. 1 + 2 + 8 = 11 1 + 1 = 2 balance

We can also write it as:






We will then get a bifurcation, which, reduced to one number by the Pythagorean method, creates a Marko Rodin graph 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1. It also turns out that the Book of I-ching is a programming language used to extract information from space.

In the traditional sense, when we think about communication, we think about everything that we can perceive with our physical senses.

However, as you know, there are also other subtle dimensions of reality that also contain information about our entire system. We perceive this information with the help of our psychic senses. This kind of information can be conveyed through the language of light and is received through channeling. And the person receiving them is usually referred to as the medium.

Channeling is about tuning your frequency to consciously perceive and emit the language of light, i.e. information flowing from virtual reality. This skill is sometimes called xenoglossy, i.e. speaking in a language unknown to the speaker but common to other people, or glossology, i.e. speaking in a language of unknown origin.

The language of light is a whole of various variations of expression, not necessarily related to authentic linguistic communication.

It is information transmitted by light. This light is outside the visual spectrum and is therefore not affected by visual perception. When you speak the words out loud, you create light. However, when you speak a language that you know, your brain works differently, and you get a different response from the listener than with the subtle language of light. Subtle dimensions and quantum dimensions are less structured and more prone to observation and intent, which is why the language is more conceptual.

This communication is of a higher frequency than words, it consists of audible and inaudible instructions beyond the conscious mind. It is dynamic sound and light coding that interacts with your energy field. This language can also be expressed through automatic writing, speaking, or singing. It often sounds Aramaic or similar to human language. In written form, however, it resembles Arabic or Sumerian cuneiform or Sanskrit. This language connects your intellect with your heart.

The language of light can only be transmitted when we stop controlling the outside world with our physical senses and focus on our inner being, that is, on the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves.

Receiving information from virtual dimensions requires a lot of trusts and letting go of the need for control. Being open to new information, not repeating what you know before. And also, discernment is based on what is unknown to your intellect but known to your heart. The ability to rise above the filters of ego perceptions and desires. The language of light is a multi-layer vibrational communication of vast information. A fascinating discovery of human capabilities to discover a heritage beyond our physical birth. Since we ourselves are electric charges that are constantly receiving and emitting frequencies, it is simply a matter of tuning in to consciously emitting and receiving the unique frequencies of the language of light.

The transmission of the language of light takes the form of a wave that refracts the observer into particles when their energy field interacts with them.

It is based on resonance, which is the phenomenon of the interaction of waves due to the transfer of energy between them. This phenomenon was observed by Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch mathematician, and physicist. The lower frequency wave increases in frequency towards the higher one, but the higher wave slows down to match the lower one. Wave sequence strings are information strings. Your consciousness breaks down and shapes the wave, while your perspective influences its form. Since the language of light has no pre-defined or defined concepts, information is perceived in the form of waves, not particles. The language of light resonates with your vibration.

Information as the language of light.

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Information as the language of light.

The information is provided by geometry, which can be understood as a mathematical formula, music, or relationship.

The relationship is formed by the angles, and the shape depends on them. The shape changes into a number pattern, a number formula into sound, sound into information, information into emotion, emotion into light, light into emotion, emotion into information, and information into sound. Geometry shapes choice and choice shape geometry.

The language of light is multidimensional, holistic communication – telepathy, and empathy through all the subtle senses. It can include hearing someone else’s thoughts (mental empathy), feeling someone else’s emotions (emotional empathy), and even feeling someone else’s physicality. To be able to receive telepathic information and to stay focused on love and compassion, you must be mentally strong and emotionally balanced. This is only possible when you move beyond your fear of survival – the ego. Only then will your brain develop new abilities, even though they have always been there.

Information processing is awareness.

Perception of what is happening in your own mind. Light is your awareness, and its level is its wavelength and frequency. Your reality is created by your specific light/awareness reflection. It is your unique perception, i.e. how you receive information, and your unique perspective – filters, i.e. the views and beliefs you have established. Your perception is life and your perspective emanates from you as a vibration. Life on Earth is your observed reality and your awareness influences your reality. Your awareness and unique perspective act like a hologram that creates reality. Unique reflection of your single light beam, i.e. your perspective creates your reality.

Because the language of light is a universal language, it connects everything that exists into one mind. Although animals, crystals, elements, and all life forms can communicate, they usually do not use language, although it is possible to connect with a species and gain access to its original language. They use the language of light – the language of consciousness, the direct exchange of electrical impulses that takes place outside of your mind at the quantum level. They communicate telepathically through pictures, emotions, and even our own words. However, although we all have access to the same information, not all can read it because they do not have the appropriate skills (throughput) or algorithms to decode it.

Thus, there are several types of light languages, depending on the transmitted or received consciousness.

Their names come from collective archetypes:

  • Elf – it is the awareness of chemical elements.
  • Fairies – this is the awareness of the world of plants.
  • Angelic – is the awareness of human emotions and instincts.
  • Galactic (Galactic Federation) – is the awareness of collective knowledge and emotions (intuition and empathy).
  • Great (Ascended) Masters (Galactic Council) – this is the consciousness of Jesus or the building, divine consciousness. Constant access to all consciousness occurs when the critical value of information is exceeded.

Knowledge is the combination of information into a coherent whole.

For knowledge to arise, many information strings conveyed by individual consciousnesses or groups (networks) of consciousness are needed. They can also be defined by packets, i.e. blocks of information connected by communication nodes. These strings of information, written with symbols, create programs, or instructions, step-by-step describing patterns and methods of operation of the whole system (mind) with the help of algorithms. These programs and algorithms make up the structure of light.

In other words, single minds (consciousnesses) organized into larger groups feed the global mind with information, and this feedback determines the way each individual mind functions.

Yet another way, all our consciousnesses collectively cause the universe to exist. Collectively, together we are one, the creator – God. So, our collective thought, emotions, and actions make up the world.

The types of light languages ​​illustrate the stages in the evolution of human consciousness.

In this evolution, there is a stage of human perfection, attainment of union with divinity, salvation, or nirvana. The stage of the end of the path of evolution – enlightenment, is when a man has nothing else to do. This is a state of over-morality. Loving not because you should love, but because you are love. This stage is the awareness of Jesus or the Buddha. Traces of great civilizations on Earth indicate the presence of people of a very advanced type, and then utter barbarity. These enlightened people are called masters. After reaching this stage, they do not have to undergo forced reincarnation. The Master may, however, return voluntarily to human life and incarnate in a human body, but they reside mainly in the higher spheres of existence. The Master accepts disciples to lead them on shortcuts to the heights of human evolution.

However, at certain times in history, in times of serious crises and the transition from one type of civilization to another, masters come into the world to help in the process of human development.

They do this by sending thought-forms of high intellectual power, which genius people pick up and pass on to the world. In this way, they also send instructions to their students informing them of their tasks in life. They correct events in the physical world by balancing energies for good and evolution. The masters don’t allow bad deeds. They direct the spiritual forces.

From time to time, one of the great people appears in the world of men as a great religious teacher to continue to spread a new form of eternal truth, appropriate to the needs of modern civilization. Such people also exist today. Yes, aliens are among us, but aliens are people endowed with cosmic wisdom, not aliens. Knowledge about the functioning of the universe as one great cosmic whole. The modern religious teacher is a woman because today’s civilization needs female energy. This ascended master is an avatar known in history as Helena Blavatsky – the mother of the science of God.


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Information as the language of light.

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Information as the language of light.Information as the language of light.

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