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Higher emotions.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Higher emotions is a picture of the brain in the gut.

When the soul satisfies all the basic needs related to its survival, i.e. the development of its earthly self and its earthly personality, i.e. the ego, it begins to change its perspective a bit. It slowly begins to open to new experiences related to the need for belonging, respect, and recognition. Regardless of whether it establishes a good relationship with itself or not, it begins to open to relationships with other people. The soul begins the process of going beyond itself and understanding the individuality of others. It connects with them at a higher level.

In this article you will learn what higher emotions or empathy are.

If you look at David Hawkins’ list of levels of consciousness, it means that the soul is beginning to move into the middle of the chart. Then it experiences emotions related to willingness, acceptance, reason, objectivity, and finally love. These are emotions related to efficiency, performance and achievement.

If you look closely at this list of emotions, you will notice that the emotions listed in the lower part of the list are closely related to the individual experiences of a human being, the so-called interception. They mainly concern the feelings flowing from the body and signalling thirst, hunger or sleep, i.e. the needs to replenish your life energy. If ignored for a long time, they lead to psychosomatic diseases because they cause constant emotional tension and stress in your body.

However, at the top of this list are emotions related to our relationships with others. There are the higher emotions associated with you as part of the collective. With you as part of us. They are based on love, joy, pleasure, peace, and harmony. It is exchange, reciprocity, and compassion. An expression of unity and a sense of community – being one with others

4 corners of the Cosmos

As Ken Wilber the American philosopher and psychologist rightly pointed out all parts of human existence, that is, matter, life, mind, soul, and spirit, are characterized by 4 features. They are always individual and collective as well as internal and external.

Ken Wilber's Four Quadrant Map individual, collective, internal and external.

The same goes for emotions and intellect. We distinguish between higher and lower emotions and higher and lower intellect. The higher emotions are empathy, and the higher intellect is intuition. The lower emotions and intellect are our ego, while the higher emotions and intellect are our souls. The higher emotions and intellect, like the ego, have senses of their own. These are the psychic senses.

Surely you have noticed more than once that the attitude you have towards another person, whether you express it or not, affects the attitude, feelings, and behavior of that person towards you. So even if it seems to you that your thoughts and feelings are your private matter, it is not so, because they are perceived subconsciously by other people who, based on these feelings, take the appropriate attitude towards you. So, your emotional state influences others.

When you are full of hatred, you experience it from others.

This is because your feelings are perceived by others through empathy, the psychic sense located in front of your body and known as the visceral brain. Empathy is the ability to be compassionate, that is, to feel the emotions of others as your own. Thanks to it, we can experience deep intimacy and closeness with another human being. It allows you to feel the feelings of a single person or a whole group of people. Empathy covers the entire planet and motivates you to positively influence the whole world. It allows us to unite in unity and achieve common goals.

In front of your body is the navel which is the center of the flow of life energy. This is where you move and react most efficiently. Thanks to the navel you got your life. This is where all the branches and sub-branches of life begin and branch out. It is the focal point of 72,000 veins. The navel is connected to the liver and the central nervous system. It is the center of our vitality. This is the connection to your soul. Here you receive streams of other electromagnetic fields.

Higher emotions.

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Higher emotions.

The navel is the symbolic root of man.

It is a sign of connection to the source of life and all life forms. It was thanks to it that you were connected to your mother while you were in her womb. And she was connected to her mother through her navel, and so on. Only later do the heart and brain develop. Because of the navel, you received your mother’s vital energy. Through it, you were nourished and emotionally connected to your mother. This “emotional” umbilical cord also lasted for the first few months of your life. The mother’s emotions were passed on to the child, and the child’s moods were transferred to the mother.

The navel is undeniable and visible evidence that you are not a separate organism, but that you are connected to the Source of life. You may not be aware of it, but your first stress response starts at your navel. When someone attacks you or an accident happens, you will first feel it in your navel.

The navel is also a very important healing element.

It helps to unblock deeply blocked emotions through a gentle special type of massage or pressure. In Ayurvedic medicine, warm oil is also poured into it, which helps in the treatment of many ailments and in detoxification of the body.

There is also one of the energy points in the abdomen responsible for controlling the yin energy or female energy (oxygen). This place in Korean is called shingwol or “God’s place” and it is located exactly in the center of the navel. Below the navel, in the lower abdomen, there is an energy center where life energy accumulates.

Along the entire length of your digestive tract there is a huge network of nerve cells, the so-called visceral nervous system.

They are identical to those in the brain. The abdominal brain has about five times as many nerve cells as the brain in the head. Both nervous systems constantly send information to each other and are connected to each other through the vagus nerve. However, 90% of this information runs from the gut to the brain. The health of this system affects the health of the whole organism. The visceral brain is the source of our emotional intelligence while the brain is located in the head of logic and intelligence.

There are enormous amounts of bacteria in the visceral brain that play important roles in digestion, nutrient assimilation, vitamin production, and metabolism. They can also affect brain function and lead to behavioral changes, and they can affect your mood.

The intestines also produce about 50% of dopamine – the neurotransmitter responsible for our sense of happiness. And it releases when you interact with others. As well as 90% of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which makes us feel fulfilled.

All these elements play a key role in developing higher feelings, i.e. empathy.

Telepathy is also very common at this level of emotion. It is a manifestation of the highest harmony, attunement, and openness to others. The word telepathy comes from Greek and means tele or “far” and patheia “feeling.” It consists in being able to communicate with another human being solely through emotions, without using the senses of the physical body. Life energy plays a large role in telepathy, thanks to which we can communicate with others through the emotions we exhale with oxygen. Their psychic sense of empathy will pick up these emotions through their visceral brains, which will then send this information to the brain where it will appear as a thought.

You can recognize empathy through uncomfortable physical sensations or emotions that seem to have no specific origin. It can also manifest itself through physical pain, anxiety, fear, or sadness. The key is to understand when these feelings and emotions are yours and when they may be someone else’s. So they require a lot of self-awareness. Quickly identify if there are any triggers for the sensations you are experiencing.

In order to experience true empathy, one must attain a higher level of consciousness. When you are not aware of your body. When you can’t recognize his needs, you won’t recognize your body’s feelings about other people’s emotions.

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