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Psychometric analysis.

by Agata Dzierżawa
A psychometric analysis is a picture of the brain and viscera in pastel colors in the shape of a woman.

The human mind consists of 2 parts: the Higher Self and the Low Self. The Higher Self is the individual super consciousness (commonly known as the soul), while the Lower Self is your rational, logical mind, i.e. your thoughts and your individual subconsciousness responsible for emotions.

The male energy of your mind is related to your consciousness, that is, the rational logical mind, while the female energy is your subconscious. Only a balance between these two aspects of your mind will enable you to use your full potential.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to measure the mind and what stages this measurement consists of.
  • Some major biometric degrees.

Did you know that the mind, despite its immeasurable nature, can be measured?

There is a tool called psychometric analysis used for this. It is an integrated system of examining the mind and the strength of its will, as well as the human personality. It was created based on the theory and system of Dr. Oscar Brunler of the English physicist and chemist. We know psychometry also as tele-radiesthesia, or remote radiesthesia.

In this process of analysis, we use a pendulum. Thanks to tele-radiesthesia, it is possible to analyze both the personality traits of a given person and their mental, intellectual, emotional predispositions and character traits. You can also use it to examine aspects of their spiritual development and energy vibration, i.e. check the stage of a person’s spiritual development. And also get to know their spiritual powers, i.e. psychic skills.

Our biological life is closely related to the environment in which we live.

For a long time, people have learned to avoid places where they felt bad, where they got sick and where plants did not grow. As a result of observation of such human behavior, radiesthesia was created – a field that deals with the study of electric and magnetic waves in nature and their frequency. Radiesthesia was known and appreciated already in antiquity and played an important role, especially in building houses and temples. It allowed avoiding harmful places. Anyone who has been able to tune in to information flowing from the environment can become a dowser.

Radiesthesia is a technique for retrieving information from space that uses a wand or a pendulum as a communicator.

When you pick up a wand or a pendulum, these instruments are subject to spontaneous movement under certain conditions. This movement is the result of a specific influence of the environment on the human body. Usually, we trust our senses immeasurably, and meanwhile, they allow us to pick up only a fragment of the reality that surrounds us.

We all react to the electrostatic and magnetic fields without realizing it. This affects our well-being and physiological responses. It is radiesthesia that uses these reflexes of our body. Muscle contractions in response to stimuli received by the subconsciousness from the environment cause the wand or pendulum to move.

In order to use the information received in this way to trigger the movement of instruments, it is necessary to establish the so-called mental convention, i.e. the code of the pendulum’s movements to determine the answer to the desired question. If you do not teach your subconscious the “convention” in which the various movements of the pendulum have specific meanings, it will not be able to communicate with your consciousness and communicate its discoveries to you.

Psychometric analysis.

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Psychometric analysis.

Your subconsciousness moves the pendulum.

Thanks to it, you can communicate with your soul. It supports the intuitive perception of energy. If one has a sense of clairvoyance or clairvoyance, one will not need a pendulum.

Usually, the pendulum swing to the right means, yes, and to the left, it does not. The pendulum is usually made of wood or metal, but sometimes you can also find pendulums made of crystal or amber. Typical behaviors of a pendulum are stillness, oscillating movements in a straight line, keel movements to the right or left, and possibly elliptical movements.

We use radiesthesia in many different analyzes, including for human psychometric analysis, i.e. measurement of consciousness, subconsciousness, and the development of human intelligence. And the development of the soul and human potential.

For this purpose, we place a pendulum over a specially prepared chart. The deflections of the pendulum indicate three measured quantities on the graph: the character of a person, recorded in the conscious and subconscious part of the mind, and his general intelligence. And, a constructive or destructive personality, the level of complexes and energy.

Psychometric analysis consists of three stages.

The first step is to measure your mind’s will pattern. The movement of the pendulum over the clock face measures it. Leanings to the right are characteristic of the average, good person endowed with kindness and a desire for constructive actions. They are indicative of susceptibility to positive suggestions, while deviations to the left are indicative of susceptibility to negative influences. The counterclockwise will pattern is characteristic of destructive people with criminal tendencies.

The active, subjective “will” and the ability to reason are attributed to the “conscious part of the mind”. The defective “will” of human consciousness makes it difficult to concentrate on thoughts and actions.

The second stage determines the subject’s subconscious and personality. Clockwise movement indicates an inherently constructive subconsciousness, while in the opposite direction it indicates destructive tendencies. The absence of a personality wheel means that consciousness has completely dominated and subconsciously subordinated to itself. Such a person is guided by reason and calculation, has no feelings or emotions.

The third step in reading is to test your overall intelligence level, which is given in “biometric grades”. This stage is the “grand sum” of the “soul” measurement. The convention for the overall level of intelligence or its components is the “biometric degree”. It is a unit of length – one degree is approximately 2 millimeters, or 100 biometric degrees equals approximately 20 centimeters.

Two major parts make up intelligence: memory and reasoning.

The subconscious is responsible for the activity of remembering, and consciousness – all activities related to reasoning. If someone has a particularly good memory, we may consider them as highly intelligent, despite their poor ability to think logically. On the other hand, a person with poor memory, but an outstanding reasoning skill, may appear dull, although he has a high intellectual level. Despite the lack of distinction between the types of intelligence of people subjected to psychometric analysis, the overall reading score given in biometric grades describes a person’s “intelligence” much better than the modern IQ index.

The intelligence measurement scale is 218 for mentally retarded people, 250 – for the average person, and 1000 degrees for highly intelligent individuals. The highest result so far measured so far was the 725 degrees that Leonardo da Vinci received.

Psychometric analysis.

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Psychometric analysis.

Look at what the selected biometric grades mean:

Below 240 – mental heaviness. This is below the entry-level for any teaching.

240-300 – manual labor, worker

282 – trading skills

288-300 – This is the level at which a worker can become an overseer and instruct other workers. Here, leaders and golden hands reign. This is the level of intelligence we call “Peasant reason.”

301-318 – This level means good memory, confusing train of thoughts, scribbling writing, easy language learning, and musical ear.

300-318 – At this level, the role of thinking memory grows, although it seems convoluted and complicated. This level characterizes people who are cunning and inventive, the so-called combiners or even criminals.

319-320 – This is the level of people of innate kindness.

320-330 – Here, the development of memory allows you to finish high school. However, the knowledge gained on it is of little use, because at this level there is no developed logical thinking ability that would allow to use it. The natural ability to read minds also occurs at this level.

330-355 – At this level, psychic abilities, and reasoning ability (doctors and lawyers) increase.

360-370 – This level describes versatile interests and the ability to use psychometric analysis in a basic form. It is also maximum intuition.

370-385 – People of this level are full of interesting activities and new ideas – seekers and travelers. However, their concepts are often shocking and impractical (judges, journalists).

385-400 – This is the level of people who are willing and easy to learn (professors and scientists). Most of them, however, do not bring anything new to the world of science, because they prefer the opinions of authorities over their own thoughts. It is also the level of people with exceptional mental abilities, who, however, are afraid to use them.

410-450 – This level is the level of business leaders. Broad horizons, the ability to think logically, excellent memory, and higher intuition characterize the people on it.

450-550 – This is the level of the emergence of geniuses and the highest intuition.

550-725 – This is the highest degree of development of mind and intellect that only a few have achieved.

When a man in his evolutionary development reaches the limits of perfection, he finds himself on the level of the Higher Self, then he will become the “Master”.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of psychometric analysis. On the other hand, we must know this is a measurement system based on the use of psychic abilities, and therefore, more than other, ordinary systems, it is prone to errors and errors. It is therefore worth doing several times at certain intervals to make sure that our results are similar every time.


Max Freedom Long „Psychometric Analysis”, Wydawnictwo Medium 1996.

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