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What is the soul?

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic what is the soul depiciting balck and white floating balloons.

So how does it happen that there is a man? What makes the heap of matter come alive? What makes the human body once your mother and once a corpse? How the body is animated? Where does the body personality come from? What makes you make such and other decisions in life? How your life goals are determined? What makes you love or hate someone? Is it all those physicochemical processes or something else? Is this the soul, and if so what is the soul?

In this article, you will learn what a soul is and what it incarnates for.

Since you’ve found yourself on this site you feel that there is something beyond the material side of life and that it doesn’t let you forget about itself. Even if you do not have tangible evidence, you know that that this life force is in you. More or less, but you experience its existence. However, what is a soul alone you are not sure if you know.

Let’s see what the soul is from a religious and scientific point of view.

According to religion, the soul is the bodiless essence of the living entity. It is the part of you that will live when you die. A particle of god in you which is always present and always aware.

According to science, it is not sure if it exists at all. Scientists do not recognize the spiritual dimension of life, although the secrets of birth and death, the game of awareness during dreams, imagination, and even memory suggest the existence of a life-independent life force. In recent times, only quantum physics seems to confirm that something like a soul exists.

This is because scientific knowledge is limited to what is physical and objective, but reality itself is not necessarily so limited.

Also, science is not the only important and reliable source of knowledge.

Science is just one of several authorized ways of knowing. It tells us what is, not what it should be, it does not value. An electron is not good or bad, it just is, the solar system is not good or bad, it just is. Science offers us the truth but is silent about how to use it wisely. It doesn’t have anything to say about good and bad, wise and stupid, desired or undesirable. The domain of science is truth, not wisdom, meaning, or value.

The spiritual essence can’t be seen under the microscope or received as a result of a complicated chemical reaction, because it is not part of the material things that science studies.  Thanks to the combination of information obtained through various techniques such as stories of people who have experienced clinical death, reports on the use of regression hypnosis, transpersonal experiences caused by meditation, work with breathing or psychoactive substances, techniques of channeling, and even research on children spontaneously describing their previous incarnation has managed to establish a certain image of the soul and its evolution.

The soul is pure energy and it is found in every living being.

Everything you perceive is alive. Every part of creation has a spirit of life. Nothing exists without living inside. The body is a residence and the soul is a resident. From the perspective of the body, the soul is consciousness, an animating life force. From the perspective of the essence, the body is an instrument of inhabiting the physical world and experiencing physical existence.

The soul of plants, animals, and man is the same, although the bodies are different. The body could be destroyed, and the essence could not. Because it is indestructible it must find another shelter, and move to another body. This process is called reincarnation. Reincarnation begins with crystals and reaches the human sphere of existence.

The soul, like everything else around you, evolves.

The purpose of this evolution is growth, and development through its own experiences and efforts. Its ultimate goal is to become conscious and capable as a unique unit for expressing everything that is – oneness. It is not a short journey, but it does not matter, because the soul is eternal.

The soul evolves in a predictable way. In the beginning, before the time, each of us was born as everything that exists, unity, then we began our journey through levels of consciousness. Through evolution, the soul changes its level of being and consciousness.

Each of these levels brings with it a set of lessons to learn. Each level of consciousness takes you to the new world in which you live. How do you grow in consciousness? By undertaking difficult physical experiences that cause you to start making important, soul-seeking choices and call upon you to discover your internal resources.

In order to gain appropriate experience, the soul incarnates.

Which means that it connects with the physical body for the whole life from birth to death. In this way, it experiences the limitation of physical existence and physical separation from others and from all about existence (unity). However, this is only an illusion, because the soul itself is never limited or separated. This illusion causes the soul to experience conflicts and dilemmas and is forced to make choices. Experiences and choices are lessons for the soul. After death, the essence inspects them and discovers the effects of their actions for themselves, but also for others.

One life is not enough to get the right amount of experience and make all choices. This means that the essence must know life from many different perspectives. Therefore, it incarnates many times to experience the entire spectrum of life. For example, experience life in both male and female forms, it must be both an executioner and a victim, a student, a teacher, etc. Since your mother has been sick all her life and was a patient, she may have to experience life from the doctor’s perspective in the next life, etc.

Through all these experiences course the soul gradually becomes more self-conscious, gradually discovers more and more of its abilities (love, power, wisdom), and gradually learns how to overcome the illusion of limitation to physical existence.

The soul has no nationality, creed, race, or gender. The human soul reincarnates only as a human, of course, earlier passed other forms like a plant or an animal, but once it became a human, it does not retreat back but deepens its experience in human form. Reincarnation does not last forever. It has an end.

Every life is planned in advance.

Every soul before it is born decides what experiences and choices should contain its life. Relevant circumstances and relationships chosen and determined with the participation and consent of other souls involved. Also, most of the major events in life are planned like a body, birth, death, family, school, relationships, careers, as well as accidents and diseases. However, there is a lot of room for unplanned things to appear. The choices we make are more important than destiny because you have free will.

There is also the law of karma. If, for example, one soul kills the other in this life, then in later lives, the second soul will kill, the first one.

There are also many parameters, features, typologies, and archetypes that determine the soul such as age, type, frequency, soul overlays, levels of consciousness, relationships, goals, etc. You can read about it all and get to know your soul closer on our blog.

Coming soon on how to find out who you were in previous lives.


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Agata 02 May 2020 - 08:12

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