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Psychic personalities.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Psychic personalities is a picture of a séance.

What are psychic personalities?

Each of us uses our psychic abilities in a different order. It depends on the strength of our psychic senses. The dominant sense allows us to distinguish four main types of psychic personalities: prophets, visionaries, feelers (empaths), and audient people.

In this article you will learn about:

  • Personality types depend on the dominant psychic sense: prophets, visionaries, empaths, and audient people.
  • Characteristics of each type.

Do you want to know your psychic personality? Take a look at the following characteristics and think about which one you recognize yourself.


This is a person with highly developed psychic intuition. Automatically prefers trust in their inner knowledge. They don’t like to plan ahead and usually know what to do when the time comes. They always say “I know” before the interlocutor finishes describing their thought. And they really know.

Prophets have a very smart and quick-witted minds. They experience flashes of unexpected insights. Prophets know in advance what nobody around them is still aware of. They have a lot of ideas and are the best source of information about the currently fashionable restaurants, trends, shops, concerts, films, and exhibitions. They are innovators with almost unlimited creativity.

Prophets have very good reflexes and are the first to laugh at jokes. They live at an accelerated pace. They are flexible and immediately ready to try something new and exciting. Very quickly adapt to new situations. They easily anticipate problems, but they don’t worry too often, because they find their solution intuitively immediately.

Their intuitive abilities always lead them to the right place at the right time. Thoughts constantly flow through their mind, so they are often distracted. When an idea comes to their mind, they must present it immediately, because the intuitive experience and idea will be lost immediately. Therefore, they often interrupt the conversation or reflect it in a completely different direction. Because of this, they often have problems with meditation, because it’s hard to calm their mind.

They usually read several books at once and work on several fronts at once. Unfortunately, they quickly get bored.

Intuition is the fastest-acting psychic sense very good for early warning and sensing the future, as well as for distance sensing. However, it is very difficult to trust her, especially at the beginning.

How to deal with a prophet?

Let them interrupt their mind so that they can express their sudden thought or idea. Don’t be upset by their chaos. Do not outsource to them detailed work because they simply will not be able to concentrate on it.


It is a person who usually visualizes and browses all possible options before making a decision.

They always have their own inner picture of what should be and therefore it is hard for them to convince themselves of a new idea. When you press them to make an immediate decision you will hear “no”. They need time to apply changes to their inner image.

Have a very good spatial imagination and orientation. Arranging furniture or packaging is not difficult for them. They have a talent for exceptional color matching, timing, and are very good planners. They can perfectly take into account all factors in the overall plan. Can naturally see that something is wrong. They may be prone to perfectionism or excessive self-criticism. They often visualize the darkest scenarios in their head. Visualizations and dreams are their everyday life, but they also attach great importance to physical vision. Usually needs a lot of light.

How to deal with visionaries?

Don’t force them to respond immediately. Give them some time to change their inner picture. Calmly present your time and give it time without putting pressure. They often need to “sleep” with an idea.

Feelers (Empaths)

Those people very often feel overwhelmed by the bombarding impressions, both their own and those they collect from others. They have a strong need to feel comfortable with everything they do. They are very flexible in adapting to others. Being in an unpleasant environment in their opinion is physically painful for them. Touch and hugs are just as important to them as the case they have to do. They worry about other people and take care of them. They sense when they have problems and are ready to selflessly get involved to help them.

Feelers do not pay attention to time and deadlines. They don’t like to be under pressure, if they are, they even slow down more. They try to make others feel at ease and expect them to be the same towards them. For a sensory-maker, the decision is right if they feel it.

A characteristic feature of them is also that they like to wear comfortable clothes and surround themselves with comfortable things, e.g. a comfortable armchair, thick rugs, and soft pillows. Usually, their apartment is decorated in calm, relaxing colors.

The advantage of this sense is the ability to empathize with other people, as well as the ability to monitor personal safety and security.

The disadvantage, however, is the ability to easily capture the negative feelings of other people, excessive emotionality, isolation problems, and lack of punctuality.

The empath should be aware that many negative feelings such as tension, depression, or irritability do not belong to them at all, because they are the feelings of others that they simply receive.

How to deal with empaths?

Due to the fact that it is very easy to hurt the feelings of empaths, you should always tell them the real reason for your emotions. For example, if you are nervous after a hard day at work, empaths will immediately capture your mood and take it directly to them, so you should explain to them the reason for your nervousness. They will repay you with the best comfort and protection for that.

If you want to get angry, get out or move away from them, because they very easily take over your emotions and strengthen them. Forcing them to accompany you in this feeling causes them almost physical pain. Remember that they feel ten times more tension than you do.

Remember that when you argue with such a person, it is as if you were inflicting physical wounds on them. Fortunately, the feelers forgive very quickly. Always let them know you love them, even if you don’t like what they did.

Audient people

Audient people have a natural tendency to talk to themselves. Through these internal conversations, they analyze the outside world. They are analytical, assertive, and even rough. Sometimes you can even have a weighing that they don’t like you. Have a need to completely understand an issue and an analytical approach to it. They are characterized by logical thinking. Audient people usually dominate relationships because they have the very high mental energy. They constantly ask countless questions to make a decision.

They usually use a sentence like “What do you bring it from?”, “Prove it, where are the facts?” Or “Let’s talk logically, don’t tell me about feelings.”

They can hear when someone is lying. They have the gift of obtaining keywords, and mantras, making them their own advisor. Audient people obtain them on an echo basis from the universe by asking themselves a question. They are very good organizers who care about details. Very often they have a problem with trusting their feelings of intuition. Are the best at obtaining and understanding specific psychic information.

How to deal with audient people?

Expect dominance on his part, don’t be offended, and don’t take it personally. Listen to him.

Are you still not sure what your dominant psychic sense is?

Sit down for a while in a comfortable place where no one will distract you. Look around and analyze your surroundings. Take into account all the details and feelings. Then close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply and slowly in your mind and analyze what caught your attention while scanning the room. What was that? Sound, feeling, smell, sight, taste, or maybe an unexpected thought?


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