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Numbers and their symbolism.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The numbers and their symbolism is a picture of a whirlpool surrounded by the contours of a Rubik's cube.

According to Pythagoras – the creator of the first musical scale, music is one of the relationships of divine science – mathematics. Its harmonies are inflexibly controlled by mathematical proportions. He also believed that mathematics showed the exact method by which good establishes and maintains the Universe. According to Pythagoras, then, it was the number that preceded the harmony, because this unchanging law governed all harmonic proportions. Pythagoras applied the law of harmonic intervals he discovered to all natural phenomena, even those relating to planets and constellations. It’s hard to deny his right – after all. We all know that mathematics is the undisputed queen of all sciences, don’t we?

However, can it be used to define God?

In this article you will learn about:

  • The main principle of Pythagorian mathematics.
  • Symbolism of numbers.
  • Linking math with the alphabet.

The Pythagoreans considered arithmetic as the mother of mathematical sciences.

Music and astronomy depend on it, but it itself is not dependent on them. Pythagoreans expressed their love for numbers, giving them enigmatic and symbolic meanings. Unfortunately, the main secrets of Pythagorean mathematics were never written down and were only passed on orally to a select few students. And with the death of Pythagoras, the key to this science was lost.

Modern arithmetic algorithms are based on Arabic numerals and the positional number system, i.e. symbols in the form of numbers for several smallest natural numbers placed in strictly defined positions. And numbers are commonly written mainly in the decimal or binary (binary) system – in computer science.

Nowadays also most of us do not have a special love for mathematics, because we associate it mainly with laborious calculations and complicated numerical operations. Maybe if we got to know it secrets from a different side than the one, we know from school, we would give it a warmer feeling?

Number is a term that applies to all numbers and their combinations. For Pythagoras, it was an extension and energy of the seed contained in the monad.

Monad means all-embracing unity. The sum of any combination is considered as a whole. So, we consider the Universe as a monad, but individual parts of the Universe, such as planets, for example also. They are monads of the parts that make up themselves, but they in turn are parts of a larger monad made of their sum. The term “one” is the term used for each of the integral parts of the monad.

As we know, there are two orders of odd and even numbers.

But have you ever wondered why? Well, because the unity, i.e. one, always remains undivided, that’s why an odd number cannot be divided equally. So, 9 is 4 +1 +4 – the unity in the middle is undivided. When you divide any odd number into two parts, one will always be odd and the other will always be even. The Pythagoreans considered the odd number prototype of the monad as male, the even number as female, and the 1 as androgenic.

When you look at the numbers that way, the arithmetic gets more and more interesting, doesn’t it? So let’s take a closer look at the numbers and their meanings according to the Pythagoreans to decode the arithmetic of the Universe and discover the secrets hidden through it.

Monad – 1

The digit is so named because it is always in the same state. That is, it is separate from the multitude. It is called the mind because the mind is stable and takes precedence. It is androgenic because it is both male and female, as well as odd and even. Added to even makes it odd and added to odd makes it even. It is God because it is the beginning and end of everything, but itself has neither beginning nor end, and this is the nature of God. It is a container of matter because it produces duality which is essentially material.

By the Pythagoreans, the monad was called chaos, darkness, chasm, Tartarus, Styx, abyss, Letha, Atlas, Axis, Morpho (Venus name), and the Tower or Throne of Jupiter. Monad is also called germline reason because it is the source of all thoughts in the Universe. It was also called Apollo because of its relationship with the sun; Prometheus because it brings light to man; Pyralios because it exists on fire. Without it, no number or substance can exist because the substance is primordial. It is the cause of truth and the constitution of the symphony: all because it is primal.

Duad – 2

The figure is named that way because it has been split and consists of two, not one. And when there are two, each opposes the other: genius, evil, darkness, inequality, instability, mobility, boldness, bravery, dispute, matter, dissimilarity, the division between multiplicity and monad, defect, formlessness, indeterminacy, harmony, tolerance, otherness, uncertainty, impulse, death, movement, generation, mutation, division, longitude, magnification, composition, communion, misfortune, maintenance, superposition, marriage, soul, and learning. It is a symbol of polarity and illusion.

Just as the monad is the father, so the duad is the mother; therefore, it has certain features in common with the goddesses Isis, Rhea (the mother of Jupiter), Erato (one of the muses), and Venus. While the monad is a symbol of wisdom, the duad is a symbol of ignorance because there is a sense of separation which is the beginning of ignorance. But duad is also the mother of wisdom because ignorance – by nature itself – invariably breeds wisdom.

Triad – 3

This is the number of knowledge. The holiness of the triad and its symbol – the triangle – comes from the fact that it consists of a monad and a duad. The monad is the symbol of the Divine Father and the duo of the Great Mother. The triad formed of these two is thus androgenic. And it symbolizes the fact that God gave birth to his worlds from himself, which in its creative aspect is always symbolized by a triangle.

The keywords for the characteristics of the triad are friendship, peace, justice, prudence, godliness, temperance, and virtue. It is identified with Saturn (the ruler of time), Hecate, Pluto, Fury, and Graces.

Tetrad – 4

Tetrad was considered by the Pythagoreans as the primal number, the root of all things, the source of nature, and the most perfect number. All tetrads are intellectual. They have an emerging order and surround the world as Empyrean, the highest realm of the cosmos, the realm of fire and light, passes through them. Why the Pythagoreans expressed God as a tetrad is explained in the sacred discourse attributed to Pythagoras, in which God is called the Number of Numbers. This is because the decade, or 10, consists of 1, 2, 3, and 4. The number 4 is a symbol of God because it symbolizes the first four numbers. Moreover, the tetrad is the middle of the week, being halfway between 1 and 7. The tetrad is also the first geometric shape.

The key words given to the tetrad are impetuosity, strength, masculinity, two mothers, and the key guardian of Nature because without it there cannot be a universal constitution. It is also called harmony and first depth. The following deities participated in the nature of the tetrads: Hercules, Mercury, Volcano, Bacchus, and Urania (one of the Muses).

Numbers and their symbolism explanation. Numbers and their symbolism details.

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Pentad – 5

A five is a combination of an odd and even number (3 and 2). Among the Greeks, the pentagram was a sacred symbol of light, health, and vitality. It also symbolized the fifth element – the ether – because it is free from the disturbances of the four lower elements. It is called equilibrium because it divides the perfect number 10 into two equal parts. The tetrad (elements) plus the monad equals the pentad. The Pythagoreans taught that the elements of earth, fire, air, and water are permeated with ether – the basis of vitality and life. Therefore, they chose a five-pointed star, or pentagram, as a symbol of vitality, health, and interpenetration. It is sometimes called a hierophant or priest of secrets because of its connection with the spiritual ethers with which mystical development is achieved.

The pentad symbolizes nature because, when multiplied, it returns to itself, just as wheat grains, starting out as seeds, go through nature’s processes and reproduce wheat seeds as the final form of their own growth. Other numbers multiplied by themselves give different numbers. But only 5 and 6 when multiplied by themselves represent and keep their original number as the last number in their products.

It represents all higher and lower beings. The keywords of the pentad are reconciliation, transformation, marriage, immortality, kindness, providence, and sound. Among the deities who participated in the nature of the pentad were Nemesis, Venus, and the messengers of Jupiter.

Hexad – 6

Six symbolizes the creation of the world. The Greeks considered harmony and soul to be similar in nature because all souls are harmonious. The hexagon is also a symbol of marriage as it is formed from the union of two triangles, one male and the other female. Among the keywords related to the six are:

  • time, as it is a measure of duration;
  • panacea, because health is balance, and the hexad is the balance of the world;
  • the world, because, like a hexad, it is often seen as composed of opposites in harmony,
  • all sufficiency, because its parts suffice for the whole (3 +2 + 1 = 6);
  • tireless because it contains the elements of immortality

Heptad – 7

The seven have been called “worthy of worship”. This is taken to be the number of religions because man is controlled by seven heavenly spirits to whom it is proper to make sacrifices. It was called the number of lives because it was believed that human beings born in the seventh month of embryonic life usually lived, but those born in the eighth month often died. One of the authors called it the Virgin without a Mother, Minerva, because it was born not of a mother, but of a crown or head of the Father, a monad. Heptad’s keywords are fortune, opportunity, care, control, government, judgment, dreams, voices, sounds, and what leads to the end. The deities whose attributes were expressed by the heptad were Osiris, Mars, and Cleo (one of the muses).

Among many ancient peoples, the heptad was a sacred number. The Jewish God Elohim was seven. These were the Dawn Spirits, better known as the Archangels, who controlled the planets. The Seven Archangels, with the three spirits controlling the sun in its triple aspect, make up the ten, the sacred Pythagorean decade.

The three (spirit, mind, and soul) descend to four (the world), and their sum is seven, that is, the mystical nature of man, consisting of a threefold spiritual body and a fourfold material form. It is symbolized by a cube with six faces and a mysterious seventh point in the center. The six surfaces are north, east, south, west, up, and down; or front, rear, right, left, top and bottom; or again earth, fire, air, water, spirit, and matter. Among them there is 1, that is, the upright figure of a man, from the center of which, in a cube, six pyramids.

7 is only divisible by 7 which becomes one time and one which becomes 7 seven times. Heptad is the number of the Law because it is the number of the Makers of the Cosmic Law, the Seven Spirits before the Throne.

Ogdoad – 8

Eight is a sacred number because it is the number of the first cube whose form has eight corners and is the only even number below 10 (1-2-4-8-4-2-1). Thus 8 is divided into two 4, each 4 is divided into two 2 and each 2 is divided into two 1s, thus restoring the monad. Among the ogdoad, keywords are love, advice, prudence, law, and convenience. Among the deities involved in its nature were Rea, Neptune, Themis, and Euterpe (Muse). It is also a symbol of infinity.

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Ennead – 9

It is the first square of an odd number (3 × 3). It is associated with failure and shortcomings as it does not match the ideal 10 by one. The nine was called the number of men because of the nine months of his embryonic life. Among the keywords related to it are ocean and horizon, because for the ancients they were limitless. The Ennead is an unlimited number because beyond it there is nothing but the infinite ten. It is called boundary and limitation because it collects all numbers in it. It was also called the air sphere because it surrounds the numbers just as air surrounds the earth. Among the gods and goddesses who participated in its nature were Prometheus, Volcano, Hyperion, and Terpsichore (muse). It was considered evil because it was an upside-down 6. It is also a symbol of completion.

Decade – 10

According to the Pythagoreans, the number ten is the largest of the numbers because it includes all arithmetic and harmonic proportions. It was associated with age, power, faith, necessity, and the power of memory. It was identified with Altlas, Urania, the Sun, and the One God. They were called heaven and the world because heaven embraces the world. They believed that 10 had grasped the nature of even and odd numbers, that is, good and bad.

Pythagoras believed that all the higher numbers could be reduced to one of the original ten digits, and all 10 to 1. Using this method, much information hidden in the Ancient Scriptures could be decoded. When we add the digits of the number 666 together in this system – the so-called in the mark of the beast, it becomes 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, and this, in turn, becomes 1 + 8 = 9, which is simply the end of a cycle. It then completely changes the understanding of the words of the Apocalypse.

On the other hand, when in the same way one decides the number of the saved, also given in the Apocalypse, or the number of saviors of the world – 144,000. This number becomes 1 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 9, which proves that both the Beast of Babylon and the number of the saved refer to the man himself since 9 is inverted 6 – an opposite pole. This means a reversal – a change from male dominance energy to the female but it also refers to the actual polarity of planet Earth. So, the Apocalypse is actually a warning to us about the redirection of our social consciousness, from the domination of patriarchy to the opposite, i.e. the female energy, but also about the upcoming reversal of our planet.

So, as you can see, numbers, like language, can affect the thought processes and consciousness of a person.

Therefore, the Pythagorean computational method was the basis of all ancient alphabets. It served to secure the numerical power of words. The language was previously called “Babel” from the Hebrew word Babhel, which means “gateway to God”. And it was created to express the perfection of mathematics. Evidence of this can be found, for example, in the Hebrew, Greek or Arabic alphabets. The first step to getting a numeric value for each word is to translate it back into its original language. Only words of Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic origin can be successfully analyzed in this way.

Unfortunately, modern languages ​​no longer show these mathematical relationships. The alphabets and the universal mathematical language that allowed all languages ​​to be understood have been confused. And not only is nobody able to communicate with anyone, but instead of building unity together, we constantly share. We are not able to reach heaven together, that is, to create heaven on Earth, creating a common manifestation of our common thoughts and emotions.

And here the numerical meaning of the letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets and the mathematical relationships – completion, i.e. the number 9 in the English alphabet, which, according to the intuitive messages received by Dr. Jospeh S. Puleo, will also hold them.

English, Hebrew and Greek alphabet with numbers.

as One umber
Reverse English
with Numbers
Sum of Both
1*8 =8 88 Z1 A9
2*8 =16 77 Y2 B9
3*8=2466 X3 C9
4*8=3255 W4 D9
5*8=4044 V5 E9
6*8=4833 U6 F9
7*8=5622 T7 G9
8*8=6411 S8 H9
9*8=7299 R9 I9
10*8=8088 Q1 J9
11*8=8877 P2 K9
12*8=9666 O3 L9
13*8=10455 N4 M9
14*8=11244 M5 N9
15*8=12033 L6 O9
16*8=12822 K7 P9
17*8=13611 J8 Q9
18*8=14499 I9 R9
19*8=15288 H1 S9
20*8=16077 G2 T9
21*8=16866 F3 U9
22*8=17655 E4 V9
23*8=18444 D5 W9
24*8=19233 C6 X9
25*8=20022 B7 Y9
26*=8=20811 A8 Z9
Source: Dr Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr Jospeh S. Puleo „Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, Tetrahedron Publishing Group, Sandpoint, Idaho, 2007.


Manly P. Hall „The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, San Francisco, H.S. Crocker Company 1928.

Dr Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr Jospeh S. Puleo „Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, Tetrahedron Publishing Group, Sandpoint, Idaho, 2007.

Numbers and their symbolism post.

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