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The soul and the social group.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The soul and the social group it is a picture of a group of people.

About the soul and the social group.

What does a social group have in common with the soul? You have certainly come across such concepts of social psychology and sociology as a social group. It is a group of at least three people who interact with each other on the basis of their separateness from others. In order to satisfy your own needs. In this group, there are persistent, frequent, and direct interactions aimed at achieving a common goal. Such a group is always characterized by a specific structure. Each of its members occupies a specific position in it and certain ties exist between the members of this group.

In this article, you will learn what energy rules a group depending on the number of people. You will meet the triad, quadrant, pentagram, sextant, and septante.

But do you know that a person can’t handle more than seven pieces of information at once? That’s why groups of over seven people always divide into smaller groups. The number of people present in the group determines the energy that the group will have.

The same happens when it comes to souls. They also form a kind of social group in which each soul occupies a specific position, and the number of souls in a given group gives it the right energy.


This is the best group to work on karma and lessons. There are 3 positions in the triad: positive (affirming), negative (denying), and neutral.

How does it look in practice? Someone in a positive position will say: “Let’s do it!”, in the negative: “Better not!” and in neutral: “Let’s decide whether we should do it or not. Souls in the triad will be in each position in turn.

A negative position is very important because without it you will not do any lesson. In a dual world you always have to have a full picture, two poles of each situation positive and negative, to go further. Moving to a neutral position is a form of doing the lesson. Otherwise, the lesson will continue to wait for you in the future or later in life or in another life. Again you will have to start all over again from the place where you started the previous time.


This type of group works to complete the task. There are 4 positions in the quadrant:

  • Love (initiation) – devises a plan of action,
  • Knowledge (skills) – examines advantages and disadvantages, and later gives information about what initiated love,
  • Power – ensures that the finalized knitting scheme will be treated. They takes action or pushes everyone to action.
  • Compassion (support) – ensures that everyone smoothly gets along and eliminates difficult triadic energy. It neutralizes conflicts, helps everyone to see the other side’s point of view, and helps in action.

It is the most comfortable, stable, and productive group. So if you are thinking about starting a business, completing a project, and starting a family, this form will be the most appropriate one to get the balance and the right energy in the group.


This is a group that adds the so-called fifth wheel of the quadrant car. Such a soul occupies an Eccentric position. So they thinks of even more innovative and unusual ideas or plans than love. It is a very unstable group and usually, either one member leaves this group or someone joins it.


It retains 5 positions from the previous group, but adds an Integrator position that stabilizes eccentricity. The integrator will tone down their ideas and make them able to be used in action. This is another very stable group after quadrants. 


Preserves 6 positions from the previous group plus adds a position that corresponds to the role of the Priest. It adds spiritual energy and a religious/philosophical context to each task undertaken by the group. Such a person will show the group how it can develop, learn, connect, and be good members of the Universe by doing the action. It will provide light and idealism.

The positions in all these groups correspond to the following role of souls:

Sage – love

Student – knowledge

Warrior – power

Server – compassion

Artisan – eccentric

King – integrator

Although each item corresponds to the role of the soul, there is no need for 7 people from different roles to form a seventh. This wise man can also do knowledge work if the love position is already taken or the altar boy can work in the power position. Such large groups create souls when they work on projects that benefit humanity on a large scale.



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