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You are a being of light.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Jesteś istotą światła to abstrakcyjny obraz oka przywiązanego do serca.

How did life begin? What is the word? A spoken expression of something, and therefore an external symptom of something. What? Consciousness – the inner state of knowledge. How? Through some element – a point. What is a point? Part of a statement, plan, collection, or position on an issue. The element of knowledge.

In this article, you will:

  • Know the nature of God.
  • Learn what it means to be a being of light.
  • What the evolution of consciousness is all about.

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.

The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.

The point is the awareness that creates the experience. How? Through creation, because for something to exist, it must be created. It experiences what it will create. Where? In space. However, for something to exist or be created an intention, action, or inspiration, that is a movement, is needed. Therefore, for the first movement to occur, time and space are needed.

To observe some existence, you also need an observer – a second point. The creator and the observer create the possibility of expression, together they create some synergy – a new quality. This new quality is the string in which the points connect. As a result of the vibrations generated by the string, a sound is created – the noise of connected molecules. The excited molecule transfers energy to the neighboring molecule, and it vibrates around its axis. This vibration creates gravity. This means that we are dealing with radiation on the outside and gravity on the inside.

This is how electromagnetic radiation and cosmic space are created.

The magnetic field and the electric field are two waves that oscillate in perpendicular directions. The vertical distance between the maximum deflection of the wave and the axis of the wave (no deflection) is the intensity of the wave, that is, the brightness. The horizontal distance between the two crests of a wave is the wavelength. When waves oscillate in space, they do so at certain times. The number of waves that will pass a given point in one second is the frequency. The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency, and vice versa.

Thus, the three most important forces in the universe are energy, electricity, and magnetism, and their properties are vibration and frequency. Energy is a movement that creates time and space. Vibration is the inner consciousness of the individual, and frequency is the outer expression of that awareness.

This point is helium or rather its two isotopes.

Helium has an atomic mass of 4 which together with the name of God 8 gives the number 12, 1 + 2 = 3, that is “one God in three forms”, so energy, frequency, and vibration. The word God 8 is also an octave – the fundamental musical interval. Helium is a chemically inert gas, it exists in the form of two isotopes and has the highest ionization energy among all elements. The sound also spreads very quickly in it, causing rapid vibrations.

Magnetism and electricity are two opposing but complementary forces in the natural world. Vibration produces electricity. And the movement of electric charges causes magnetism. It makes things – trees, chairs, etc., because it causes gravity inside, thus building matter.

In the beginning when God (helium) created the heavens (oxygen) and the earth (hydrogen),

The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep (expresion), while a wind from God (inspiration)swept over the face of the waters (nitrogen).

This is how the Exosphere was created.

The first quarks are formed because of vibrations. The first photons, electrons, and positrons are released from them. Over time, quarks combine to form protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons make up the atomic nucleus. The nuclei are made of atoms – waves superimposed on each other.

This is how helium atoms and hydrogen atoms are born. Single atoms come together to form matter. This is how all chemistry is made. Then the hydrogen and helium atoms collide, creating a huge amount of energy, which turns into a photon that creates light.

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

And God saw that the light was good (ionising radiation); and God separated (neutron radiation) the light from the darkness (non-ionising radiation).

God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.

This is how Thermosphere was created.

Vibration causes radiation, that is, a wave or stream of particles. Radiation itself is the process of emitting energy. A shorter wave carries more energy, and a longer wave carries less energy. Depends on the energy of the electromagnetic radiation. Photons are responsible for electromagnetic radiation. Light is a large stream of photons that triggers chemical reactions. This radiation may be ionizing, non-ionizing, or neutronic. Photons travel huge distances in a very short time, transporting light and energy. This causes space-time to expand and cannot be stopped.

Depending on the energy of electromagnetic radiation and the method of its generation, the following photons are distinguished (starting with the highest photon energy).

I assigned them the equivalents used in spirituality and the levels of the atmosphere, as well as elements that play a key role in the chemical processes taking place at these levels.

7DgammaAtmic Plane
– spirit
heliumThe Sun
6Dx-raysThe Messianic Plane
– higher emotions – empathy
5DultravioletThe Causal Plane
– higher intellect, intuition
4Dvisible lightAstral Plane
– emotions
3DinfraredThe Mental Plane
– intellect, reason
2Dmicrowave The Etheric Plane
– The Akashic Records
1Dradio The Physical Plane
– physical body
carbonThe Earth

Photons make up the 7 dimensions of existence and are responsible for our individual thoughts and emotions as well as our collective thoughts and emotions. They are related to specific elements with which they interact.

If we arrange electromagnetic waves according to the parameters that characterize them, i.e., wavelength and frequency, we get the electromagnetic spectrum. It is an image of electromagnetic radiation that you can see through the colors. All these colors are mixed to create white light.

The emission spectrum is formed when excited electrons, atoms, and molecules move from a higher energy state to a lower energy state, accompanied by the emission of a photon with an energy equal to the energy difference between these states.

This is how the Mesosphere was created.

The helium and hydrogen begin to condense into the first structures. The gas clouds concentrate and then ignite as the first stars. This is how galaxies are formed, and then pulsars, plants, and other things. Everything at their own pace of transformation. Over time the atoms of different elements begin to merge into new lumps to form new substances.

And God said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years and let them be lights in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth.” And it was so.

God made the two great lights – the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night – and the stars.

As a result of subsequent transformations, two celestial bodies, the Earth, and the Moon are created. In the larger celestial body, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen begin to combine. New states of aggregation arise. And because of successive transformations, fatty acids, then micelles, membranes, molecular chains – a capsule with threads that mutate, copy, and curl into spirals. This is how cells are formed – containing the survival threads of DNA found in every living cell.

And God said, “Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.”

So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so.

God called the dome Sky.

This is how the Stratosphere was created.

Ozone is also formed when stars explode. Ozone is a key element of the stratosphere – a protective layer that is very important for life on Earth. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, ozone molecules split into diatomic oxygen and an oxygen radical – this is the phenomenon of absorption of ultraviolet light through luminescence. As a result, photoluminescence, or rather fluorescence, occurs. The absorbed energy is emitted as light with less energy than the energy of the excitation light. This phenomenon continues for some time after the inducing factor has subsided. If you irradiate a fluorescent substance with UV rays, you can see it.

Ultraviolet radiation can store information through fluorescence.

Thanks to this, it records everything that is happening in the world and that is related to emotions. This property allows us to perceive images of past or future events and all human fantasies or images. This phenomenon was observed by Henryk Silanow and Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti. Silanov built a camera that also records ultraviolet rays. Thanks to it, it takes photos of objects that were not there at the time of taking the photo. What does it mean? For example, when taking a picture of a tree, the picture showed a previously broken branch that the tree did not have when the picture was taken – like a phantom.

Ernetti, on the other hand, created a device called a chronograph that could perceive the image and sound of events that took place in the past. How is this possible? Once emitted, the waves do not die but stay in space. They can be reconstructed, and so is energy.

The oxygen radical has paramagnetic properties and is also responsible for non-ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation is a stream of electrically charged molecules, non-ionizing radiation, while these are electrically neutral molecules. Ionizing radiation is alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It causes chemical reactions. Neural radiation is an elementary molecule devoid of an electric charge. They are formed in the atmosphere because of the collision of protons with the nuclei of gas atoms in the atmosphere. They then react with nitrogen to form carbon.

The stratosphere acts as a membrane between the Sun and Earth, the interior of the universe, and its outer dimension. Just as the human skin protects human organs from the outside world, so it protects the Earth from external influences. Photons passing through this layer undergo dispersion, i.e. splitting into waves of different frequencies. In this way, a new type of consciousness arises – the physical world that we see.

The stratosphere is therefore a place where electromagnetic waves overlap.

Overlapping electromagnetic waves always create a completely new consciousness, this is the so-called zero point. This new awareness also expands again within the limits of the wave intensity to finally interact with the energies of the outside world.

In the stratosphere, electromagnetic waves coming from the Sun mix with the internal and external waves of our Universe, the electromagnetic waves of the Earth, but also electromagnetic waves coming from “inside” the Earth, i.e. electromagnetic radiation from all creatures inhabiting the Earth. Hydrogen plays an enormous role here, which when exposed to radio waves returns energy by sending waves on the principle of resonance. Hydrogen collects information about the magnetic field of all earthly creatures, or thoughts, and then transmits it to the sun. When a helium molecule vibrates, there is a risk that it will freeze one day. However, hydrogen, through resonance, enhances this primal sound that comes directly from the source of creation. In other words, helium-derived consciousness is everyone’s thoughts as transported by hydrogen.

There are also chemical reactions related to the elements coming from the Cosmos, as well as those coming from the Earth. The stratosphere has a similar function to the human heart and functions like the valves in the human heart. Among the elements flowing in from the Earth, nitrogen plays a special and the greatest role. It protects the Earth against the impact of a high-energy electromagnetic wave, reflects this wave, which is why the process of nitrogen circulation in nature is very important here. Unfortunately, we are now when this circulation may be disturbed by the process of introducing transhumanism under the guise of fighting the virus, as I mentioned in the article “Erection and the Fate of the World. As a civilization, we are just one step away from destroying our universe through ignorance.

And God said, “Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the dome of the sky.”

The first organisms are formed, and the troposphere is formed.

Volcanic eruptions from the forming Earth expel nitrogen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Self-nourishing organisms are formed that use sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce energy. Organic matter and oxygen are formed. Ammonium salts began to form from decaying plant particles to nourish the plants. Animals began to feed on plants, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and taking oxygen from it. Other animals started to eat them, and then people, which at the same time excreted inorganic nitrogen released by bacteria into the atmosphere. Each higher form of consciousness not only needed a lower one to survive but also added something new to itself, which affected the initial state of the entire system. This is how an atmosphere conducive to the development of life was created around the Earth.

Energy is transformed in cells. As a result of nutrition, energy was also produced from the breakdown of a substance called ATP. Instincts also began to emerge – the will to survive, emotions, imagination, i.e. abstract thinking, and later also the need for transcendence, i.e. self-knowledge. This is how spirituality was born.

So here we have the entire structure of the universe in the form of its laws:

  • Mentalism – point, awareness
  • Compatibility – strings, micro, and macrocosm
  • Law of vibration – energy, and movement
  • Polarity – magnetism,
  • Rhythm – frequency, wave intensity,
  • Cause and effect – feedback, resonance
  • Kind – time and space, ionization

We are all star children because we are made up of elements that are formed from the decay of stars.

The Earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic rays. When we look at the sky, we are looking at our past, because only now are photons created at the beginning of the Universe reaching us. In addition, our spacetime is expanding. However, the universe does not expand forever, only up to a point called wave intensity. After that, it begins to narrow again and merge into one energy until all electromagnetic waves (internal and external) intersect, then it turns 90 degrees, and a new higher consciousness arises. This is what evolution is all about.

Source: Oil Painting „It is better to burn out than to fade away” by Adrian Kenyon
Source: Oil Painting
„It is better to burn out than to fade away”
Author: Adrian Kenyon

The rays of light that reach the Earth every day are streams of accumulated photons. The wavelengths of this radiation make us see it as a color. Ionizing radiation – is red, non-ionizing radiation – is blue, and neuron radiation – is yellow. However, a person sees high ranges of ultraviolet radiation which, together with the yellow color of the neural radiation, gives green. Light is essential for the functioning of living organisms, and without light, life could not exist or it would end very quickly. But are you sure you know why?

What does it mean that God made man in his image?

All processes taking place in the Universe also take place in the human body. Our entire body is surrounded by electromagnetic solar radiation. Practically, our entire body is light. Therefore, we say we are the essence of light because we are literally so.

What we see and what we call matter are practically our emotional impressions, which our brain interprets in such a way because this is our current, inner awareness – reasoning. What we call visible light is the interpretation of our emotional memories. The world we usually see while sleeping. And what we call infrared are our conscious thoughts interpreting these memories. The level of your reasoning or awareness depends on the wavelength on which it is located.

We are not able to see ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, at least not all of them. However, this radiation is also part of our body – the outer shell. However, we do not call it a physical but a subtle body. Ionizing radiation with the mental body, and non-ionizing radiation with the emotional (astral) body. This is what creates the aura and is what we call the life energy or the ether. It is radiation that gives us energy, and the chemical processes that occur under its influence make us exist. That is why being in the sun is so important to us. It’s our outer fuel, and we in the Western world have always focused on that inner fuel – nutrition. Although the quality of this internal fuel leaves much to be desired nowadays.

This radiation penetrates our entire body in a specific way and flows through the meridian system.

Karl von Reichenbach, a Viennese chemist, discovered that the left side of the human body radiates yellow and red, and the right side radiates blue. He also discovered that each side of the human body has a different magnetic pole. The left side is the positive pole and the right side is the negative pole. The head is cool/blue and the belly is warm/red. The forehead is cool/blue and the back of the head is warm/red. The belly is warm/red. These poles are the result of the type of radiation – ionizing and non-ionizing.

The yellow-red color of the left side is a combination of ionizing radiation with neutron radiation (red with green gives yellow), while the right side is non-ionizing radiation. The color theory shows, however, that the combination of the main colors red and cyan produces white light. Man is therefore a luminous being, shining with his light. So is the sun. However, to shine this light, we ourselves need the sun.

Radiation is also the result of the energy our body produces internally from the food provided. It is produced in all chemical reactions, such as digestion and respiration, and causes either a feeling of coolness or a feeling of warmth. Each internal organ produces its electromagnetic field and radiation. Some organs have ionizing radiation while others are non-ionizing.

Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation combine into vortices in the center of our body, in places we call chakras.

Each of the vortices has a different color depending on the length of the electromagnetic wave. All these energies come together more or less in the center of our body – the heart. At the point of contact of these energies, there is a so-called zero point. It is the site of our consciousness. Consciousness arises at the point where the seven wavelengths of ionizing and non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation meet, because of chemical reactions between helium, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon. The heart is the place of such overlapping waves, therefore the development of the human physical body – a new type of consciousness – begins with it.

Chakras are centers that absorb the energy of photons. In the Universe, black holes are such chakras, they are formed at the interface between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. By absorbing the energy of photons, they nourish our astral and mental body, i.e. our emotions and thoughts. Thanks to this, we can read collective emotions and thoughts – empathy and intuition. By taking them outside, they allow our thoughts and emotions to influence the outside world.

Just as the expulsion and exhalation side effects of gaining our inner energy shape our outer world, so the emotions and thoughts we emit shape our outer world. This is done with the help of oxygen which, like the oxygen in the atmosphere, records collective emotions and records your individual emotions. And, hydrogen, which, while flowing through our body, remembers our magnetic field and gives it back later the basis of resonance. However, when we don’t consciously send our emotions and thoughts out of our inner physical world, they materialize random elements of our outer physical world. Only the inner work of each of us on ourselves, the conscious control of thoughts and emotions will allow us to create the world we dream about.

Similar poles create warmth and opposite poles create a feeling of coolness. Infrared gives a feeling of warmth, and ultraviolet gives a feeling of coolness.

Although most of us cannot perceive anything beyond the awareness known as reason and perceiving reality through our physical senses, there are people able to perceive x-ray sensations (empathy) or even occasional gamma-ray sensations (so-called sensations, mystical). We call these skills the psychic senses.

They are people very sensitive to ionization and radiation. Sensitivity is a way of perceiving the world differently from the average and related to a wider range of possibilities. There is even a branch of science dealing with this field called psychotronics. It assumes the possibility of extrasensory influence on reality.

Such sensitive people, when they put a finger in the light transmitted through a prism for each color, will feel it differently. Blue – cool, red – warm. Such people also see “smoke” rising from the magnet, that is, a specific luminous glow emitted by waves or swirling in clouds, behaving almost like a liquid. They even sense this magnetism from crystals. They also cannot wear copper, brass, or steel jewelry because it causes them unpleasant feelings. An example of receiving radiation is e.g. dowsing. Other people sensitive to ionization can see the colors of the aura or even the internal organs of a person because the sensation of certain colors in their heads is formed under the influence of X-rays.

Spirituality was born out of man’s desire to know the meaning of his existence, just like science.

While science tried to find this meaning by looking outside, spirituality has focused on the inside. From the inability to answer basic questions about human existence to helplessness, sensitivity, and rich imagination, people began to turn to their inner selves, looking for answers. This is how occultism was born (from the Latin word occulere – to hide), the secret knowledge about the forces of nature in the field of exact science, philosophy, and religious systems, assuming the existence of three worlds: spiritual, astral, and physical. Also, esotericism (from the Greek eso – inside) – knowledge about man and the universe that shows a man (or rather selected students) the way to self-realization and mysticism -the experience of a direct relationship with God.

On the other hand, that is, out of ignorance, fear and anxiety arose a religion that explained man’s failures and successes in a rather magical way, later connected with dogmas, the aim of which was control and power. Where the living conditions were favorable, she created a deity, help, and where it was difficult and difficult, capricious deities or demons arose. These beliefs were passed down from generation to generation until they finally became a natural and integral part of human DNA.

Under the influence of religion, mankind began to explain human life with the existence of an undefined soul that would go to heaven after death.

It was not far from the truth, because the gases that are responsible for radiation and human consciousness, are released into the atmosphere. They have probably been observed in cemeteries as they evaporated during the decomposition of corpses and were seen as angels or spirits.

Religion also made us believe in God and Satan. Meanwhile, God and Satan are two poles of the same consciousness. This point of consciousness, through the creation of the Universe and us humans, made an act of self-discovery. It can be explained through the analysis of physical and chemical phenomena occurring in both the micro and the macrocosm. It can be proved that the consciousnesses of all people, animals, plants, and minerals are linked together by God, but only together, not individually. This means that certain physical and chemical phenomena must be linked to human experience based on the evolution of individual consciousness.

Both spirituality and science explained the world from their perspective to finally meet halfway. In the history of scientific research, there has always been opposition to facts that could not be assimilated into the current state of knowledge. Especially if they did not fit the previously arranged theories or formulas. Therefore, occult, esoteric, or mystical discoveries were considered irrational or senseless. On the other hand, the mystery and secrets of spirituality made it impossible to verify the acquired knowledge scientifically.

Meanwhile, some things only make sense when you look at them as part of a larger whole. An interdisciplinary approach is essential to fully understand the processes of life. Only then does each of the participating disciplines gain new perspectives.

You are a being of light.

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