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God’s Geometry – Sacred Geometry

by Agata Dzierżawa
God's geometry is a picture of a hand and an eye on a yellow background with various symbols.

Just as traditional mathematics is not enough to describe our reality, similarly, traditional geometry with the measurement of angles, perimeters and surfaces is not enough to reflect the way our world works. It is only a male way of receiving, result oriented. The full picture only shows its combination with a female perspective called sacred geometry.

In this article, you will learn about the most important principles of Sacred Geometry.

Sacred geometry is knowledge that dates to antiquity. Its secrets explored among others Leonardo da Vinci. It combines art with science by identifying patterns, principles of harmony and symmetry in the micro and macro cosmos that show the principles of the functioning of the universe. These patterns and shapes were found mainly by observing the world of animate and inanimate nature.

In Sacred Geometry, the graphic symbol of God – the source of all that exists is a point.

Thanks to it, space exists, because it creates space. The point of awareness sends an equal-length beam of awareness in 6 different directions: front, back, bottom, top, and both sides. In this way, it determines the orientation in space. Thus, it creates coordinate axes that allow to locate something in space. If you connect the tips of these rays, a diamond shape will be created – the basis of Marko Rodin’s mathematics. In this way, the point forms a field around itself – a circle.

Once the first circle is created, it moves to its surface and creates a second circle – identical to the first. In doing so, it forms a fish shape called Vesica Piscis. Which is the result of two circles overlapping each other. Both circles are a sphere, that is, a circle in space. A circle of more than two dimensions.

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis is the womb of the universe from which light radiates.

When you connect the centers of the circles (spheres) with their places of intersection, you get a cross. The cross is the basis of light, because electric and magnetic waves propagate and penetrate each other at an angle of 90 degrees.

A point moves according to a specific pattern – it always goes to a point that is as close to the middle circle (sphere) as possible, creating successive circles (spheres). This creates a spin motion. When it makes the first full 360-degree rotation, it draws a total of seven circles (spheres) – hence 7 levels of existence and 7 subtle bodies and 7 days of creation of the world.

The six spheres described in one center circle are the shape called the Seed of Life (Genesis Pattern) in Sacred Geometry.

The Seed of Life

The point may wander creating new circles and drawing more and more space with them. When the point makes a second full revolution around the circles (spheres) in the center, the Life Egg is formed. The Egg of Life is the first eight stem cells. The Egg of Life is a three-dimensional image of the Seed of Life, in the two-dimensional plane you just cannot see the eighth circle which is below the first circle. The second full revolution adds another five circles (spheres).

The Egg of Life

When a point makes a third full revolution, it forms the Flower of Life consisting of 19 circles. It is called a flower because it represents the vegetation cycle of a fruit tree.

 The Flower of Life

The tree first produces a flower bud which then turns into some fruit. The fruit contains an embryo – a seed that, when it falls to Earth, gives birth to a new tree. The Seed of Life, when rotated because of rotation around its central axis, forms a torus. You will receive the Fruit of Life when you complete the circles beyond the pellucida zone.

 The Flower of Life

There are two lines around the Flower of Life.

It is the inner and outer circumference of the so-called zona pellucida. The separated circles and circled in one circle are the image of the Seed of Life. The image of the Flower of Life can be found in every corner of the world, from Zakopane through Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, Greece, China to Japan. It is called the same everywhere.

Based on the Flower of Life, a symbol called the Tree of Life is created, known, among others, from Kabbalah. When you put the symbol of the Tree of Life on the Seed of Life symbol, it is completely contained in the seed. Which is understandable because it is supposed to create a new tree.

The Tree of Life.

The expanding circles of circles are a spiral. A spiral is a curve that starts as a point in the center and curves along a large circle.

In sacred geometry, female energy is symbolized by a circle, and male energy is symbolized by a straight line.

The wheel is a monad, and the wheel with a center point is also the astrological symbol for the sun. Straight lines can be applied to the Fruit of Life in thirteen different ways, from which thirteen patterns will be created. The first pattern that will arise when you connect all the centers of the circles together is the Metatron cube.

Everything that exists in our reality, your body, planets, plants is a wave.

Everything is either a sine or a cosine wave, the only difference is its length or pattern. And the longest wavelength is almost a straight line. These waves are represented in Sacred Geometry by the shape of Vesica Piscis. The wavelength is the dimension level. It is represented in the Flower of Life by the contact points of the Vesica Piscis. If you count them from top to bottom, there are 7 of them in the central point, just like 7 levels of existence. These dimensions are also levels of consciousness. Everything that exists in our reality, your body, planets, plants is a wave.

Each dimension changes as the wavelength changes, which is a 90-degree turn.

In the higher dimensions, the wavelength is shorter in favor of an increase in the energy level. In the lower dimensions, the wavelength is getting longer, and the energy level is getting lower. All dimensions overlap and each point in space-time contains them all. There is nothing between the dimensions – absolute emptiness. This void is called bardo. This void is due to the magnetic interaction.

From each point of awareness that runs along you have 2 choices to shift your awareness 90 degrees right or left. After each such turn, the new wavelength will be 3 new levels of consciousness, therefore the wavelength of our universe is 7.23. This is the length of the Hindu sound Om, the distance from one pupil to the other, or the distance between the chakras.

The only exception is for the beginning and the end of things since primal aspects always have two elements. At the very end, you have no choice of wavelength other than unity. Therefore, it is not possible to destroy our universe.

Such an exception in the world of mathematics is the binary number series. Any other number series must have three consecutive numbers to compute the whole series. The binary series is doubling, going from 1 to 2, 4 to 8, 16 etc. exactly what Marko Rodin did when he created vortex math.

As you know, everything in nature manifests itself in pairs – this is one of the laws of the universe.

This is how two opposite poles manifest. However, this is not entirely true, because you always have a third element to choose from – neutrality. Between male and female, you have a child, between black and white, gray, and between the future and the past, the present. Similarly, consciousness is situated between energy and matter. This is in line with the golden mean, which is the point of equilibrium between excess and deficiency and the golden mean spiral in geometry.

The golden center spiral is related to the number Phi denoted by the Greek letter φ.

If you had a line and marked it anywhere, only two places would have a Phi factor of 1.618 (A and B) depending on which end of the line you start from. If you divide D by C and E by D, you get the same ratio, 1.618. 1 + 6 + 1 + 8 = 16 = 1 + = 6 = 7 that is the number of places where waves meet / intersect – the number of levels of consciousness. So, wherever waves meet, a new type of awareness arises.

Phi factor

The properties of the golden ratio are related to the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which consists in the fact that each next number is the sum of the previous two: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55 etc. If you divide any two numbers of this sequence by the immediate predecessor in the sequence, the ratio of these numbers will be approximately equal to the number phi 1.618.

A golden rectangle can be drawn from this sequence, which is the only one that has the property that it can be divided into smaller rectangles by means of squares. In each of them we will then get a golden ratio of phi. You can draw a golden spiral from the division of the golden rectangle by drawing a quarter of a circle into each of the squares cut off from the individual golden rectangles.

A golden spiral
Male and Female Spiral
Female and Male Spiral

All the parts of the Flower of Life we ​​have discussed so far represent the feminine energy because they are round. So how do you find male energy in it?

It is enough to surround the Flower of Life or each of its circles with straight lines to form a square. The Chinese called it a circle inscribed in a square and a square inscribed in a circle.

When you surround the circle with a perfectly fitted square, that is, when the side of the square and the diameter of the circle are of the same length, you will achieve a balance between male and female energy. When you continue this process, draw a circle around the square and then a square around that circle again, thus drawing 9 squares and 9 circles. You will see that no circle passes through the smallest square or the second square. The third square, on the other hand, begins to intersect the fourth circle. The fourth square intersects the fifth circle, marking the value of phi or the golden proportion. In the fifth and sixth, again exceeding this proportion. The seventh square goes through the ninth circle again and comes even closer to fi and so on to infinity. This shows the interaction of male and female energy.

When you enter the Fibonacci numbers as Rodin numbers, you will get a sequence of 24 numbers that will start repeating to form symmetry.

Each number will face its flipped pair. This cycle creates a sine wave. When the tide drops, all the numbers are repeated but are reversed.

Rodin and Fibonacci chart

When you connect the first intersection of the waves at the top with the intersection opposite to it in the Flower of Life, and then connect this point with the points of contact opposite to it, you will get two triangles inscribed in a circle. One triangle with a tip at the top. And the other one, with the tip at the bottom, joined together to form a figure called a hexagram. The three-dimensional version of this figure is the tetrahedronthe MerKaBa symbol.

The tetrahedron on the Flower of Life.

The geometric version of MerKaB is the Enneagram. The Enneagram, on the other hand, is the shape that underlies Marko Rodin’s vortex mathematics.

The Enneagram

This triangle with a vertex at the top contains the source point, hence the symbol of God – the Eye of Providence. Notice that the eye of providence also contains the shape of the Vesica Piscis or symbol of light.

The Eye of Providence


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God’s Geometry – Sacred Geometry. God’s Geometry – Sacred Geometry.

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