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Sex of the soul, does it exist?

by Agata Dzierżawa
Sex of the soul - a picture of a male head with a female eye.

Gender and the soul.

Probably more than once you were wondering about the nature of the world you are living in, that it consists of contradictions. You can find them in all things and even in emotions and feelings such as love-hate, joy- sadness, good–evil, warm–cold, light–dark , circle-square, man-woman etc. These opposites reflect the dual nature of the mother/father of god. But is the soul dual? Does the soul have male and female sex?

In this article: 

  • You will learn what male and female energy are.
  • You will learn to recognize which of these energies you have too much. 
  • You will learn methods to balance both energies.

The soul itself is androgenic by nature, which means that it has no gender. However, according to the rule of polarization, each soul has a specific percentage of male and female energy (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti) regardless of the physical sex of the body or sexual orientation. The domination of one energy over another does not automatically cause that the soul becomes male or female. Both energies exist to complement each other. Just as we need shade to understand brightness, we need femininity to understand masculinity. None of these energies are better or worse.

So for example, being a woman, you can have only 30 percent female energy and 70 percent male in your soul. This may mean that on the physical existence, in your everyday life you will be more career-oriented, whether you will be more aggressive and dominant. Since everything in nature is balanced, in this case, you will probably find a partner who will have 70 percent female energy and 30 percent male energy. It may mean that he will like cooking and spending time at a time with his relatives.

Male and female energy.

Male energy is focused, directed, goal-oriented, productive. Corresponds to linear left thinking and acting.

On the other hand, female energy is creative, process-oriented, unstructured. It corresponds to circular, right-side thinking and being.

Female energy conditions the environment, while the male’s structured it.

The ratio of male and female energy in the soul remains constant form life to life. Rarely when it is 50/50, usually one of them prevails. However, the universe itself contains the balance of male and female energy.

The ratio of male and female energy in the soul has little to do with the social concepts of masculinity and femininity. The male energy of the soul talks about how much energy is focused on the goal (focus on the productivity of the external world) and how much on the process (more focused on creating the atmosphere and possibilities of the internal world).

As a rule, warriors and kings have more problems with their female energy, because these two types are inherently purpose-focused and therefore are masculine.

Differences between male and female energy.

Your rational thinking, logic, consciousness, desire for structure, and discipline come from the male energy of your soul. It is this reasonable, cautious part of you. The one who always wants to say no. However, your creativity, instinctive thoughts, and inspirations result from the female energy of your soul. It is the reckless, no adventurous side who always wants you to say yes.

People with very high male soul energy are usually workaholics, with the exception of more internal and home aspects of life.

Both energies are needed to achieve success. Only when both energies are present something can be created. When they work together, you create a more harmonious, balanced life for yourself. You know when to move forward, when to retreat and when to stay still.

Whether you are aware of it or not the balance between your male and female energy affects your health, finances, sex life, relationship, self-esteem, and future.

How to recognize which energy do you have too much in yourself?

Male, if you:

  • have a fear of taking risks.
  • say no and you regret it later.
  • feel the need to plan everything, control, and stress if something needs to be changed.
  • are prone to micromanagement.
  • are characterized by too rigid and inflexible thinking.
  • have a problem with making real changes in your life.
  • stick to the same procedures too rigidly.
  • can not slow down and relax.
  • are a Super Mama or Super Wife.

Female, if you:

  • have a problem with concentration, tendencies to be distracted.
  • can not finish anything, you keep sailing with many things at once.
  • still, say yes and later you regret it.
  • have a problem with making decisions. 
  • are constantly losing things and are confused.
  • You still forget about something.
  • There is a lack of structure and planning in your life.

To get to know yourself at the deepest level of your being, you must experience the expression of both male and female divine energy within you. That way you can grow spiritually and expand your consciousness. 

Your greatest potential lies in balancing female and male energy within you. If both of them work and dance together in a harmonious way, they allow you to better understand life. They allow you to achieve spiritual enlightenment and intelligence.  Sometimes, however, it happens that both of these energies are disturbed, one of them is muted, wounded, or neglected. This imbalance is the basic cause of human suffering because it deprives you of living in a state of harmony with nature. A distorted version of male energy is the basic cause of obsession with humanity using nature and life.

When you reject your masculine or feminine energy, it causes you to feel incomplete, longing for something and as a result, dependency. You start to feel the need for someone to fill you up, to complete you. This leads to co-dependency or an illusion of the need of another person. Illusion, because you do not need anybody to feel fully in yourself. Just realizing this illusion is already a big step forward.

When this happens, it means that you do not really accept yourself fully, that you need someone to be able to draw energy from. But by taking energy from someone, you push the person away, because you deprive the person of energy. Dependence only attracts to you people who also have the same issue as you, because your reality reflects what is happening inside of you. In this way, you attract someone with similar energy to yours. You start to create an unsustainable relationship. It causes a cycle of a constant search for happiness outside because you are never fully satisfied.

If you feel incompleteness and longing, you block one of the divine energies within yourself.  

Male, when you feel too sensitive, emotional, and have a strong sense of longing, and female when you feel moved, apathetic, or deprived of contact with your emotions. This creates a strong need or desire for the opposite energy. Instead of looking outside, you should re-connect to the energy you block inside you.

When you have balanced masculine and feminine within yourself, you feel full, harmonious, and stable. You do not need anyone else because you are complete. You do not need love from someone because you love yourself. It allows you to take control of your life. You start to do everything for yourself and not for someone. Start to feed your soul, not ego. You enter stable relationships based on love and joy instead of fear and dependence.

Regardless of your experiences and choices, you always have the opportunity to take care of each of these energies and understand what you need to become a fuller and more integrated version of the divine version of yourself. How to do it?

When you have too much masculine energy:

  • Find some practice that will deepen your connection with yourself and let you express your feminine nature, for example, pilates, stretching, yoga, dancing.
  • Try to take care of yourself – Create a daily ritual that will help you to contact the female energy: meditate, start writing a diary, light candles and listen to music that will feed your inner woman, take a warm bath, treat yourself to a massage.
  • Awaken creativity – paint something, arrange a bouquet of flowers, make something out of plasticine, decorate your living space, take some pictures.
  • Discover your sensitivity – Do you know what touch you? What smell? What flavor? Go to nature and admire its beauty!
  • Introduce some magic into your life – try tarot or Oracle cards, or maybe numerology or reiki, light sage.
  • Start being aware of your emotions – call your emotions. Watch an emotional movie, read a book, write a love letter to someone, try to replace saying “I think” with the phrase “I feel”.
  • Release, do not run like that.

When you have too much female energy:

  • Start doing some sport – it will allow you to consciously practice aggression in a healthy and safe way. Martial arts, kickboxing are great ideas to accept your inner masculine, bring out a raw, animal side.
  • Take part in some competition – sign up for a half marathon, play computer games with someone, take part in a dance competition.
  • Try to plan an activity – for example, plan a holiday with your family or surprise party, or a romantic date with a partner, or renovation of your home.
  • Take care of your finances – prepare a budget plan and try to stick to it, start checking your account balance.
  • Try to structure your life – practice the to-do list, plan a day, etc.

Do you know that?

You can observe both energies also visually. In sacred geometry, straight lines are male and rounded female. This can also be seen in the structure of our bodies.

A picture showing the shapes of the male and female human body.

Source: Sebastiaan Fiolet „4 Fun Facts about Sacred Geometry”

Sex of the soul doesn’t exist, but do you have your own way to balance male and female energy in yourself? Share with us in the comments.


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