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What kind of sound are you?

by Agata Dzierżawa
What kind of sound are you? It is a picture of various black and white elements like double bass, eye, ear on a purple background.

“The starry sky creates music in you”

a hieroglyph on one of the walls of the Egyptian Temple of Denderaa hieroglyph on one of the walls of the Egyptian Temple of Dendera

You are the sound because the entire universe is a composition of small strings vibrating at different frequencies. Everything is music. So, your soul and body, and so do you. If so, you can tune in and heal through music and therapy with music or chanting mantras.

In this article you will:

  • Learn what sound is.
  • Learn its basic features.
  • Become familiar with the most important methods of sound healing.

Sound is a wave that picks up the vibrations of a vibrating object and transmits them. This wave reaches your eardrums, where it first takes a chemical form, and then as it passes through the brain, it turns into electrical impulses. However, you are not able to hear all the sounds that exist in nature. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they do not exist and do not affect our functioning. Sounds can even influence our brain waves.

The human adult ear is only able to hear sound on a scale of 16 hertz to 16,000 hertz, and young children even sound at 25,000 hertz. However, as you age, the range of sounds you can hear decreases. The perception of sound also depends on the person. A sound that is barely recognized by one person can be very annoying to someone else. Each of us can also react differently to the same sound, depending on our mood.

Due to the frequency range, i.e. the pitch of the sound, we distinguish:

  • Infrasound below 20 Hz
  • Audible sounds –20 Hz – 20kHz
  • Ultrasound – above 20 kHz

The frequency determines the pitch. The pitch of the note depends on the length of the string. Fast sound waves create high-pitched and penetrating sounds, and slow waves create deep, bass sounds.

The natural vibration of an object, or the frequency at which it vibrates, is resonance.

There are two categories of resonance. Casual – When an object vibrates only when it contacts a frequency that exactly matches its own frequency. Forced resonance is when one source of vibration causes another object to vibrate, even though the two objects are at different frequencies. An example of such an object is water. And also, a specific form of resonance, is synchronization, i.e. a phenomenon under the influence of which powerful vibrations of one object modify the vibrations of another object. As a result, they acquire the same rhythm or synchronize with their vibrations.

Every part of your body, every organ, organ, and cell has a different frequency. And all of them together create a harmonious composition – your own unique vibration. However, if an area of ​​your body vibrates inharmoniously, it is a sign of illness. This unique frequency and magnetism are also the reason why, for example, organs transplanted from other people are rejected if their vibrations do not match the whole composition.

What causes such disharmony?

Various external vibrations that you meet daily. And also, various internal vibrations, e.g. your heart rate, breath, or brain waves adapt to each other. Sound therapy is about restoring your frequency to its original state. Because sound is not only energy that allows us to experience sensory impressions, but also energy that also can penetrate cellular structures and modify molecules. For sound therapy to be effective, your individual frequency, time, and circumstances are important.

What kind of sound are you?

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What kind of sound are you?

Just as white light is a mixture of many colors, also sounds are actually complications of the various harmonics or timbres of a sound.

Harmonics are a full multiple of the original frequency. The second harmonic vibrates many times faster than the first. Third three times faster, fourth four times id.

The sound wave also has its amplitude, i.e. the sound volume measured in decibels. Continuous exposure to sounds over 85 decibels or more can lead to hearing loss. Too high a volume can even rupture internal organs and result in death. The fetus is especially sensitive to the loudness of the sound. Loud noises also affect the nervous system and can cause a fight-or-flight reaction in your body, raising the cortisol and adrenaline levels in your body, and causing you stress. Such sounds raise the frequency of brain waves and cause disturbances in the functioning of the immune system. We are all exposed to tack stress virtually all the time these days.

Therefore, often the best healer is simply silence.

Although most of us know that music can soothe our nerves or stimulate us to act by adding energy, we are not always fully aware of the real power of sound.

The Swiss medical doctor Hans Jenny proved by showing in his work “Cymatics” (from the Greek wave shape) the results of his experiments, confirming that sound can create geometric forms. In his experiments of subjecting various substances to vibrations caused by sound, he found that each of them can create shapes and objects – such as water. This property indicates that our physical reality is the result of the first primal sound.

In the table below you can see how the sound corresponds to the dimensions of existence and consciousness.

The name
of the sound
The name
of the interval
7DgammaAtmic Plane 
– spirit
heliumThe Cosmic Spaceh siseventh
6Dx-raysThe Messianic Plane 
– higher emotions – empathy
oxygenThe Ionospherea lasixth
5DultravioletThe Causal Plane 
– higher intellect, intuition
hydrogenThe Exosphereg so(l)fifth
4Dvisible lightAstral Plane 
– emotions
oxygenThe Thermospheref faquart
3DinfraredThe Mental Plane 
– intellect, reason
hydrogenThe Mesospheree mithird
2Dmicrowave The Etheric Plane 
– The Akashic Records
nitrogenThe Stratosphered resecond
1Dradio The Physical Plane 
– physical body
carbonThe Tropospherec dounison

However, sound can not only create reality. It can also annihilate it, which is proven by modern medicine by using sounds to remove unwanted cells or dissolve various substances, e.g. kidney stones, but also remove bacteria, viruses, and fungi from the body.

Sounds can heal as well, especially the sound of your own voice.

That is why an individual or collective conscious singing and making music have tremendous healing power. For centuries, people have expressed their emotions, moods, and feelings through the appropriate sounds of their own voice. They sang during ceremonies, meetings, or work.

Even when we release our anger, we make sounds. Unpleasant but necessary to clear the emotions that are blocking our bodies. Working with your own voice, you always must produce sound in tandem with the emotion that is assigned to it.

Each person has a unique voice pattern. It contains complete information about them, that is, the record of their DNA. By analyzing the voice of a given person with the help of a computer and an appropriate computer program, it is possible to determine what physical or emotional disorders exist in each person, as well as read their creative potential and any blockages that hinder their implementation. It is also possible to examine a person’s aura and detect irregularities in the functioning of their internal organs. By examining the voice, you can also determine the birth chart, i.e. the planetary system of the constellations in the sky during childbirth.

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What kind of sound are you?

Human sound has something in its vibrations that makes it much more powerful than any musical instrument.

The human voice was the first instrument. Only with time did man invent objects that make sounds. At first, they only made one sound, and with time the instruments started to make more, usually random, sounds. As music developed, the need to harmonize sounds began to be noticed. So, various types of scales, divisions, and systems were created. The precursor of the first of them was Pythagoras. Pythagoras was the first to notice the relationship between the length of a vibrating string and the pitch of the sound.

Sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air, and since a person’s body is mostly water, it has a tremendous effect on your body. Directly stimulating your body’s cells with sound changes cellular metabolism, resulting in a cell repair mechanism.

Sound therapy uses a very wide range of healing. It reduces stress, releases blocked emotions and heals physical disorders such as heart disease, arthritis, or emphysema and mental disorders. But it also restores the balance of the chakras and introduces to altered states of consciousness.

The best-known methods of sound therapy include:

Toning, that is, using your own voice for healing purposes, e.g. alleviating pain or bringing various parts of the body to a state of resonance. If you learn to project different frequencies with your voice toward different parts of your body, you will be able to heal yourself using the sound you have created.

Music therapy – is where the therapist modifies the patient’s behavior to relieve stress or relieve pain.

Singing mantras, purring, chanting – is based on the use of healing words. It consists in rhythmically repeating a prayer, a syllable (om, hallelujah), or a sound. It is a form of spiritual practice that helps to calm down and focus your thoughts.

Resonant frequency therapy – consists in restoring the frequency characteristic for a given organ, increasing the resonant frequency of a given organ.

Acoustic Matching Technology (HemiSync) – is a series of gently asynchronous frequencies inserted through the right and left ears, the combination of which induces an acoustic attunement. A third vibration is then produced which is the difference between the applied frequencies. The aim is to restore the balance between the right and left cerebral hemispheres and to stimulate the activity of specific brain waves.

Electronic Tomatis Ear and AIT (Audiory Integration Training) – provides energy to the brain through music. It is based on the research of the French ENT doctor Alfred Tomatis, who noted that music based on high frequencies is very beneficial for the central nervous system. This method helps to eliminate learning difficulties, dyslexia, and emotional problems.

Vibration therapy – involves the use of specialized beds, tables, capsules, or chairs that are used to apply sounds or music at a specific frequency. These include Somatron, BETAR, and Genesis Bio-Entrainment Module.

Tuning Fork Therapy – involves the use of specially designed tuning forks, whose task is to restore the balance of the nervous system. By harmonizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain and limiting brain wave activity.

Sonopuncture – involves applying sound to places known in acupuncture and meridians.

Impact with the sounds of natural acoustic instruments, including crystal bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, Peruvian whistles, and didgeridoo.

Specially composed music or sounds aimed at restoring natural harmony stored on sound carriers – CDs, MP3 files, or a phone applications, e.g. The Quanta Capsule

Interaction with sounds produced by dolphins – therapy based on direct contact with these animals.

Sounds strengthen prayer and the power of intention because they are a harmonious combination of thoughts and emotions. And harmony always means health, happiness, fulfillment, and love.

These sounds and their frequencies can also be imprinted into the structure of water or various metals using a special device – a remedy broadcast plate. They can then be worn on the skin, e.g. in the form of jewelry, for therapeutic purposes. However, these frequencies have to be recharged from time to time.

If you would like to try vibration therapy, frequency therapy, or The Quanta Capsule, I highly recommend the therapist and friend of mine Agnieszka Piotrowska from Lotus Energy Balance, who is a proven therapist by me personally. She works online.


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