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Orgasm as a source of vital energy.

by Agata Dzierżawa
An orgasm as a source of life energy is an image of energy that looks like a combination of a flower and a mushroom.

Each person has some potential of life energy necessary to survive. A young and healthy person obtains 100% of this energy every day through breathing, food, rest, or physical movement. Typically, about 60-70 % of this energy is used to support one’s vital functions, such as eating, digesting, breathing, walking, thinking, and working. However, as the body ages, man obtains less and less of this energy, although it still uses the same amount of it. Then it begins to use the excess of this energy accumulated in organs, such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, internal glands, or the brain.

In this article you will learn:

  • What it means managing your sexual energy.
  • What an orgasm. is
  • And what the levels and phases of orgasm are.

You need the most vital energy to create a new life, that is, a new consciousness.

For this reason, the most vital energy is generated during sex, mainly orgasm. This is because when you have an orgasm, your body assumes that it will create a new life, so it gives its best for it to arise. So, all the organs of your body – the brain, endocrine glands, internal organs, sensory receptors – produce their best energy.

On the other hand, the most of your vital energy is also lost by creating a new life.

Men lose it during ejaculation and women during menstruation. Every month, a woman’s ovaries produce an egg that contains a charge of vital energy. In addition, they use an enormous amount of vital energy, around 30-40 % of the daily energy needed to produce hormones and strengthen the uterine walls to prepare the body to lay a fertilized egg. Considering that women usually have one or two children, most of this energetic energy potential is irretrievably lost by women.

Male life energy is stored in sperm. During one ejaculation, a man sheds about 200-500 million sperm. Each of them could potentially become the seed of a new man. It takes about a third of a man’s daily energy expenditure to produce sperm. And that also puts a strain on his endocrine and immune system.

The sexual act usually ends with the expulsion of semen. After losing it, the body tries to replenish it as soon as possible. The more sperm is expelled, the more the body is forced to produce it. Sperm is very rich in nutrients. The reproductive glands get them from the blood that carries them from every part of the body – the liver, brain, and spleen. So, any ejaculation not related to procreation is a waste of male life energy. If a man tries to keep the sperm inside the body and disperses it inside the body, it can reverse the cycle.

Orgasm as a source of vital energy.

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Orgasm as a source of vital energy.

This tremendous commitment of the human body and vital energy to the production of sperm and eggs is intended to accelerate human evolution as a species.

Thus, the more efficiently a person processes this energy, the faster their individual evolution will be accomplished. Losses due to ejaculation are not just for the body. They also influence the emotions and thoughts of a person, so during a sexual act, huge amounts of vital energy are produced, which usually disappear into space during an orgasm. This energy related to creation has enormous power. It can be multiplied and used for purposes other than reproduction. How then to use its potential? It is enough to learn how to consciously manage it.

Sexual energy is divided into three phases: lust, arousal, and orgasm. Lust provokes sexual thoughts and leads to arousal behavior. Excitement, on the other hand, causes more blood to flow to the sexual organs, causing them to swell and enlarge. Orgasm is the release of sexual energy.

The most important thing in processing and retaining sexual energy is understanding the awareness of these phases and managing them properly.

The term management is understood as the multiplication of experienced orgasms (up to two, three or more), i.e. the multiplication of sexual energy. And also, knowingly spreading your orgasm all over your body in the right way. To achieve this, you need to train your sensitivity to your own sexual arousal. And get to know its rhythm and master the ability to control this phenomenon. Sexual arousal is a manifestation of sexual energy. It is associated with the increased production of sex hormones, which are of great importance to our overall health. It is a real fountain of youth and vitality.

Being able to control certain muscles, tendons, and commissures in the lower torso and allowing genital pressure to spread throughout the body keeps the man’s sperm in the body and the woman’s sexual energy. This process is accompanied by a variety of feelings of pleasure. Their intensity is so great that it leads to a spiritual awakening of a person. They can even activate their healing or clairvoyant abilities. When both lovers control their orgasm in this way, they generate enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy. It stimulates the production of hormones and enhances all vital functions of the body. This process finishes when you exchange life energy with your partner during meditation. This discharge and exchange of life forces are the foundation of human love.

This skill significantly extends the possibility of having sex and allows you to make love more often than before.

Of course, with enormous benefit to health. In this context, Sting’s boasts about his sexual potential – having sex for hours or even all night long, take on a completely new dimension. Truth? The more so because it is known that he practiced tantra, the Indian esoteric art of love.

Orgasm is one of the most intense and satisfying human sensations.

It is slightly different for every person. From the point of view of physiology, a male orgasm is a series of muscle contractions and pulsations felt at the level of the penis, prostate, and the entire pelvic area. They are accompanied by an increase in heart rate and respiration, and an increase in blood pressure. The climax of orgasm is the sudden release of tension, which is ejaculation. Ejaculation is just a simple reflex in the lower spinal cord. As a result, some semen is expelled outside. It is therefore an involuntary muscle contraction.

In a woman, an orgasm is an increase in blood flow through the pelvis, swelling of the clitoris and labia. Then there are phases of increasing excitement, the essence of which are contractions of the pubococcal muscle that entwines the anus and urethra in a loop. During these exercises, respiration and heart rate increase, and muscle tone increases. When the wave of excitement subsides, it leaves a feeling of bliss and relaxation.

Orgasm engages the brain and is complex, variable, and very individual.

It depends on the man and their sexual experience. It can also be experienced differently by the same person in different circumstances. Few people know, however, that both women and men can experience multiple orgasms. And, that there are several levels of orgasms. Most of us experience only the first level of orgasm, called genital orgasm, which is associated with physical pleasure and the physical release of sexual tension. However, apart from it, there is also a total and spiritual orgasm. The other two orgasms usually come naturally during twin soul sex. Most of us, however, must work on them to experience them.

Normal orgasm is associated with the discharge of life energy to the outside. It is enjoyable, but it involves a loss of this energy. The key is to direct the energy of your orgasm back inward. To bring it back into the body circulation, thus increasing its resources and improving it.

Orgasm as a source of vital energy.

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Orgasm as a source of vital energy.

Orgasm levels:

  • Genital – the most experienced type of orgasm. It is characterized by a short duration and low healing energy.
  • Total – it’s an orgasm that starts the flow of sexual energy from the genitals to the brain and the rest of the body. Multiple absolute orgasms. Your hands and feet are trembling, you have a warm, open heart and a clear, infinite mind. They are so intense that it is difficult to tell when one ends and a new begins.
  • Spiritual – the highest level of orgasm. It is often described as the unification of souls and consists in the exchange of energy and full union with a partner, and even merging with the entire universe.

Orgasm grades:

  • The pleasure felt mainly in the genitals.
  • Waves of pleasure spreading upward along the spine.
  • The bliss reaching the brain.
  • Waves of pleasure engulfing the whole body.
  • Blurring the boundaries between partners.
  • Possible transformation of consciousness.
  • Ending the sexual act. Energy radiates and permeates your entire body.

It is also not common knowledge that both women and men can experience multiple orgasms. Most men equate orgasm with ejaculation only. However, orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. A huge proportion of women do not experience orgasms at all.

Multiple climaxing in men is a slight inhibition of arousal, stopping it or delaying it, preventing ejaculation.

Just to prepare for your next orgasm. To experience multiple orgasms, you need to pause just before you ejaculate and relax. To do this, you need to learn to control the sex muscle, which is the pubic-coccyx muscle. You should also be familiar with the four stages of erection: lengthening, swelling, hardening, and heating to control your rhythm of excitement.

The ability to properly work with the breath is also very important here. Breathing is closely related to the activity of the heart. Deep abdominal breathing is especially important. With inhalation of air through the nose. Such breathing promotes the circulation of sexual energy throughout the body and extends the reach of orgasm. There are many ways and exercises to help you control your orgasm. However, to start practicing them, you need to make sure that there are no health contraindications, such as high blood pressure or heart problems.

When you learn to properly control your sexual energy, you will be able to distribute your orgasm all over your body and generate energy that will give you strength and health even after the act of love has ceased.

You will be able to reach states of prolonged ecstasy. Men provide their body with energy during every orgasm without ejaculation. So, when they ejaculate after a few orgasms, they lose less energy in the overall balance.

Sexual energy is a powerful tool, and knowledge about it and its use has been kept a deep secret for centuries by a small number of insiders. However, the level of humanity’s consciousness today is so high that it is time to discover this secret.


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