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Symbol the language of the Universe.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The symbol as the language of the Universe is a picture of a woman with a keyhole between her breasts and the symbols of the key in the background.

Synchronicity and the signs that the Universe sends you are forms of communication with your unconscious. The unconscious is all events, information, or factors not consciously registered by your mind. The unconscious consists of the subconscious (emotions and instincts as well as vitality) and the superconscious (intuition and empathy). Each of them can also be individual and collective.

In this article you will:

  • Get to know the components of the unconscious.
  • Learn how signs differ from symbols.
  • Understand what consists of intuitive symbolism.

The individual subconscious mind is your personal experience that has been recorded by your mind without your conscious awareness. There are memories you don’t remember. The collective subconscious is all kinds of archetypes resulting from your cultural, historical, and genetic affiliation. The individual super-consciousness is your glimpses, new concepts, and creative ideas. It is wisdom that comes from the collective consciousness. And the collective superconscious is subtle intuitions that come from the depths of our being. The individual and collective superconsciousness are your Higher Self. Consciousness, subconsciousness, and superconsciousness are the Jungian Self.

The job of synchronicity and signs is to get your attention.

With their help, you can build your personal communication system with both your subconscious and superconsciousness based on intuitive symbols. It is the kind of language you use to communicate with the Universe.

Signs are information that you can perceive with your physical senses. These signs you pick up from the outside world. You can see them, hear them, or touch them. You receive them through your rational mind and interpret them with the help of your subconscious mind.

Intuitive symbols are signals of a certain frequency that you receive by your psychic senses, i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and clairalience. You cannot see them with your physical senses because they come from your inner world. It’s intuition and empathy. They are viewed as your personal code by which you talk to your subconscious and superconscious.

Symbol the language of the Universe – why?

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Why is the Symbol the language of the Universe?

This code consists of various kinds of intuitive symbols.

Neither your subconscious nor your superconscious is using your rational brain to communicate. So, they send you intuitive, internal symbols, be it in the form of a picture, sound, feeling, smell or even taste. These symbols are always associated with emotions. You then interpret this information with the help of your rational mind. However, the less you interpret them logically and the more intuitive you try, the more successful this communication is.

Like any language, the language of symbols requires the sender and recipient of the message to exist and to have the same code. Only then is there an effective agreement on both sides. When you create your own symbolic language with the Universe you start channeling information from space. You become your own medium. We are all able to perceive psychic messages, but not everyone is able to understand them.

You see hundreds of symbols every day without even realizing it.

Every, even the smallest thing in our life has a symbolic meaning for us, which was formed based on our own life experiences. It can be, for example, the smell of baked bread, which for you will be a symbol of your family home, and for your friend, a symbol of the unpleasant long queuing at the baker. These symbolisms are either well known to you or hidden deep in your individual subconscious.

Just as we create our individual symbols in life, so much as a collective – humanity we create our symbols. Some help us identify with a specific social, religious, or spiritual group, and others help us meet our cultural or protective needs. Human life is full of symbols that remind us of something, dictate or prohibit something. Our collective subconscious, therefore, abounds in various symbols that we as humans have developed over the centuries. In your “conversations” with the Universe, therefore, both your personal symbols and those found in the collective subconscious will appear.

As you develop your intuition, all these symbols will begin to appear in your mind as intuitive images.

You will see snapshots of color, both color and black-and-white images. You will experience visions through the “third eye” located in the center of your forehead (full of visions as well as fragmentary). Sometimes you can hear a sound in your head, and you can even hear a whole song, word, or even a complete sentence. You will begin to sense things. You will think that you are touching something, you are in some place, and you will experience sensations in your body, e.g. you will feel like crying or you will feel cold.

Or you’ll just know things out of nowhere without any logical explanation. But you will be as sure of them as sure you are of your name. These messages are usually unclear and you need to decode them. Interpret it accordingly. To do this, you need to search both your own subconscious symbols and meanings and your collective resources. Any symbol dictionaries, historical information, symbol atlases, myths, legends, etc. will be helpful here.

Humanity has been using symbols from the very beginning of its existence trying to give form to elusive things.

When we start to analyze the symbolism existing in the achievements of mankind from around the world, we will notice that with its help, attempts were made to pass on from generation-to-generation information about the spiritual dimension of human existence. Thus, among the symbols, we find a belief in the omnipresent divine unity and the existence of the male and female elements, or the creation of the world.

There are symbols saying about the structure of human consciousness: the navel as a symbol of life, the heart – the source of feelings – love, compassion, joy, and sorrow, but also spiritual revelation and intelligence. Intestines – magical forces. Blood – the seat of the life force. The head is a seat of thought and reason. The Fountain of Youth – a symbol of sexual life forces and a manifestation of the rejuvenating action of love. Skull – the transience of life. Circle – the endless cycle of existence and destruction. The myth about twins – twin souls and the law of polarity of the universe. Butterfly, naked child, spark – symbols of the soul. Animals – the embodiment of the instinctive, emotional nature of man. Phoenix – a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Dolphin – a symbol of salvation.

Symbols can be both natural objects (stones, plants, animals, humans, elements, sun, moon) or man-made objects (houses or cars), as well as abstract forms (numbers, colors, geometric shapes). It can also be a phrase, a name, or even an image that you know from everyday life if they have specific connotations that are in addition to their usual and obvious meaning.

However, very often simple graphic symbols, e.g. a point that is a symbol of the beginnings of life present the greatest ideas. The spiral is the development and rotation of the cosmos or the law of vibration. Circle – a symbol of unity, fullness, and perfection. A mandala – is a symbol of the human desire to achieve internal integration and the representation of a human journey. Spiritual order.

Symbol the language of the Universe more.

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Symbol the language of the Universe details.

Symbols are present both in our daily life and in our dreams.

We live in a reality in which we are surrounded by thousands of different graphic signs that blend into our reality and become something we know and accept. We can find them in culture and media (news, computer games, movies, music) and in everyday life (fashion, tattoos, everyday items). These symbols are various logos, road signs, icons, and even letters.

A symbol is information in a compensated form, the purpose of which is to appear in human consciousness. Regardless of whether you understand its message consciously or not. This is the shortest form of communication. As the research of neurologists and linguists shows, the human brain thinks with symbols, so it does not matter whether you have registered this symbol consciously. It is important that your brain does it. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to what symbols and objects we surround ourselves with. However, to understand its meaning, you need to know the code, the environment, and the context in which they are placed.

Not every sign or graphic is a symbol, but any graphic or picture may have some symbol inside it.

Apart from the obvious meaning, e.g. an asterisk, the symbol must have a specific message. There must be some hidden, unclear idea in it. When your mind sees this symbol, it reaches this hidden content that is beyond the reach of your logical reason.

A symbol is a sensually perceived concept. To feel the information conveyed by it, it is enough to even put a piece of paper with the image of the symbol on your body. This property of symbols we can also use for physical and emotional healing, including in animals. Special symbols are used for this, the so-called barcodes of new homeopathy. These codes heal, balance the meridians, and soothe pain, it is enough for you to paint a specific symbol on your skin or prepare water charged with them. Their creator was Erich Korbler, a Viennese physicist.

Other symbols called the symbols of sacred geometry researched by Drunvalo Melchizedek are the symbols underlying our existence. They show a divine order that you can find in everything from the atom to the stars. They are based on the lumps of the Greek philosopher Plato, the so-called 5 platonic solids: cube, regular tetrahedron, regular octahedron, regular dodecahedron, and icosahedron. According to Plato, these lumps create matter and correspond to the 4 elements (i.e. the elements that create life: nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon). And the fifth one is a combination of all these elements.

An example of a symbol of sacred geometry is the Flower of Life – the “A Journey to Yourself” logo.

The Flower of Life means that everything is one and it flourishes. A sacred symbol containing the mathematical and universal regularities found in all basic forms of organic life. A metaphor for the connection of all life in the universe. The name “A Journey to Yourself” is a symbol of transcendence, liberation, and enlightenment.

Knowledge of symbols has been known to mankind for thousands of years. Paintings and tattoos were used by primitive peoples for various purposes. They ensured success in the hunt or fertility. They were used for religious rituals, treatment, or protection from evil spirits.

It is very important when interpreting intuitive symbols to know that each symbol always has one literal meaning and a different number of hidden meanings.

It always has its civilization context and is identified with a specific worldview. The symbol always has a dual power as well. Negative and positive aspects. Meanwhile, most of us cannot read their proper meaning and treat them as fashionable emblems or signs that do not carry any content.

Look at the examples below.

Pentagram – a five-pointed star inscribed in a circle. The peak point is equivalent to the spirit. The remaining points are the 4 elements: wind, fire, earth, and water. It symbolizes humanity balancing between spirit and matter. However, when you turn it upside down with two vertices facing upwards, it is a symbol of Satan in the form of the Mendesian goat (Baphomet). In this case, the two vertices symbolize the dualism of the universe: good and evil. The downward gable arm points to hell. The circle, in this case, symbolizes eternity and strength.

Swastika – Most people associate the symbol with crimes and terror-related to Nazism. Meanwhile, in Buddhism and Hinduism, it is a symbol of happiness and good luck as well as the dynamics of the cosmos but also destruction. The difference is the bend of the arms to the right or left. The arms bent to the right clockwise are a symbol of the sun and fire. Left is the goddess of death, destruction, and magic.

Broken S or lightning, which you know from the Women’s Strike protests in Poland (where it is referred to as a symbol of failure or anger and strength). Or most likely from the emblem of the Nazi SS formation.  It is a symbol of Satan and the divine wrath known from the Bible “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. It means destroyer and destruction.

However, you can not change the meaning of the symbol, you can not say that it means something else. Like you can’t create a symbol. Symbols arise spontaneously. Therefore, when using such a symbol, you will never communicate with the other party and you will not find an agreement and a constructive solution, because its task is to divide, not connect people.

Amulets and talismans are specific types of symbols of great ideological importance and emotional load. However, they are often used to gain power over others.

Why interpret the symbolism of intuitive messages?

It can help you make decisions daily. It will help give your life the right direction. The symbols can also be a warning or a reminder about what is important in your life. However, the ability to interpret intuitive symbols and follow your heart is not easy in today’s world. Especially if it means going against what society considers to be the norm.

You can also use symbols to manifest your desires.

It is enough that you symbolically depict all your desires and, in this way, using your personal language, you can convey your intentions to the Universe. Instead of expressing them with words or thoughts.

Knowing how much impact symbols have on your life before you decide to get a tattoo on your body, first check the symbolism of what you want to tattoo.

And if you already have a tattoo and you haven’t checked its symbolism, and something in your life is wrong, look at this drawing for symbolism. Do this with symbols for every aspect of your life. You are the creator of the Universe, and you are responsible for what you create around you. Look at your creation in terms of symbolism and think about whether you really want to create what these symbols represent.


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