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Support circle.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Support circle it is a picture of an octopus and a dog.

What are support circles?

While staying at the physical plane during the entire life cycle (reincarnation), the soul also creates a circle of support, that is as if its spiritual “friendships” with other souls, with whom it most often cooperates from life to life.

In this article: 

  • You will learn what soul support circles are.
  • You will learn about their types: intimate, inspirational, spiritual, and friendly. 
  • You will learn 13 positions existing in the circle of support: love, knowledge, compassion, mentor, beauty, child, humor, discipline, anchors, healer, enlightenment, and muse.

Every soul creates a so-called primary circle and at least two auxiliary circles. If in some life the soul does not meet for some reason all members of the main circle (let’s say close friends), members of the other two circles can fill these gaps. A further “friend” can jump into the place of a close “friend” absent in a given life.

For the soul to develop a close relationship with other souls, it must achieve an adequate level of maturity in which it is ready to receive support from others. Therefore, such circles usually have mature souls. At earlier stages of development, the soul is less willing to trust and choose independence. 

In such a circle there are 13 positions.

On the main one, the so-called power position there is a supported soul, that is your soul. It controls how it receives support in its life and how it uses these other people to ensure that it is being looked after properly.

The degree to which you are supported depends on your well-being in different areas of life such as career, family, relationships, and spirituality. And it also depends on your self-love. Usually, most old souls support 2 or 3 other souls.

If you do not have such a support group it means that its members could not appear in this life or that you are not ready to be supported by them, because you are quite a young soul. It can also mean that at your energy level you are not aware that you can have such a support group at all.

Support groups are divided into:

  • Intimate (love, knowledge, compassion) about self-esteem;
  • Inspirational  (mentor, beauty, child) about competence and success;
  • Spiritual (healer, muse, enlightenment) about wisdom and expansion;
  • Classmates (humor, anchor, discipline) about challenges and impediments of the physical plane;

What are the positions? See below:


The person in this position teaches you the most about love. Loves you and fully accepts. They supports you by allowing you to love them and they is ready to love you for who you are. It is not necessarily someone with whom you are in a sexual relationship.


There is someone in this position who can always rely on to get accurate information. Your advisor. Someone who shares with you their know-how and resources that will help you in life. They also gives you information that will allow you to get to know yourself better. They often helps you make a decision.


It is a person who is forgiving and supports you in good times as well as in crisis. It is someone who wants to get to know your point of view, understand you and at the same time gives you a sense of objectivity about yourself.


It’s someone you can always come to for advice and consultations. Somebody, who will share their wisdom with you. Often they is someone older than you, experienced in something that you are experiencing right now.


It is someone who introduces beauty into your life or represents beauty for you. It may be someone who is beautiful to your eyes or someone who draws your attention to the beauty of the world. 


It is someone who gives you the experience of parenting. Around this person, you are a planner, a guardian, the one who takes responsibility. It does not necessarily have to be your own child, or even necessarily someone younger than you. It is someone who you have to look after somehow. Someone who needs your care and gives you an experience of your own abilities.


It’s someone who brings humor to your life by being funny to you or by showing you the lighter side of life.


It’s someone who shows you where you need self-discipline. It may be someone who reminds you to be disciplined or someone who calls you the need to control yourself because it is difficult to control. It can also be someone who, by their example shows you discipline i.e., a yoga teacher.


It’s someone who provided stability and grounding. Someone you can always rely on, who is always there for you when you need it. parents often play this role.


It is someone you can trust to heal you physically, spiritually, or emotionally. It could be e.g. a doctor or a spiritual guide.


It’s someone who is your spiritual teacher. Most often it is a friend thanks to whom you touch higher states of consciousness and inspire yourself. It may also be someone who is dead, but thanks to the memory of them or their works, you touch higher states of consciousness and inspiration. Someone who gives structure to your belief system.


It’s someone to whom you devote your whole life. Whom you put on a pedestal and do not want to look at its mistakes. Somebody, who is the most inspirational example of your most important principles in life.

Sit now for a moment and think about whether you see the support circle around you. Can you recognize who is in what position around you?



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