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Ascension and virtues.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Ascension and Virtues is a picture of abstract hands, lips and eyes on a navy blue background.

 We can achieve the state of biochemical harmony in the body only when our endocrine system or the chakra system works without any disturbances or abnormalities.

The term chakra means “wheel” or energy in motion. It is impossible to open or close one chakra because they are all connected into one, they will unite the chakra by the so-called microcosmic orbit. Thus, increasing the energy level in one chakra, i.e. the work of one gland, requires the flow of energy – hormones through the entire system – the body. The microcosmic orbit balances and integrates all chakras and supplies energy to all organs and body parts through meridians. This is how an energy egg, or human aura, is created. So, a biofield is made of a mixture of gases circulating in our body with hormones and neurotransmitters.

In this article you will learn:

  • What Ascension is and what conditions you must meet to experience it.
  • What virtues are.
  • The difference between compassion and sympathy.

When you reach the state of biochemical equilibrium, you reach the state of unconditional love. The purest and noblest feeling in the world. The state of love felt with every particle of your existence to every other unit of existence as if you were one.

It is a feeling of unity with a feeling of total freedom.

Acceptance, understanding, and compassion. The key to it is nothing else but self-love. Self-love is self-love guided by one’s own sense of happiness. It is trust and self-confidence. Concern for the preservation of one’s own existence and its development until reaching the peak of its perfection. It’s being the best version of yourself.

Self-love is developing a healthy body, providing it with the right amount of rest, nutrients, exercise, and taking care of the emotional balance. A life filled with constant problems and dramas drains life energy. But it is also not engaging in excessive sexual activity that deprives you of your vital energy and its precious properties. It is not giving in to negative emotions and not relying solely on material sources of life force.

We were born to be immortal, but we became mortal ourselves by depriving ourselves of life energy.

In the history of mankind, many enlightened masters (also called saints) have been able to obtain the immortality of their own bodies. We know this by the term ascension. Ascension means the transfer of a person to heaven during life (not after death) with the body and not the soul itself. We are familiar with this term mainly thanks to Jesus or Muhammad because these two cases were publicized, although many other people managed to do so. However, very often we think of Ascension literally and treat it as the ascent of the physical body from Earth to heaven.

Ascension, meanwhile, is being able to transform matter into immaterial and transfer it to your spiritual body. At the time of death, we can transfer our consciousness, energy, and physical elements of our bodies to the spiritual body. In this process, the physical bodies of the enlightened master contracted. Sometimes they might even weigh two-thirds of their normal weight after their physical death. This meant that they had managed to transform most of their material being into an immaterial state. While being fully aware. They transferred all their physical essence transforming it into life energy to the immortal body, the so-called rainbow body. The ability to transcend even death through the transmutation of our physicality into the immortal spirit body – the physical immortality is Ascension.

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In other words, immortality is possible when you connect your physical body with your soul and spirit.

However, to connect with the outer world – spirit, you first need to take control of your inner world. You must experience the flow of life energy through your body. Why? For energy is the source and product of matter. Both are necessary for the co-creation and evolution of the world.

As you know, the flow of life energy follows certain patterns through sixty channels and around 365 points or energy centers and is blocked by negative emotions. They block and condense life energy. Energy points have both positive and negative poles, i.e. male and female energy, thanks to which they regulate its flow and ennoble life energy. Each of these points generates its energy to attract or repel energy from other centers to supply it to the entire body. This energy is an electromagnetic current that is influenced by chemicals, neurotransmitters, and hormones. Meridians are the paths along which this energy flows in the human body.

Negative emotions can cause blockages and energy imbalances.

These energy stagnations, on the other hand, can increase negative emotions. The presence of negative emotions may weaken the body’s resistance to the disease before any clinical symptoms appear. When the body is weak or sick, it cannot generate enough energy to properly nourish the organs and glands in the body through energy meridians.

Long-term negative emotions such as hatred, impatience, and arrogance turn into feelings. Bad feelings, on the other hand, can turn into negative emotional states that are more difficult to control and which often lead to outbursts of uncontrolled emotions. They also have a direct impact on, for example, heart disease.

However, for the life energy to flow freely, it is not enough just to unblock negative emotions in the body.

You still need to cultivate good emotions, the so-called virtues. Which means taking care of the proper functioning of all organs and glands. As close as possible to their natural properties.

This is because the quality of our internal energy is just as important to our health and spiritual development as its quantity. If you neglect this and just work to increase the amount of energy in your body, you can amplify negative emotions in this way. By making them even more powerful and harder to control and transform. It is for this reason that some spiritual leaders will fail in their spiritual development. They marvel at their power but neglect the daily practice of perfecting and nourishing their own energy. The development of the virtues must continue until it becomes an automatic process. Only then can a person truly understand what it means to be called a master.

We are all born with the potential to experience higher emotions.

They are the virtues of love, meekness, kindness, respect, honesty, justice, and righteousness. In fact, they are the higher aspects of our emotions that come from the positive energies of our organs. When we are rich in virtues, our life force flows smoothly and efficiently. However, if we neglect to cultivate these virtues, we run the risk of channeling the accumulated energy directly into our negative emotions. This can exacerbate any negative or neurotic tendencies and potentials we may have within ourselves. Because you usually emanate the emotional energy that is most prevalent in you.

Unfortunately, as we mature and experience increased stress in our daily lives, negative emotions such as fear, anger, cruelty, resentment, hatred, impatience, worry, sadness, and regret often begin to dominate us. They have a detrimental effect on our internal organs and glands. They can drain your life force, causing your body to run with less energy and with a slower vibration speed.

It is the task of your soul to develop these virtues in you.

Therefore, the soul often creates situations in your life where you can develop them in order to achieve the goals it wants to achieve. How will you know if you have mastered virtue enough to become its master? By recognizing and feeling inner changes. The more virtues you acquire, the easier it will be for you to understand other people.

Virtues are not only positive emotions, however, because emotions are limited to specific manifestations in time and space. The virtues are the true essence or seed of the life energy of our positive feelings. They are an aspect of our immortal soul essence, emanating from beyond time and space into our daily lives.

Virtues are our natural qualities inseparable from each of us.

You don’t have to create them yourself. You just need to discover them, exercise and nourish them. Our goal is to get to know ourselves as we really are and to regain all aspects of ourselves at every level.

Among the virtues are the virtue of serving others, tolerance, courage, bravery, forgiveness, and goodness. They are all in wisdom and love. They reflect your interdependence with God, with nature, with all your life, and with the various parts of your body. Virtues express love and an attitude that strengthens the positive bonds that connect everything in the universe, they are conducive to life, health, and harmony. Cultivating virtue is the basis of spiritual growth. Each of us was born with these traits in abundance.

The Chinese already in antiquity combined these virtues with five elements.

They are the main forces that guide the whole world: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In fact, these names were used to describe the 5 basic elements that make up our universe as follows:

Metal – Oxygen: lungs; contracting force; courage, righteousness, appropriateness

Water – Nitrogen: kidneys; gathering strength; gentleness, generosity, alert calm

Wood – Carbon: liver; generating strength; kindness, forgiveness

Fire – Hel: prospering strength; love, joy, happiness, gratitude, respect, honor Earth – Hydrogen: spleen; stabilizing force; openness, honesty, and fairness in the center

Earth – Hydrogen: spleen; stabilizing force; openness, honesty, and fairness in the center

Of course, modern medicine in its arrogance has not even combined this knowledge in such a way.

The highest expression of human emotions and virtues is compassion.

This is the highest level of spiritual development. It requires hard work and long hours of meditation before it flourishes in a person’s life. It is not a single virtue, but a distillation and culmination of all virtues. Expressing itself in a person’s life at any time as a mixture of honesty, kindness, gentleness, honesty and respect, courage, and love.

Very often, compassion is misunderstood as being in sympathy. Meanwhile, compassion is the weakness that people show when they succumb easily to the emotions of others. The combined forces of virtues, on the other hand, produce different energy, more closely related to empathy, which is a higher state of consciousness. With it, you can recognize the emotional outflows of others without losing your balance. This is a higher level of empathy than we feel every day. Not empathy is the intellectual ability to recognize and empathize with other people’s mental states, or the ability to put oneself in a person’s shoes and adopt his way of thinking. But rather a state of consciousness – feeling the emotional states of other people and beings as your own.

So, the difference between compassion and sympathy is that compassion is neither an emotion nor a feeling, but a higher state of consciousness that naturally radiates the best human qualities.

It is only through empathy that one can love unconditionally and thus accept the world on its own terms without suffering. To be able to truly share love, you first need to build up an abundance of it. One who does not love themself is completely dependent on the love of others. Their self-esteem and identity are conditioned by the opinion of others.

However, human nature has it that we are always looking outside of ourselves for something that could satisfy our needs. And we don’t realize that others are looking for fulfillment in the same way we do. We assume everyone else has what we need. Just like others, they assume the same thing by thinking of us. This is how we are all looking for love outside, without nurturing our own source of this energy from within. However, if we do not cultivate love, we can only drain the energy of others. Success in any relationship with another person depends on the ability of both parties to share the abundance of love that comes from two sources. When we are full of inner love, we can connect to unlimited love in the universe and share it abundantly with others.


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