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The densities of the Universe.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The densities of the universe are an abstract image of an enlightened spirit.

Space-time is a sea of ​​tiny whirlpools that form toruses. These vortices create wormholes that connect everything. They also interact with each other, the cause and main principle of which is geometry itself. These interactions form the grids of consciousness and the dimensions and densities of the universe, each with its own unique structure. They also create levels of consciousness in the form of particles, structures, or beings through the accumulation of information over time.

Toruses connect, last for a while, then disintegrate. The reason for their destruction is evolution, that is, the continuous process of striving for perfection. The process of changes and modifications of simple forms with simultaneous use of the existing evolutionary achievements. The process of high mathematical organization – is irreversible and leads to the formation of more and more complex structures.

In this article you will know:

  • The eight density of the universe.
  • What sound is capable of.
  • How the Earth’s magnetic field affects humans.
  • And what the source of life energy is.

The entire space is full of various types of interaction fields, from the electromagnetic field of one atom to the electromagnetic field of the Earth, creating the density of the universe and resulting from wave interference. All force carriers, on the other hand, act as virtual particles transferring their force.

There are 8 densities in the universe, of which the sixth, seventh, and eighth are non-material densities – meaning there are no particles here.

The first density is the acoustic field, i.e. the area in which sound waves propagate.

This density is called waves – single oscillations of space. Imagine the universe as the surface of a great drum. When you hit it, it sends waves across the membrane which, when they reach the edge, bounce back, and return to the center. The same happens in the universe.

A string of helium vibrating under the influence of movement caused by the distortion of the vacuum, i.e. the emergence of consciousness, causes sound-noise. When energized, it transfers energy to the neighboring molecule, and it vibrates around its axis.

Space is a vacuum, but also an information field with a specific capacity resulting from its geometric structure. Exceeding it causes – a quantum leap – an automatic “jump to the next floor” and the formation of another structural grid. The condensation and continuity of information result in the formation of a quantum bridge, thanks to which a new fractal layer is created. The overflow of information leads to the formation of another layer of information that creates the density of the universe.

Each torus has two north and south poles because it is surrounded by a magnetic field. When its surface and volume are filled with information, the next algorithm builds up the next layer of a new torus on it. This is a geometric orthogonal rotation of 90 degrees. Since the entire torus is surrounded by a magnetic field, the pole of this field causes the next layer to be inverted as in a mirror image, so that two opposite magnetic poles connect with each other.

As you know, the opposite poles attract, and the same ones repel each other. This interaction causes the point to move for the first time – it completes the first circle of the Flower of Life. This can be defined as the distortion of space that causes our universe to emerge from a vacuum. This movement of the magnetic field produces sound. The magnetic field on the Flower of Life symbol is represented by a double circle – the zona pellucida.

God is a magnetic field or a sound?

Each new layer of information creates a new awareness based on existing information and new information obtained because of further evolution. Consciousness is understood as a new form of existence (molecule, structure, essence) that arises at the intersection of all interactions – all fields of interaction after filling the entire surface with information algorithms.

This quantum leap is also movement. The movement of space, on the other hand, causes noise – sound. The sound induces acoustic-gravitational waves, which lead to the creation of various complex patterns – the curvature of space-time. These in turn are a condition for the existence of matter. Distortions are types of folds or bends, which, however, do not disturb the continuity of the space, it remains uniform. If the deformation is of the correct form and complexity, it acquires the properties of mass and inertia over time. The influence of these deformations on our four-dimensional world or the effects of their projections on it are structures that we interpret as gravitons and photons, as well as charged and uncharged particles. So, what we call matter is a locally bounded geometric structure in a vacuum.

The densities of the universe.

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The densities of the universe.

Sound generates electron spins, which was proved by the Fuchs group in their research.

Sound waves generate high-amplitude spin waves that travel long distances in the magnetic field, and can be used to carry information. Waves also cause the movement of matter particles consequently. The electron spin is infinitely small, but nevertheless, it is the source of all magnetism, from fridge magnets to high-tech hard drives. Spin is related to circular polarization (vector degrees of freedom) of waves and is characterized by local rotation of the vector field. As a result, we get superpositions.

The sound wave first transmits torque clockwise and then counterclockwise. However, the principle of repulsion by the same magnetic poles shifts this motion 180 degrees, thus creating the sign of infinity (symbol of God). This is confirmed by the vortex mathematics of Marko Rodin. This rotation produces antimatter.

A sound wave also consists of areas of high and low pressure moving through space. The sonic wave with angular momentum is a spiral around the central axis (wormhole). This spiral goes both up and down – in all directions defined by the rules of geometry. This occurs as a result of a quantum leap, i.e. the action of a magnetic field. Such a wave can set objects in motion. This creates the shape of a torus with a hole in its center – the result of the interaction of magnetic fields. Connected holes, on the other hand, create wormholes between the cosmoses.

The universe is therefore a classical analog system.

Imagine a ball (torus) with charges rotating on its axis. The fact that it is charged, and spins give it a magnetic moment. And since this is a quantum world where everything happens in discrete leaps, the simplest systems perform their spinning counterparts. When the spins overlap, a state known as superposition arises.

First density is the universal matter of the universe – the universal component of space, where wave fragments form an organized structure, spatial patterns – particles. It is very similar to the formation of a tornado in the air. Calm air is a void with no recognizable geometric properties. A tornado is an already-defined geometric structure inside which a blast of rapidly rotating air produces sound. Its funnel shape distinguishes it from the rest of the non-rotating atmosphere. However, it still consists only of air and not of any other material.

This relationship can be seen in the Sun-Earth relationship.

The Earth is a mirror image of the Sun. Each of them is a separate torus. The Earth’s electromagnetic field produces a resonating noise. The drum membrane is a magnetosphere. It separates the solar wind and charged particles from the Earth causing drum oscillations. When a wave (sound) hits this membrane, it splits the magnetic field into the north and south poles. This behavior is reflected in the ionosphere causing the process to continue to be handled.

Physicist Martin Archer and his colleagues noted that the Earth’s magnetic field is a gigantic musical instrument whose symphony strongly influences space weather. With the help of several satellites, they even recorded the sounds they made. However, the human ear cannot hear the vibrations of space because these sounds are as much as 10,000 times too low for the human ear to pick up. These frequencies are between 1.8 and 3.3 millihertz.

These sounds come from the van Allen belt, the area where high-energy particles are trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field. It is the skin of the torus surrounding the globe – the plasmasphere, the plasma-rich area inside the magnetosphere that ends in plasmapause. The increase in the strength of these waves is related to both the increase in solar activity – solar flare and the emission of solar plasma, as well as the activity of geodynamic processes. The sound of waves moving inside the plasmasphere is called the hissing of the plasmasphere.

The Earth constantly emits a huge amount of radio waves generating acoustic-gravitational waves. They are emitted by the core of the Earth. Elchin Khalilov, a geophysicist from Azerbaijan, is investigating these waves. This process modifies the Earth’s electromagnetic field, ultimately leading to a polarity of the Earth.

Thus, acoustic waves are the cause of vacuum spins, i.e. a uniform field of information. From these dynamics of space-time, gravity arises. This confirms Nassim Haramein’s claim that the source of gravity is the fluctuation of the electromagnetic vacuum of the quantum information network.

The second density is an electrostatic field, i.e. a space in which each electric charge is affected by an electromagnetic force.

Electromagnetic forces can be both attractive and repulsive forces. So, they are something that causes the Pauli Exclusion Principle and another source of gravity. Unlike charges attract each other and identical charges repel each other. Heim defined this interaction as a field of vacuum or quintessence. It is a weakly repulsive gravitational force interacting with the vacuum. Everything is made of a vacuum. Its energy gives birth to, permeates, and nourishes the entire world of existence.

This density is Marko Rodin’s diamond net of awareness. Structural net in which molecules arrange themselves into specific structures as a result of rules imposed by electric charges – algorithms. Here, matter forms clusters and channels through which free particles flow. We can divide these molecules into molecules of:

  • transmission – turning into an electron,
  • command – changing into a wave-particle or glue,
  • double information,
  • separation – neutron,
  • vortex
  • and vital – proton.

There are two types of structural meshes in this density: information and building.

The third density is the electric field, i.e. the space in which energy is stored.

The lines of this field come out of the electrostatic field of positive charges and converge in negative charges.

It is the density that creates the world that surrounds us and that we can perceive with our senses. It is the world of matter, i.e. particles and structural grids. Here we find protons, neutrons, electrons, glue, waves, and quantum particles. Each of these molecules, however, can exist in different arrangements depending on what grids it is based on.

There are three types of nets: waves, glue, and quantum. Our reality is based on a wave and glue net (net made of glue particles). We don’t see free particles or those related to the three-net system. Matter can be deposited on one net (in three options), on two nets (in three options), and on three nets and consist of particles not embedded in any net, the so-called free particles. So, beyond our knowledge and perception, there are 7/8 of third-density matter. The piece of matter that we can see, and touch is only a projection into our three-dimensional space of a twelve-dimensional network deformation. Like, for example, a shadow is a two-dimensional projection of your three-dimensional body.

The fourth density is a magnetic field, i.e. a space in which forces having a magnetic moment act on moving electric charges.

The magnetic field is produced by an alternating electric field. An alternating magnetic field, on the other hand, produces an electric field. Such mutual induction of fields takes place in an electromagnetic wave. The magnetic field is sourceless, which means that the lines of this field form closed curves. They neither end nor begin. The magnetic field arises mainly due to the movement of electrons: orbital and rotational.

A rotating magnetic field, the source of which is an electromagnetic wave, is composed of two fields rotating in opposite directions.

The matter of this density is made up of molecules and structural meshes. The particles that exist here are astral, basic building blocks, bursting, rushing, multiple merges, cyclic, adaptive, and synchronous. The grids are a multiple-merge grid – the equivalent of a glue grid, a cyclic grid, and a synchronizing grid. The magnetic field is produced by an alternating electric field. An alternating magnetic field, on the other hand, produces an electric field. Such mutual induction of fields takes place in an electromagnetic wave. The magnetic field is sourceless, which means that the lines of this field form closed curves. They neither end nor begin. The magnetic field arises mainly due to the movement of electrons: orbital and rotational.

A rotating magnetic field, the source of which is an electromagnetic wave, is composed of two fields rotating in opposite directions.

The matter of this density is made up of molecules and structural nets. The particles that exist here are astral, basic building blocks, bursting, rushing, multiple merges, cyclic, adaptive, and synchronous. The meshes are multiple merge nets – the equivalent of a glue net, a circular net, and a sync net.

The magnetic field surrounds all elements: vacuum, particles, structures, and beings.

The Earth produces a magnetic field whose lines wrap around the globe, becoming much denser around the poles. And the magnetism of the Earth is subject to constant and often rapid changes affecting the functioning of the people who live on it. It was examined by Winfried Otto Schumann, who noticed that the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface behave like a resonance cavity. He managed to determine the resonant frequencies of this system, which are 7.83 Hz. However, since 2014, this frequency has increased. It was already 16.5 Hz, and sometimes it even reaches 40 Hz.

This frequency affects people by exacerbating the states in which they find themselves – health or disease, positive or negative mood. It also causes physical ailments such as:

  • hot flushes
  • dizziness
  • the blurring of the image
  • irregular heartbeat
  • unexplained pains
  • extreme tiredness or agitation
  • excessive or no appetite
  • digestive problems or nausea
  • anxiety, mood swings

Earth’s polarity is the process by which the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field is reversed, i.e. the North Pole changes with the South Pole. During the reversal process, the Earth’s magnetic field does not completely disappear, but it is much weaker. A sharp decrease in the intensity of the dipole magnetic field has been observed since the time when constant measurements of the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field were carried out, i.e. for at least 150 years; it has accelerated considerably in recent years. The last time the places of the Earth’s magnetic poles were swapped was 780,000. years ago. The Earth’s polarity is associated with a shift in consciousness – the capacity of information I mentioned in the description of the first density.

Fifth density – radiation of electromagnetic waves.

Photons are the carriers of electromagnetic interactions. Thus, the fifth density is the electromagnetic field disturbance region – a stream of massless particles called photons. They are molecules that have neither a resting mass (they exist only in motion) nor a charge. It is a space of highly vibrating particles and a high density of matter. However, the particles here do not form material collectives, but rather condensations. They give rise to uncharged particles with gravitational mass and inertia.

There are nets of temporary building material, continuous building material, and information nets here.

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Sixth density – gravity.

This is a zone of nullification and virtual particles. Virtual particles are not “real” or solid objects, but rather probability distributions. In other words, virtual particles are energy that exists for a limited time, although there is a chance (probability) that they may become (or already be) real energy. The “empty” space is seething with particle-antiparticle pairs, which are formed and then annihilated again after a very short time. Although these particles cannot be observed individually, their existence can be demonstrated.

This is the area where photons are converted into gravitational energy (gravitophoton). Graviphoton particles are formed in pairs from the vacuum itself because of the polarization of the vacuum (virtual electrons) in the presence of a very strong magnetic field (photons). The total energy extracted from the vacuum by generating pairs of gravitophotons is therefore zero. However, the physical effect is based on the different absorption coefficients of the negative and positive gravitophotons.

Attractive graviphotons interact with matter so that they can become true particles exerting force on the material body. Repulsive gravitophones are much smaller in cross-section and do not interact with matter. Graviphotons interact with virtual matter. Repulsive gravitophtons and gravitons can be turned into quintessential particles.

The seventh density is the electroweak force space. It’s radioactivity and nuclear transformation.

The seventh density is the area of ​​the point source of the electromagnetic wave that emits energy uniformly in all directions, forming a sphere. The saturation of space with information led to the creation of a point – the cause of the first sphere. Movement, that is local rotation at a given point in space, led to the appearance of folds – waves. This was followed by a “mirror image” of these folds. This is how superspace or the state of supersymmetry – “divine unity” was created, in which each fermion has its own bosonic counterpart, and each boson has a fermion counterpart. So that all molecules are one.

In esotericism, it is the state of monad fusion into one – pure spirit. An intangible state of pure information prior to the existence of the dimensions and density of the cosmos. The state of the “zero” point – a connection of a discrete space-time with a continuous one in which all molecules are identical, differing only in geometric rotational properties (left and right-handed particles). These spin properties are due to mathematics – the geometric representation of positive and negative numbers on the number line. The supersymmetry state is the state of high energies experienced during the big bang.

The explosion occurs due to the decay of the unstable helium isotope. The helium nucleus produces alpha, beta, and gamma radiation during decay. This happens when the nuclei with excess energy move to lower energy states. Helium is an excellent support for the sound wave. The frequency of string vibrations in the resonance chamber depends on the density of the medium in which these vibrations occur, and in helium, it is much faster. Helium also contains a complete hydrogen atom that is released during this reaction.

Super partners are unstable particles and therefore break down quickly in a cascade.

This instability is related to the weak interaction responsible for breaking the symmetry of space by breaking the parity of the charge. It is transmitted by the w + and w- bosons and the neutral boson Z0. It is responsible for beta decay, but also for gamma radiation. Due to this, the energy is excreted, which carries the decay products. Beta decays, i.e. the emission of an electron (plus antineutrino) and a gamma photon, take place in nuclei that have an excess of neutrons, as is the case with unstable helium.

The weak force also makes it possible to burn hydrogen which is burned to helium. This process first produces “heavy hydrogen” – deuterium. In the hot and dense interior of the Sun, protons collide (the nuclei of the hydrogen atom), and one of them then turns into a neuron, and this is how deuterium is formed.

At high energies, four massless photon-like gauge bosons are produced. At low energies, these bosons couple with the Higgs field, which gives three of their mass. They then become bosons of the weak W +, W–, and Z interactions, while the fourth remains massless and becomes a photon of the electromagnetic interactions. Particles exist in two mirrored varieties due to the magnetic interaction that causes them to be mirrored. The interaction with the Higgs Field is precisely this interaction thanks to which massless molecules gain mass. It is also anti-symmetry and the Pauli principle.

Eighth density – time-space.

The densities 1-7 are the inner layer of the torus, while density 8 is its outer layer – the moment of transition between the algorithms. This is an area of ​​the holographic principle defined as the ability to store information on the surface of a black hole’s event horizon. This principle is consistent with the theory of Gerard ‘ta Hooft and Leonard Susskind that the information about the energy entering the black hole, which is the torus core and radiating from it, was fully recorded on the event horizon. Hooft has shown that on the black hole event horizon there can be “bump” sensations in which incoming and outgoing radiation exchange information.

It is also corroborated by the calculations of Nassim Haramein showing the relationship between the information content, in the form of power supplies inside the volume of a black hole, and power supply information at the surface event horizon. This gives a ratio that, when multiplied by the Planck mass, generates the exact mass energy of the black hole.

Heim’s theory confirms this way of functioning the universe, which I received thanks to intuitive messages.

Its space consists of four subspaces or partial structures that make up semantic units. These units are combined according to specific rules to form a polymer that represents all physical interactions. His theory predicts six such fundamental interactions instead of the four known experimentally. However, the electro-strong force is actually the force of gravity associated with the existence of black holes, i.e. empty spaces created as a result of the action of the electromagnetic field 6 electromagnetic fields.

The mass that makes up our reality is the result of the gradient information density between the different scales that generates and animates the structure of our universe. This information network structure generates the gravity and mass of all atomic nuclei – the source of mass – the energy that makes up matter. It arises when the processes of geometric exchange, i.e. spin, always return to the starting point.

The matter did not form very quickly after the “big bang” outburst, but more uniformly in diffuse firecracker-like outbursts with galactic proportions. These eruptions can still be observed in the Universe, which is a record of the history of our creation. When we look at the stars, we are seeing our birth. The creation of matter resulted in the observed large-scale galactic structure of the universe. And the creation of matter continues to this day, albeit on a very limited scale.

The vacuum is everything and it connects everything. Everything is made of a vacuum, and its energy gives birth to, permeates, and nourishes the entire world of existence.

And the universe is a discrete network of energy grids that vibrate together like a field. All the particles and forces are created by the changes in the grid of this energy field. Information about its dimensions is nested in the nodes of this network, and the vibrations between them behave like strings. In other words, they are all right, but they are only partially right. The polarization of science, i.e. the division into an increasing number of more specialized fields, resulted in the lack of communication and the belief that only even greater polarization will allow us to find the source of everything that is. Meanwhile, it is hidden in the overall picture. In an integrated approach to learning. A truly unified theory can only be obtained from a combination of philosophy, psychology, esotericism, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. You can find out by reading my blog.

In this reality, space must be distorted for an event to happen. There must first be a change in the higher densities, which then affects the geometry of space-time causing a physical phenomenon. Thus, mental, and physical processes meet as a pattern of information. Our thoughts, deeds, and feelings are recorded in the information field and are a form of eternal indestructible energy that builds up and drives the entire system. It also contains all the information and experiences about our ancestors, the plant and animal world, and every form of consciousness and intelligence. And this whole knowledge system is always available to all of us. A great quantum database where spirituality meets science.


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