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Divine space-time.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Divine Spacetime is a picture of colored diamonds on a pink background.

When a point projects 6 rays in six different directions to form a diamond shape, the resulting shape is a figure known as an octahedron. If you set this figure in motion around each axis, you will get a perfect sphere (ball). As you know from Sacred Geometry, the straight line is male, and the curve is female. Thus, the sphere is a female solid, its spatial male counterpart is a cube. The cube you can create if you connect the centers of the Egg of Life spheres with a line, that is, the first 8 circles (spheres). This cube is called Metatron’s Cube.

In this article you will learn:

  • About Platonic solids.
  • How the 6 dimensions of reality look like from the point of view of physics.

The shape of the torus, on the other hand, is the result of the rotation of the Seed of Life (Genesis Pattern), i.e. the first six spheres described on the center circle around the central axis. Torus is a donut-like figure with a hole in the center. This buttonhole is the inner tube.

In the torus, as in the Genesis pattern, six spheres surround the seventh, and the center circle covers the entire surface. When you take two overlapping Genesis Patterns and one is stable and the other rotates 30 degrees around the central sphere, then you will create 12 spheres. These 12 spheres symbolize the dimensions of reality. Depending on the perspective, therefore, we distinguish 6 basic dimensions of reality or 12. These 12 arise when you complete the Fruit of Life circles beyond the pellucide zone. The 6 dimensions make up the complex planes (real and imaginary) x, y, z.

The cube is the first of five unique solids known as Platonic solids.

Platonic solids have certain features:

  • all their walls are of a certain size,
  • their edges are of equal length,
  • the internal angles between their faces are also of equal size,
  • and if you place them inside a properly sized sphere, all their vertices will touch the surface of the sphere.
Platonic solids
Source: Wikipedia

Apart from the cube, the Platonic solids also include:

  • Tetrahedron – a polyhedron made of four walls that are equilateral triangles
  • Octahedron – a solid whose eight sides are equilateral triangles of the same size
  • Icosahedron – icosahedron made of equilateral triangles
  • Dodecahedron – pentagonal dodecahedron, the walls of which consist of twelve pentagons

All these lumps come from the Fruit of Life, they hide between the lines of Metatron’s cube. All these solids can fit perfectly not only into the sphere but also into the cube. So, all our reality is based on geometry and mathematics, which means that all other fields of science should also be based on them.

Divine space-time.

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Divine space-time.

The complete geometrization of physics is the essence of the theory of the German scientist Burkhart Heim.

However, even though he made a breakthrough in theoretical science, and I managed to unify the field theory, he is an almost unknown scientist. The reason for this lack of popularity lies in the extensive and difficult mathematics he used, as well as in the language. His work has been published only in German and there are only a few English-language articles on this topic.

Heim believed that the space of the entire universe has a structural potential, which means that the features of space itself appear as geometric structures. And geometry is the basic principle and cause of all physical interactions.

In his opinion, the universe consists of a uniform metron grid or a metronic grid. This undisturbed network represents an empty void. He believed that the universe was devoid of physical events, but that it had an innate possibility of them happening. He believed that for something to happen in this space, it was necessary to distort it. If such deformation has the correct form and complexity, it acquires the properties of mass and inertia. In other words, he argued that the physical world (with its four dimensions) takes form through the invisible dimension.

According to Heim, elementary particles are complex dynamical systems of locally limited, interacting network distortions.

He believed that there must first be a change in the coordinates of a higher dimension, which would then affect the four-dimensional geometry of space-time, causing the physical phenomena. In other words, events taking place in two dimensions organize the processes that take place in the other dimensions of our experience. And the impact of these deformations on our four-dimensional world or the effects of their projections on it are structures that we interpret as gravitons and photons, as well as charged and uncharged particles. His theory is therefore the theory of geometric dynamics. This means that the space is filled with geometric forms and structures that work dynamically.

The goal of Heim’s research was to find ways to convert between different types of energy. To achieve this, he added two dimensions to his calculations, thanks to which he was able to equate, at least in theory, gravitational energy with electromagnetism.

He developed a mathematical approach based on the quantization of space-time itself and proposed the “metron” as a (two-dimensional) quantum of (multi-dimensional) space. Metron has a minimum size (the so-called Planck length), it has one space dimension and one temporal dimension. This is approximately Planck’s length squared and Planck’s time. The current region of the metron, τ, is 3Gh / 8c3, where G is the gravitational constant, h is Planck’s constant, and c is the speed of light in a vacuum. Metrons can be visualized as small (6-dimensional) volumes, the walls of which are metrons touching each other and filling the entire space. The orientation of the walls in space is important because Heim shows that it is related to the quantum concept of spin, which means that they are little torus’s.

Burkhard Heim concluded that the universe has 12 dimensions and that there is an Information Field within it that encompasses everyone and everything.


R3 three physical dimensions (physical world): x1, x2, x3

Imaginary Dimension:

T1 one-time dimension (physical world): x4

S2 two dimensions giving form – organization of structures (bios), entelechial – regulating the realization of the form-creating cause, the inverse of entropy: x5, x6

I2 two informational dimensions (psyche), aeonic dimension – infinitely long period of time: x7, x8

G4 four dimensions of information and event control (pneuma), probability amplitudes: x9, x10, x11, x12

The dimensions of R3 are real numbers (masculine), T1 and S2 are real numbers (feminine), and I2 and G4 are dimensions where all distances are zero (neutrality). We can also call them a body, soul, and spirit respectively.

Heim’s theory predicts 6 fundamental interactions:

  • gravitation
  • electromagnetism
  • weak interaction
  • nuclear impact
  • and the Quintessence Interaction, a weak repulsive force similar to gravity, or the Pauli Principle that accounts for the observed expansion of the universe. They are also called the vacuum field.
  • and the gravitophoton force – an interaction that converts electromagnetic radiation into a gravitational field. It consists of two gravitophotons (negative and positive). The result is a propulsion that we can used in (space) vehicles. This gravitrophoton drive we can make by placing a rotating torus in a strong magnetic field.

According to Heim’s theory, gravity as we know it consists of three interactions, namely gravitons, graviphotons (attractive and repulsive), and quintessence or a vacuum particle (repulsive), i.e. there are three quanta of gravity.

This means that there is no separate substance from which the particles are made up. And what we call “matter” is nothing but a locally limited geometric structure in a vacuum.

A pure vacuum can deform its 6-dimensional lattice structure into geometric shapes. The part of it that extends into the three-dimensional space of our experience is interpreted by us as matter. And as we know thanks to Hans Jenny and his work “Cymatics”, sound can create geometric forms.

According to Burkhard Heim, then, the universe is an information field where all physical and mental processes meet and remain there as an information pattern. This information is a form of energy. It is indestructible, eternal, and available at any time with the right tools to reach it. This information contains information patterns of all physical and mental processes. They concern everything, our thoughts, and emotions, the world of plants and animals, as well as, for example, social organizations. He, therefore, believed that this information field was nothing but the Akashic Records. And the very concept of information indicates that there are laws governing the entire universe.

His theory allows the calculation of the masses of all known elementary particles and their lifetimes with remarkable accuracy.


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