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Matter and particle

by Agata Dzierżawa
Materia i cząsteczka to obrazek przedstawiający abstrakcyjny dmuchawiec.

We exist in a universe defined by mathematics and geometry. From the point of view of physics, all geometric objects are related to elementary particles. Perfect, smooth shapes exist outside our space but are connected with it. However, we cannot see them directly, but we can observe their effects. An elementary particle is the basic building block of matter that can interact with other particles. For each point in space, there is a different corresponding particle that can exist within it at any given time and space.

Physics identifies each known elementary particle by its charges with respect to electromagnetic, weak, strong, and gravitational forces. Matter particles are fermions, and the particles responsible for transferring interactions between them are bosons.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is a vacuum.
  • How the matter is created and how it can be calculated mathematically.
  • And you will also get to know new virtual particles.

Matter formation takes place under high spatial density conditions shortly after the Big Bang.

In contrast, as we approach the end of the universe, this asymmetry of the material universe is replaced again by the symmetry of the boson universe. In this way, the process of self-realization, i.e. self-awareness, is realized.

As the universe expanded from the size of a single point to its present size, the information and energy content of its evolution, consciousness, was encoded in the structure of space – a vacuum. In this way, a material that we see as protons or atoms was created. Atoms combine into molecules and reflect each other to form structures and matter. However, when you take a closer look at them, it turns out that 99.99% of them are vacuumed. So, in fact, the void is what the entire universe is made of and what connects everything in the universe. The vacuum is therefore what we call prana, ether, life energy, or Akashic Records, i.e. the background on which all life processes take place. For this reason, all the calculations made by scientists to know the theory of all that is should include the void.

Although space-time appears to us to be continuous and smooth, it is made up of smaller elements that oscillate with an extremely high frequency and therefore are very energetic. This swirling crucible continually creates and annihilates everything, although it seems to be calm to the average observer because the scale of fluctuations in a vacuum is small and the fluctuations tend to cancel out one another.

The codes of the universe, i.e. mathematical information algorithms encoded in the structure of space, are holographic (holo-whole, graph-image).

This means that the image of the whole is present at every point in space, and the whole system based on the same structures is a fractal system.

Nassim Haramein proved this by showing that the value of the fluctuation of the Planck vacuum in the volume of a single proton is equal to the information of all other protons in the entire universe. And information contained in the volume of a proton is represented on its surface, and this information generates its mass. Also, the Bekenstein constraint confirms this, showing that all information inside the event horizon can only be represented by 1/4 of its area. It says that there is a limit to the amount of information that can be contained in a finite area of ​​space with a finite amount of energy. This means that it is the surface that determines the total amount of available information contained in any region of space-time.

According to modern physics, each point of our reality has attached shapes called fibers (something like optical fibers), each of which corresponds to a different type of particle.

This means that the tissue of space-time is a network of nodes separated by about the length of Planck or Heim’s metron. Its structure is formed by spin loops that collectively define the spin states of larger groups or lattices and ultimately form particles.

You can imagine it in the form of a dandelion head. The surface of the head is space-time and the dandelion seeds are fibers. And all this geometric object, or dandelion – the head and its seeds are a bundle of fibers. The fibers are not in our dimension but above it.

They are the various internal spaces associated with each point in our spacetime, shaped according to the properties of particles.

For example, an electromagnetic field is the result of fibers of the simplest shape – a circle, and an electromagnetic wave is the wave of this circle in space. The electromagnetism fiber bundle consists of circles attached to each point in space-time. Each of such circles may rotate in relation to an adjacent circle to bind adjacent fibers through this rotation. Graphically, you can notice this process in the form of Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry or as the diamond net in Marko Rodin’s math.

Each type of elementary particle has a corresponding fiber in space-time, meaning the dandelion has many kinds of seeds. All electrons, for example, result from the twisting of one type of fiber, therefore they are identical. More complex filaments consist of a set of intersecting circles that interact with each other according to their twists – these are the densities of the universe

Matter and particle

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Matter and particle

The fibers twist around the various round fibers of other particles.

This twist corresponds to their electric charges and other influences. Each force of nature has its own charge and is mediated by its own force particles. Particle charge patterns describe the geometry of how fibers twist around each other, regulating the way the respective particles interact.

Just as particles have different kinds of charge describing the way they interact with all forces; they also have a kind of charge describing how they behave in space as illustrated by vortex math. The spatial spin-charge of a particle is its internal angular momentum, and the temporal spin-charge of a particle is related to its movement in space. Fermions whose spatial spin and movement are aligned create a right-handed corkscrew as they travel through space. Countermotion and spatial rotation fermions are left-handed.

Space-time is therefore a sea of ​​tiny vortices that make up the toruses, which are also the source of gravity, as shown by Nassim Haramein, and of the mass of all matter in the universe. These vortices create Planck-scale wormholes that connect all things. The whole structure is entangled to update the location of all points in the space and self-organize them in a coherent and standardized way and forms a structure called a glue net. This allows the molecules to immediately change their state in relation to each other, regardless of the distance.

The space-time distorted by breaking symmetry is not flat – it is curved.

For this reason, the principles of two-dimensional Euclidean geometry cannot be applied to it. The solution lies in the non-Euclidean mathematics of curved spaces developed by Gauss, and especially by Bernard Riemann. Matter and antimatter are closely related to Riemann’s geometry. Mass (real or imaginary) is curvature. A mass is a huge local curvature of space-time and causes the curvature of the surrounding space-time. Therefore, the theory of gravity must be transformed into the terms of Fourier mathematics.

The solution brings a kind of hyper-complex octonion algebra based on a complex group and the octatonic projective plane, i.e. the compact real form E8, was created with its use. It is an isometric group of 128-dimensional, unique, compact, Riemannian, symmetrical EVIII space (Cartan classification). This algebra is a tensor product of octons with themselves and is also known as the Rosenfeld projective plane, although it does not obey the usual projective plane axioms. This 128-dimensional group corresponds to the 128 cosmos of each density of our world:

  • first – 7
  • second – 21
  • third – 35
  • fourth – 35
  • fiveth – 21
  • sixth – 7
  • seventh -1
  • eighth -1

E8 has 248 dimensions, which corresponds to the degree of the maximum torus of 8, therefore the vectors of this system are in the eight-dimensional Euclidean space.

The American theoretical physicist Garett Lisi uses this space in his research. Thanks to it, he proposed 2007 a new, unified theory, extending the theory of grand unification, which combines quantum field theory describing strong interactions with the theory of electroweak interactions by including gravity as part of a coherent geometric structure. In this theory called E8, all forces and matter are described as the twist of a single geometric object. This theory also predicts new molecules.

If we add to the Garett Lisi theory the remaining dimensions of reality mentioned by Heim, we should get the other types of particles.

According to Heim, there are four types of virtual particles:

  • H1 gluons (I2, T1)
  • H5 photons (I2, S2, T1)
  • bosons H3 (I2, S2, T1, R3) W + _ bosons and H4 (I2, S2, R3) boson Z0
  • H12 (S2) graviton

He also divided them into four groups:

  • electrically charged particles have the coordinates R3 (X1, X2, X3), T1 (X4) and I2 (X5, X6).
  • neutral particles have R3 (X1, X2, X3), T1 (X4) and I2 (only X5, no X6 which is the time coordinate)
  • quanta without rest mass such as photons have T1 (X4) and I2 (only X6, no X5 which is the spatial coordinate). It is only when the photon interacts with mass that all 6 coordinates (from X1 to X6) are needed to describe this process. This is how the duality between wave and particle is expressed here.
  • quanta dependent only on I2 coordinates (X5 and X6), gravitons. They are quanta of gravity.

According to Heim, the entanglement of particles takes place through structures in X5 and X6 through which the pairs of particles remain connected to each other since there is no spatial separation in the 5th dimension, only a probability potential that can separate into different planes of the 5th dimension and is set differently for each plane X6 through the 6th dimension.


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