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Virtual particles.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Virtual particles it is a picture of hands against a yellow-green background.

The existence of virtual spaces means that matter resides in spheres that cannot be penetrated by the tools of scientists. Therefore, it cannot be the subject of traditional scientific empirical research. However, the theories outlined in previous blog articles compel you to assume an invisible existence to find a rational explanation for physical phenomena.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the analysis of virtual particles enables.
  • The types of clairvoyance.
  • How thoughts create matter.

In this situation, to get the correct picture of reality, we should change our idea of ​​matter.

To abandon the understanding of its tiniest parts as indivisible particles floating in a vacuum. The more that the apparent vacuum is a compact and continuous space. And matter that seems to us to be tangible, stable, and certain and which we consider being the basis of all things and phenomena is fleeting because in its essence it is made of emptiness and nothingness. In this reality, life as we know it turns out to be just an illusion.

Every atom and every molecule of physical matter has corresponding atoms and virtual molecules (astral molecules – made of emotions and mental molecules made of thoughts). And the collectives they create together are clearly visible to clairvoyant people. For this reason, we should begin to treat the psychic senses on an equal footing with the physical senses. The more so because we are now fully aware of the limitations of our physical senses that allow only the exploration of real space, not virtual (imaginary) space.

Virtual matter is matter, more diverse and subtle than physical. It also has a much faster vibration frequency and a different wavelength of some vibrations, so the physical senses are not able to pick it up. Its molecules quickly and constantly change their mutual position, like, for example, water in real space. These vibrations can be picked up by the virtual matter which is permeated by our body and picked up by our psychic senses. However, the psychic senses are actually our entire astral or mental body, and not virtual organs, i.e. the astral equivalent of the eyes, due to the constant movement of virtual particles.

Clairvoyance is a natural ability of every human being.

Unfortunately, our educational system, which is primarily focused on the development of the mind, causes our ability to see clairvoyance to decline. Our modern lifestyle also contributes to this – stress, toxins in food, and water, ubiquitous chemicals, fluoride, and environmental pollution. Clairvoyance is a subtle sense – very sensitive, and all kinds of toxins dull it. Only spiritual development and the change in lifestyle that go hand in hand with it to a healthier one closer to nature make this ability come back again. Clairvoyance is an ability that is regained by a person who persistently works on their inner perfection. It is an ability that can also be developed, i.e. expand the limits of this vision.

There are three types of clairvoyance according to the type of vision:

Normal clairvoyance (partial and total) – this is the opening of the astral sight that allows seeing all astral formations (made of astral particles) present around the observer at the moment of observation. However, it does not include the ability to observe distant places or scenes that do not belong to the present. It’s mainly seeing electrostatic density. It allows man to see clearly different kinds of beings, imperceptible with the physical eye, with more colors, and to see as if through matter because the astral matter is much more transparent than the physical.

Clairvoyance in space – is the ability to see accidents, phenomena, and scenes in a distant space, too distant for ordinary sight.

Clairvoyance in time – the ability to see objects and phenomena distant from the observer in time, i.e. the ability to look into the past and the future.

There is also the phenomenon known as double vision, which consists in seeing an image in which some future event is clearly manifested, or a symbolic figure of some future event. This type of vision usually concerns unpleasant things, most often death. And, occasional clairvoyance, most often in a dream.

Virtual particles.

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Virtual particles.

There are also etheric, astral, and mental clairvoyance.

Astral clairvoyance is sensations similar in nature to those we usually receive through our physical senses. It is distinguished from the ethereal only by the perspective from which you see things. Mental clairvoyance, on the other hand, is like one general sense that immediately grips everything completely and completely with its comprehension. It is a higher form of clairvoyance. A person’s astral and mental body interacts with their physical nervous system.

The astral part of every object – thing or being extends slightly beyond its physical periphery to form a kind of astral aura. Through astral clairvoyance, the clairvoyant can learn the physical structure of an object, as well as everything that was invisible to them. In the aura of living creatures, for example, all their desires, emotions, and the beginnings of thoughts are clearly manifested. This clairvoyance also gives the ability to magnify the tiniest of particles, both physical and astral, at will – like seeing things through a microscope. This makes it possible to perceive a molecule or an atom and to observe electrical, magnetic, and electrostatic changes and phenomena.

The existence of the whole system in the higher realms has been a concrete reality from the very beginning.

The entire solar system is an inseparable particle – that is, on the one hand, an expression on the physical plane, and on the other hand, all motion and energy that exists anywhere in the entire system as its energy. In turn, all existence and changes take place within the aura of the solar system. And everything that happens in this system happens literally within the consciousness of the whole system and is reflected in its memory. The whole system is an operating system that is also a cloud of information, consisting of countless programs and algorithms, in which everything is a reflection of the reflection.

If you have the appropriate knowledge and experience, you can connect to this database at any time and extract any information from it.

Clairvoyants have this ability. There is, however, one fundamental difference between astral and mental clairvoyance that you need to be aware of. Astral clairvoyance is distorted because emotions are more related to the ego than thoughts. On the other hand, mental clairvoyance will present you with the same equally accurate and complete picture each time. If you choose to compare this image on the physical plane with that of another clairvoyant, you will get the same description and accuracy.

The differences arise from the fact that astral clairvoyance is heavily distorted by the clairvoyant’s ego, personal experiences, emotions, desires, and instincts. Consequently, their personal coloration of the situation influences the way he receives the impression. This is not the case with mental clairvoyance that occurs outside of the human ego. Each observer sees the whole object first and foremost. Only inaccuracies in the transmission of information to the physical plane are possible because it depends on the concepts of a clairvoyant – on their personal software, i.e. their internal “processor”.

When we see something in our world, vision is instantaneously due to light radiation.

Yet in the expanses of the universe, there are enormous spaces that sometimes take enormous periods to traverse. If we look at the Sun, we are seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago. And when we see the North Star, we see it as it was fifty years ago. But there are stars so distant that thousands of years pass before their light reaches us. If, on the other hand, we ignore the time dimension, the universe appears to us as a current event happening now.

As we know, the magnetic connection between each particle of matter contains its history, because it is the field of consciousness. In doing so, it also becomes a connecting guide to that information field, if only one can read it. The appearance of this information varies and depends on the conditions under which it is viewed. Through astral clairvoyance – it constitutes a separate image, if, with the help of mental clairvoyance, we observe not only what we see, but perceive it as if we were there at that time and much more.

However, we cannot interfere with it in any way because it is just a reflection. We hear, understand, and are aware of the emotions of thoughts, and motives of people. In this way, you can see the entire history of mankind, and explore the universe or all its components, from a single molecule, through structures or the entire system.

Through mental clairvoyance, one can see the effects of other actions and how the effects of other actions will meet and develop into a net result. Although these actions will seemingly have nothing to do with each other. One can see a picture of many possible versions of the future, but it is not possible to know which one will come true.

How can you develop clairvoyance?

The only safe method of developing clairvoyance is to enter the path of moral and spiritual evolution as well as meditation. Although, of course, there are other methods of experiencing it.

Man is a being composed of innumerable combinations of virtual matter.

Each of their thoughts gives rise to a series of vibrations that shape virtual matter. It is accompanied by a range of colors imperceptible to the physical eye. Thought consists of the body throwing out of itself a vibrating particle of itself, which takes a shape determined by the nature of these vibrations. In this way, a specific figure is created in the virtual space. This is how a thought form arises.

What we get from clairvoyance is not an image of a thought-form, but an effect produced in the virtual matter by the vibrations that accompany it. It is, therefore, necessary to know the exact thought under investigation to understand the obtained results.

Virtual particles.

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Virtual particles.

You can only see thoughtforms within.

When the outward energy is focused on emotions and desires, it has a type of matter called astral matter as its field of action. This matter gives rise to the second class of thought-form-like beings. However, they are produced under the influence of external nature. It is intelligence controlled by desire. In this case, the vibrations are in the body of desires or in the astral body, and under the influence of this body they throw out a vibrating particle of itself. The form to which it is assigned, as in the previous case, by the very nature of these vibrations, then produces the attractive force of the elemental essence corresponding to the astral world.

Each clearly defined thought, on the other hand, has a double effect: a radiating vibration and a shape capable of floating in the air. The mental body is composed of matter of varying degrees of aggregation, which we usually divide into “classes” corresponding to different sub-plans. We can represent them as lines perpendicular to the previous ones and cross them at right angles. Each variety of mental matter has its own specific and well-defined mode of vibration, to which it seems most accustomed, to the point that it responds automatically and naturally seeks to return to it.

These vibrations, like any other vibrations, tend to repeat themselves every time the opportunity presents itself.

When vibrations begin to act on other mental bodies, they immediately tend to follow along. This means that, in a person whose mental body is influenced by these waves, these vibrations tend to produce in their mind the same type of thoughts that were already formed in the mind of the thinker who produced the primordial wave. The distance at which thought waves act, their strength, and the power with which they penetrate the body of others, depend on the strength and clarity of the original (creative) thought. Vibration carries the nature of the thought, but not the object.

We can compare a person sending a thought to someone who speaks. Their voice sets in motion sound waves that radiate in all directions and convey their words to all those who are some distance away. If that voice is strong, momentous, and clear, the distance traveled will have no limits. The same is true of a strong thought that goes much further than a weak and indecisive thought. However, the power of thought is less important than its clarity and precision.

For a time, thought becomes a kind of living entity whose soul is a thought-form, and whose body is living matter – that is, the electricity with which it is charged – the energy of thought. The quality of thought determines the color. The content of the thought determines the shape. Accuracy of thought entails clarity of contours.

Thoughts can be shaped by three types of thought forms:

  • those that recreate the image of the thinker,
  • those that take the shape of material objects,
  • and those that take a completely original shape,

So, everyone’s life has a hidden side that most of us are unaware of.

Each of our deeds and each of our words has its echo in the invisible world. These invisible results, in turn, are of infinitely greater significance than the visible phenomena of the physical plane. Everything that happens in the present is the result of causes introduced in the past, and what happens in the future will be the result of the current activities.

Annie Besant „Myślokształty” i Charles Webster Leadbeater „Jasnowidzenie”, Babilon, 1993.

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