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Love, Valentine’s day and the soul.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Love, Valentine's day and the soul it is a picture of a man with fire crown.

Love, falling in love, Valentine’s day, and the soul – what do they have in common?

Have you ever wondered what really rules the world? Why, how is the world long, wide, and old, everyone is looking for the same and dreaming about the same? What does it make your 82-year-old father climb a tree to pick up mistletoe for his new sweetheart? Why do mothers risk their lives and health for their children? What makes some people in leather-covered bones that hang around something somewhere at the end of the world be able to see a dog so much that they desire to look after it? And they are even able to bring it to the other end of the world? Is there any connection between love, Valentine’s day, and the soul?

In this article you will learn:

  • What the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul is.
  • How to recognize a twin soul.
  • How to recognize a soul mate.

“Love is longing for the lost half of ourselves”.

Milan Kundera

What lies behind the success of most Hollywood movies or pop hits? What makes February 14th a symbol of commercial madness and no one can imagine that day without the ubiquitous hearts, red roses, candlelit dinner, and romantic music?

Why does love sell so well and causes marketers to use its potential to increase sales? Why is each of us chasing it and letting it rule our whole life? What is this madness that so captivates crowds?

Everyone dreams of passionate love and the other half of an apple or orange.

Just why? Where did these terms come from? Why do we want to find our other half? Are we not complete? Are we missing something? What do we miss so much? Each of us dreams of great love. It doesn’t matter if you are 82 or 20, everyone wants to love and be loved. Why?

Well, because Tao, the Creator, God, or the Universe is love, so we as a whole are nothing but love. How is this known? For example, based on the stories of people who have experienced different states of consciousness. Whether through meditation or psychedelics or through clinical death. All these people always talk about the overwhelming bliss and unconditional love for the whole world. That is why love is also the core of most world religions.

Each of us has love and is love. Each of us is a part of a larger whole. We are the Universe that decided to know itself. In other words, a consciousness that tries to be self-conscious. How can it do that? By experiencing itself. How can we experience ourselves? Experiencing love by loving ourselves. That is why each of us is looking for love because we are heading back to its source, that is God.

There are many types of love: brotherly, motherly, erotic, self-love, and spiritual love. Which one you experience depends on the level of consciousness of your soul and its age. The goal of soul evolution is to experience all kinds of love in order to experience unconditional love, so-called agape or pure divine love.

How does the search for your other half relate to this?

For individual fragments, so for us, to experience the whole, they must attract each other. Only then they will be able to create a larger whole. To achieve this, when the soul chooses to travel along its cycle, it chooses its travel companion.

Your travel companion can be your essence twin also known as a twin flame, or a task companion called a soul mate. The soul also enters larger groups such as entities and cadres. The entity is a group of about 7,000 souls. It is divided into 7 cadres with a thousand souls.

The twin soul is the equivalent of you at the level of your soul or like your spiritual twin. Actually, it is you but in a different body. Physically and personally you are different, but on the energic level, you are yin and yang. Your twin usually has a different type of soul than you and often different soul overlays than you.

The twin comes to the world for the first time at the same time as you, so that you have a similar time of experience on Earth. 

As time goes on, through successive lives, you gradually become more independent of yourself. In later incarnations, usually born at a similar time as you, you would have a similar story. If, for example, you lived in the previous incarnation during the Roman Empire, your twin was also born at the same historic time.

After some time, the twin becomes the other side of you. Like a well-polished mirror reflects your qualities and imperfections well. He knows you very well and sees what is happening to you, and you know him and see what is happening in him. You often communicate telepathically. This is the most intense relationship you can have. This is because you have a lot of experience together, both on the psychical plane and beyond. Like a couple who have been together for fifty years.

The lessons you learn at the physical level are usually passed on to the twin and vice versa. Your height indirectly helps the twin, because of the energy you share. Twins usually have opposite female and male energies. Your relationship helps you work on internal blockages that prevent you from focusing on life tasks, as well as enjoying life. You are very close to each other, but you constantly challenge each other to grow and heal yourself internally.

Almost all of us have a twin, hence the belief that there is a second half.

Only 5% of people do not have their spiritual twin. Not always the twin is born exactly at the same time as you, so you can not meet at all in your current life. But if the twin did not incarnate, then his soul lives inside of you. You can communicate with him, e.g. through meditation.

Most often he appears as a member of your family or a close relative. Sometimes he appears in your life for a short time as a key coordinator who helps in making big changes in your life.

The purpose of this relationship is the natural impulse of fragments to reunite.

Known pairs of twin souls: 

Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Antonius, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Nikola Tesla, and Marguerite Merington.

What is it like to meet a twin flame?

First of all, you always know that in relation to another person you want something deep, meaningful, and something spiritual. Although you never complain about the lack of interest from men, on the contrary, you always have many admirers, and with each of them, you just feel that it is not that. Although you don’t know what it should be. You always lacked something, although you could never determine what … You dreamed of a spiritual connection with your partner, although you never knew what the spiritual connection is. However, you certainly knew that this was nothing that has ever happened to you.

In your search for this spiritual bond, you have often mistaken a strong sexual attraction or friendship for this connection.

But always sooner or later, more or less painfully it turned out that it wasn’t “it”. So, at some stage, you just gave up. You didn’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. You never dreamed of family and children, so you stopped looking. But you simply could never believe that, among the over 7 billion people in the world, there is no one to fold you. And when you weren’t thinking about it at all, you met the one you’ve been looking for all your life.

Although you didn’t like him physically, because he wasn’t your type at all. From the moment you saw him, you had the impression that you’d always known him. Although you saw him for the first time in your life. When he handed you his jacket to hang on a hanger behind you and when your hands touched, you fell in love with him immediately. You couldn’t believe that something like this could ever happen, especially because he wasn’t your type.

From the moment your hands touched each other, he became the most handsome guy in the world for you. And when you saw in his eyes that he also fell in love with you at the same time, you thought you were playing some poor romantic comedy, because in real life such stories do not happen. When as if by accident he pinched you gently on the buttock, you felt this touch intensely for the next 3 weeks.

When he left your apartment after his first visit, you started jumping to the ceiling for joy because you recognized that it was him, the one that you were always looking for. Although it took you almost 40 years to find him. You reminded yourself that your mother told you that when you were a child her friends were afraid of you. They told her that you always look into their eyes so deeply as if you wanted to see their souls. There was something in it because souls do recognize each other’s looking into eyes. That’s why eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. You understood that you have been looking for him all your life.

This meeting showed you life in a completely different dimension.

Since the meeting, the universe is beginning to reveal all its secrets to you. Synchronicity is now your everyday life. Feeling his emotions as if they were your own is the norm. Telepathy, clairvoyance, miracles, or tantric sex are everyday life. Randomness disappears, and amazing coincidences appear. Suddenly your whole life begins to fall into one whole. All previous experiences begin to connect with each other and make perfect sense. This experience opens up an aspect of life that you never knew existed. Your whole life turns upside down and pushes you in an unknown direction. However, you are not afraid of new because you have unconditional confidence in the Universe.

Although relationships with a twin flame sound very romantic in reality, such relationships are not easy and do not always end in a romantic way. Their goal is your spiritual growth, not a happy relationship. Although of course one does not exclude the other. This relationship teaches you to love Yourself and the whole world. It teaches you, unconditional love.

How do you recognize that you met your twin soul?

  • You feel like you’ve found your home.
  • You have the impression that it is something completely different from any other relationship you have previously encountered.
  • Even when you are apart you feel each other.
  • You feel an immediate bond or connection with that person right after the meeting.
  • You feel that you have known this person forever.
  • Your intuition will increase after the meeting.
  • You are each other’s mirrors.
  • The amount of energy between you is magnetic. People around you will notice that something is between you.
  • You can communicate telepathically.
  • One feels the other’s emotions.
  • Usually, one of you is more spiritually developed than the other.
  • You immediately know that this is someone special in your life and you have no doubt that this is your twin flame.

However, you don’t have to meet your twin flame to build a wonderful romantic relationship with someone.

Each of us also has at least one task companion – your soul mate with which you support each other in our life tasks. As a rule, your tasks complement each other. This relationship is always very compatible, without problems and quarrels. Usually, you meet in a later part of life. Task companions usually create very good business partners and very good marriages.

Your task companion can become your guide or mentor if he does not incarnate at the same time as you. Most often, you work with him while you sleep.

You also feel a deep emotional connection and tuning with your soul mate. Often in a relationship with your soul mate, you learn to love another person sensually. This is your divine, dream-life partner.

Only 1% of souls do not have any task companions.

How do you recognize that you have met your task companion?

  • Usually, it is the feeling of “knowing” that it is this person. Or enthusiasm for a common project, idea, venture, or vision.
  • You work with such a person perfectly, very smoothly, usually in a unique and obstacle-free way.
  • You feel with the person like your siblings, in this good understanding of brotherly love. With specific knowledge, trust, and undisputed attachment.
  • You as a person may not recognize this person, but your souls will surely recognize each other.

So love, Valentine’s Day, and soul have more in common than you might think.


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