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7th Heaven where is it?

by Agata Dzierżawa
7 heaven where is it? It is a picture of a man with the contours surrounding him.

The 7th Heaven, where is it? Somebody knows?

Have you ever wondered what the term “7th Heaven” means and where is it? You know what it’s like to be in the seventh heaven because you’ve been there many times. You know the feeling of bliss, happiness, and contentment, but why don’t we just say that we were in heaven instead of in the seventh heaven? And why not for example in the first and how many of these heavens are there at all? Does anyone know that?

In this article, you’ll learn about seven levels of existence: physical, astral, causal, Akashic’s records, mental, messianic, and Buddhist.

You remember your favorite fun from your childhood. On the bed in the parents’ bedroom or in the bed of your younger sister, you formed a spaceship from a quilt and took your sister on a trip to your brothers living in the 7th heaven … Of course, you had to cross all the skies so you were telling her stories about each of them. If you think about this game now, you are sure that it was a flash of your soul’s memory. Why? Let me explain.

7 levels of existence

As you know, there are 7 levels of consciousness, which means that there are also 7 levels of our existence. The universe in which you live consists of seven planes. Sometimes they are also called dimensions. The plane is understood as a subtle state, level, or region of reality. 3 planes are concrete, 3 abstract, and one neutral, connecting them all. The higher planes are about pure energy, love, and truth, while the lower planes are about manifesting them. 

Each of these planes has its own specific type of energy, known as vibration.  The physical plane vibrates the lowest and the Buddhist plane the highest.

1 The physical plane – physical energy, physicality, body.

The first of the planes you are the most familiar with because it is your reality. This is a place where you experience solidity, separateness, diversity, and forgetfulness. This is the plane you are on now.

The energy on this plane is limited to the speed of light. Objects and things are solid, events are ordered by time, and space maintains a constant structure.

2 The Akashic’s records – life energy, ether, Prana.

It is a plane that exists only for record-keeping. This is a hologram archive of the universe. A kind of energetic computer that stores all experiences in the universe. This is where memories of everything that happens, emotions, physical experiences, and thoughts are kept. You can search for them later for information. It is like a kind of library with all the data. This record remembers all experiences of the universe from its concept to completion. When the universe completes its cycle and is ready to separate a new universe, it receives a copy of Akash’s records of the previous universe as a seed. So the purpose of these records is to ensure the procreation of the universe as a whole.

So also your physical body has a record of everything it has experienced in this archive. Yes, your first love, your first sexual experience, and your first broken heart too. Nothing is really private as you could think. 

Clairvoyants who read your previous lives or help you find your life goal or help you solve some mysteries from the past usually reach this plane.

It is also the residence of your subconscious mind, instinct, and also collective consciousness of humanity.

3 The mental plane – intellectual energy, consciousness, self (personality), thought, kama.

At this level, you have your first direct contact with Akash. On this plane, you are beginning to get rid of your ego. You learn lessons intellectually about the structure of the universe. And then you teach astral beings to help them in their emotional lessons.

Here you also begin to connect with other entities. At this level, you choose another being as a twin soul, This connection pushes you towards the mental plane.

4 The astral plane – emotional energy, emotions, linga.

Sometimes also called the astral world. It is a place where you could find out if you have ever experienced NDE (a near-death experience) or clinical death or had lucid dreams or maybe you have experienced OOBE (out-of-body experience). You could also get there during an orgasm, lucky!

It is a place where you connect with other entities and do your homework. Here you experience true sexuality. A complete connection of two or more souls in thought, feeling, and being. Here you contact your twin flame. Angels, ghosts, and other non-material beings live here.

The lower astral plane.

The first level of this plane is Bardo. It is a place where your consciousness moves when you sleep, when you leave the body, where you wait for birth and where you go after death.

Sometimes people in great stress can die at this level and become ghosts.

The middle astral plane.

The second level of this plane is where you stay between cycles of life. It is here that you review what you have learned from just completed life and plan what you will do next. This is where you choose your parents and connect and exchange knowledge with friends and loved ones who are also between lives.

The higher astral plane.

The third level of this plane is where it passes when you finish the physical plane. This is where you contact your masters and guides.

This plane can be explored consciously through astral projections, meditation, mantra, NDE, lucid dreaming, or other tools.

On this plane, energy travels faster than the speed of light but is still limited. Things are not solid, which means you can walk through them easily. Time is very chaotic. Events are not ordered by time, but by emotion. This means that you can, for example, see the chair on which your grandfather sat, which suddenly turns into a TV set. This will happen because, for example, your grandfather had the same emotional attitude towards this chair as you did towards the TV set. Space is constantly changing.

5 The casual plane – higher intellectual energy, subconscious mind, spiritual self (human soul), individuality, manas.

It is a place where you have direct mental contact with God, and also a place where you continue to connect with other souls and beings to experience a total connection. On this plane, you have an intellectual perception of the whole.

On this plane, energy has no speed limit. Things do not remain in any shape or appearance. Instead, they represent ideas. Events are sorted by concept. Space is defined by the distance between concepts.

This plane is a dimension of an idea.

6 The messianic plane.

This is the place where you experience agape, unconditional love for other beings. You have a direct emotional perception of God. At this stage, you understand the unity of all and recognize that love for another is actually love for yourself. Jesus taught from this plane.

7 The Buddhist plane – infinity, eternal spirit, atma.

It is a place where the entire universe connects at the energy level. You understand the infinity of everything. Pure beauty.

Energy has no recognizable pattern here, and its movement is in the form of a constantly changing state of existence. Things do not exist as things. There is no form, time, or space.

There is only your consciousness. Buddha was the manifestation of this plane.

In many religions of the world, e.g. Jewish and Muslim, the last 7th heaven is considered, i.e. the seat of God. It is a Buddhist plane.

All these planes together form the Universe in which you exist. The structure of the universe consists of three axes of experience:

  • Existence – Inspiration
  • Possessions – Expression
  • Making – Action

The entire experience zone is recorded in the neutral sphere of knowledge assimilation. Each of these experiments is presented in two aspects: abstract (broad) and specific (narrow). This just reflects the seven levels of existence.



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