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Astral projection and Out of Body Experience (OOBE).

by Agata Dzierżawa
Astral projection and OBE it is a picture a flying man in a cloud.

Each of your emotions is reflected in energy, and this energy is reflected in the astral plane. The reality of humans is the physical plane, while the reality of energy entities is the astral plane. However, they can manifest on the physical plane through your mind.

In this article you will find out:

  • What are astral projection and Out of Body Experience (OOBE).
  • Where do the entities you meet on the astral plane come from and how to deal with them.

You can explore the astral plane with your awareness during the so-called astral projection (Out of Body Experience OOBE), i.e., exteriorization. Astral travel is about leaving your body during sleep, shamanic journeys, or meditation, and feeling the world outside of your physical body. Such a departure from the body we also call sometimes traveling clairvoyance. It is an event in which the experiencer perceives some part of some environment that cannot be perceived from where their physical body is. This person also knows that they is not dreaming or fantasizing and retains their normal consciousness. Can think critically, and knows that they is not dreaming. After that, they also knows it wasn’t a dream. It is a state of consciousness in which you see yourself as separate from your own physical body. OBE is a universal human experience that we can find in many cultures throughout human history.

There are many methods of OOBE or the art of traveling outside of your body.

These include, for example, the visualization technique consisting of visualizing the exit from one’s own body in different ways, the trance technique, the technique of lucid dream, hypnosis, or the use of various psychoactive substances or plants (mushrooms, ayahuasca, marijuana). We also know spontaneous exits or exits from the body due to traumatic events, during surgery, or during clinical death.

Robert Monroe, a businessman who began to experience spontaneous OOB, made a huge contribution to this field. He is also the creator of the Monroe Institute and the Hemi-Sync method, i.e. synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, resulting in obtaining different states of consciousness. OOBE is often identified with lucid dreaming, but these are different experiences. They confirmed electroencephalograph studies that showed that brain waves behave differently in each of these experiences.

During your astral journey, the astral plane appears to you as unlimited space-time.

You are in it, but you are not part of it. In this space, your consciousness is linked by a wire to your physical body. In the astral plane, the time has a completely different dimension. It ceases to exist, and energy has a much faster vibration rate. Perception is at a higher level and the senses are much more sensitive.

 In the astral plane, you can meet everything that has ever invented, experienced, felt, what was afraid of and what humanity believed in. Everything that is stored in the collective subconscious of humanity. So, you will find characters from fairy tales, mythology, saints, gods, aliens, archetypes, demons, and angels, but also the dead, as well as emptiness and nothingness. Their appearance depends on the ideas of your mind, on your subconscious, and therefore primarily on your psycho-emotional-spiritual state and the culture in which you grew up. This means that, for example, a spirit for an Asian will look different than for a European. Relationships with these characters, and depend on your subconscious patterns of relationships or behaviors, e.g. toxic patterns of relationships such as executioner-victim, liar-liar or traitor and betrayed.

The astral plane is the reality of your mind. Both individual and collective, that you experience through the filter of your personal projections generated automatically by your subconscious mind.

The beings you meet there are independent beings because by creating them through our imagination and our collective imagination, we have made them aware. They are different aspects of the conscious and unconscious God.

Some of the astral beings exhibit tremendous intelligence and manipulation. They use it to convince a person that they are stronger and more powerful and should be worshiped. However, this is only an illusion, because in fact, you are the master of your mind, and therefore also the master of your astral world. Otherwise, you would be a prisoner of your mind, and you are not. You can take control of your mind and therefore also the beings you meet on the astral plane. Spiritual practices such as meditation, visualization, mindfulness practice, and prayer will help you in this.

The greater the awareness of your mind and the more you are internally integrated yourself, the more orderly your astral plans will be.

The better you have worked through all your traumas, beliefs, programs, and wounds, the more energy beings existing in it will be subordinated to you and the more they will integrate into one.

However, when you are not working with your subconscious mind, beings in the astral plane will be aggressive and hostile towards you. Sometimes they may even be incalculable. This is because they represent your shadow, that is, all parts of your psyche that you do not realize and accept. It may also happen that they act on your negative relationship patterns for you. They are in your subconscious mind. By pretending to be love and good, they will use and destroy you.

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Astral projection and Out of Body Experience (OOBE).

All energetic beings feed on your mental and emotional energy.

They cannot exist without it. However, they especially like negative thoughts and emotions, especially anxiety and fear. That is why it is so important to think positively and to control your thoughts or release emotions.

All beings you encounter during your astral travels, in your dreams, channeling, meditation, or visions, are manifestations of your fears, pain, traumas, suffering, or desires. They are also an image of the unconscious aspects of the male and female elements. However, none of these entities are or will ever be stronger than you. All these beings are simply aspects of repressed consciousness, both individual and collective, unconnected to the source of all that is.

When you heal all your traumas, accept, and love your shadow, integrate the male and female elements, recognize negative unconscious patterns and programs, as well as the beliefs governing your life, those negative energy entities that you encounter on the astral plane will be integrated with Source and transformed into positive entities supporting you. For you will transform everything that you denied and did not accept, and even hated, into love.

And when you are obsessed with them, you hate Satan or you are fearful, the action of these energy creatures in your dreams or travels, as well as in the work of your mind will intensify. You won’t be able to get rid of them. The only way to avoid them is to integrate your unconscious, face your demons in real life and love them.

All beings you encounter on the astral plane are your spiritual body.

All repressed aspects of the spirit are manifested in the form of demons or Satan. By integrating all its aspects, i.e. those parts of you that require love, acceptance, and knowledge, you integrate yourself. The repressed aspects of the spirit are your individual as well as collective fear of death. Fear is the greatest barrier to human development. The unknown creates anxiety. However, when the unknown becomes known, the fear disappears, and you can face any confrontation. Not accepting death is the basis of all our ailments, such as astral attacks and the feeling of being drained of energy.

You can also experience the existence of the astral world physically in your body.

Once you learn to recognize your body language with your physical senses. When you are sufficiently aware of your body and the sensations flowing from it, you will be able to move on to the next stage of perceiving reality. It is receiving other people’s emotions and the astral plane with your body. This perception of astral sensations through the body is possible, as Robert Moore claimed using the so-called silver line. That is the connection of soul and body. Your body is an antenna that receives different types of energy.

You can feel the presence of a spiritual being by, for example, a tingling sensation on the body. Also, hairs standing on the skin, chills, tickling. Sometimes it could be a feeling as if someone is touching your body gently, or sudden heat waves. You may also experience a feeling of pulling in the genital area, feeling like someone is touching you there, feeling like being stabbed with pins.

These are the symptoms of the so-called astral sex. It occurs when someone desires you to the point where they involuntarily cling to your energy. It can also be a tight feeling in your chest when someone misses you. Or a spilling feeling of love in your chest when you feel the love that comes from someone who has a strong affection for you. However, each presence of a negative spiritual being will always be accompanied by a feeling of aggression, sadness, anger, or emptiness.

Astral projection and Out of Body Experience (OOBE). Astral projection and Out of Body Experience (OOBE).

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