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How to change ego programs?

by Agata Dzierżawa
How to change ego programs is a picture showing a magician woman with a rabbit.

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and still sabotaged yourself? 

It is your ego that has probably started to run one of its programs. Since you already know that your ego is a collection of various programs that you have uploaded to your hard disk (brain) by yourself or with the participation of others since the moment your soul decided to enter the physical body, it is also worth knowing that there is a whole range of tools and methods that will allow you to change ego programs. Each of us, and therefore also you, can consciously change our perception of reality. Everything that meets you in life is the result of your own projections. Two different people perceive the same situation differently.

In this article, you will learn the 23 most important methods that will allow you to change your ego programs.

You have the only and ultimate influence on your life. Your conscious mind can program new behavioral patterns and habits in the subconscious mind. You just have to choose love instead of anxiety and fear and let it lead you. You will then consciously create reality.

Check how to change ego programs.

There are many types of techniques, often based on psychological theories. Belong to them:

Scarlett O’Hara’s Method

It is the attitude of the main character of Margaret Mitchell’s book “Gone with the wind” or putting off difficult matters for later or folk wisdom called “sleep with it”.  

The theory, confirmed by the Dutch scientist Maarten Bos, is that when you don’t think you think better. It means that removing the problem from the field of consciousness activity and doing something else will guarantee optimal results. However, to guarantee the desired effect, before giving your subconscious decision you need to accurately determine the desired results of what you mean.

For example, you often solved math problems in school this way. When you couldn’t solve something, you set yourself a goal and went to sleep, telling your subconscious that you would like to get the solution in your dream. And the next day you always knew the correct answer.


So frequent repetition of sentences with positive overtones to identify with spoken content. Works best when you say them in a state of calmness and relaxation. When using affirmations, remember that they must be affirmative and must not contain the word “no”, nor may they be negative. They should be fairly short, but full of content.


 So, imagine a given thought so that it appears to your eyes. It programs the mesh activating system located in the part of the brain responsible for motivation. It uses the discovery of scientists that when you perform an activity in your brain, the same processes occur that would occur if you could only imagine these activities live. The brain doesn’t see the difference between visualizing and experiencing it really. This causes a conflict in the subconscious mind between what you imagine and the real situation. This stimulates the subconscious to work on solutions that allow you to achieve the goals you want. A well-known method of this type is e.g. the Silva method.

Another known method of this type is the so-called “Dream map” it’s a graphic order placed on your subconscious mind. It involves creating a graphic image of your own dreams and desires, using any technique.


This method uses the fact of infiltrating repeated content into the subconscious mind. So often positive motivational content is repeated or written down repeatedly on a piece of paper. Writing all kinds of journals or notebooks is very helpful with this method A known method of this type is, for example, the Bob Proctor method “Paradigm Shift” which also uses affirmations and visualizations.


A method based on repeating certain patterns to achieve a goal. Often, hitting your sensitive spot. Used to fight your fears and negative emotions. Belief in what favors you to program your mind to support you and not limit you. Used very often by athletes or singers trying to win with stage fright before the concert.

Pollyanna’s Method

 That is the attitude of the heroine of girls’ books Eleonor H. Porter “Pollyanna”. Your favorite childhood book, you don’t even remember how it fell into your hands. You read it all the time. And it was coded. That’s the only way you look at life.

It is a method of focusing and thinking about positive things and ignoring negative aspects and unpleasant situations.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

So expectation about future behavior or event affects you so much that the effect is to meet those expectations.

Quantum Methods

These methods include Theta Healing and Matrix Energetics. They rely on effortless meditation, on experiencing pure presence, emptiness or so quantum vacuum. Allowing you to transfer your consciousness. These methods are based on the assumptions of quantum physics, which assumes that everything is energy and information stored in the matrix (quantum field). Appropriate work with the matrix, communication with the quantum field transmits, and works with the appropriate vibrations. Each thought generates a certain frequency, so any intention with the right vibration can produce a specific effect.


Neurolinguistic Programming is a method based on modifying one’s own behavior and feelings of thinking by creating conscious connections between thoughts and calculations. This method is also used to influence other people by manipulating the use of appropriate words in interpersonal contacts. It uses conditioning – consisting of combining the desired thought with a specific stimulus, i.e., by touching in a specific place, you evoke certain emotions. And also modeling – that is, the study of a person’s behavior, values, ​​and beliefs in the context of their personality or actions in order to imitate them. The use of metaphors, trance, or shallow hypnosis, reshaping or changing the context of a statement, without changing its logical content. And also switch patterns – based on creating associations between a negatively perceived situation and a positive one.

Techniques of Emotional Freedom

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is tapping specific points in the human body – meridians while thinking about negative memories, emotions, or events. It is a method developed by Gary Craig integrating Chinese acupressure into a therapy system consisting of tapping fingertips with energy points in the human body. By tapping these points in the body, information is sent to the brain. Also called psychological acupressure.


So, a different state of consciousness is similar to the state of trance. It causes fatigue of the senses, which, however, does not cause hallucinations. In this state, man is very susceptible to the hypnotist’s suggestions, because hypnotic suggestion causes nerve cell reactions. A hypnotist, however, is not able to maintain a trance if he gives instructions contrary to the values ​​of the hypnotized person. However, you have to remember that there is a danger of circumventing this protection by a dishonest hypnotist.

Brain Entrainment Binaural Beats

That is a method of stimulating the brain to enter a specific state by means of a pulsating sound, light, or electromagnetic field. These impulses encourage brain waves to adapt to their frequency. They put you in a state of deep relaxation. Studies have shown that in such a state the mind is more open to new information. This method has been used since the Bronze Age by acoustic chambers adapted to specific brain wave frequencies or by the flickering sunlight in Ancient Greece. Unfortunately, this method is not for everyone. Epileptics, for example, should avoid it.

EEG Biofeedback

Established in the 1960s brain training method at NASA centers. Biological feedback, which informs the patient about the change in the frequency of brain waves, allows you to learn the reaction of your own brain and modify its work so that it functions effectively. A type of interactive training with a computer. In this way you can, for example, eliminate anxiety, memory disorders, addictions, and depressive states or increase mental resistance.

Floating Method

The limited environmental stimulation method was created by John C. Lilly, a neurologist, and psychoanalyst, consisting of closing in a special cabin reminiscent of a bathtub, but closed from above. This capsule is filled with water at body temperature at which the Epsom salt is dissolved. Such a solution makes the human body float on the surface of the water and is not affected by the force of gravity. The capsule is designed to limit external stimuli, it is dark and quiet in it because the cabin is soundproof. These conditions have a soothing effect on the mind and allow you to enter the theta state. This causes a specific brain reset, improves the synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres, helps in behavior modification, and visualization improves the absorption of information by the brain and makes it more sensitive.

Art Therapy

It is the use of the creative process (drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, stained glass, ikebana, or other visual forms, as well as music therapy, film therapy, theater therapy, choreo therapy, calligraphy, and bibliotherapy) to develop human mental, physical and emotional well-being. It helps to solve problems, reduces stress, and increases self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Psychological interior design

Referring to feng shui, the method consists in influencing the mental and emotional well-being of a human being through the environment – arranging the space in which a person resides.


The method of working with breath was created by Leonard Orr, which improves awareness of thoughts and feelings by neutralizing tensions and blockages that arose during the birth and experience of the first years of life.

Systemic Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger

A method using the phenomenon of representation to learn about a person’s programs at all levels of their occurrence. It involves playing your inner world on stage and towards others. It allows the detection of accepted intergenerational patterns, taking over other people’s guilt and dependencies in the family.

Wim Hof’s ​​Method

The use of breath, cold exposure, and meditation for specific body responses. It involves training the nervous, immune, cardiac, and respiratory systems. This causes a number of benefits for the human body, as well as better control of stress, well-being, gaining greater insight into yourself, and an overall improvement in psychophysical condition. This method was developed by Wim Hof ​​the Dutch Iceman, and winner of many Guinness records.


The practice of training the mind by entering a different state of consciousness in order to calm it. This leads to better insight, contact with your subconscious mind, harmony of mind, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.


A practice of deliberately directing attention to what is being experienced at a given moment – here and now.

Brain Education

A program created by the Korean philosopher Ilchi Lee combines the method of brain wave vibration and training of life particles with breathing, meditation, qi gong, yoga, and energy healing.


A method of working with the subconscious mind through meditation and mantra derived from the huna of Hawaiian philosophy. It’s about repeating phrases: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Access Bars

It is a method of applying pressure to specific points on the head, which discharges the polarized electric charge that has been accumulated in the brain. This slows down the brain waves which allows you to reach the programs, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions accumulated throughout your life. There are 32 points and they are called bars, which are power lines that run from one side of the head to the other.

By working with your dreams

Remember that your programming has not stopped. It is still going on. Be aware of this and don’t feed your subconscious mind with anything.

Why is it worth programming your subconscious mind?

Imagine a handsome guy telling you you’re beautiful. If you are programmed in your subconscious that you are unattractive, because for example when you were a child your mother told you in emotion that you were ugly. Your first reaction to this compliment will be that it’s a joke or a trick to get something from you. You won’t believe that you might have liked some handsome man. And you either reject his advances or do something sabotaging the beginning of a wonderful relationship …

Or, for example, if you have programmed in your subconscious that cooperation is bad, because in the past you had some unpleasant experiences, even if someone made the best offer for you and give you good conditions in the contract you wrote you would still be suspicious and you would sabotage everything. Even worse, when these beliefs will apply to your whole family, i.e. the genetic level or social – the historical level.

Of course, not all of your ego programs are negative. Many of them are really valuable, even the one uploaded by your dad: “Think because thinking has an enormous future” or by your mother: “You are not everyone.”

Do you know any other interesting methods of programming your subconscious?

How to change ego programs?

Share them in the comments below the article.


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