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Negative energies and entities.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Energy spirits and beings is a picture showing a woman surrounded by various shapes.

Emotions are pleasant and unpleasant sensations in your body that lead you to specific reactions, so we divide emotions into positive and negative ones. Every emotion, just like a thought, is also energy, so we can also distinguish between positive and negative energy.

In this article you will learn:

  • What negative energy and entities are.
  • What the types of negative energy are: spiritual implants, mental implants, negative energy from past life memories, negative energy from curses and ill-wishes, psychic hooks, and reflections left by ghosts.
  • How negative energy can manifest in you.

Negative energy makes you feel angry, sad, depressed, hated, lusted, jealous, greedy, fearful, and depressed.

It causes you to judge and manipulate people. It makes you start to lose your confidence. The negative energy fills you with low self-esteem and leads to addictions and self-destructive behaviors. It makes you unhappy and often leads to a variety of mental and health problems. It causes depression, neurosis, and all kinds of anxiety that are likely to develop into more serious physical diseases. If left untreated, they will cause an imbalance throughout your being. The direct effect of this energy is that it holds you back.

In fact, you become a slave to that energy that separates you from your own soul. This energy does not want you to make progress in your spiritual development and shine with your own light, because the worse you develop, the easier it is to control you.

Such energy very often leads to a situation in which, in your misfortune, you isolate yourself from others. Thus, this energy has you and your energy only for itself.

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Negative energy is a parasite that feeds your fears. It is detrimental to your mental and physical health.

You know that by the power of your thoughts and emotions, you can materialize an illness in yourself. Illness is accumulated emotions, in the form of frozen energy, but also the belief that something or someone affects your life energy. In this way, you can also code patterns regarding charms, aliens, or energy vampires. Condensed emotions and unfavorable beliefs bring us various energy beings.

During our earthly existence, we believe that other people can hurt us, and it is because we believe it. We believe mental attacks and energy vampires can drain us of energy, and they do because we believe it. This is caused not only by our personal beliefs but also by the collective beliefs of the so-called historical programs, egregors and elementals. It is part of our collective unconscious that believes that we are all separate entities, separate from the life around us and that this life can hurt and hurt us, and so it does. We feel the pain caused by negative emotions directed at us by others like real physical pain.

When it feels like someone is draining your energy, they really are.

The part of yourself that exists in that person is draining you of this energy. When someone energizes you, it is actually the part of you that inhabits that person that sends you that energy. Fear makes your creative mind run wild. This combination of your creative mind and fear makes you create scenarios that the best horror filmmaker wouldn’t be ashamed of. Continuing to live in these possible frightening creations of your abstract mind leads to neurosis, panic attacks, depression, and other serious illnesses. In this way, you create a monster in your life that you will have to constantly feed with negative energy so that it can grow, develop and keep you unhappy. Unfortunately, once you’ve created it, it’s very hard to get out of its grip.

Human belief in the existence of energies that have the power to harm and can do something is the fuel that powers this monster. So, stop giving away your power and energy. Stop feeding the illusory image of yourself and the world in which you are a weak and vulnerable being, and negative influences and dark energies can do something to you or your loved ones. As long as you believe that it is possible that something may threaten you, as long as you feed this variant of reality with your attention, you can attract such situations to your space, because your reality reflects your beliefs and patterns adopted by you.

We are constantly bombarded with negative energies from different people and places.

If we are careless, tired, or stressed, we take in this energy and it keeps accumulating and becoming our property. We are infected with it in the same way as with the flu during periods of decreased immunity. Negative energies can also stick to our psyche or heart. However, the more conscious work you put into yourself, the better you heal your psychological wounds, and thus raise your vibrations, making it difficult for negative energies to influence your life. However, you must always be careful and alert to the energies that surround you.

Each of us can become a victim of a mental attack at any place and time. You can recognize such an attack by a sudden outflow of energy, a change in mood, depression, a lady’s attack, anxiety, or even sudden thoughts of suicide. However, the most vulnerable to the effects of negative energy are people who use drugs, designer drugs, alcohol, and other drugs that cause loss of consciousness, and thus weaken the natural protective layer.

There are two types of negative energy, low vibrating energy, and negative intelligent energy. They are also often called energy entities, energy attacks, or astral connections.

Learn the basic sources of negative energy:

Spiritual implants

Spiritual implants are an example of intelligent energy. These are mechanical implants, parasites of inhuman nature, extraterrestrial negative intelligent energy. Such implants have a direct impact on your physical, spiritual and mental condition. Their goal is to confuse you with stagnation and control so that you cannot fulfill your life mission on Earth.

They root in the energy of the human soul and control the energy of the entire physical body. First, they attach to the soul, then gradually descend into the physical body and affect the functioning of the nervous system, brain, spine, heart, and other internal organs. They sabotage spiritual development and happiness, and cause physical illness to distract you from your life mission. Negative energy always affects the nervous system. These types of implants usually come from previous lifetimes, with the exception of those for abductees who receive them in their current lifetime.

Implant symptoms – black eyes, full black glassy pupils, feeling deeply uncomfortable, unpredictable behavior, being scared, intimidated, and confused, hostile behavior, causing hostile behavior in others, black and white energy in the aura, feeling dissatisfied, feeling like something is wrong.

Fallen creatures, who should not be on Earth, but who are here for some reason, also belong to such spiritual implants.

Also, abductions by negative extraterrestrials fall into this category. These are the beliefs that you are a victim taken against your will and forced to do things against your will. Usually, all abductees were deceived and, under torture, agreed to accept mechanical implants.

Mental implants

They are attached beings and ghosts that have not crossed over. Usually, these are earth-bound spirits, lost spirits, and spirit attachments that have not crossed over. It is a spiritual attachment to the Earth through the spirit of a deceased person who, for various reasons, refuses to go to the other side. Every soul after death has about 9 days to go to the other side. If it does not, because it is afraid of divine punishment (suicide) or because it does not want to part with someone it loves, or someone dies suddenly in an accident and cannot believe that the deceased maintains the pattern of space-time between the physical plane and the astral plane.

Over time, such souls pass over, but in the meantime, such souls look for a physical vessel to attach themselves to in order to remain attached to the physical world, the only world they know right now. You can easily pick up Earth’s spirit in hospitals, hospice centers, cemeteries, antique shops, “haunted” places (usually where the murder was committed or where something tragic happened), places where people committed suicide, wars, battlefields, and even monuments.

Negative energy from past life memories

Your soul constantly displays past memories from your past lives as a hologram in your subconscious. Any untreated traumas from previous lives may emerge as problems in your present life and manifest themselves as unexplained pains or diseases in your body. They can cause physical and emotional discomfort. These traumas are unresolved problems from past lives, emotional attachments, terrible deaths, vows, and oaths from past lives. These types of traumas can be diagnosed with the help of a clairvoyant or a healer and heal the soul. An example of such a memory may be, for example, unjustified fear of water, or drowning, which may be related to the memory of death from a previous incarnation.

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Negative energies and entities. TheNegative energies and entities.

Negative energy from curses and bad wishes

It is a form of negative energy consciously sent to someone in the form of a curse or wish. Sometimes it can be a simple curse whisper, and sometimes a sophisticated spell or ritual with the use of a specialist, e.g. a voodoo curse. The negative energy sent in this way will affect your life, which can manifest itself, for example, by sabotaging your own happiness or creating dramas.

Just as you can send healing energy to someone, you can send harmful energy by thinking badly about someone. That is why it is so important to control your thoughts. Such a person will receive a blow to the left side of the body (as we receive energy from the left side, and it leaves the body on the right side) which will negatively affect the spleen meridian. From there, this energy goes throughout the body, weakening the immune system, which can lead to disease.

It’s good to know that the person who sends the curse usually wants us to know about it. Most often, they give us directions or send an intention that turns into paranoia in our mind and causes fear. You can remove such curses and bad wishes with the help of a healer.

Psychic hooks

It’s an emotional connection with another person. With someone you feel sorry for, who you feel sorry for or regret, and with whom you establish an energetic relationship. They can also arise when you hate someone, feel angry at someone, or have obsessive love. In an extreme situation, such hooks can cause you to give the person a piece of your soul.

Reflections left by ghosts

It is the energy of living matter in the form of memories transferred to places or objects. It is most often associated with events that evoked strong emotions or came from people strongly emotionally related to a place or object. Each item, e.g. furniture, jewelry, knick-knacks, can accept such reflections.

Some geographic locations (such as homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc.) contain memories from decades, even hundreds and thousands of years ago. The land disturbance caused by urban development can also alter the balance and harmony of the ecosystem, negatively affecting the region, neighboring homes, and businesses.

Emotional energy often travels in underground waterways and metal pipes that can become trapped in your home or energy field. This can exacerbate your own emotions and cause conflicts with dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

These energies can affect different family members to varying degrees and in different ways. Just because some members suffer more than others does not mean that these energies do not negatively affect everyone. Everyone has a different degree of sensitivity and resonance to these energies. The best thing for everyone is to remove those invasive energies that don’t fit.

How does the negative energy manifest in you?

  • Strong negative attitude
  • Nightmares
  • Addictions
  • Hearing voices
  • Uncontrolled behavior
  • Irritation
  • Sudden outbursts of negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and guilt.
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Strange pains, tingling, bruises on the body
  • Feeling someone’s presence, touch, or unpleasant smells.
  • Strange reactions of animals to us.
  • Adverse effects on electronic devices.
  • Feeling unlucky, blocked
  • Failures, bad moods of thoughts.
  • Moral disorders and incorrect behavior.
  • Physical diseases for which treatment does not help.

Every day, each of us is exposed to leaks of life energy caused by negative energy. Negative energy beings take advantage of every opportunity to connect to our energy, often provoking it themselves. These can be unpleasant situations at work or at home or aggressive behavior. It is also possible to attach entities during astral travel or shamanic travel if you do not have enough experience in this process (such energies have the ability to change their appearance in the form of luminous beings, angels, or spirit guides).

Beings can attach themselves to your etheric bodies in a variety of ways, for example, when you have visited a specific building or place, have been in contact with a specific group of people, or have participated in rituals or performed rituals without proper preparation or protection. They weaken your vibrations and personal power. If you feel that there is something preventing you from living a happy life or being in a happy relationship, it is most likely the result of negative energy.


Eva Marquez „Soul Cleansing and Energetic Protection. Removing Negative Energies and Entities, Earthbound, and Extraterrestrials”, 2016.

Negative energies and entities. Negative energies and entities.


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Brandon Knipe
Brandon Knipe 11 April 2022 - 10:41

I feel like I have entity attachments on my body and in my space around me. I also feel like I have a curse hex or spell put on me by someone or a negative entity. Please help if you can

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 11 April 2022 - 12:56

Please book a session with me “Personal Energy”


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