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What is creativity?

by Agata Dzierżawa
What is creativity it is a picture of a sleeping beauty and a good fairy.

What is creativity?

So you are God, the Creator.

“I’m a God

Realize it yourself

You are also God

Just imagine it ”


You are divine energy expressing itself in form. The combination of spirit and matter, i.e. creation. You play a role in the dream of the Universe, and so you create your character in this dream, you create your person. You also create your reality with your intentions, thoughts, emotions, or actions. The more consciously you do it, the better and more beautiful your creation will be.

This is why when you are disconnected from a creative outlet in life, you feel unhappy, dead inside, dull and unfulfilled. Creation and creativity are your true nature. You have to truly express yourself, always. You have to create. When you don’t do this, you feel empty inside.

In this article you will learn:

  • What creativity is.
  • Why you stop being creative.
  • How to unlock your creative energy.

You are a free being with creative power. Created so that you could also consciously create. Being creative is your calling. And you are a multi-dimensional artist.

Creativity is the desire to express yourself.

It is the legacy of the evolutionary process of your being and the source of the meaning of your life. True creativity is the continuation and participation in the ongoing act of the cosmic creation itself. And the highest form of creativity and the meaning of your existence is self-knowledge and self-education. Creativity is your awareness combined with your imagination.

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All human beings, without exception, are born creative, and so are you. Then, as they grow up, they are taught not to be creative. The patriarchal world emphasizes linear, targeted, and goal-oriented thinking and acting. It focuses on verbal and analytical educational processes, marginalizing creativity, process orientation, and being. The system you live in – capitalism focuses on results rather than process, on activities that bring profit, not joy and pleasure. Consumerism, which surrounds you, treats art as a commodity, giving value only to the one that sells. Meanwhile, creativity is a creative process, a journey of discovery, and not a final product. These are emotions and sensations, not monetization products. The creative act is possible thanks to the freedom which is its realization. It is learning to rely on intuition, not logic or common sense.

Creativity is the quality that you bring to each activity.

It is your attitude and approach to how you look at things. After all, the very movement of your thoughts is creativity (philosophizing). Everything you do, as long as it is accompanied by joy and love, is creative. Creativity is the act of turning your dreams and imagination into reality. We all have this gift. All you need to do is free yourself from the illusion of control and open up to flow, unique gifts of creativity will flow through you. Creativity opens you to the Spirit, and the Spirit gives you the gift of creativity. Pure joy, the core of which is the experience of mystical unity and the experience of creative power.

Each of us draws, paints, sings, and dances as a child. Then they does not think about evaluating their work, they just enjoys it. Without shame or embarrassment, they boasts of their works to others. However, criticizing your first creative efforts, lack of support, comparing with the masterpieces of others, opinions of overly demanding parents or friends make you develop an internal critic over time. More and more ruthless every year.

You start to feel guilty when you fail.

Or you still feel that you are doing too little and not right. Over time, you also begin to develop more and more personal and cultural prejudices. You meet false mentors who accuse you of lack of talent, embarrass you and criticize you. Eventually, you start treating your creativity as an unnecessary whim. You fall into the prose of life, choose activities that bring you money, and not necessarily joy and pleasure. Then you forget about your pleasures, trying to satisfy the needs of others and fulfill your schedule to have a feeling of being always busy. You allow yourself to be persuaded to be productive and effective, not fulfilled.

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Artists become for you a synonym of unhappy, irresponsible, unpredictable weirdos, and maybe even penniless drunks. You treat them with a grain of salt and don’t appreciate what they bring to the world if it can’t be measured with money. You believe that an artist must be born, therefore you lie to others and to yourself that you have no creative talents, and at the same time you suffer without realizing why.

So, you start to fall into workaholism, stimulants, compulsive eating or sex, obsessions of unhappy loves to drown out your creative thoughts and voice prompting you to creative activities. You turn away from yourself, cut off the flow of the universe through you and block your creativity even more. You block divine energy and distance yourself from God. And you get unhappy. Unlocking it is associated with great fear and danger – because it may turn out that you can be happy. Meanwhile, rejecting your own creativity is a form of self-destruction.

The trick is to transform this pain into energy.

Believe you are not too old to be creative. Or, on the contrary, not to retire to do it. Creativity is the present moment when you are outside of time. Dare to be creative, but start with small steps. Don’t set the bar too high for yourself. Call the fear of failure or success by name, do not call procrastination laziness. Be kind to yourself and treat fear with love. Cultivate your enthusiasm. Have fun with the creative process. Let your action bring you joy. You may think that true art comes only from suffering, not from joy and happiness. You may think that only pain creates a masterpiece, and ordinary life seems too shallow. Nothing could be more wrong.

It takes courage to reveal and reject the mechanisms that block your creativity. Art is a spiritual enterprise. It is an act of faith that our actions will achieve a creative goal. And the act of creation is essentially a spiritual path. So you need to trust your intuition, talent, skills, and desires. Faith requires you to give up control. True creativity only appears when you pursue your own spiritual requirements, guided by your interest in self-knowledge and self-fulfillment when you pursue your own inner needs and goals.

No matter how old you are, what you do professionally, how your life is going or artistic creativity is a career path, hobby or just a dream for you – it is never too late to develop creatively. And it’s never stupid or funny. Creativity is your true nature.

How do you unlock your creative energy?

  • Ask for inspiration, insight, and help. Direct your appeal to creative power, something bigger than your ego, however, you imagine it.
  • Free yourself from your habits.
  • Discover that you were wasting your creative energy by getting involved in someone else’s life, hopes, dreams, and plans (husband, children, friends).
  • Feel the anger that is leading to action.
  • Develop a sense of autonomy – articulate your own boundaries, reclaim yourself, your dreams, and your authentic aspirations.
  • Identify and cut yourself off from people who distract you from your needs or who are toxic to you.
  • Dig up buried dreams, passions, or hobbies. Dust off abandoned self.
  • Recognize the fear of being close to yourself.
  • Discover your own identity.
  • Rebuild your relationship with yourself. Get over your fear of your own creativity and shame. Trust the Creator and Synchronicity.
  • Become aware of the internal wounds that made you become an advertiser instead of an artist.
  • Bury the inner censor and skepticism.
  • Allow yourself to mourn after burying the current “self”.
  • Nurture your inner artist. Look for inspiration. Rebuild your artistic self. Stimulate the creative part of your brain with activities that stimulate your senses (sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch), delight, and a bit of luxury to attract abundance. And also movement and mindfulness.
  • Revive creatively. In its slow rhythm, without jealousy. Allowing yourself to be a novice and even a bad artist. And the risk that you may be successful or fail. With consent to doubt, security and self-acceptance. With faith in access to unlimited creative power flowing straight from the source of creation and with letting go.
  • Accept and approve of your authentic self.
  • Open up to legitimate criticism.
  • Have kindness, compassion, and understanding for yourself and your creative retreats, and accept periods of creative drought.

The starting point for nurturing your own creativity is nurturing yourself.

When you have no doubts about who you are and what you are doing, this energy flows freely and you feel no compulsion. As you regain your creative powers, you will begin to regain confidence in your Creator and your inner creator. You will learn to enjoy being a channel of creative energy and free yourself from responsibility for the end result.

Since, in a broad sense, creativity encompasses all human activity, then, in a narrow sense, it is a specific type of work, cultural and creative activity, dealing with the formation of values ​​and symbols. This creative work ends with the creation of works of art. It comes with fame and the risk of competition – spiritual drugs that poison your source of creativity. Whenever we think about our creativity, we immediately think about art with a capital S.

Reviving your creative self requires you to revise this definition and extend it to other spheres – something that you define as your hobby. When you devote yourself to your hobby, you release yourself from the pressure of the ego, which allows you to experience union with the Creator. Creativity integrates and unites intellect with the body, emotions, desires, and will. It is the natural order of life. It permeates and revives everything that lives. When you open up to it, you open up to the Creator in you and your life and continue the work of creation.

When you open up to the Creator, you are going in the right direction and you are getting closer to divinity.

The highest form of art is creating oneself in an act of self-discovery. To create yourself is to look for maximum self-expression – humanity in every action.

Hence, the beauty resulting from creativity is just as important for spiritual development as truth and goodness. True harmony arises in their unity. As Dostoyevsky wrote, “beauty will save the world”.


Julia Cameron “The Artist’s Way. A Spiritual Path to Hihger Creativity” („Droga artysty. Jak wyzwolić w sobie twórcę”), Wydawnictwo Szafa, 2017.

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