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Why does the future belong to women?

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic Why does the future belong to women depicting a feminine act and a crown.

Would you like to know, why does the future belong to women?

The future belongs to women. The future is female. You’ve probably heard these phrases more than once recently. But why does the future belong to women?

It defines the changes currently taking place in the world, in all areas of life. As the reverse of patriarchy, an alternative form of leadership, the world in which emotional intelligence dominates.

The role of a woman in traditional spirituality.

Of course, these changes also apply to spirituality. Although spirituality is genderneutral, it was shaped by patriarchal structures and focused on men.

W tym artykule dowiesz się:

  • Czym kobieca duchowość rożni się od męskiej.
  • Jak pielęgnować swoją duchowość.

As in most other areas of life, men have also defined what counts as spirituality. They decided who can practice and teach, who has spiritual authority, and in general what is going on in life. It had a huge impact on the spiritual life of women.  Spirituality traditionally was always the official privilege of men. Only among them spiritual disciplines were developed and passed down from one generation to another generation. This does not mean that women’s spiritual practices didn’t exist, but they had a different character. They were rather private, and homebased than they were part of the official religion.

Feminine spirituality.

Meanwhile, women have a natural predisposition to spirituality and can help society live a more satisfying life. In this sense, the future is a female in the spiritual field.

Currently, many more women than men are approaching a state of full awareness (enlightenment), and in the coming times, the number will increase faster and faster. Women have a natural ease of communing with their own inside and are able to connect their body, mind, and spirit into a coherent whole, which is a mainstay of harmony and love for them. They are inclined to see in everything that surrounds them, the source of revelations, revealing and the whole, and fullness and divine quality. 

To see things that way, you have to do it carefully and in this women are really good. It is not about the focus that helps to accumulate knowledge, but about the attention that stops at something when a man is freed from all concepts and opens to what is in the field of his vision. It comes then not so much to understanding something as to unite with something, but rather surrender, to achieve a pure state of openness and release, which at the same time means that it has been established very much, as it seems, deep contact with reality. Certainly, these feelings are also not foreign to men, but women can see it more clearly.

In general, a woman is easier to feel her own body and be in it, so she is naturally closer to being (and possibly also enlightenment) than a man. That is why many ancient cultures chose female characters or allegories to represent or describe transcendent, independent forms of reality.

So why does the future belong to women?

When the mind took over governance and people lost contact with their true nature, or divine essence, they imagined God as a man. In society, men began to dominate and femininity was subordinated to masculinity. This happened because the mind functions on men’s frequencies. It resists, fights for power, uses, manipulates, and attacks. In order to transcend the mind and rebuild the link with the deeper reality of Existence, however, other features are needed such as submission, impartiality, the openness that is not based on life but allows it to last, the ability to fraternize all things and phenomena into a loving and knowing embrace. These are the features that women have. 

Therefore, the women’s role, and also yours is to direct the attention of the world towards spirituality, understood in this way. 

What can you do?

Fewer thoughts, more feelings.

Your body always knows the truth. That is where the deepest part of your essence is found. That’s why you sometimes have chills when you think about something. Listen to your gut.

Start right now.

Don’t use excuses. Do not listen to the voice that has doubts and says you are not ready. Do not wait until you finish another course, another book, or do something else. If you don’t love your work change it. You have your unique goal to do in the world. It is your passion and service to the world. Now. The world needs you. No matter what it is, if you follow your heart, you will raise the energy vibrations of the entire planet.

Exit your comfort zone.

Take the risk. If you want to create your dream life, do not wait for circumstances, for somebody to discover you or notice you. Do it yourself, have courage. 

Live in the present moment.

Free yourself from the past. Don’t live future either. Focus on now.

Love yourself.

Get involved in conscious life.

Be open, willing and forgive. Find your spiritual practice and practice it. Know yourself. Your thoughts and beliefs. Challenge those which limit you in some way. Transform old behavior patterns into new ones based on love. 

Be creative. 

Work with people with similar views.

Support others. Walk bravely along your path. Wherever you are, be there with all of you. That’s all.


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1 comment

Deep Think
Deep Think 26 August 2020 - 18:48

I have had a vision. In my vision the masses of humanity were standing in front of the great white throne judgement of God.
I saw a woman come out of the center of humanity and shouted in a loud voice to an object I assume was the spirit of God She shouted “The world would not have been in such a mess that needed you to shorten the days thereof spoken of in the bible if you had put women in charge.” there was a quick response from what I suppose was God. In a thunderous voice I heard the words “So Be It” Then I saw a flash of light followed by extreme darkness.

After reflecting on this vision to determine the meaning thereof it came to me that God was going to allow women to come into power Thus my prophecy is the future will be female. What we see happening is that women are rising and men are declining.
Perhaps if women do well enough there will be no need for a great white throne judgement.It is wise therefor for men to aid women and not resist.

You Go Girl!


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