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Plan, script, life outline.

by Agata Dzierżawa
A picture plan script of life shows a women in the champagne glass.

Is there a plan, script, or outline of your life?

So you got your role to play in the universe, but is there also any plan, script, or maybe life outline for you of what you should do in your life? If you have to play, you would like to know how. You are a very curious and lazy creature, aren’t you? You know what to do, though you do not remember it. The whole point is to recall it…

In this article: 

  • You will learn what a life plan is and what it contains (starting point, end point, and orientation points). 
  • You will read what a life task is, or the purpose of your life. 
  • You’ll see how you can find the purpose of your life using the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

You may be a bit disappointed, but the exact scenario of your life does not exist, because then your life would have no sense or value. You would be just a mindless puppet, mindlessly playing your role, and yet you are not. Although sometimes you probably would like it to be so. You would not have to think too much, decide, constantly hesitate, consider, choose, or be afraid. You would look at your notebook in times of doubt or fear and you would know what to do next. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, so you are in a crisis and you don’t know how to get off the crossroads…

Life scenario doesn’t exist.

Although there is no exact scenario, there is a draft of how your life will look like. Before you were born as a human being, you as a soul planned for yourself the life you live, including all the difficulties you face. You did not do it to suffer but as an opportunity to avoid suffering. And no matter how much you suffer in this life, or you do not suffer, the end results will always be the same – the growth of your soul in the form of a better self-understanding or greater compassion for others.

You were born to let your soul evolve and become the most wonderful expression of who you can be. This intention determines your life goal.

The plan of life is a general outline of what you intend to achieve at various stages of your future life. Your soul chooses to perform this intention through a set of life circumstances, experiences, and agreements, soul contracts that are designed to support the life purpose of your soul, and give yourself the greatest potential to achieve. The plan of life is the reason why each of us is so and not different.

What does the life plan contain?

It contains general tips for your entire mission. The plan has a starting point – birth and final – death and key orientation points that will allow you to follow the right path, such as education, relationship, employment, as well as a few emergency plans in case the plan fails. It can also include several strategically located emergency exits such as diseases and accidents so that you can return home in a safe place if you think that everything was a bit too much.

Every moment in your life that leads you to deconstruct your life and yourself is one of the moments that try to bring you closer to your life goal. Regardless of whether they concern the break-up of a relationship, fear of health, or loss of a loved one.

This plan is quite loosely defined, leaving much room for exploration and improvisation. Its result is always unpredictable because you have free will. You answer all the circumstances stored in your plan when they occur in any way, with pleasure or dissatisfaction. All key events will occur at certain times, but their outcome is not predetermined. You choose your own way. That is the meaning of the whole game. 

Your Ego and Soul are perfectly designed to support you throughout this game.

Can you change your life plan? Theoretically, you can, but if you would like it, it’s a different matter. Knowing and understanding your plan, you live knowing that there are some higher power and sense of everything, a force that knows a lot more than your human ego. Of course, your plan and life can be tough, but the answer to all challenges is faith and alignment with your soul.

Consciously adapting to the goal of your soul, to the pre-birth plan is much easier than you think. It flows naturally for you, especially if you listen to the voice of your soul. Letting yourself live knowing that there is a real plan and the real purpose of your existence is the most empowering gift you can give yourself.

Because you are not living in a vacuum and isolation from the rest, everything you have planned in life flows seamlessly with the life plans of all other people involved. Your plan of life includes many key experiences with others and their life plans contain the same experiences as your participation. You all agreed to participate in mutual life experiences. They are called “soul contracts”. These can be, for example, contracts regarding romantic relationships, but also toxic parents or violent partners.

The purpose of your life.

As you already know, each incarnation also has its purpose, which is to learn a particular thing or perform a specific task. This is called a life task, the purpose of your incarnation. This task is not something specific, such as obtaining an eight-thousander or swimming across the English Channel,  but rather a kind of motto, such as “Inspiring others to believe in themselves”, “Learning the meaning of love”, or “Raising a conscious child”.  It is, of course, compatible with your type of soul, the age of the soul, and the level of soul development.

It usually takes about 3 lives to make up for the lesson and take a step toward growth. So you could have the same life task in your previous life and you may have the same task in the next life. 

And now hit of the day!

Please read it carefully: the task of life is usually designed to develop as our real work in the second half of life! Earlier in the first half of your life, you are preparing for this stage. You gain the knowledge, skills, bases, and experiences that you will need to fulfill your life task. This is called the turning point in your life.

Therefore, for example, if your life task is to “Help poor people”, you probably experienced poverty yourself in childhood and youth.

Bingo, 6 in the lotto! Your crisis did not come out of anywhere, it was also planned. Not only that, but your whole life has been also preparing you for the moment. Therefore, you suddenly feel the need to find a deeper meaning in your life. That is why you suddenly question everything that has been established in your life so far.

Maybe you are in a bad relationship. Maybe this is not what you should do in your career. Perhaps you should move to another country. The future seems to be one big unknown.

Meanwhile, the answer is at hand, or rather in your heart. You have it in yourself. Ha!

How to find your goal?

Sometimes it’s just that you always know what your life will be like. First, you will make a career in a big corporation, and in the second half of your life, you will deal with philosophy and spirituality. You just feel and that’s it. You know it. So, there is no one pivotal event in your life that would cause this turn. It’s not like you get up from bed one day, throw everything and decide: “ok, from today I am writing a blog about spirituality.” Not so, just all life circumstances, all previous experiences subtly lead you in this direction. And when the right moment comes, you just give up. There is no point in fighting it because then it will only bring you suffering, after all, you agreed to such a plan before you reincarnated, so you just slowly implement it.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to gove it away”. Pablo Picasso

Of course, not everyone has this knowing sense. Sometimes it’s hard to recall what your soul set up for you. In finding your life goal you can help the Japanese concept called “Ikigai”, which means “the reason you live.” It helps you find your goal in 4 steps.

Ikigai chart.
Ikigai chart.

Step one: What are you good at?

Each of us is born with some talents, and Using them brings fulfillment to our souls. You have received them for a reason.

Step two: What can you get paid for?

There is nothing wrong with thinking about money as long as you treat it as an energy exchange. You must find something for which you can get paid. Remember that if you really find your goal, then the Universe wants you to take care of it, so in one way or another, you will be able to receive payment for it.

This is how you define your profession. You combine talent with something that you can pay for. At this stage, most of the world stops, but to find the true purpose of your soul you must immerse yourself deeper.

Step three: What do you love to do?

You need to find and follow your passion. Something so you don’t feel the passage of time, which makes you happy, inspires, which you can’t stop thinking about.

You define passion by combining something you are good at with something you love. This is not always your profession.

Step four: What does the world need?

At this stage, you determine why the world needs you, after all, you were born for some purpose. You have some skills and talents that the world needs that will make it a better place. Something that will bring joy to others or reduce their suffering.

In this way, you define your vocation. It combines what the world needs with something that you will get paid for. However, this is not always something you love.

You can also combine something you love with something the world needs, thus defining your mission. Unfortunately, you often won’t get the money for it. Usually, artists and healers are in this situation.

If you find only 3 things, you will either not be able to make a living from it, because you will not receive a salary, or you will feel insecure, because you will not do what you are good at, or you will have a feeling of emptiness, because you will not do what the world needs, i.e. you will not fulfill the purpose of your soul.

Ikigai is when you combine passion with your mission, with your profession and you get paid for it.

So you know that you are good at analyzing things and drawing conclusions, they pay you when you analyze the financial results of a company, you like what you do, but your passion is spirituality, not someone else’s financial results so you don’t feel satisfied. You are missing something. You wonder what the world needs and you conclude that the world needs to make contact with its soul, which was successfully forgotten thanks to modernism. So, you decide to analyze this topic and inspire the world to do the same. Will you be paid for it? You believe so. If this is in line with the purpose of your soul, that’s for sure!

Is Ikigai easy?

Changing your thinking habits is never easy. And even damn difficult. Of course, you are afraid. You are worried about your future because it is one big unknown, but at the same time, you feel that it is the right way. You still have to learn a lot. Many lessons to do and many different obstacles to overcome. You need life mentors and the support of people who follow the path of their souls. The universe will make sure that you meet them on your path.

For example, you’ll meet someone like Therapeutic Mama on your path. Of course, following your current thinking, you will create different scenarios in your head, the reasons why you were to meet. In the meantime, it turns out that the Universe had its plan for your meeting. It simply reminded you to always remember to be authentic. That you should always listen to your intuition and not ignore it. If you do not want to listen to yourself, it will put these words in her mouth so that you can hear them from outside, since you are deaf to your inner voice. It will remind you to never do anything against your nature because that’s not the point.

You have the support of the Universe, just believe it. Trust it.

If you feel you have found your Ikigai, test it, and start living this principle. Even if it will require a change of lifestyle or priorities. Be honest with yourself. See how you feel.

You can also meditate with the intention of finding your life goal. Try it.


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Plan, script, life outline.

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