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Where do diseases come from?

by Agata Dzierżawa
Diseases where they come from is a picture showing a man in a cage with his spiritual guardian.

When you don’t feel mindful enough, you don’t have time, or you can’t listen to your body’s messages, you ignore or you don’t understand your dreams, gut feelings, or impressions, and these messages become stronger over time. They gain intensity and power to break through the shell that separates them from your consciousness. This is how diseases, mental problems, accidents, conflicts, and sometimes even death reach you. This is so that you can stop and hear them. So, these misfortunes are not a punishment for your sins, a curse, a charm, or an act of revenge or injustice against you, but an attempt to communicate your own soul with your own consciousness.

In this article you will learn:

  • Where diseases come from and what their purpose is.
  • How your soul communicates with you.

You were born for your soul to evolve and develop in a certain way. Therefore, you have a life goal to achieve and experience to gain. You have a specific task to do in this lifetime. To realize it, you have planned your life as a soul, or at least its most important aspects. And you have also received specific resources to help you with this: mode of operation, attitude, operational center, and a major character flaw. It is all in your life plan. However, when your soul is incarnated in your physical body, the veil of oblivion has fallen and all knowledge of your purpose and life plan is stored only in your subconscious. So, you are not usually aware of them on a daily basis.

This life plan is the path that you move along in your existence is a kind of scenario for your life.

Your soul uses your body as a vehicle to help it slide across it. The road you are taking is not a straight highway. On the contrary, it is full of holes, potholes, ruts, and stones. They are patterns, schemas, programs, and beliefs that you take over from others and reproduce consciously and unconsciously. They often appear on bends, narrowing, and fogs that limit visibility. They do not allow you to see the full picture of your life. Only with time, usually after the fact, everything turns out to be connected and leads to a goal.

You encounter many signs and signposts along the way, as well as other travelers.

You often see them too late, or not at all, when you rush too fast. Sometimes you forget to refuel your vehicle’s fuel tank, or you add the wrong fuel. You also get your travel companions in the form of emotions (the pilot of your vehicle) and mind (the driver of your vehicle), as well as a guide in the form of an internal GPS that has access to all maps, called the unconscious or the Guardian Angel. The comfort of your journey, i.e. your existence, depends on the decisions made by the driver (mind)  on the basis of information received from the pilot (emotions).

When a driver is too distracted and inattentive, they can run into ruts – repeating family patterns and following in someone’s footsteps. Or to fall into holes or bumps – blows and mistakes in life. The journey will then become uncomfortable for you, and maybe even unpleasant and uncomfortable. When the pilot gives you wrong information, it can lead you astray, cause an accident and lead to trauma.

Sometimes you travel in low visibility conditions, you reach intersections, loops, roundabouts, and junctions and you don’t know which direction to take.

When you trust a driver too much, there is a risk of them getting confused or lost. So, you have to trust the way of life, have faith and confidence in natural laws, and listen, as long as you can hear GPS directions. It is it what knows the purpose of your journey and knows where you are going. It knows the conditions on the route and knows what awaits you around the corner.

Sometimes your vehicle, i.e. your body, fails. So, you have to repair the damage yourself through a break for rest and time, perhaps call roadside assistance – natural medicine or go to a specialist – mechanic, i.e. modern medicine. When your vehicle is making too much noise, you need to stop it, listen to the GPS instructions, and look at the map alone to find yourself when you feel you have strayed too far from the route.

The entire plan of our journey, or existence, is written in our global consciousness.

The database used by our GPS, i.e. the internal guide. Our consciousness (driver) and our physical body (vehicle) are visible and special travelers. They must respect the itinerary and their place in it. However, they have certain freedom (free will) and the possibility of improvising as part of their main course. When everything is going well, you have the satisfaction that you reached your destination and stuck to the chosen route.

If, on the other hand, you deviate from your itinerary, a disrepacy begins to appear between the unconscious and conscious, between the traveler and the destination. This is when tensions, diseases, accidents, and death appear. The real goal of the whole journey is to achieve balance, compatibility, and coherence between the traveler and their driver, pilot, GPS, and vehicle. This is the deep harmony and coherence of man. Consistency between who they is, what they does and their path is.

There are three types of signals sent to you by your unconsciousness to put you on the right track:

Physical and mental tensions.

Here you will find tension in the back, indigestion, pains in various parts of the body, rashes, nightmares, ailment, or mental malaise. These are physiological or mental sensations that signal dissonance. If you hear and accept these signals at the level of your consciousness, you will trigger the necessary behavior changes. This will remove these tensions. If you do not hear these messages, your unconscious will pull out its sharper actions in the form of injuries and diseases, which are always postponed in relation to the causes of tensions.

Torso and limb injuries.

This is the second stage of communication. The phase in which you start looking for a solution through your unconscious. This stage allows for a direct change in a given situation. Their job is to get your attention enough for you to pause and stop inappropriate actions for a moment, reflect and change them.

Bumps, cuts, sprains, or fractures always occur at a very precise point on the body in order to stimulate the energies flowing through that point. The stronger the tension, the longer it lasts without being recognized, and the greater the risk of a more severe or violent injury.

Physical and mental diseases.

These types of messages appear passively at the stage of removing tensions. When you ignore a breakdown, your vehicle breaks down and stops. It is a kind of run away, weakening you, and sometimes even a kind of failure. The disease allows you to release accumulated energy voltage as a safety valve or, as an alarm signal. It tells you exactly what is going on inside and gives you interesting tips for the future.

 If you learn from your illness after your recovery, you will strengthen your immunity. Otherwise, you will weaken your body even more and activate more diseases.

Where do diseases come from?

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Where do diseases come from?

Developing your soul means learning about life.

It is, therefore, both doing and understanding the lessons, as well as breaks, difficulties, repetitions, the redemption of blame or punishment for misconduct and not following the rules of the game in the form of a result, i.e. the logical result of your behavior.

When your journey is significantly different from its itinerary, you experience pain to understand that something is wrong. Pain is an integral part of your life, but you usually cannot read its meaning by trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Your reluctance to unpleasant sensations or excessive search for protection against unpleasant sensations often prevents you from receiving the signal that the pain is trying to convey to you. And yet its experience can lead you to reflection and the necessary change in your life course. Provided you are ready to hear this tip, of course. If you don’t get into it, you will keep repeating old patterns until you realize them. Each time, however, each subsequent experience will be stronger until you become aware of its message.

Tensions, physical and mental suffering, pain in the soul, illness, suffering and hurt feelings are messages sent to you through your unconscious.

So, it is necessary to give them real meaning and put them in the right context. And also looking at them from the right perspective. The key is to understand the meaning of your experience. Not jamming it or perceiving it as something inevitable and deserved.

Sometimes, of course, you may also find that illness, accident, or even death are part of your itinerary. Your lesson to learn and experience, and even your life goal. This happens when, for example, you are here to learn to depend on others. However, when you understand that this is an end in itself, your approach to the experience will also change. However, such situations are very rare. Most often, diseases are simply a request for attention, a cry of your soul to return to harmony.

If you block energy through emotion, resentment, or resentment, the tension and suffering will stay with you and give rise to another new cycle. If you accept pain in its proper sense, you will avoid it having to come. The release process will then begin, manifesting itself physically by releasing your suffering. Everything will then change in an amazing way. And situations that so far seemed to you no way out, will radically change their course.

Each of us must constantly seek a balance between our spirit and body.

And the separation of the world of spirit from matter, spirituality from science that has happened in our world does not make it easier for us. It only led to an even deeper separation between the body and the soul. Dismembering it and separating it into parts that you treat as independent, disconnected mechanisms. You see your body as a machine to help you achieve your goals and demand its quick and cheap repair in the event of a breakdown. Meanwhile, ailments of the body are your relationship with the soul, its wounds, and personal and family history.


Michel Odoul “What Your Aches and Pains Are Telling You: Cries of the Body, Messages from the Soul” („Powiedz mi, co Cię boli, powiem Ci, dlaczego”), Wydawnictwo Co-Libris, Siewierz, 2019. 

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Where do diseases come from? Where do diseases come from?

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