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by Agata Dzierżawa
Beliefs are a black and white image of the setting sun and its reflection in the negative.

As you know, your spiritual body consists of 7 parts of your nature (subtle bodies). These bodies are divided into a higher triad called Higher Self (Atma, Buddhi, and Manas) and lower quaternary – Lower Self (Kama, Prana, Linga, and Physical Body). These seven parts are divine, spiritual, intellectual, passion, vital, astral, and physical.

The difference between them is that the triad lasts forever and the lower 4 last only one life and are new in each lifetime.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the Higher Self and the Lower Self is.
  • What is judgment is.
  • Where beliefs come from.

Elements of the human personality.


The Atma (Atmic Body) is the highest part of man’s spiritual being. It is a pure and eternal spirit. Higher, Divine Self, pure Divinity. It is not affected by our karma or anything else, because this part never reincarnates, it just is.

Buddhi (the Buddhist body) is our spiritual soul or the vehicle through which the Atma radiates its light. It is a vehicle of the spirit.

Manas (the causal body) is your mind or aspect of consciousness, an enduring individual that incarnates and reincarnates. It is a human soul. Mind and soul are one and the same. It is wrong to identify the brain with the mind, which we most often commit. For it is only a physical organ that serves as a vehicle for the mind. It is the creator and experience of karma. It has a dual higher – spiritual and lower – sensual nature, between which the human soul stands.

Kama (mental body) is the source and center of your desires and passions, lusts and sensual nature, the so-called animal soul.

Prana – (etheric body) life force or energy that keeps our physical body alive. Each of us remains alive as long as prana remains active within us. As soon as it stops flowing, the body dies.

Linga – (Astrlane Body) The astral part is a form of the physical body. It arises in front of the physical body. It is the energy body through which prana flows into the physical body. This is the part of our constitution that is used in astral travel. This part is connected to the physical body in the area of ​​the spleen by a kind of invisible umbilical cord called the silver thread.

The physical body, that is, our outer shell.

In each of these states of consciousness, your perception and knowledge are different.

The Higher Self does not need external sources of knowledge. The Lower Self, on the other hand, is based on outside information received through your senses and mind. The source of your thoughts is your subconscious, that is, your Higher Self. Your Higher Self also as a divine part of you has no limits in fulfilling your desires, only infinite possibilities.

Everything that you believe in your life has its roots in some form of judgment, which is the awareness of duality, or the quality of the Low Self. Judgment is about dividing things into right and wrong. Judgment causes you to divide your world into two categories: desirable and undesirable. It also reassures you that you are under the influence of forces beyond your control. You have learned to judge to experience duality, that is, to know the world of opposites in order to discover the unity hidden beneath it.

In your true essence or Higher Self, you are free from all mental convictions and ideas. You just have an open mind with no belief system at all and completely free from judgment. Since your Higher Self is a unity that goes beyond duality, it does not distinguish positive instructions (dictates) from (prohibitions), because they are products of your lower self. It is also not tainted by any beliefs or expectations.

For this reason, the Higher Self takes all your doubts and fears as your desires to be fulfilled.

This is how all your desires “return” to your Higher Self for their realization. And it doesn’t categorize them, it makes them real. This happens automatically, completely out of your control. And the Universe follows these instructions placed in your subconscious, which has access to infinite energy and intelligence and creates things according to your “orders”.

The higher self does not distinguish between negative duality. Therefore, all phrases such as “I can’t”, “I don’t want to”, “I hope I won’t get sick” are read as: “I can”, “I want”, “I hope to get sick”. That way, your expectations based on fear and anxiety create exactly what you don’t want in your life. Unfortunately, all your reactions are controlled by the ego, and it, as you know, is primarily for the care of your life and survival. This means that they are deeply ingrained in the fear of separation. Were it not for this fear, there would be no reaction but action.

When thoughts flow out of your subconscious mind, you immediately give them all possible meanings.

These meanings are based on all your previously acquired beliefs and experiences. Most of them you acquired in your early childhood when your brain naturally worked on theta brainwaves. Thanks to this, you learned easily and quickly, also about things that do not serve you. You would not have developed a disease if you did not have the beliefs to support it. Any idea you take for truth is a belief held in you. And it is this belief that creates your reality.

In our pursuit of excellence, we usually encounter various obstacles or unfavorable situations and circumstances. However, it depends on us what meaning we give them. For everything has the same meaning that you give it yourself. Likewise, there is no meaning in life other than that which you create in your own mind. God does not exist until you decide otherwise. Satan is real if you believe he exists. Angels exist when you feel that they are surrounding you.

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The unconscious attempt to make sense of everything is judgment.

It is a consequence of our awareness of separation, or sense of separation from our spiritual Self, or Higher Self. To be free from judgment, you must remove layers of meanings that you have given to everything that has happened, that is, your beliefs. When you can no longer find any meaning, only the unity of everything will remain.

Judgment is an attempt by your mind to give meaning to your life experiences. Thanks to this, it can define your identity. Determine who you are in relation to specific events, circumstances, or other people.

If you see yourself as a victim of abuse, you will spot potential villains everywhere. This will unfortunately cause even more abuse in your life. The victim’s awareness requires the abuser to know himself. The perpetrator’s awareness needs the victim to find out what it’s like to be a tormentor.

Your experience is exactly what you think it is.

As you begin to perceive yourself and your life experiences differently, the world will adapt to that change and begin responding to a different meaning for you. This is how you are the creator of your life, whether your creations appear positive or negative. Most of your creative processes happen unconsciously, so it is very difficult to guide or control them.

As you begin to take conscious control of giving meaning to everything that happens in your life, you begin to realize your true potential. And only then will you be able to live it. Nobody but you can give meaning to the events of your life. This is the power of being. You alone decide what happened to you, why, and how. The meaning of these events is entirely up to you. Only you have a choice that can change them. Only you, at every moment of your life, can influence your life and its quality.

So the source of your problems is the lack of connection with your Higher Self.

The connection between your Higher Self and your physical awareness is further disrupted when your body begins to fail. Then, instead of trusting it and cooperating with it during your illness, you deepen your separation by believing that it cannot be trusted. You believe that it wants to trouble you, or that it is turning against you. So you start looking for help outside. You turn to various specialists whose task is to correct its errors and launch appropriate repair procedures. By doing this, you admit that you have less power than a pill or a vaccine. And you also hand over responsibility for your own body to strangers. You are overcome by a feeling of powerlessness which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, even if you are seriously ill, you still decide whether your time has come and you must die or not. It is up to you whether you use your infinite power to destroy your physical body or to restore it to health. Most people, however, don’t feel they have the power to heal themselves. Self-esteem leading to the conclusion that there is no healing capacity is the judgment that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A judgment that blocks the healing process by channeling energy into an unconscious decision about the inability to heal itself. This decision is an instruction to the body that it only obeys. There are people who decide that, for example, cancer will not kill them and actually recover from this disease, and there are people who are so afraid of cancer that they treat it like a monster over which they have absolutely no control. In this way, they succumb to its effects and die, sometimes even regardless of the effectiveness of the form of treatment used.

All accidents, mistakes, achievements, successes and happiness are your work.

You decide if something happens to you and how with your intention. Unfortunately, fear can also become such intention and judgment. If you are afraid of disease – you are actually asking for it. Why? Because illness can help you overcome it. If you consciously decide that it can be a great opportunity to internally transform and transform your own life, it will just happen, because nothing that happens to you has a hidden purpose. You define this goal yourself.

It is you who give purpose and meaning to everything in your mind. Your attitude to events and what they bring with them depends on your intention and its interpretation. The method of interpretation and what you expect results from your previously acquired beliefs. Each of your beliefs has its own premises, its own perspective, and its own relative truth. You create expectations because thinking that you know what lies ahead helps you to suppress old fears and insecurities. By expecting bad things, you are preparing for the worst. However, your expectations actually reveal what you don’t want.

So the trick is to recognize your beliefs.

When you recognize your beliefs, you will be able to change them and thus create your new reality. All beliefs have their own internal and self-sustaining system of reasoning and taking evidence.

And each of your personal points of view and worldview is undermined by the identity crises you go through in your life. Then you verify them and have a chance to do something with them. You develop only when you broaden your horizons, change your perspective, open up to new ideas and ways of perceiving the world. Only then do you become who you really are.

In life, you can only understand what you believe is your own truth. And you only see what you believe in yourself. This means that there is no reality other than the one you create within yourself. Everything that happens is actually created by you, you are the creator of your life.

So if you want to see anything that affects you in a completely different light, you have to make a conscious decision to give it a completely different meaning. One that is in line with your true desire. So instead of, for example, deciding that the disease came to kill you, you may decide that its role is to awaken you to self-love.

Dualism also causes us to feel guilty for not meeting the expectations of others, because it’s wrong.

This causes criticism, lowers self-esteem, and leads to a lack of self-acceptance. And this results in your attitude – struggling with life. All of this, of course, happens in the unconscious.

The average person has all their energies trapped in stored emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and memories. Consequently, there is no more energy for higher perception which is perceiving beyond the figments of your mind. The separation is so real to her that it seems inappropriate to feel something else. Being one with everything and all the people around us ceases to fit in your imagination.

We carry deeply hidden unconscious memories from this incarnation or from previous ones related to low self-esteem when we felt humiliated, rejected, or humiliated. Each of us has experienced sexual harassment, assault, torture, or death at the hands of others in one form or another. We have all abused power, hurt others, robbed or killed. No one is worse than another, no matter what he or she does. It doesn’t matter if we did it now or in another lifetime. Everything that happened to us in the past can be brought back to the present.

Memories are delusions of the mind.

We can change the past by stopping letting it influence our present, our present thoughts, feelings, or actions. We are the creators of our own problems, but also our own solutions. Past life problems are inextricably linked with present-day experiences and life lessons. We have a strong sense of guilt in our hearts for everything we’ve done in this lifetime or the rest of us. This guilt is self-judgment.

In addition to recognizing your belief, it’s also important to understand that the root of all your fears is death. Meanwhile, death is only a figment of human imagination. It exists only in the domain of duality or the Low Self. However, we are so attached to our physical form that we believe that when the body dies, our life ends. Therefore, most of us deny the existence of death or postpone thinking of it until we face it. However, while trying to avoid death, we stop living while still alive. When we try to save a life, we are already dead. As long as we fear our own or someone else’s death, we will need to experience the cycles of birth and death. If we do not accept death, we will not understand life. Those who do not fear it, combining light and darkness, and can experience the world without its influence, being immune to all its harmful effects.


Andreas Moritz “Lifting the Veil of Duality. How to be Free and Without Judgment” („Unosząc zasłonę dualizmu dobra i zła”), Studio Astropsychologii, Białystok 2019.

The Sevenfold Nature of Man„, 

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