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The interior of the house is the image of your inside.

by Agata Dzierżawa

As I mentioned in the previous article, everything that lives are related to each other and every change of even the smallest piece of the puzzle affects the big whole.

Nowadays, we are all bombarded every day with a huge number of impressions, impulses, stimuli, and various energies without being completely aware of it. We surround ourselves with various symbols and objects, without understanding their meaning and the energy they bring with them. Few of us know how it can affect our well-being and behavior, as well as how it really shapes our lives. None of us have been taught to take care of our electromagnetic field, the energy of our space and our subtle bodies.

In this article, you will learn how the interior of your home reflects your inside and how to use it.

Meanwhile, symbols have a huge impact on our lives.

A symbol is a concept perceived by the senses. A thought which you can see. It works on your subconscious mind, creating an image in your mind, and this brings an emotion. Symbols reflect ideas. They attract and connect energies with similar vibrations. Symbolism is usually associated with tradition, rituals, fidelity to ideals and is rooted in time. By using the vibrational similarity of concepts, objects, events, things, we can more easily achieve the intended goals. Unfortunately, sometimes it can also be used to purposefully shape reality against the knowledge and wishes of the person who uses it if they does not know its meaning.

Therefore, it is very important to know the hidden meaning of words, signs, logos, objects, and all other symbols to know what ideas you support with your energy. And know which of them have a chance to become a reality thanks to this. Remember that the symbol is also the movie you watch, the book you read, the t-shirt you wear, and the headline of the news on the internet.

Don’t support what you don’t identify with.

You can do it, for example, by analyzing your inside based on the appearance of your apartment and its division into the conscious and subconscious sphere. And, through the symbolic interpretation of domestic failures, spatial arrangement, astrology, the symbolism of humans, people, professions, animals, plants, everyday objects, everyday events, natural phenomena, and, of course, dreams.

The interior of the house is the image of your inside.

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The interior of the house is the image of your inside.

Every living organism produces the so-called bioplasm, i.e. thoughts and emotions that are transformed into energy.

Emotions have negative ions; thoughts have positive ions that are trapped in the magnetic field produced by the heart of this living organism. This is the aura, that is, an energetic pattern, reflection, image of a human being. As long as a person lives produces the aura.

During human movement and friction, this bioplasm, or their energetic copy, leaves a mark on the matter in the room, on the floor, on walls, and on objects. Everything that was created carries vital energy. If this item was made with love, joy, and pleasure, it also carries energy. It is completely different, however, when it arose because of suffering, human exploitation because of slave labor, or under duress. Every object created by a human hand is a carrier and expression of the person’s life energy. If you are constantly in one room, it becomes an extension of yourself. You are one organism with your home because your whole apartment is saturated with your energy. Furniture and appliances accumulate your energy, which they then give back to you based on feedback. What is happening in your apartment is therefore the effect of what is happening in your inside.

Therefore, by analyzing the appearance of your apartment, you can describe yourself, i.e. the owner of this apartment. And your emotional, mental, and material situation.

Energy likes movement and flow. And the uninterrupted flow of life energy, that is thoughts and feelings of a human being, is possible only when the whole organism is well supplied with it. As you already know, everything relates to everything, so achieving harmony in the apartment activates the various spheres of your life. Thus, taking care of your living space is a type of therapeutic treatment with a specific desired goal.

Knowledge about the influence of the environment on people and its conscious shaping is as worn out as humanity.

The former builders of cathedrals, monasteries, and castles knew about it. Each apartment – just like your body must have a good energy supply. It cannot be cluttered with unnecessary items and dirt. This also applies to the workplace of an office, company, kindergarten, and any public building. Any disturbance related to disruptions in the space you are in has a negative energy impact and can affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The type of building materials, their quality, and their chemical composition affect human health, emotions, and psyche. They cause allergies, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, respiratory tract, cause shortness of breath, asthma, and headaches. The volatile substances in air fresheners, scented candles, floor cleaners, and fabric softeners cause asthma, lung cancer, and skin allergies.

The shapes of the plots, building blocks, the amount of space inside, the layout of the rooms, the layout of the buildings, or the amount of greenery and noise are equally important. And also, furniture, fragrances, colors, materials, patterns, and temperature.

Knowing the symbolism of the individual elements of your home is a very good tool for spiritual development. Each part of your apartment symbolises a different aspect of your life.

Your mind is the roof of a building. Flat means passive, sloping mind – active, brilliant, and an open mind. The best slope of the roof is 58-60 degrees.

The attic and storage space are symbols of memory and memories. Cluttered is the inability to get rid of memories or beliefs.

The salon, on the other hand, symbolizes communication with people. Decorations on the walls are your individuality and personality. You will never find two same walls. You can easily read from them what makes you stand out from the rest. What you would like others to know about you.

Lighting is the inside of a man. It is the understanding of yourself. The floor is a symbol of the approach to material matters. Windows signify the development of consciousness. The larger the size of the windows, the more conscious the person.

The interior of the house is the image of your inside.

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The interior of the house is the image of your inside.

Entering the house is the entrance to the human soul, to its secrets and problems.

And also, the degree of openness to other people and trust in them. The more exclusive the door, the more needed an authoritarian form of reaching the soul. Door locks are a way of reaching the human soul: a lock at the head level is logical and rational, at the level of the throat – the need for understanding, at the level of the heart – emotional, at the level of the navel – the ego, and at the level of the knees – fear.

The kitchen is satisfying the needs and desires of the ego. The bedroom shows living comfort. Bathroom – interaction with other people and the need to integrate with others. Toilet – a way to run everyday matters.

The Basement – it is the subconsciousness of man, their fears, inhibitions, phobias, uncontrolled behavior, and the innermost secrets. The fear of going down to the basement is the fear of looking into your soul.

The amount of residence is a symbol of the social hierarchy.

The higher the level, the greater the need to exert more influence on society. The desire to live on the first floor is the desire to influence society through the position held. Basements, sewers, and basements are problems with rejection, a sense of self-acceptance. Using stairs instead of an elevator tells you that you know you can do it on your own. To increase your self-confidence, you can climb the stairs to the 10th floor every day for a month or go hiking in the mountains. The height of the rooms symbolizes independence in thinking. The higher the room, the greater the mental independence

Mirrors and their number mean acceptance of yourself and your physicality.

The mirror is a layer of silver covered with glass; therefore it acts as a photographic film and records events associated with a high emotional charge, e.g. hatred or anger, which is worth knowing when buying a mirror with history, second-hand. Viewing yourself in a mirror made of pieces symbolizes a mental breakdown. Breaking a mirror is breaking your personality, destroying your good image. The broken pieces should not be thrown into the trash, as this will combine your energy stored in the mirror with all the waste. So, it’s best to clean the mirror pieces of their energy before throwing them away. You can also use the mirror for duplicating, for example, jewellery in a casket. It affects your subconscious and your sense of living in abundance.

Clocks symbolize your approach to rhythm, life planning, and your responsibilities, as well as your attitude towards law, duties, and tradition.

Breakdowns and damages in the apartment reflect the negative emotions and problems of their household members.

Blown electric fuses – the household’s nervous system. Problems with the flow of water that symbolizes life force, emotions, and feelings. Leaking tap – hidden disease, remission, waste of time for minor unnecessary matters. Wasting time and money. A seized tap is a lack of financial liquidity, passivity, inertia in action.

A clogged sink or washbasin drain is a symbolic accumulation of dirt from the past that makes it impossible to operate in the present. Problems with flushing the toilet mean a lack of puncture due to fatigue, passivity, shyness, anxiety, or illness. A clogged toilet seat is a symbol of the accumulation of everyday matters. And also, insincerity, lies, slander, and understatement in interpersonal contacts. Flooding an apartment is a needed change of mindset in relation to emotions and finances. A door failure is self-regret and self-grudge. You need to understand yourself better. Heating problems are problems with the family bond.

The layout of the apartment and the arrangement of equipment in it also symbolize the psyche of its members. The right side from the front door to the subconscious zone, and the left side is the conscious zone.

Dirt and clutter are a disorderly and unplanned lifestyle. Without clearly defined goals for the near future. Unfinished business.

Leave only the most necessary things at your home. Surround yourself only with objects that make you truly happy and you will free yourself from unnecessary ballast. When you remove everything unnecessary, you will see new perspectives. Material goods are not proof of your existence. They will not keep you safe and immortal.

Knowing the symbolism and principles of interior design (e.g. feng shui), it is possible to prevent and heal diseases by controlling the flow of life energy. You should design your interior so that it can evoke joy, love, happiness, and hope.

However, knowing the symbolism of the rooms or the layout of the apartment does not mean that moving the bed or table will result in a constant improvement in your energy if you do not start changing yourself. Only working with your own inside will bring long-lasting results. Looking at your outside world will only help you to visualize which space of your life requires general cleaning. Whoever understands the symbolic language of the outside world will better understand and develop their potential, strengths and make better use of future development opportunities.


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Rebecca 13 September 2021 - 10:49

Beautifully written. Thank you.
I have always known that symbology is a beautiful mirror of understanding, and Feng shui is a dance of life with movement….
I even feel the energy of buildings and objects considered lifeless, but to unveil yet another symbolism of connection… connection between your energy and that of your house, that was simply beautiful and ever so helpful with moods…

Personal inner revelation of outward things we surround ourself with, well that offers so much to one’s awareness of themselves, their progress, ideals, beliefs.

You help me see with new eyes.

For this I thank you.

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 14 September 2021 - 09:42

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad I could show you a different perspective. 🙂


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