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The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosm is a purple picture of an abstract face.

Usually you don’t think about it, but you assume that we all live in one and the same world, and you are convinced that all people perceive this world exactly as you do. This belief makes you believe that there is one reality in which we all live. One world. One Cosmos. You think that if you name something in a certain way, other people call it exactly the same as you. Or if others use a word, they understand it exactly as you do. When you say happiness, you are assuming that the other person understand what you mean by it. Nothing could be more wrong. Nothing more illusory. Such thinking is an illusion.

In this article, you will learn how you influence the functioning of the cosmos.

Our reality is only a patchwork of our individual realities.

Each of us perceives reality from our point of view. I have my reality; you have your reality and your neighbor from behind the wall has their own reality. Each of us has our own reality and each of these realities is different. Each of us creates it from our own images that we see, smells that we feel, thoughts, thoughts, or sounds that we hear. And also, the feelings and experiences we experience, the emotions we feel and the concepts we create. So, the Cosmos is really a conglomerate of individual microcosms. Objective reality does not exist. Our world is a collection of subjective realities.

This subjectivism depends on our personal filters, i.e. the interpretation of information that comes to us from the outside.

These are our beliefs and life experiences and the meaning we give them. This meaning depends on our individual experiences and on the upbringing, we have received. But also on our individual qualities, which are the type and age of the soul, the soul overlays, or the personality that we have built as a result of interaction with others and as a result of all life experiences.

This means that neither of these realities is better or worse than the other. They are all equivalent. They all have the same right to exist and therefore they deserve the same respect. It also means that all realities are different, just as we are. You won’t find two realities alike.

These realities are intertwined and superimposed on each other, as well as complement and interpenetrate. They create a network of mutual relations, reactions, and interactions. They are connected vessels that only together form one great whole – unity.

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The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos.

So, whatever comes into being in your reality will exist in the Cosmos. And whatever happens in the cosmos has an impact on you and your reality.

However, the key is to understand that the only influence you have is on your reality. In order to change the Cosmos, or the world, i.e. what you commonly call reality, you must therefore change yourself, i.e. your own individual reality. In order to organize the external chaos, you have to organize your inner world, because this is the only part of reality that you have a real influence on. For nothing more and nothing less.

As above, so below, as within, so without.

The harmony of the cosmos, the harmony of the microcosm.

In other words, do you want to fix the world? Start with yourself, not your neighbor.

How to understand it?

For example, if you want to live in a world ruled by love, you must love yourself above all else. If you imagine that you will go out into the world and start explaining to others how important love is and calling everyone to love each other, you will not change anything. Why? Because you will not affect each of the individual realities with this exhortation. It is each of these individual realities that must experience a love so that all these clumps of realities together form one great set of love. You cannot love your neighbor for themself. They has to love themself. Yes, you can inspire them to do it with your example. You can explain to them why they should do this, but you cannot love them for themself, so you have no direct influence on their reality.

The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos.

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The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos.

On the other hand, if you start working on yourself, you will change your world.

When you heal all your traumas, release blocked emotions, you will love with true love every part of your being, including your faults and weaknesses, you will change your world. When you change your world, you change the brick that makes up the rest of the world. Your microcosm will change, automatically changing the entire cosmos. This is the only way to fix, change and organize this chaos in which we live. The only real way to fix the world. Integration of yourself.

When you were at the “Harmony of Cosmos” festival, at some point while you ordered something to eat, it started to rain heavily. This forced you to stay under the roof of one of the food trucks. Other people started coming under the same roof. And so, a discussion arose between you and a group of people who started complaining about their problems with the police. They tried to convince you that the police were evil, and you tried to convince you that the police were not. You tried to explain to them that it was their own belief, that it was not your belief. And that each of you creates your own reality. Unfortunately, to no avail.

Meanwhile, problems with the police are problems with authority, male energy, that is, most likely unhealed wounds related to their own father. So, to get rid of them in real life, you need to look at your unconscious relationship with your father. Otherwise, you will project into your reality what you do not accept in yourself. And you will actually have problems with the police in your life because you will create them yourself. You want the police to stop attacking you – heal your relationship with your father and everything will return to normal. When you forgive your father, you will love the part of yourself related to him, and the police will start to help you instead of bullying you.

The universe simply mirrors to you the situations that you create for yourself in your own individual reality. The policeman is not your enemy. You are your own enemy.

We live in very interesting times right now. Times of transformation and creation of the New Earth. Unfortunately, still many of us do not understand that to transfer the world you have to start with yourself. Still, people are observed sitting idle, waiting for the miracle to come from outside. Meanwhile, the real miracle must take place inside – inside each of us. Only when we consider all the particles of ourselves worthy of love, happiness and joy will we recognize the individuality and value of our neighbor. When we recognize the value and individuality of others, there will be unity – the New Earth. As long as we exclude demeaning or not accepting some part of ourselves, we will not accept other people.

By degrading and excluding others, we will not experience unity. It is impossible to love other people without loving yourself. You need to know what love is to experience it and bestow on others.

Alice Miller “Breaking Down the Wall of Silence” („Gdy runą mury milczenia”), Media Rodzina, Poznań 2006.

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The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos. The harmony of the cosmos is the harmony of the microcosmos.

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