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Emotions and impressions.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Emotions and impressions is a picture of grafitti - a human figure with a heart on his head forming an insect together.

About emotions and impressions.

Life energy, like any energy, needs movement and dynamics. Any restriction of this movement causes blockages leading to stiffening of the body, changes in its vitality, flexibility, and posture, as well as its work, causing diseases and problems with the functioning of its organs. Blocking this energy also causes mental problems, as well as functional limitations caused by living according to specific patterns of action or conduct.

In this article:

  • You will learn how blocked emotions shape impressions.
  • What sensations are and how they work.
  • What happens to blocked vital energy.

The outside world reaches you through stimuli received through your physical senses. All external experiences and events are transformed by your physical senses into energy patterns that affect your psyche. These energy patterns are perceived by your mind as well as your heart. And they respond accordingly.

Of course, all experiences and associated emotions are controlled and judged by your mind through a filter called “survival.”

If these energy patterns are judged to be potentially dangerous to your life, or at least disruptive, you resist them and don’t let them penetrate deeper. They are then locked inside your personality. All negative, painful and unpleasant life experiences are automatically classified by your mind as “undesirable” and “threatening”. Although they usually only cause unpleasant sensations in your body and are not a real threat to your life. However, this qualification leads to closing in to protect yourself. All positive experiences open you to life and experience.

In an ideal world, all experiences pass through your psyche unhindered, and you do not identify with any of them, but watch them carefully as they come and pass.

They come and disappear and disappear… And your life is about basking in every experience here and now. You don’t close yourself off and you don’t block any of them. You let them come and go without giving any of them meaning. By not trying to save any of them for later, or to block them by protecting yourself. You just experience. That is why in spiritual development the role of being present, mindful, letting go, lack of control, and being in the here and now is emphasized.

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Unfortunately, usually, when a situation or experience is judged by your mind as painful, and thus a threat to your existence in your personality, a blockage appears regarding this specific situation. It causes that the next experiences will try to reach you, but your psyche will be filled with the unreleased content of what happened before. This situation will cause you to keep thinking back to the experience.

What does it look like in life?

Let’s say you were a little girl playing in the playground with other children. Suddenly, during the best fun, somebody’s mother came up, grabbed the hand of the girl playing with you, and pulled her behind her saying: “you can’t play with her, because she has bad eyesight”.

It hurt you so much, you felt unfairly judged and there was nothing you could do about it. You couldn’t defend yourself and you didn’t understand it. You were very sorry, maybe you even cried, but in a moment, as if nothing had happened, you started playing with other children. Everything seems to be back to normal.

Meanwhile, this experience with all the details of the situation, with all the accompanying emotions, has been recorded in the form of an energy pattern in your subconscious. It has been pushed out of the conscious part of your mind and pushed into your subconscious mind. However, this energy diagram contains all the detailed memories. This energy pattern is known as an impression. Impressions always contain very detailed information about an unfortunate event.

When the energy was in the background, you stopped bothering and you found that the matter was already taken care of. Unfortunately, this is a false feeling.

If you don’t know how to deal with a difficult experience, you are resisting the energy that begins to build up in your heart, causing your heart to close.

When you do not let sensations through your mental sphere, trapped sensations wait inside, sometimes even for years, and make your life difficult. Blocked sensation in the psyche will be released by its energy by activating thoughts, manifest yourself through the so-called pondering, that is, contemplation or the emotion associated with it. When you block this energy out of conflict with other thoughts or concepts, it will seek release through the heart.

Blocking past impressions limits the movement of energy. Stored energy patterns from the past reside within your psyche in a state of relative equilibrium. Energy rotates in one place in them because it has no outlet because you do not let it.

Swirling energy is stored by the heart – a very important energy center that stores impressions from your entire life.

This incident lasted only a few moments. You probably haven’t even talked to anyone about it. It had been and had passed. However, each time someone treats you in a similar way after this event, all these emotions will come alive again. You will immediately begin to feel the change in your heart and its rapid pounding. The emotions will hit just as they did in the original moment. Your mood will deteriorate immediately, and you will be irritated.

This new experience will be recorded in your heart again in the form of an impression, much stronger, with a greater dose of accumulated energy. This will happen every time a factor changes the flow of energy in your heart and mind. It can be a smell, a taste, a place, a word, or anything that has anything to do with this original situation and is imprinted in your subconscious as an impression.

Eventually, you may become depressed and find the whole reality dark because too little positive energy will seep into your heart and mind. Eventually, you start to see everything black because all your new sensations will have to pass through the energy of depression before they can reach your consciousness. Even if you are not normally prone to depression, your heart may remain blocked. This condition will continue to worsen until you start working with your psyche.

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Such stored impressions are a ticking bomb that can fire at the most unexpected moment of your life.

Even the spell of the most beautiful moment can break out as soon as a stimulus activates the energy associated with a specific sensation. The situation will happen because in your field you have a program, the manifestation of which it will become. Unless you realize this program.

The energy stored in the heart affects the flow of your present emotions and thoughts, and thus also the impressions because it is a dynamic process. It creates the next vibrations that you store in the form of sensations that are activated sometimes after years. Past impressions may come back from the subconscious, shaping your life. Current experiences permeate the stored baggage of experiences and revive the old patterns to which they refer. The awakened sensation releases the stored energy. Snapshots and glimpses of this primal event flow suddenly into consciousness. They are caused by emotions, thoughts, and sometimes even smells and sensory impressions.

Your heart stores the exact feelings and thoughts and the elements that surrounded these events.

When this energy focus is aroused over the years, old sensations are nourished. You may experience anxiety, insecurity, and other bad states or emotions that you experienced as a child. Trapped energy patterns of the mind or emotions are simply stored and reactivated. It is different from ordinary impressions. They are not blocked. Most of them leave your psyche freely. You will admire the sunset or the taste of ice cream, you will upset your husband and it passes by. Only sensations that trigger significant internal problems are blocked by you – or, for example, great joy. But also you store positive impressions.

You retain energy because it doesn’t suit you, or because it tells you so much.

So much so that you want to experience it non-stop. In both cases, you do not let the sensations pass through your mental sphere and waste your life energy. You resist or hold on to what was positive but has actually passed. Often, for example, this is how you store impressions about your ex-loves. After many years, it is enough to meet your old love, and everything comes alive as if it were yesterday. And yet both of you are already different people and it does not always mean that you will be like it used to be. However, stored impressions are triggered and often give you illusory hopes.

All impressions stored in this way become mainly a component of your core-level programs, i.e. your views or your basic programs. These are views that you have learned or accepted in your present life from the point of view of the present. You do this all the time, even reading this article right now. They can also be part of the views of the historical, genetic, and soul level. It all depends on their intensity and nature.

If you manage to eliminate these types of sensations, you will change yourself and start enjoying life more.

When you stop struggling with unpleasantness, you will be moved to the depths of your own existence and you will begin to discover the secrets of your heart. When you stop cherishing the memories of wonderful and beautiful but past moments, you will open yourself to the present. The energy flowing through you will inspire you and give you strength. It will be the experience of love touching your whole self. You will achieve a level of inspiration, openness, love, and an inexhaustible source of creation. The natural state of a healthy heart.

The key is to let the sensations consciously arrive just as smoothly go. This is the famous “letting go”.

Animated sensations can hurt, and their storage and restarting are often accompanied by pain. For this reason, in order to protect yourself, you do your best to get the outside world in such a way as not to trigger the stored sensation. Often in this way, you limit yourself and prevent new experiences.

It is up to you to choose whether you want to change and adapt to the world around you so that it does not interfere with your impressions, or whether you choose a process of inner purification and let the sensations go.

Just as the physical body cleanses itself of toxins, the natural flow of life energy removes accumulated patterns from the heart and mind. When you do this, you will begin to live in love, which will become your food and source of strength.

Your inner impressions shape your sensations, emotions, thoughts, concepts, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. You shape your own concept of yourself and function within this structure, and when someone or something challenges it, one bad thought or emotion is enough and the whole structure breaks down and turns to rubble. And you feel that you are breaking into pieces. You are not your emotions or thoughts. You only have a sense of their presence or awareness of their existence. The physical body is not you, but only the consciousness looking at this body. You are a being who is aware of the outer and inner elements of the world. Your senses are limited and your energetic limitations will limit your reality additionally. However, life is in the present moment, not a memory or a forecast of the future.


Michael A. Singer „The Untethered Soul. The Journey Beyond Yourself” („Nieskępowana dusza”), Galaktyka, 2019, Łódź.

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Emotions and impressions.

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Emotions and impressions.

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