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Anxiety and ego programs.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Anxiety and ego programs is a picture of a DJ playing on computer memory discs.

Why does the soul need an ego? 

The soul needs the ego to play a game called life. The goal of the ego is the production and projection of reality. You need an identity to be a player and actively participate in the game. Through programmed roles and identities, you construct your reality, which you call life. Thanks to this system you are able to survive. It keeps you alive.

 In this article you will:

  •  Learn how anxiety affects the ego.
  • Know the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness.
  •  Learn 4 levels of human beliefs: basic, genetic, historical, and soul level.

The ego affects everything in your life and the way you experience it. Its biggest fear is the fear of its own non-existence. The survival function makes the ego hypersensitive to all threats. It reacts to anything that can cause danger in any way. This creates a number of dangers that you should be aware of.

Anxiety and ego programs. What do they have in common?

The biggest of these is using fear and anxiety to control your ego. Introducing fear-based beliefs from external sources that threaten your survival allows you to control your ego. Knowledge of this simple mechanism gives power, control, and the ability to easily manipulate people. When the fear of real or imagined danger overwhelms you, your rational and higher cognitive ability turns off, allowing anyone who promises you security to be easily manipulated.

Hence the interest of marketers in this topic, who use subliminal programs to evoke fear in you and overwhelm your mind. Fear is also the foundation of every government’s power. Every day, therefore, you are bombarded with materials based on fear through the media and other sources. You also feed yourself on your own wish, e.g. watching horror movies or thrillers. That is why it is important to be aware of the information that reaches you. Conscious management of what you read, watch and listen to, and what surrounds you. The more bad news, the more afraid you are. And it’s easier to control you.

You must be particularly careful on social media. Did you know that well-known social networking sites tested the impact of information they present to users on their moods? For some users, presented only negative information, and for other users only positive information, to see how this would affect the well-being of both.

Millions of people are afraid of the past or future, old age, mental illness, failure, loss of control, poverty, or death. Anxiety is only the content and effect of your thoughts, so you are terrified of them. Most of your fears have no foundation and are simply a figment of your imagination. As Seneka said, “We suffer more often in the imagination than in reality.”

The ego works through the system of thoughts, its expression is the mind, and the physical form is the brain. 

Every single thought is a product of your ego, and each time you believe in it you strengthen your ego. That is why it is so important to observe your thoughts and guide them consciously. You don’t have to believe all your thoughts. You can consciously change them and choose the ones you want to believe in. Stop believing in those that cause doubts and powerlessness, cause fear, anxiety, and worries, or limit you in any way. As long as you let the ego control your life, it will be difficult. You will be locked up in a mental prison that you create yourself.

Consciousness and subconsciousness

Another danger is the functioning of the mind. The human brain acts like a supercomputer, absorbing, and responding to various information. It does it consciously or not. There is a division between consciousness and subconsciousness.

Consciousness contains your thoughts, feelings, and motivations that you are aware of. This is where thought processes take place with which you make your choice. The conscious mind sends your subconscious programmed commands to execute, gives its orders, and observes how the subconscious executes these commands. On this basis, it makes further decisions and actions. Consciousness arranges changes, evaluates, and interprets. It is estimated that the conscious mind is only responsible for 12% of our mind, so the rest of your mind is controlled by the subconscious mind you don’t have any control over.

The subconscious mind records all our memories, experiences, habits, views, sounds, images, features, and areas of ourselves. 

It is an unlimited and multidimensional set of information that is remembered, stored, and reproduced. It is neutral and does not separate beliefs into positive and negative, good or bad. The subconscious writes everything down, without thinking about the consequences of such beliefs. It contains countless ready-made instructions that are the answer to every possible situation. The Subconscious also controls all the automatic functions of our body such as breathing, blood circulation, etc. It has traces of everything that has reached you since fetal life.

Its reaction depends on how it received the information and interpreted it by your subconscious. Various factors influence this. Among other things imprinted to you by your parents, teachers, and other people that you encounter in your life. And also, emotional states or spiritual confidence. If your brain interpreted a belief as true, it will now become your belief program – a pattern of action. You will treat them as your own and you will be convinced that it describes objective reality. All this information is triggered by some other stimulus. And so, for example, some smell evokes memories, and the song has some feelings.

The subconscious mind, according to Sigmund Freud, manifests itself in a dream and in the form of irrational behavior, jokes, proverbs, forgetfulness, or changes, even to the symptoms of mental illness. All you experience and do; all the events and circumstances of your life are the reactions of your subconscious to your thoughts. Every thought is the cause of something, and every external or internal circumstance is an effect.

Of course, all such programs, schemes, or paradigms can either help you, act in your favor, or harm you. It all depends on the type of program and how you do not react.

You can consciously change your beliefs when, for example, you see reality in a different light.

For this to happen, however, some openness to people and the world, maturity, and readiness to change views, and life is needed. The conscious mind can program the subconscious mind into new patterns, and change behavior, and habits. This ability is built into ourselves.

Features of the subconscious:

  • It does not know time or space.
  • Plays and executes commands.
  • Works automatically.
  • It likes rituals and repetitive phenomena.
  • It knows no restrictions, everything is real to it.
  • Accepts facts uncritically, not judging.
  • Collects information beyond consciousness.
  • It does not understand the word “no”.
  • Works according to instilled beliefs and suggestions.
  • Duplicate schemes.
  • It does not make logical reasoning.
  • It is a source of new ideas and creativity.

The subconscious does not only exist inside the individual mind. There is also a collective subconscious, which Carl Gustav Jung called the “collective unconscious.” It has evolved in the course of human evolution as a result of repeated experiences for many generations. Its existence is expressed in myths, art, religious ceremonies, customs, and dreams, as well as in mystical experiences. It contains what is familiar to all people, regardless of the time or place where they live.

There are 4 levels of human beliefs.

The first is the level of basic views.

The basic beliefs and views that you have been taught and which you have accepted since your childhood in your current life are recorded here. These are all views that honor you. You still create these views while living in time and space. You can reject or accept this type of view by consciously exercising your free will.

They are stored as energy in the frontal lobe of the brain.

The second level is genetic views. 

These are views, inherited from your ancestors and added to your genes in this lifetime. They are stored as the energy around your DNA in a morphogenetic field.

This field is a type of matrix that is an information carrier. Everything human is composed of is stored in such information fields. They direct your DNA.

This means that if you are a citizen of a given country, e.g. Poland, you are connected to the information field of this community. This also applies to culture, religion, family or work ethos, etc.

This field is local (family) or non-local (culture). The exchange of information between this field and you last constantly. You supply it with information, and it supplies you.

How does the fieldwork?

He can observe its actions with your own eyes, e.g. if you join a group of people sharing some emotions together – e.g. mourners or wedding participants. If you join any of these groups, your mood will change accordingly. This will happen thanks to the information provided by the morphic fields.

The third level is the historical level. 

It mainly contains collective consciousness experiences that we have moved to the present moment, but also deep-lying genetic memories and memories of past lives. They are stored in your aura.

The fourth level is the level of the soul.

So, everything you are. The patterns programmed at this level come from the depths of our own being.

Ego was created for you to help you. However, you must take responsibility for them, otherwise, they will start to control you instead of supporting you.

It is worth knowing that the conscious mind can program the subconscious mind into new behavioral patterns and habits.


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Anxiety and ego programs. more Anxiety and ego programs.

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