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God equation and electromagnetic waves.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The equation of God is a picture of God's hands forming atoms.

“In the wave lies the secret of creation.”

Walter Russell

According to Sacred Geometry, the universe begins as a point. This point is referred to by physicists as a singularity consisting of an infinite number of identical particles. All these molecules are completely symmetrical to each other. Such a universe does not contain individualization. It lacks contrast and any differences. Consequently, it cannot grow, evolve, or improve. It is stuck in perfection and perfection. The only thing it can do in such a situation is to break this symmetry by introducing individuality and uniqueness.

In this article you will learn:

  • About the Pauli Principle.
  • About the 6 dimensions of reality.
  • How Euler’s formula defines God.

So, it introduces it through an explosion called the Big Bang, which creates particles of matter called fermions and particles that transfer interactions between them – bosons. And then it organizes the relationship between them by introducing certain rules or laws. The most important of these is the Pauli Exclusion Principle which ensures that all beings receive a unique energetic signature.

The Big Bang was not a finite event, but an immediate, infinite process of expansion or spread.

Thus, the universe immediately moved from being a single point to the coexistence of an infinite number of different points. From the empty void, matter arose, which then formed stars, galaxies, and life on Earth.

In quantum mechanics, it is not enough to write Ψ (1,2) to describe the wave function of two identical molecules marked 1 and 2, because the notation Ψ (2,1) is equally important. Thus, we can describe it as Ψ = Ψ (1,2) + Ψ (2,1), but in nature, there is also a negative function Ψ = Ψ (1,2) – Ψ (2,1). The first one is symmetrical and concerns molecules called fermions, while the second is antisymmetric and concerns molecules called bosons.

The Pauli principle says that no two fermions, i.e. particles with a half-spin (rotation around their axis), such as protons, electrons, and neutrons, can have the same quantum number. This means that they cannot occupy the same quantum state. Consequently, they must orbit the nucleus of the atom in different orbits, and the molecules do not pass through each other. For this reason, when two atoms collide, they combine into a chemical compound or elastic rebound. This principle is the basis of all chemistry.

This principle also means that fermions must have some kind of awareness that will ensure that their quantum numbers will never be identical.

This consciousness means that what happens to, for example, one electron automatically influences the other. If one of the two electrons is in one energy state, the other must be in a different energy state. And when anything changes in the entire system, e.g. an electron changes from one energy level to another, everything else inside that system must immediately adapt so that no two fermions are ever at the same energy level. There must always be only one set of energy levels.

It’s a kind of endless feedback mechanism where every element interacts with every other element and instantly adjusts to any changes. So we can say that the world of electrons is the information field of a single electron. This means that the entire universe is a great field of information because the same principles govern both the micro and the macrocosm.

It means, that our personal atoms don’t include any information, for example, our memories are not physically encoded in our brains. Each of us is part of an information system and each of us is an information system.

God equation and electromagnetic waves.

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God equation and electromagnetic waves.

We are subjective information systems – experiencing information.

The Pauli Principle can also be noticed in our daily lives. Because none of us can be exactly where you are, because there will either be a collision with you or a chemical reaction in the form of an explosion of emotions. The principle of exclusion is therefore something that creates space and organizes it.

Contrary to fermions, bosons, i.e. molecules with a total spin, e.g. photons or helium atoms, do not avoid each other but accumulate. We can call them social particles. They can also share the same quantum state. Another difference between them is that fermions usually have mass and bosons usually do not.

Since the exclusion rule prevents two identical molecules from occupying the same energy state, hierarchies of electron shells arise. The lowest state among them is the lowest energy state. There can be a maximum of two electrons in each of these shells because one electron can have a +1/2 spin and the other one has a -1/2 spin. Thus, both have different energy signatures. The Pauli Principle plays a huge role in resisting gravity. So really all atoms and molecules levitate. And the cause of this levitation is not just electrostatic repulsion, but a repulsion related to the principle of exclusion.

The principle of exclusion means that each point in space receives a unique set of coordinates defined by time and space.

The original point had zero distances, and was nothing, that is, zero. When the territory was created as a result of the expansion, there were also created coordinates, i.e. a map of this space. As a result, everything in this space is in constant motion and can travel from one place to another. It can also grow and evolve because such a universe is not perfect. And when each of these points evolves individually, they do so collectively as well. Each point is always evolving towards perfection as evidenced by e.g. the Fi factor in Sacred Geometry. It also means that no part of the universe can ever exactly resemble any other part. Nor can there ever be a replica of the Earth or a replica of You.

Zero is the lowest possible energy state – nothing, so the universe must always reflect zero.

Zero is the perfect balance between negative and positive energy. It is also the equilibrium point for positive and negative numbers. Thanks to it, plus infinity and minus infinity are mirror images of each other. Infinity is implied at zero and becomes pronounced in any antisymmetric rather than symmetrical environment.

Positive and negative numbers always have a diametrically opposite relationship. Each of them is located on opposite sides of the coordinate axes. It takes a rotation of 180 degrees to convert a positive number to a negative number. However, you have been wondering what would happen if you turned them only 90 degrees at first.

When you do this, they become the imaginary number bi, where b is a real number and i2 = -1. An imaginary number is a complex number that squared gives a negative real value. In this way, the world of imagination and emotions can be represented mathematically.

Coordinate axes separated by 180 degrees have a diametrical relation, and those on 90 degrees have an orthogonal relation. The term orthogonal comes from the ancient Greek orthogonios or rectangular. Real numbers are the basis of space and imaginary numbers are the basis of time.

Cartographers who create maps use the conventional mapping system known as the Cartesian coordinate system. This arrangement has 2 X-Y axes.

There are three orthogonal complex planes (x, y, and z) in the complex number system. The complex plane x has a real axis (x) and an imaginary axis (x); similar to the y and z planes. In Sacred Geometry in the Flower of Life symbol, you can observe these dimensions as the contact points of the Vesica Piscis at the edge of each circle.

This arrangement is also reflected in Marko Rodin’s vortex math. The six numbers 1-2-4-8-7-5 on the perimeter of the Rodin chart represent the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the 3D space. The series 8 and 1 are the vertical X axis. The series 5 and 4 are the horizontal Y-axis. And series 2 and 7 are the invisible Z axis. The imaginary axis is the numbers 3-9-6.

The process of rotating numbers from different angles mathematically describes the moment at which the zero point determines the orientation in space, that is, it creates the coordinate axes for real, imaginary, negative, and positive numbers. It extends the Cartesian coordinate system. And then it makes a circle, that is, it creates a sphere (sphere) in space. The mathematician Bernhard Riemann was even able to show that such a sphere full of numbers sitting on a complex plane (consisting of one real axis and one imaginary axis) has a south pole equal to zero and a north pole equal to infinity, just like a globe.

God equation and electromagnetic waves.

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God equation and electromagnetic waves.

In this way, three dimensions arise.

The first is the domain of space (real number based) – male energy, electricity, and the second is the time domain (imaginary number based) – female energy, magnetism. These two domains are orthogonal to each other and form the familiar time and space domain of the material world. Time and space are fused into one dynamic system called space-time. There is also a third area where the mathematically real and imaginary numbers are exactly matched and cancel each other out, meaning that all distances are zero, i.e. all are at the same point (singularity) where no physical passes. time – this is neutrality, mechanical energy – sound.

When the spatial lengths decrease, the times increase. And when spatial lengths widen, times shrink. These combined dynamic corrections ensure that the maximum speed of the universe, or the speed of light, remains constant. As the length shrinks to zero, time extends to infinity, which means the clocks are not ticking at all.

When the spatial lengths decrease, the times increase. And when spatial lengths widen, times shrink. These combined dynamic corrections ensure that the maximum speed of the universe, or the speed of light, remains constant. As the length shrinks to zero, time extends to infinity, which means the clocks are not ticking at all.

And when the length extends to infinity, that is, when the rulers cannot measure at all, time shrinks to zero. Which means the clocks are ticking infinitely fast. So, the energy is continuous. As space expands, spatial density decreases. The points separate from each other more and more as more and more points appear among them, pushing them away then the density automatically decreases. Out of nothing arose points containing infinite energy that can never run out. They are an indestructible information system, also known as the soul.

Matter forms at high spatial density right after the Big Bang.

This process is about pumping energy into space. And it is destroyed at low spatial density as it approaches the end of the universe age. You can observe this state by looking at the shape of the Vesica Piscis in the Flower of Life.

Bosons are responsible for transferring the forces of nature because photons carry the electromagnetic force, and the W and Z bosons – the weak forces responsible for radioactive decay. All these elementary particles have a property called spin, which we can compare to rotation around its axis like a spinning ball as determined by vortex mathematics. Fermions can only have half spins and bosons can have integer spins.

If a spin 1/2 fermion rotates 360 degrees, it reaches a quantum state that is opposite in sign to the starting point, which is -1/2 in this case. To go back to the starting point 1/2, it must rotate another 360 degrees. So, in total, it is 720 degrees (2 x 360). Thus, the spin values ​​refer to the relationship that particles have to a 360-degree rotation, where “1” means that 1 full rotation of the particle is needed for a full rotation of 360 degrees, and “1/2” means that it requires rotated 720 degrees to return it to the starting point (1/2 x 720 = 360 degrees). A 360-degree rotation of a spin -1/2 particle brings it to the state with the opposite quantum phase, i.e. antisymmetry.

A particle with zero spin can only have one quantum state – a sphere that looks the same regardless of the angle of rotation.

A particle with spin 2 returns to its original state after a rotation of 180 degrees (2 x 180 = 360), and a particle with spin 4 only needs a rotation of ninety degrees (4 x 90 = 360). Therefore we can say that particles with different spins see the world in different ways. A 1/2 electron spin (fermion) experiences two universes rather than one. A 360-degree rotation introduces him to a “negative”, antisymmetric version of the universe, and a further 360-degree rotation brings him back to the beginning.

Only non-boson fermions experience this antisymmetric universe. Bosons always experience only a symmetrical universe. Since spin is just a mathematical abstraction, we can think of it differently, for example by using the cosine and sine functions. Cosines include only one symmetrical operation (single reflection), that is, one 360-degree movement – bosons. On the other hand, sines include a double (two reflections in two perpendicular axes) and two movements of 360 degrees, i.e. 720 – fermions.

A spin is an eternal circular motion that can be described as the eternal motion of a sine wave. This movement can never stop. It is an excellent perpetual motion machine.

When you take a circle with a unit radius, i.e. one whose diagonal – the hypotenuse – has a fixed length, and plot the value of the angle ϴ as ϴ (x-axis) versus sin ϴ (y-axis) from 0 degrees to 360 degrees, i.e. the number of degrees in the circle. What you will get is the archetypal wave – the base of all other waves – the sine wave.

A point moving along the circumference of such a circle will have a constant perimeter velocity (2πr) through the radius (r) = 2π. Hence, everything in the universe will be moving at exactly 2π. Everything in the universe is always in a circle, so it is in an infinite sine wave.

Graphs of sine and cosine functions are sine waves of different phases, shifted by 90 degrees. The cosine wave is perfectly symmetrical after reflection on the y-axis. And the sine wave is perfectly antisymmetric. So, we can say that cosine waves describe bosons and sine waves describe fermions. Thus, the Universe is based on symmetrical and antisymmetric wave functions and is illustrated by the Flower of Life symbol. All we deal with in the universe are all kinds of waves and their interactions.

These dependencies are described by the Euler formula, also known as the Euler identity, also referred to as the Equation of God:

eix = cosx + isinx

where i is the imaginary unit and x is any real number (in radians).

Euler formula
The Euler Formula
Source: wikipedia

It has a perfect balance between positive and negative numbers and between real and imaginary numbers. The Euler circle is based on (1, i, -1, -i), but we can also have (1, 1, -1, -1) real numbers, and (i, i, -i, -i) imaginary numbers, as well as all other possible combinations if we move the beginning to asymmetric positions (e.g. instead of the beginning in (0,0,0,0) we can move it to (1,1,1,1).)

There are four zones in the Euler formula circle:

  • 0 – 90 degrees positive space (matter) and time. This is the domain we live in. This means that we are bounded by the positive imaginary axis (time) and the positive real axis (space). These are positive real numbers and positive imaginary numbers. Space (matter) and time.
  • 90 – 180 degrees negative space (antimatter) and time. Sphere bounded by the positive imaginary axis and the negative real axis: this is a mirror image of the imaginary axis. The result is a reversed matter. The version of our domain – the antimatter universe. This means that there is an entire universe of antimatter exactly matching our material universe in terms of energy. In this realm, time works just like it does in our universe. The only difference is that if the matter in the universe were to encounter antimatter, it would result in a catastrophic explosion, and therefore the two universes would be separated by an impenetrable timewall. Negative real numbers and positive imaginary numbers. 
  • 180 – 270 degrees negative space (antimatter) and anti-time. This sphere is bounded by the negative imaginary axis and the negative real axis. So, it is a mirror image of the antimatter universe on the negative real axis. This is the time reverse version of the antimatter domain – the antimatter universe of the negative material universe of time. Negative real numbers and negative imaginary numbers.
  • 270 – 360 degrees positive space of matter and anti-time. It is a sphere bounded by the negative imaginary axis and the positive real axis. This is a mirror image of our universe, reflected in the positive real axis. It is the time-reversed version of the matter domain. Positive real numbers and negative imaginary numbers.

There are different types of waves.

Waves that travel 360 degrees around the Euler circle. Those that move along an axis – either the positive real axis, or the negative real axis, or the positive imaginary axis, or the negative imaginary axis. And also, those that move in the rays. However, since sin 0 degrees = 0 and cos 0 degrees = 1, all sine waves start at 0 and all cosine waves start at amplitude a (and 1 for the unit circle).

In the 6D six-dimensional universe, which includes three real axes (x, y, z) and three imaginary axes (x, y, z), three orthogonal orientations of real cosine waves, and three orthogonal orientations of imaginary sine waves, all kinds of waves are possible depending on different combinations of axes and different types of unit circles.

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body will always travel in a straight line at a constant speed unless an external force is acting on the body. This means that each body remains at rest or in a steady forward motion unless it is forced to change its state by a force applied to it. If you consider that it is possible to prove that a straight line with a point at infinity is functionally equivalent to a circle, you will find that eternal circular motion, eternal wave motion, and eternal straight-line motion (with the point at infinity) are the same. Circles = Waves = Vectors (the wave is a vector with infinite dimensions) = Straight lines (with a point at infinity).

Waves have well-known characteristics such as frequency, wavelength, amplitude, and period.

The radius of the circle is the amplitude of the wave, which is a measure of its intensity. The energy transported by the wave is directly proportional to the square of the wave amplitude. The energy of the wheel is its surface. Amplitude adds waves vertically and frequency adds waves horizontally.

We can measure the wave period, which is the time needed to perform one full oscillation of the wave, or the angular velocity, which is the angle of rotation in one second. A period is called cyclicality, hence the cyclicality that occurs in our reality. The number of wave oscillations in one second is the frequency. Frequency is the innate energy of the wave. High frequency means high energy and low frequency means low energy. So, the universe is made up of eternal energy, which is also mathematically zero energy.

There are only two kinds of energy waves, cosine or sine, both are identical but shifted 90 degrees.

Cosines carry information about real numbers and sines carry information about imaginary numbers. Their combination creates complex waves of energy, both imaginary and real. Space is related to cosine waves of energy and real numbers, and time is related to imaginary sine waves and imaginary numbers. However, time and space do not exist. What moves is energy, and it moves in three mathematically equivalent forms: circular, wave, and straight lines. Each with a point at infinity.

From the mathematical point of view, imaginary space is identified with real space, with the difference that it is perpendicular to it. The imaginary space cannot be observed, we only feel it subjectively as the passage of time. This means that we are traveling through imaginary space. On the other hand, time is an imaginary number, antimatter a negative number, consciousness / God – zero, and infinity. An electron, a molecule, or an atom, and even you are just mathematical functions with certain properties. A special form of wave expression.

The real and imaginary axes limit the material world. Everything in between is complex because it contains both real and imaginary components.

The totality of existence is a hybrid of real and imaginary, where an inner equilibrium can constantly shift from a large imaginary component and a small real component to a large real component and a small imaginary component. This correlates with Einstein’s space-time continuum where time and space are fused. It follows that the mathematical arena of complex numbers is the scientific equivalent of the concept of space-time.

Simple waves can be combined to generate complex waves that contain more information than simple waves. And the evolution of the universe is about moving from the simplest of waves to the most complex. The most complex waves are those related to consciousness.

Energy in the dimensionless domain is thought, and energy in the dimensional domain is physical movement.

All that exists in the universe is either moving thoughts or moving objects. And the matter is simply minded in the realm of space and time, whereas the mind itself resides in the realm of non-space and non-time.

We live in a universe of spatial circles – spheres, and the reality of these circles is a world of waves. And the world of these waves is a realm of energy – and all this is a space of numbers and mathematics.

From a mathematical point of view, the universe is an infinite, self-solving equation in which every point that we can also define with the concept of the soul tries to solve itself. This solution means self-optimization or full update, which means self-realisation for us.

Mike Hockney „The God Equation”, Published by Hyperreality Books, 2012 

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